Why Richard Dawkins Is An Asshat


I’ve been watching on the sidelines as Richard Dawkins tweets himself into a corner. It all started when he tweeted a cartoon uploaded by a but-I’m-not-a-Men’s Rights activist, SargonofAkkad aka Carl Benjamin, on Youtube, (I won’t link it because it’s misogynist crap) The cartoon was ridiculous and featured a young woman that men’s rights activists have attacked for at least 2 years and who they call ‘Big Red.’ She was just a young woman who was at the University of Toronto protest against Warren Farrell, who is called the ‘father’ of the Men’s rights movement.

Here’s Dawkins’ original tweet that was captured and later erased :


This young woman was unlucky in the sense that she attended a protest at the University of Toronto and was video recorded by the fellas over at the misogynist hate site A Voice for Men. In fact, the man who continually talked over her and interrupted her in the video was Dan Perrins, an MRA who has a criminal record for assault and stalking. Even I have a police report on him for stalking me.

Lindy West attempted to educate Dawkins, to get him to remove the cartoon tweet, because she knew it would result in another round of harassment and threats. Dawkins eventually removed the tweet but then doubled down after someone sent him the actual video of the protest, which he re-tweeted.

Dawkins retweet of Toronto Protest


Dawkins called this young woman ‘vile’ and basically said she deserved whatever she got as long as it wasn’t threats. He carried on retweeting MRA’s and even suggested that the threats and harassment Big Red has gotten for at least 2 years were just fake. He even retweeted Andrea Hardie aka Judgybitch from A Voice For Men.






Let’s educate the hypocritical white male on this entire situation.

First, there is no alliance between radical feminists and Islamists. None. The cartoon itself was one giant strawman. It’s clear to me that Dawkins, like his MRA followers, don’t know the difference between radical and neoliberal feminism. These guys go to Jezebel and think that’s radical feminism. Hint: it’s not. There is no rational argument to be made that any form of feminist thought is in line with Islamism. The cartoon itself made zero sense. It was just an attack on women and feminists. Are we supposed to think Dawkins is ignorant of this fact? Clearly not, because his original tweet pictured above is him singling out a ‘minority’ of feminists.

Fun fact: if you do a search on google.ca for ‘big red feminist’ it returns 18.7 MILLION results.

Second, Dawkins was sent (probably by an MRA) the original protest video from Toronto and decided that Big Red deserves whatever scorn she gets. Why? Because she told Dan Perrins to shut the fuck up? I thought Western women could tell men who were harassing them to shut the fuck up? Did Dawkins know what was taking place there? It was like any other protest where women are video recorded by men’s rights activists and harassed. Did Dawkins know that Dan Perrins, the MRA with the criminal record, was the one taunting her? Did he know that they purposely recorded her and uploaded it to Youtube with the express purpose of doxxing and terrorizing her for years? That’s what men’s rights activists do. Big Red is not a public figure. She’s a young woman who was ambushed and recorded by MRA’s for the express purpose of harassment both online and offline.

Further Reading on Dan Perrins:

CBC Radio Interview Exposes CAFE’s Justin Trottier’s Dishonesty (Trottier calls an MRA who sits on his Board of Directors (Dan Perrins) an extremist.’

Dan Perrins Calls the Police on Me For Being a ‘Radical Feminist Who Hates Men’ | Mancheeze

Dan ‘Kill The Bitch’ Perrins of AVFM and CAFE On A Liquid Diet For ‘Ethics in Journalism’ Or Something | Mancheeze

Dawkins, who bleats wildly over the dark-skinned men and their Sharia Law, is behaving exactly like they do. Islamists single out ‘SOME’ women, the ‘bad ones’, and publicly stone them. Dawkins thinks there’s a subgroup, a class of Western women, or ‘some feminists,’ that deserve to be abused and ridiculed. He clearly outlined that Big Red deserves male abuse because she’s ‘vile’, a ‘Lovecraftian horror’, and ‘nasty.’

Why does Big Red deserve abuse? Because Dawkins says so. He was told she was a young woman who was singled out by MRA’s and abused on social media for years but that didn’t phase him.

Dawkins was then dis-invited by the NECSS conference in New York. This sent the manbabies in a fury.

Dawkins responded:

I woke up this morning to see a public announcement that my invitation to speak at NECSS 2016 had been withdrawn by the executive committee. I do not write this out of concern about my appearance or non-appearance at NECSS, but I wish there had been a friendly conversation before such unilateral action was taken.

I bet the young woman you targeted for further abuse wished for the same thing. Even when you were notified that she was targeted you doubled down after watching ONE VIDEO. Did you speak to her and find out about how she felt being terrorized for 2 years?

It is possible I could have allayed the committee members’ concerns, or, if not, at least we could have talked through their objections to my tweet. If our community is about anything, it is that reasoned discussion is the best way to work through disagreements.

Except when it comes to ‘some feminists’ you decide are vile and deserve it.

I might mention that, before receiving any word from NECSS, I had already deleted the tweet to which they objected. I did it purely because I was told that the video referenced a real woman, who had been threatened on earlier occasions because of YouTube videos in which she appeared to her disadvantage.

You did delete it and then you said she deserves more. You retweeted men’s rights activists who were saying her harassment was fake.

I have no knowledge of the authenticity of the alleged death and rape threats. But to delete my tweet seemed the safest and most humane course of action. I have always condemned violence and threats of violence, for example in this tweet, which I also posted the day before the NECSS decision.


There it is again, you DENY that she was even harassed when all it would take is a simple Google search like I did above to find out the truth of it. Or hey, maybe you could’ve tried speaking with her before taking the word of every MRA fanboy you retweeted? Just a thought.


I wish the NECSS every success at their conference. The science and scepticism community is too small and too important to let disagreements divide us and divert us from our mission of promoting a more critical and scientifically literate world.


It’s too bad Dawkins doesn’t take that critical approach when talking about feminism, something he clearly knows nothing about but feels totally free to conflate with Islamism. I mean how scientifically illiterate is that?

And today it’s no better:



Today, a long post was published to explain the decision to uninvite Dawkins from the upcoming NECSS con. It was surprisingly mild in my opinion considering Dawkins behaviour. And let me say one more thing, although I find myself in disagreement with some of the folks over at FreeThoughtBlogs, they have some excellent posts up. Here’s a few I really liked:

Dawkins Goes Denialist: An Open Letter to the CFI Board

NECSS Dumps Richard Dawkins Over Hate Tweet | Skepchick


Dawkins posted a Nazi propaganda image this morning. It was hidden in the code at the bottom. It was screencapped before he erased it. This was an accident but it shows that Dawkins isn’t so skeptical about what he’s tweeting while he’s going after ‘Social Justice Warriors.’ The term itself is something the Manosphere and Alt Right dudes use to castigate feminists.

I have a post coming up on the Western male hypocrisy in regards to the sexual assaults in Cologne and other cities in Germany. It will be a doosie.


Protecting Yourself Online and Offline From Men’s Rights Activists: The Big Post

halloween fundraiser copy

I am taking donations now and will be doing a long fundraiser. I survive on disability, which isn’t much and spend my time working to protect women from MRA’s and male supremacists. My donate button is under mine and Boogie’s mouse picture on the right sidebar. All your help is much appreciated. The winter season is the worst for me financially. Help out a disabled sister. I need a new computer or else I won’t be doing this work much longer. ~Diana aka HMQ

I get this question so damned often I’m going to write a post about it. Ladies, it’s time to clean up your social media accounts and take back control. Here I present 3 sections, or 3 tactics, that men’s rights weirdos use to lure you in. This post is for you, so if you don’t want to waste your time, you can spot them right away.

online misogyny Youtube

MRA’s on Youtube gathering to harass a woman online

The first thing you must learn is how MRA’s talk and their tactics. MRA’s are ‘Chairborne Rangers’, which means they sit in their parents house and scream at women online and sometimes they’ll take it offline too, this is especially truein Canada.

There are two distinct types of MRA: the older bitter divorced male and the young bitter male who is unsuccessful in relating to women.

Occasionally, you’ll get a female handmaiden but they aren’t very common at all. Many MRA’s pretend they’re women online because they think it gives them legitimacy, which is rather ironic. MRA’s are mostly republicans and libertarians but I’m seeing more left wing men embrace their lingo and tactics.

Over here at Mancheeze, we feel totally comfortable saying all men are misogynists to one degree or another. These loser men spend hours on the internet searching for articles on feminism and women in order to find the ones that offend their feelz. They use Google Alerts for precisely this purpose.

They are also serial stalkers and doxxers of women. Please protect your information. If you are being harassed in any way CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t think you’re wasting their time, because you’re not. The best strategy is documenting everything these men do on social media and giving it to the police. You pay taxes, you pay police salaries.

Tactic 1

The primary tactic MRA’s use is the bad faith questioning/statement tactic. It’s usually an innocuous Captain Obvious kind of question that they know you’ll answer in the affirmative. Trust me though, they’re not listening to you. They only use this tactic in order to spew their rhetoric at you. It goes something like this:

‘Did you know or do you agree that men are affected by domestic violence, rape, false rape allegations, corrupt family courts, suicide, etc?’

You will answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions because every once in a while these things do happen. They just don’t happen at the same rate and frequency he thinks they do. Sometimes he’ll launch immediately into his rhetoric, sometimes not. If he does go immediately below to tactic 2 and 3. This allows him to then ask the next bad faith question/statement:

‘What is feminism doing about those things?’ or ‘What has feminism done for you?’

OR he’ll say

‘The Men’s Rights movement is doing something about it.’

Depending on your mileage, you can give him a short answer or a long one but ultimately, you’re wasting your time. We all know feminism is the principal movement that deals with these issues and has been the leading force, but he doesn’t want to hear it.

Tactic 2

Next comes the Men’s Rights LITANY. It’s sorta like Frank Herbert’s ‘fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death’ litany but much much longer and more mansplainy. If he mentions any of these things in this list, he’s an MRA:

  • feminazi
  • Warren Farrell
  • the draft, which doesn’t exist anymore
  • ‘I’m all for equality.’
  • but women CHOOSE prostitution!
  • gynocentrism
  • traditionalism
  • the Titanic lifeboats
  • feminism is a CIA plot
  • child support
  • child custody
  • ‘you’re using shaming language!’
  • radical feminists
  • the 1 in 4 rape stat is wrong and ‘men get raped more!’
  • male suicide
  • male circumcision/ intactivism
  • the wage gap is a lie
  • Big Red or ‘feminists pulled a fire alarm’
  • free speech and cries of censorship
  • the glass cellar
  • Earl Silverman
  • but there’s no domestic violence shelters for men!
  • Erin Pizzey or ‘the woman who started the first shelter for women’
  • boys are behind girls in school
  • there’s little to no men going to college or uni
  • child custody aka father’s rights
  • false rape accusations
  • there is no rape culture!
  • women get less jail time than men for the same crime
  • men’s reproductive rights aka paper abortion aka male pill
  • the draft (which doesn’t exist anymore)
  • women live longer than men
  • men built everything!
  • paternity fraud
  • they paint women as sex predators of boys
  • Anita Sarkeesian, video games, and Gamergate

Basically these men feel they’re the most oppressed on the planet while each and every bit of evidence we’ve gathered and is legitimate shows exactly the opposite. What they want is male supremacy and to step all over women’s gains.

Tactic 3

The next thing he’ll do is give you his standard link list to a whole bunch of cherry picked studies, studies he has misinterpreted, and other assorted crap that he wants you to read. He won’t accept anything but your full agreement. His aim is for you to denounce feminism completely.

  • Fiebert bibliography on domestic violence
  • the CDC study on rape and sexual assault
  • erroneous blog links
  • White Ribbon. ORG ( a fake DV site they made to mimic and internationally recognized White Ribbon.CA site)
  • links to A Voice for Men
  • links to Canadian Association for Equality (an MRA group in Canada)
  • Youtube videos by Karen Straughan, who refuses to thank the Suffragettes for getting the right to vote
  • Psychology Today; any and all brain studies or evo psych crap that says women and men’s brains are critically different when they’re not.
  • domestic violence research by Don Dutton
  • Orwell quotes
  • books by Ernest Belford Bax, a dead misogynist (thank u!)
  • studies that claim false rape claims are everywhere
  • some shit about women abusing little boys
  • Erin Pizzey, a former feminist who lies about her dog being shot by feminists

The only other tactic MRA’s have is to use CAPSLOCK and start calling you a feminazi, whore, and cunt. A lot of their whining is of the TLDR type where they rarely use paragraph breaks and expect you to read his  ‘Asshole MANifesto’

What To Do If MRA Continues to Stalk and Harass You Online

As I said above, your first recourse, and the best one, is to call your local police. Explain to them you are being stalked by a man involved in a hate group. The Manosphere and MRA’s have been designated as ‘misogynist hate sites’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the USA. The SPLC tracks hate groups such as the KKK, and neo nazis. Guess what? They also track the Men’s rights movement.

I’ve had to call my local police, the FBI and CSIS. They are usually quite helpful.

Start a document in a word processor and search google for the screenname of the man harassing you. Chances are he’s been on several MRA websites making comments. Screencap where he harasses others or uses sexual threats. Get links to his videos if he has them. Chances are he’s been doing this for a while. Paste what you find into the document so you can give it to the authorities.

Giving this research this to the local police is imperative. Here is a list of links you can give to the officer when she arrives to show you’re not just some nutter wasting time:

Misogyny: The Sites | Southern Poverty Law Center

Men’s Rights Movement Spreads False Claims about Women

Intelligence Report Article Provokes Fury Among Men’s …

The next thing you can do is report it to the FBI.

FBI — Report Threats and Crime

If you’re Canadian you can contact CSIS; You usually have to snail mail them.

CSIS Contact Page

It’s highly recommended to never use your real name online. I know this poses complications for Facebook users but I still think it’s best to use a pseudonym. MRA’s are on Facebook and they do use it to gather personal information on women. I once saw English speaking MRA’s try to find a Quebec woman based on the French slogan she had on her t shirt. You have to understand these men have nothing better to do with their time than to go after you. This is their entire life. 

For Feminist Protesters

If you’re a feminist protester you will want to wear a mask of some sort to cover your face whether it’s your event or an MRA event. Don’t wear clothing with local markers on it. MRA’s are well known for video taping women at Slutwalks or other events where women gather in order to dox you.

Just last month an MRA came to Canada to give a talk and he sent his MRA followers into the streets to ‘gather intel.’  These men doxxed several women and harassed them and their families for weeks. MRA’s videotape female protesters all the time and then search for their dox.

For Women on Campus

MRA’s common target is women on campus, whether student or staff. The goal of the Manosphere is to get their hate groups on college campuses because they think radical feminists are literally running entire countries from Universities. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a radical feminist or not. That’s what you’ll be called and hey, it’s actually a compliment.

There are MRA students who may or may not be part of a ‘men’s group’ who will start postering your campus with propaganda. He’ll also try to monitor women’s studies classes. You’ll know if you have an MRA in class with you. He’ll engage the strategies and tactics above like clockwork. He might also start frivolous legal complaints with the Uni. If you happen to be the woman he targets, you’ll have to get the University involved quickly and tell them about the SPLC and the fact that men’s groups are misogynist hate groups. They might not listen. In fact, in my view, Universities are the weakest link in the chain. If you have access to a lawyer, get one.

This is where it gets tricky.

He’ll whine about free speech. It must be remembered that he’s not doing this in good faith. He’s there to spread a message of hatred and misogyny. His actions will be erratic. One MRA Sage Gerard snuck into the women’s bathroom on a US campus to put up A Voice for Men propaganda. His behaviour on campus is the issue. Remember that. It’s not about free speech. It’s about his behaviour and the misogyny he spews.

He’ll videotape your classrooms, students, and upload them to Youtube where him and other MRA’s will mock them and trade the personal information of female students. If you confront him he’ll lie and tell you he’s an ‘egalitarian’ who has no ties to A Voice for Men. This is the current situation with the Canadian Association for Equality. They put on a good face while they undermine women at every turn.

These lists above are by no means complete but they will help you get familiar.  In fact, I will add to it if anyone comments below with more information.

Even though I spend a ton of time in the Manosphere, keeping that much memory reserved for them is difficult. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve spent so much time researching them that I can smell them a mile away.

Please consider donating to me. This is my full time activity, well, not all of it. Much of it I don’t talk about since I can’t put that kind of stuff online or else I’d get attacked. Scroll up to the top under my and Boogie’s picture and find the donate button.

For further perusal:

Here’s a real life example of an MRA going to Slutwalk and using bad faith questions in order to mansplain to women his absurd positions and cherry picked ‘data.’

Here’s a video of Dan Perrins, a Canadian MRA from Hamilton, Ontario. Dan loves to approach women in public, get pushy, and then claim they’re harassing him. Dan is also responsible for telling Jeff Sharlet of GQ magazine that he ‘should’ve killed the bitch (his ex).’

Dan has a criminal record and he’s also called the police on me for using the internet, even though he’s been blocked across all my social media platforms for a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan has several police reports on him by women he’s stalked and harassed while doing ‘activism’ for Paul Elam.

Dan likes to call abuse hotlines for women and do the MRA bobbly head routine. Dan is very aggressive and unstable.

Domestic Violence Campaign Blackdot Affiliated With Men’s Rights Groups

Or it’s just an attention-seeking campaign that has no real solution or plan to really do anything. Blackdot is a new domestic violence campaign that’s gotten a lot of attention lately. In fact, it’s Facebook page has gone viral. Their twitter is @blackdotcamp

However, I have some serious questions about this campaign because it won’t answer questions and a DV organization has refused to support it. Blackdot posted on Facebook that they’d answer any questions from anyone yet so far the questions on Twitter have gone completely unanswered. asks for questions

fb dv agency refused support
It seems Blackdot is more interested in attention than actually helping anyone. They tweeted Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, and David Cameron instead of say, local women’s shelters, and people noticed.


Attention seeking by tweeting prominent figures is a primary tool of men’s rights activists who want to get as much of it as they can.

A feminist friend of mine on Twitter decided to ask the campaign leader, who is still anonymous, questions and they refused to answer. They also follow the prominent men’s rights organization ‘Fathers 4 Justice.’  Also, several women and women’s orgs were blocked and erased from both Twitter and Facebook by this ‘organization’.


I don’t think this organization is legit. First, they won’t divulge the names of the men’s rights groups they’re contacting or associated with and second, they use popular men’s rights tropes.

The focus on ‘shaming’ is a particular men’s rights trope they use whenever they face a tough question they don’t want to answer. My friend asked why this supposed friendly campaign was blocking women and feminist groups on their Facebook page:



Blackdot outright lied and another woman tweeted an image showing that she was indeed blocked not only on Twitter but confirmed Blackdot erased her comments on Facebook.


Blackdot follows a prominent British men’s rights group called Fathers For Justice or F4J. If you’re wondering about who these guys are, here’s a video. The Sussex police went to his home to check on a 10 year old boy because the mother didn’t know where the boy was. They knocked on his door and he refused to answer. They went around to the window and knocked and were greeted by a mantrum full of racism and misogyny.    

Father’s for Justice is headed by leader Matt O’ Connor who appeared on George Galloway’s show to moan about feminism and ‘gender apartheid.’ He repeated every men’s rights talking point about the oh-so-terrible oppression of white men. He quoted Warren Farrell’s work which is considered the bible of the men’s rights movement.

Matt O’ Connor is divorced and as far as I know was denied access to his children. Father’s rights groups are family terrorists. Many of them have criminal records for domestic violence. F4J members have terrorized government leaders by climbing on the roofs of their homes. In essence, they’re a bunch of entitled manchildren who can’t use normal channels to resolve disputes. This is what Blackdot is supporting while blocking and deleting women’s advocates from Twitter and Facebook, ignoring questions by women advocates, and tweeting every celebrity then can.

All in all I’m very suspicious of Blackdot. Their leader claims to be a woman who suffered severe battering by an ex. Purposely following F4J on a new Twitter account means they know F4J. The questions that were asked of this person or group were never answered, simply ignored.

Also, this could be very dangerous for women who use their real names on social media. We all know how MRA’s love to get their hands on women’s personal information and terrorize them.

following f4j


Mancheeze aka Housemousequeen is 46 years old today.

Coolstorybro: The Car Accident

This dude got in a paint scratch fender bender with a woman who he then terrorized with his aggressive attitude to the point she called the cops to settle him down. He frames a paint transfer as ‘abuse’ so it gives us a clue into his anger issues. Most of these MRA’s use ‘throwaways’ which are one time online reddit accounts so that people can’t follow their history, usually because they say sexist, racist and downright stupid shit.

<RANT> Sorry ahead of time for the rant and the throwaway. This just happened and I’m furious and sad at the same time.

A woman tried to sneak her car through a left turn against the light this morning. I had the right of way, but stopped in time when I saw her turning. She apparently still didn’t have enough room and clipped my car. Quite clearly her fault. I note her license plate (I’ve been hit and run several times before), but she pulls over.

I get out and ask her for her information. Politely. Maybe I’m a bit stern, but that’s all. She immediately tells me I’m being abusive and that she won’t give me her info. I told her I’m going to have to call the cops. I ask her once again for her info, and she tells me no, call the cops. I definitely called her some names for being so deliberately difficult.

Let me guess: he called her a bitch and a cunt. Not violent at all amirite?~HMQ

I thought she had called a friend, but when the cops arrived, they were several, and I was quickly informed I was being watched and recorded. Of course, I was standing off the side with my hands down, so I’m really surprised that this cop is talking with such hostility towards me. I haven’t even explained to him what happened yet!

He goes and talks to the woman, first, and then comes back to get my information, which, again, I’m calmly standing, holding my stuff, and waiting.

The cop tells me that the damage is minor, and I better watch myself, because this is a disturbance, not a traffic accident call, and I’ve been reported as being abusive. He tells me that the damage is minor, and I should just let it go, because of my abuse, which he’s putting in his report. He tells me I shouldn’t conduct myself that way, and tells me my personal life and business are going to suffer because of it. I’m flabbergasted, still standing there calm, but definitively agitated.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. . . .

Edited for some other dumb story that’s not relevant~HMQ

Back to the present, I tried to explain to the cop that she refused to give her information, which is a crime, and she lied about the accident, to a cop, a crime, and that she hit my car in the first place. He didn’t want to hear it. He told me to calm down, several times, even though I was just standing there, definitely agitated, but not making any wild movements, not yelling, etc.

The cop didn’t care. He was on her side, and even tried to convince me to let it go. He told me that he’s an expert in the law, and that I’m in the wrong here. I was left feeling humiliated and unrepresented. After all, I had called for help when someone hit me.

I’m so sick with anger and frustration right now. I’ve scheduled an appt with my therapist, who I’m sure will tell me that I need to work on my coping skills. Yes, that’s right, no one needs to work on telling the truth, or being nice to others. I just have to work on how well I react when abused.

The best part is that I normally drive with a dashcam but forgot it this morning. It would have been all on video.


So let’s translate this out of brolanguage and into plain honest English. He admits he called her names and was ‘definitely agitated.’ I know what he did. He got aggressive with her, called her a cunt, and she called the cops fearing male violence. Anyone who gets into a minor fender bender and then calls someone names is a violent asshole. There’s just no need for that kind of behaviour. It’s a fucking accident.

How many of you have gotten into a minor bump with another car and then got out to call the other driver names? Like none? The rational thing would be to stay calm and exchange information but not for dude. Dude has to show that woman how wrong she was and threaten her. He makes a point of saying he wasn’t ‘moving his arms’ so that means he probably was. Asshole.

He also admits he usually drives with a dashcam but forgot it that day. The question is why? Why would anyone in a first world country need a fucking dashcam? And why would you ‘forget’ the dashcam? Doesn’t the thing stay in the car? Or maybe he has road rage often so the camera is always being removed from the car to dl the vids to his computer? I think he has the video and doesn’t want to show it because it would back up her story.

He sees a therapist who he knows is going to tell him he’s the one with the problem. If you think a minor accident is somehow ‘abuse’ then you should get your DL revoked. I have a feeling this asshole takes his anger issues out on motorists.

Dan Perrins Calls the Police on Me For Being a ‘Radical Feminist Who Hates Men’

Just. LOL

My stalker and harasser Dan Perrins is at it again making us all laugh! He called the cops on me and uploaded it to Youtube!

Dan Perrins, who loves to try and scare women from a misogynist hate site and who love to waste police time, after trying incessantly to drop my personal information online, has decided to call the cops and report me for being a ‘radical feminist who hates men.’ I shit you not. The dispatch thought he knew me personally and when he admitted he didn’t she got a bit confused. He started rattling off the Canadian Criminal code and the dispatch got noticeably frustrated and I could hear her brain saying ‘we’ve got a live one!’ She had to tell him to speak plain English because he was really out of his mind.

So now that Dan’s wasted police time and I’ve screencapped his attempts to doc drop me and all his tweets harassing me on Twitter as well as anyone who DM’s me, I have quite a nice file on his harassment. Dan called in order to do what a lot of abusers do. They try to get out in front of the police when they know they’re the harasser and they’re being abusive. It’s Dan’s twisted way of trying to cover his ass. He thinks if he calls first, his ‘complaint’ is more valid.

When I saw him harassing another woman on Twitter that had been DMing me I mentioned to her that now that he’s harassing others online that speak to me, that I’d have to call the police on him. Even though I blocked the creep a year ago, he finds a way to view my tweets, probably by logging into another account that I’m unaware of that I can’t block.

What Dan doesn’t understand is that I can write whatever I want on my blog. My opinions are my own. I can call him a rape-apologist abuser all day long and since he’s openly talked about murdering his ex and regularly jokes about rape online, there’s nothing he can do. Aren’t those MRA’s so intent on Freeze Peach?


Dan is mentally ill and has a track record with the cops. He thinks this will scare me. It doesn’t.

I’ve already gotten the Hamilton Police phone number and plan on phoning them when I have a spare moment. I don’t consider it too urgent since I’ve got the file and he doesn’t live in my Province but judging by the fact he belongs to a misogynist hate site, along with this remarks about killing his ex, I should just send in the file, just to be on the safe side.

These misogynists just never learn.

I’m going to be away today so if you leave a comment and it takes a while to be approved, you know why.

Enjoy the video!

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Level 1 Block Bot

I was told I was on level 1 of the Blockbot. Now, I really don’t care all that much but what put me there is a mystery to me. Some of my Twitter friends know why they were put there and the ‘infractions’ will astound you.

The Block Bot is an invention of a man to protect his friends over at Atheism Plus. Atheism Plus blog wasn’t truly my cup o tea but I’ve been to the site a few times and commented. James Billingham, a baldy dude with a serious problem with feminists who don’t agree with him and his friends, runs it. His handle on twitter is Oolon.

He made the Block Bot so that a user could follow it on Twitter and it would mass-block a whole shit load of people.

Atheism Plus blog site pushes itself as a scientific and atheist yet I have a feeling that’s not necessarily true.

I remember when I was banned from two reddit sites and I’m betting it was by these Atheism Plus dudes. I was booted for ‘twanzphobia’ and was called a ‘racist’. No evidence of this was provided of course since you don’t need any of that when your fellow group members just tell you it’s true.

I’m used to this kind of thing. It wasn’t too long ago that a group on Youtube that I didn’t even belong to did the exact same MRA-type move, complete with a ranty video calling me a slut, whore, bitch etc. while the gang high-fived each other for their courageous efforts whilst not arguing a single point I made.

It appears ‘twanzphobia’ is their new religion, the new fantasy land they devote their time and energy to while they call themselves scientists and atheists.

I had a run in with one of the Block Bot/Atheism Plus people, MA Melby, on Twitter. I have no idea who this person is. I’ve seen their tweets a few times and that is all, until now.

My Twit-sister Evokes, who’s also listed on the Blockbot, implied that those who run the Blockbot are comparing radical feminists to Gamergate, in itself quite a leap.

I was quickly told by Blockbotter MA Melby:

What in the fuck? Targets? What targets?

I have never sent a death/rape threat to anyone. I don’t usually mention anyone I don’t know on Twitter unless it’s a friend or someone I have something positive in common with. I’ve never doxxed anyone and believe me, I have dox on lots of MRA’s but you won’t ever see me release it online. I do, occasionally, mention an MRA if I see them in the #yesallwomen tag but most MRA’s I have blocked. I’m really not the type to go mentioning people and would much rather hit the block button than deal with useless conversations on Twitter that won’t go anywhere.

I asked Melby what ‘targets?’

It took MA Melby a while to answer the question:

It wouldn’t be so funny if I knew who ‘us’ was. Until now I had no idea that Atheism Plus was behind any of this and it’s only now that I’ve pieced this all together.

Turns out the Blockbot can’t name a single tweet that I’ve made that targets anyone. Unless they redefine ‘target.’

Then the hilarity ensued:

Is this MRA-speak?

I knew it would get pretty silly but my word, the ‘trans lesbian invasion?’ WTF is that? I must be old or something because I truly don’t know what that is. If someone can find the ‘trans lesbian invasion’ please return it to MA Melby because I don’t have it.

Then Melby told Evokes13 she was on level 2 blocking for comparing the Blockbot to Gamergate when in reality it was a Simpson’s joke that got her blocked

The tweet that’s listed as Evokes’s offense is this one:

My interpretation of the Blockbot is this: it’s a tool to block anyone this beloved group doesn’t like. It’s also male focused, designed to particularly silence women. If you were looking for some analysis you won’t find any. If you’re put on there for a Simpsons joke, case closed.

Evokes tweeted that another user, another woman, was put on the Blockbot for tweeting about ovarian cysts. The response from Blockbot?

Isn’t that cute? The Blockbotter silenced a female for a Simpson’s joke but now demands to know which other female talked about her ovaries?

MA Melby and her friends will block various women for these ‘offenses’ but won’t block one of their own, a trans dude who goes around harassing others and threatening them. Ya know, a real candidate for the bot.

I’m told I’m in great company on Level 1 as there are a lot of very prominent feminists on there and I have no problem making the comparison between the Blockbot and GG. If that is an ‘offense’ to the feeble minds over at Atheism Plus then by all means.

The Blockbot is built for manfeelz. MA Melby is in good company with MRA’s since the word ‘target’ and ‘trans lesbian invasion’ are straw mans. I’ve not targeted ‘them’, whoever ‘them’ is since I’m not a groupie type person and I’ve certainly never claimed to speak for all women. I think it’s worse that you block tons of people for not carrying your exact party line and take the liberty to classify people based on your feelz. That’s much more insidious.

I never really thought much about this Blockbot until I was told I was on it, at the highest level. I don’t really care. I just think it’s funny that these people spend so much time scouring Twitter for Simpson’s jokes and going by rules they make up on the fly, just like MRA’s and Gamergate.

There have been several articles about the fact that the Block Bot isn’t exactly kosher.

Here’s an article about a Twitter user who found out she was on the Block Bot:

But as I mentioned: my blockers were people I had never tried to follow and never so much as tweeted “hi” at, let alone anything disagreeable, abusive, harassing, or unkind.

Yes, the same as in my case. I didn’t know any of these people until I was told I was on this list.

There are 3 levels of ‘offenses.’ What warrants the highest level of blocking?

“[users] that appear to engage in aggressiveness, threats, harassment, dishonesty in an effort to infiltrate social groups, impersonating someone, posting shock images, encouraging self-harm, spouting dehumanizing rhetoric, promoting hate speech, etc.”

Hmm. I’ve never done any such thing unless it’s inhumane to speak up for women and women’s issues. It sorta makes sense that a woman would get put on the list for talking about ovaries if a Simpson’s joke warranted blocking.

Their policy for who gets blocked is also quite circular:

The short answer is anyone that a blocker defines as block list worthy. The general rule is if you are the type that would find yourself banned on a blog on Freethoughtblogs.com, Skepchick.org or from the A+ forum then you will likely end up in the list.

Richard Dawkins was put on it for being a ‘racist, “rape apologist,” and transphobe.’ I’ve no love for him but the fact is, it’s libel.

Like I said, I have no idea why I’m on it and most people usually don’t until they find themselves on it by surprise.

Someone is gonna get a hold of this Blockbot one day and tear it apart in a court of law. In fact, the Block Bot narrowly avoided this according to this article.

There are some pretty big names on there. In the meantime, if you get put on it, consider it a compliment.

In the end I blocked MA Melby, the old fashioned way.



During the writing and finalizing of this post I became aware of a lawsuit against James Billingham, creator of the Block Bot.  A Beginner’s Guide to the Block Bot – Sex & Censorship

Granted, this is coming from a member of KotakuinAction, a Gamergate reddit group, but the fact is the Block Bot is libelous. If you would like to contribute to the funding of the lawsuit, visit the link. In light of the new development, I find the comparison of the Block Bot to Gamergate a twisted kind of poetic justice.

It’s Only Damseling When

It’s official, the MRA’s are doing a lolsuit and want $40 thousand.

When you lose $9 grand on a stunt to infiltrate the Calgary Expo you gotta recoup those costs. Karen Straughn uploaded a statement to get the guys to dig into their pockets yet again.

The endless videos of Alison Tieman crying into the camera and now this plea for $40 grand is what men’s righters call ‘damseling.’ There is no official definition of the word but there’s a lot of examples of it and one could say that Gamergate depends on their theory of damseling to go after Anita Sarkeesian.

Gamergate, which is basically a group of MRA’s, accused Anita Sarkeesian of damseling when she successfully crowdfunded $160 thousand after only asking for $6 thousand. The reason she got so much attention was due to the Manosphere/Gamergaters taking to the internet and endlessly threatening her. If you go to Youtube and search her name you’ll get thousands of videos by disgruntled MRA’s screaming obscenities at her, one of which is the charge of damseling. This boost of internet attention informed people about Anita’s fundraiser. While the rape and death threats flooded in, people were reaching into their pockets and supporting her project.

Paul Elam has written a lot about damseling and Anita Sarkeesian. He says of her extremely successful Kickstarter project:

Personally, I am jealous. I have had half the major media in a couple of countries disingenuously and maliciously demonize me. Even after forcing some retractions I bet I got more threats than Sarkeesian.

My reward? Jack shit.

Maybe it was because I didn’t swoon hard enough or treat the threats like they were tickets to Disneyworld.

Or maybe it was just that I don’t have a vagina and the sociopathic acumen to be profitably distressed and empowered at the same time.

I think I am correct in assuming there is some cha-ching going down in her PayPal account right about now. And there will be some more gash-cash for other members of the sisterhood who pen their outrage over this worse-than-death-almost-as-bad-as-rape event, demanding that someone, preferably the state, take over the Internet and make it safer for lying, feminist con artists.

It’s only damseling if Anita gets funding but when three AVFM women want it, well, that’s different.

After being kicked out of the Expo the Badgers made hours upon hours of videos including two videos of Tieman crying into the camera because she was dumb enough to misrepresent herself at the Expo. If this was truly about her comic, bringing half the staff of AVFM, flying the Gamergate logo, and harassing feminist panelists wasn’t exactly a bright idea.

Even the Badgers themselves have written about how horrible damseling is:

Damseling and Gynonormativity. These roughly correspond to femininity seen as childlike, in a dependent position; and femininity seen as the moral standard, in a dominant position. This sounds like a contradiction, but in fact it is just a description. The switch from dominant Moral Guardian to trembling Damsel can be instantaneous because at bottom there is not much distance between them. The dominant matron battle-ax can very easily stand over a man and lecture him about defending and protecting poor, helpless women.

John Hambling, former AVFM staff, thinks the hypocrisy is showing. In a video he tossed the Badgers hyper-masculine slogan right back at them: ‘Honey Badgers Don’t Give a Shit.’

Honey Badgers aren’t supposed to damsel.

Hambling was met with cold, blank stares from dudes in their dark basements, knowing they’re being hypocrites but delving into their weekly paper route money anyway to provide $40K ‘gash cash’ for the damsels in distress.

Hamblings video got several responses. An MRA that infilitrated with the Badgers reassured the guys that the ladies aren’t really damseling because they were banished from the village, not locked in a tower:Allisons hubby on her damseling and banishmentIf you’re locked in a tower by all means, ask for ‘gash cash.’

Allisons hubby on her damseling and banishment2Can’t argue with that superior logic.

Woolybumblebee, another former student of AVFM publicity, knows the Badgers ‘infiltration’ of the Expo was a stunt to get more cash. She even made a second video, foretelling the inevitable ‘fundraiser’.

Paul Elam and the ladies will milk this for years as Woolly pointed out that Human Rights complaints take a long time.

MRA’s are out in full force telling anyone skeptical of Tieman’s tears that this is ‘true victimization’ and the tears were real.

In fact, the Badgers have been so victimized the dudes think they’re identical to Gandhi and Rosa Parks.

human rights violation just like gandhimra comparing to rosa parksAlison is Rosa ParksLOLZ

A game blog abused me.

Meanwhile, the Badgers are knee deep in their quest for true justice, invoking the Canadian Charter and proclaiming they’ve been abused. Yes, they actually use that term.

The Honey Badger Brigade is now seeking legal advice to hold the Calgary Expo staff accountable for their acts of abuse and discrimination against us.

this eviction was based in discrimination, an act that has defamed and abused us.

it is our belief that the actions taken by the Calgary Expo staff were of a political nature and contravene the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in particular freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and freedom of association.

They’ve learned well. It wasn’t too long ago their brethren Dean Esmay from AVFM claimed a gaming site was abusing him.

On the ‘Feed the Badger’ fundraiser page, they’ve already reached $23 thousand. That should keep Karen in $10 packs of cigarettes for a few years.

Only idiots will donate to this second stunt. The Charter wasn’t breached at all. Any first year law student can tell you that. Businesses have every right to remove someone from their event based on the rules and regulations they’ve authored. It was a choice to go to the Expo and act like assholes.

Here’s the video request for $40K


From the video:

Why is a woman rejecting victimhood so threatening? Because you need a damsel to have a villain. Having a villain justifies every act of war, lynching, genocide, marginalization, bigotry, and hatred throughout history.

The time is ripe for money. Even Sage Gerard, AVFM’s Collegiate Activism Director, is asking for Patreon money. In a video just uploaded he wants money to shave his head and currently will make almost $200 per video.

Gerard calls himself a human rights activist. LOL

Even breathing costs money according to these people.

Make no mistake. This isn’t about Tieman’s shitty webcomic that her own friend Sage Gerard said had ‘no story.’  It’s about making a public scene over and over and over again for views and more importantly, cold hard cash.


No-Platforming of Meghan Murphy by Fascists

Counter Petition HERE. PLEASE SIGN!

Today I woke up to find a bunch of neoliberal asshats started a petition to get Meghan Murphy removed from Rabble, where she is an editor. This is just another example of the twanz and pro-exploitation lobby attempting to no-platform and unemploy a radical feminist.

Here’s their ‘argument’ with my responses

Open Letter to the Editors of Rabble.ca,

We are feminists, grassroots community groups and organizations that support intersectional feminism. We are concerned about your ongoing relationship with Meghan Murphy as one of your editors. Murphy has been publishing material that dehumanizes and disrespects women with different experiences and perspectives than hers for many years, in particular Black women, women in the sex industry and trans women. By allowing Murphy to continue as an editor at Rabble.ca you are giving a platform to her hate and we are writing to demand that you end your association with her as editor and columnist.

In other words, you speak for all women ever. Murphy’s readership can’t be as dynamic as we are cuz we’re EVERYONE!.

Let’s see what they define as ‘hate.’

Recently, Murphy published a piece about Laverne Cox’s decision to pose nude for a US women’s magazine. In her piece, Murphy attacks for Cox for attempting to achieve a “‘perfect’ body as defined by a patriarchal/porn culture, through plastic surgery, and then presenting it as a sexualized object for public consumption” and later mocks her and other trans women for  “spending thousands and thousands of dollars sculpting their bodies in order to look like some cartoonish version of ‘woman,’ as defined by the porn industry and pop culture.”   

She didn’t mock anyone. She made a standard, run-of-the-mill 40 year old analysis of posing nude in front of a camera. Knowing that Cox is male isn’t hate. It’s a fact. Porn culture is a well established fact.

Laverne Cox is not a cartoonish version of a woman. She is a woman, a Black trans woman who is changing history by defining her own beauty and loveability in the public sphere.

It’s your opinion he’s a ‘she.’ People are allowed to disagree, especially when biology is like, a fact and people can’t change their sex. ‘Beauty’ and ‘loveablility’? WTF?  You think that’s an argument?

For years, Murphy’s racism and attacks on women who trade/sell sex or are trans have been tolerated or supported and published by Rabble, including this article where she pits Black women against each other, calling another Black trans woman (Janet Mock) “selfish” for using glamour to feel powerful–and again maligning a Black trans woman’s decisions about her body.

Murphy is entitled to disagree with the sex industry. Also, show me proof she’s pitting black women against each other? Once again you’re speaking for all black women. You’re the fucking idiots speaking for all women here, not her. Radical feminists don’t support the beauty industry. Am I a foodphobe if I’m critical of the fast food industry? Morons!


Her anti-black racism extends to men as well as in this tweet where she calls for the death of Chris Brown  https://twitter.com/aurabogado/status/376380825542987776/photo/1

Context people. It’s pretty nervy to suggest she’s a racist when she was talking about domestic violence. Kill all wife/girlfriend batterers is what I say. Also, if she was such a racist she wouldn’t love bell hooks. Next you idiots will go after hooks since she probably disagrees with you too. Feminists disagree, DEAL WITH IT.

She is famously antagonistic toward sex workers and has a long track record of using degrading, dehumanizing language such as “prostituted women”, being ageist and factually incorrect by suggesting older women cannot be active sex workers, mocking and misrepresenting sex work activists and employing racist terminology such as “illegal immigrants”. We were shocked when on the pages of rabble.ca, she blamed Cindy Gladue’s murder on pornography, co-opting the deaths of Indigenous women in the sex trade to denounce our calls for rights and respect.






I’m antagonistic towards an industry that harms women. Sorry dudes but ‘prostituted woman’ is how many survivors of the sex industry describe themselves. Once again, you’re claiming to speak for every single woman. Illegal immigrant is hardly racist. It’s the standard terminology every damn government, including the UN, uses.

Ah, yeah, Cindy Gladue, whose vagina was brought to court in a bag. Meghan is allowed to have an opinion on what caused her death. Deal with it. Co-opting my arse.

This is not a question of free speech, it is a question of offering active support to bigots. For example, Rabble would not employ right wing christian fundamentalists for their opinions as their stance clearly undermines the dignity and humanity of communities they are not a part of. The same is the case for Murphy. She is a white, cis, non sex working person who writes with contempt about communities that she is not a member of. It is unjust of Rabble to financially support her bigotry. Rabble is stronger and more relevant when it publishes the voices of those who are directly impacted by the issues they cover. Doing otherwise has made Rabble unsafe for many members of marginalized populations who write from a place of personal experience.

Oh yes it is. It’s another attempt to no-platform a woman you don’t like and don’t want to hear. I have an option for you. If you don’t like her opinion, don’t read it. The fact you’re attempting to speak for everyone and silence her is fucking fascist. You don’t have to be a member of the fast food industry to critique it. You don’t have to be a member of the Green party to have an opinion on it. You fucking fools.

Rabble is not unsafe. If you don’t like her opinion don’t read it. You haven’t quoted her or given any examples of bigotry and hatred. You’ve used silly words like ‘loveable’ and ‘beauty’ as if those subjective terms mean something definitive.

Other feminists and womanists have taken notice.

Yeah, well I’m a radical feminist and I take notice of this lame attempt to silence a woman because you don’t like her opinions.




We support working with people to transform their politics toward more equity and accountability. Despite endless attempts, Murphy has remained unwilling to evaluate her racism, transmisogyny and whorephobia. We’ve chosen to use an open letter as a medium, only after all other avenues toward accountability have been explored and have failed.

We demand everyone think like us. Fascists.

Whorephobia? WTF is that? Another meaningless neoliberal term along with ‘transmisogyny.’ Totally FUCKING MEANINGLESS. Accountability? You mean like burning the witch in the square you fascist pigs?

We demand a discerning voice of equality and equity that respects and values all women including trans women, women of colour and women in the sex industry. Displays of racism, whorephobia and transmisogyny have no place in a progressive publication like Rabble. It is time for Rabble to take responsibility and cease offering a platform for hate in the form of zealous bigotry from Meghan Murphy and others like her.

Well I demand to hear her opinion. Not everyone is going to agree with you. Deal with it. You’ve not proven a single accusation against her. You’ve not quoted her or made any legitimate case.
-on behalf of


Maggie’s – Toronto Sex Workers Action Project

Black Lives Matter – Toronto

No More Silence

TransPride Toronto

Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform

Southwest Ontario Sex Workers

Stella, L’Amie de Maimie

PACE Society

Sex Professionals of Canada

Winnipeg Working Group for Sex Workers’ Rights

PIECE Edmonton

Butterfly (Migrant and Asian Sex Workers)

Toronto Migrant Sex Worker Project

ASTT(e)Q : Action Santé Travesti(e)s et Transsexuel(le)s du Québec

Shameless Magazine

Fuck you people. You’re not everyone. No more money to any of these fascist assholes.

AVFM Honey Badgers Get Canned From Calgary Expo UPDATED

Men’s rights ‘activists’ from AVFM decided to start a booth under false pretenses at the Calgary Expo. The Honey Badgers, including the dimwits Karen Straugn, Allison Tieman, and Hannah Wallen, lied to the Expo and got themselves a booth.

AVFM leaves calgary expo w straugn in tow

Honey Badgers at Calgary Expo

MRA’s are responsible for Gamergate which began on Youtube by sending rape and death threats to Anita Sarkeesian for her video series ‘Tropes Versus Women In Video Games.’

It doesn’t take long to type in her name into Youtube’s search engine and find thousands upon thousands of videos by men who think Anita is taking their precious vidya games away. The videos are endless barrages of ‘cunt, whore, slut and nazi.’ Sound familiar?

The next round of misogyny arrived when Zoe Quinn’s ex-boyfriend and MRA in training Eron Gjoni posted a whiny, angry exposition about their breakup, insinuating Zoe was a whore who slept with other men. I did a couple posts on this in the Autumn of 2014 when it began.
Attack of the 50ft Kotaku! | Mancheeze
Male Gamer Eron Gjoni Is a Patriarchal Asshole: UPDATED Aug 31st | Mancheeze

Gamergate really just is a bunch of MRA’s who don’t have anything better to do than to take their anger out on women. Anita Sarkeesian has to have personal bodyguards travel with her because these guys have sent threats of another Montreal-type massacre to her public speaking engagements.

I’m not going to relay each and every incident but this latest one is truly hilarious.

The Honey Badgers, a few women from A Voice for Men, decided to ‘infiltrate’ the Expo and proudly stated as such. These idiots raised nine thousand dollars to do it. Imagine that 9 grand going to a men’s shelter? Naww!

The Honey Badgers lied to the Expo, I’m sure with some silly story about ‘equality’ or ‘ethics’ and set up their booth. What they were actually gonna do is harass women and feminists. They were shouting at people and causing problems. In short, they were asked to leave and their booth torn down before the public arrived.

AVFM leaves calgary expo

The Badgers get canned.

In the coming days I’m sure AVFM will publish a mantrum about how these women were censored and bullied and it’s all feminists fault. It’s already starting on Twitter with massive amounts of male whining. There’s already a petition asking ‘why oh why did those poor women get booted from the Expo?’ These idiots think booting this group is misogyny because the group was mostly women. I guess they didn’t get the memo that women can be asshole misogynists too?

Finally, here’s a tweet with a live stream video attached of the men’s rights group talking about harassing panels and other participants of the Expo. It starts at about 45 minutes in. Allison Tieman talks about women wearing ‘victimhood’ clothing or some shit and Sage Gerard psychotically yells at the camera something about MRA’s taking over the world.

NOTE: The video was set to private on and off today. It was making the rounds on Twitter as evidence that these morons were indeed there to harass feminists. I think the Badgers realized this and set it to private. It appears to work at intermittent times.

Stay classy.


The Honey Badgers uploaded a 45 second clip where they claim in the description they can’t understand why they were kicked out.  In it you’ll hear Allison Tieman blurt some silly straw man interrupting a panel talk and taking up all the air in the room like an idiot. As time goes on I’m sure we’ll know more about their bad behaviour.


LibFeminists Attack aka PragmaticUselessness is Not Pro-Feminist

Here’s some of the fallout from my Totally Excellent Radical Feminist proposition that females aren’t males and that we deserve our own spaces.

I used to subscribe to this bi-sexual dude PragmaticUselessness on Youtube. I felt that he did an average job at dismissing MRA’s. It wasn’t long before I found out women’s biological and social realities don’t matter and our spaces should be accessible to men wearing Revlon. He went to Twitter after I schooled him that males aren’t females and called me a twanzphobe.

Let’s bring up a rare genetic syndrome to make ZERO argument that males are females!

Yawn. Let’s use Turner’s syndrome, a rare genetic condition affecting XX (the latter X is partial but no Y) FEMALES to argue that men in dresses are women!

Then he went to his Youtube video and told me

pragmatic MRA2

Gender! He claims he’s a feminist but doesn’t know what gender is. So I gave him a link to this great post  What is a woman? | The Feministahood  outlining in detail that women are not men and have a completely different experience in the world due to our biological realities and the subsequent gendered socialization that takes place upon our bodies.

Instead of reading it he immediately went onto Twitter and started whining with his Turners syndrome ‘argument.’ Eventually he went silent because well, he has no argument and he knows it. So another twanz political coward gets fact-checked and sulks off Twitter.

HouseMouseQueen-1, MRA-0

pragmatic MRA

He rattled off some more inane crap that I just didn’t have the patience to correct. I gave him the link and goofball male was so sure he was right that he never read it.

This ‘group’ on Youtube contains several other people. I’ve known about this group for a while and even considered a couple of them friends. One such member is ExtremelyBoring. She’s had to distance herself from me because the group, which is mainly male, are challenged by radical feminism and insist on labeling me a ‘TERF’ and twanzphobe for my insistence that female biology and socialization is completely different than males.

EB knows I like her as a person. I typically enjoy conversing with her when the group isn’t policing her. This subject brought out more policing on Youtube.

We were talking about intersex people and I made the point that little kids as young as 5 were being hauled off to special Gender Clinics to have hormones implanted in their arms because the child wasn’t doing gender properly for their sex. I mentioned 2 documentaries that I had seen. One of the documentaries was shown to me on Twitter so I don’t have the link but the other one is Louis Theroux’s ‘Transgender Kids’ which came out a couple weeks ago. I wish I could give you a link to the Dailymotion copy but it’s been removed for copyright. If someone has a copy please post it in the comment section.

Theroux talked to several young children who were avoiding puberty with drugs and thought they were the opposite sex. I tried explaining to EB that this medicalization of gender is extremely worrying. A 5 year old male child should be allowed to develop normally, to know his body before it’s stuffed with chemicals and ideas that he’s in the wrong body. The transpolitical narrative assumes that a boy who plays with dolls MUST be a girl and MUST be given corrective chemicals and therapy or else.

Or else what?

Transpolitics puts gender on a pedestal, contrary to radical feminist analysis where we understand that gender has a patriarchal purpose, where feminine is inferior to the masculine, where little girls with vaginas are prescribed a set of behaviours that could only be described as terrorism. Why can’t a boy play with dolls and wear dresses? Why can’t he just be himself? Why does he have to be taken to a special clinic to cure him? Children who aren’t stuffed with implants and who are allowed to do atypical gendered things usually just develop into a gay boy or a lesbian girl.

What’s wrong with that?

1That’s exactly what’s happening. I loved the bit about socially acceptable behaviour because what Transpolitics is all about is strictly enforcing the rule that a male child must be a girl if he displays certain gendered behaviours that are considered ‘feminine.’ Parents are playing that role, forcing these kids into clinics and entertaining the child’s delusions.

When I told her that our biological realities matter as women I was met with this

2Talk about erasing female bodies and our lives. This person considers herself a feminist. My response to her was concise and I refrained from snark because I quite like her but I still can’t grasp why she’s so ignorant. I asked her to think about it because I truly was shocked.

Don’t worry. Superman came in to save her from the big meaning twanzphobe.

3She responded quickly after that. They must’ve been on a Skype hangout whispering evil words about the horrible radfem that actually thinks women deserve their own spaces.

4So it kinda sorta matters but not really that much if you evil radfems would stop asking for women’s spaces. So I made a simple point about pregnancy, ya know, that thing that only happens to women’s bodies and sets us up for a whole host of issues that only we experience.

The response. Wait for it, wait for it.






Case closed.