My Canuck Sisters, Say Goodbye

Today, PM Justin Trudeau announced Bill C16. 

Men who wear dresses and raise their pinky finger while drinking a Starbucks will be considered a protected class. This means if they want in on women’s spaces, nobody will be able to deny them access.

The interesting thing about the bill is the definition of gender and gender identity. The circularity is dumbfounding. The Justice Department explains:

Gender identity is each person’s internal and individual experience of gender. It is their sense of being a woman, a man, both, neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum. A person’s gender identity may be the same as or different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth. For some persons, their gender identity is different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth; this is often described as transgender or simply trans. Gender identity is fundamentally different from a person’s sexual orientation.

Gender expression is how a person publicly presents their gender. This can include behaviour and outward appearance such as dress, hair, make-up, body language and voice. A person’s chosen name and pronoun are also common ways of expressing gender.

There are a variety of individual experiences of gender and of gender expression. The terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” include a wide range of gender diversity.

Internal experiences and sensations are not material realities and cannot be legislated. Gender resides in your psychology. It’s interesting they use the term ‘sense.’ We can’t legislate senses because they are highly inaccurate. Also if ‘there are a variety’ of individual experiences of gender, which ones matter?

Moving onto ‘Gender expression’ we see the words ‘behaviour’ and ‘appearance.’ A person’s behaviour and appearance aren’t connected to a person’s sex.  Sex is independent of gender. You cannot change your clothes in order to change your sex. You are born a sex that is clearly defined and immutable.

Gender is independent of sex. Gender is an invented concept of patriarchy. It’s a hierarchy with ‘femininity’ at the bottom and ‘masculinity’ on top. Gender behaviours and appearances are learned, and it means they can be unlearned. A female infant is not born with a predilection to play with dolls or wear pink. She is taught that this is her ROLE. I know I’m preaching to the choir here but this is mainly for people who don’t understand the differences.

Feminism rejects gender because it teaches females behaviours and attitudes that are detrimental to our freedoms as human beings.

Transactivists are enforcing gender stereotypes ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity.’ They’re saying if a boy plays with dolls, flicks his long hair, and claims he’s a girl, he really is a girl.

Let’s make a list of feminine stereotypes based on ‘behaviour’ and ‘appearance.’ Feel free to add your own in the comment section.

  • flicking hair
  • wearing eyeliner
  • wearing a dress or skirt
  • swinging hips
  • playing with dolls
  • long painted fingernails/toenails
  • long hair
  • high heels
  • scared of insects and snakes
  • quiet and sensitive
  • emotional
  • submissive

I could go on and on with ‘feminine’ stereotypes but this is not what makes a woman. A woman is an adult human female. If a male does any of the above and claims to be female, Canada will call him a woman. In fact, because gender identity relies on ‘sense’, all a male has to do is claim he’s a woman and he’ll be allowed into any women’s space he wants. Women’s shelters, prisons, organizations, sports teams, events, etc. are now all open any male who ‘senses’ he’s a woman.

Say goodbye to women-only spaces. Say goodbye to privacy. Say goodbye to women’s sports. Say goodbye to safety. Say goodbye to your class protections.

Men want in.

Say goodbye to sisterhood.



For good reading material, here’s a Canadian Human Rights case whereby a man in a dress demanded a Woman-Only Rape Shelter hire him as a rape crisis counsellor. When he was told ‘no’ he threatened the women that ran the shelter and then proceeded to try and bankrupt the shelter with a 12-year court battle that took time and resources away from women who were raped.

Vancouver Rape Relief won the case but it took 12 long years, loss of precious time and money that Canadian women depended on. Women’s services were already being gutted by the Tories.

Our women-only space must be fought for. We can’t just sit on the sidelines and expect it to be handed to us.

Here’s the list of Canadian Senators you can write to about C-16 and explain your concerns. You can write to the Liberals but it’s unlikely they’ll hear you. The Tories might listen. Remember it was the Tories that got C36 (Nordic Model re: prostitution) into law.








Happy Holidays Open Thread

Thank you all for another great year here at Mancheeze. Next year will be another great one for us. I’m staying positive, no matter what.

I’m noticing many more transactivists attaching themselves to the men’s rights movement. People call them black knights. I don’t find it surprising that trans males are heavily involved in the misogyny of the MRM. They are male themselves and many of them are sexually attracted to other men. It’s no different than the misogyny we see from gay men although the elements behind it might be different. What do you think?

Paul Elam just interviewed Theryn Meyer, a male who thinks he’s female. Theryn is part of Simon Fraser University’s men’s group. That’s my alma mater and I’m sadly watching on the sidelines as my Uni deals with these guys.

The Women’s Centre and Student Union has already gotten involved after Karen Straugn delivered a silly lecture about ‘toxic femininity.’ The Canadian Association For Equality put her speech up on their channel. It’s clear the men’s group isn’t welcome on campus and they’re causing the same problems that Sage Gerard caused on Kennesaw Uni campus in the US. You can read about Sage Gerard aka Victor Zen in my back catalog. [1] [2]

Elam kisses his ass throughout the entire interview. The thing is, many MRA’s recognize that Theryn isn’t a woman and they say so. I find it hilarious that Theryn has joined a movement whereby the members can’t stand him. It makes no difference because Elam is thrilled to have Theryn’s face to point to to bleat that his movement is progressive.

A few months ago, Paul was making videos desperately trying to get gay men to join him. That didn’t go so well. Elam was so uncomfortable talking to gay men that he let slip aggressive and homophobic comments. He only made a couple videos on this ‘Straight Eye For the Queer Guy’ series and threw in the towel.

The new year will bring more media attention on MRA’s, simply for click bait. The media knows that MRA’s sit in front of their computers all day searching for articles and infesting the comment sections with violent and downright stupid comments. Making money is the idea. If these media outlets wanted to get really savvy they’d start putting up ads about penis enlargement on MRA articles. Talk about ad money!

I want all of you to have a wonderful break and I’ll be posting throughout the Holidays since Chanukah is now over. Enjoy the open thread. We haven’t talked in a while.

Much love,



Female Firefighters Get Their Oxygen Turned Off By Misogynist Males

Male supremacy is a killer for women in every male dominated field, which is just about every high paying job that has excluded women for centuries. It doesn’t matter whether the field requires physical qualifications or is a ‘brain job.’ Women are being kept out and once in, are sexually harassed and in this case, attempted murder.

Female firefighters in Canada are having their water hoses turned off and their life giving oxygen turned off by their male co-workers so they’ll die on the job. These men sexually harass and rape their female co-workers. It’s so bad that women don’t dare speak out, and the women that have, have been driven out of the job.

Men make it harder for women to get in, forcing them to carry more weight, do more physical activity than the men. So I don’t want to hear this shit about women not being as tough.

Men put shit in women’s boots, and wank off watching porn in the firehouse and don’t give a shit about the women they work with.

Jocelyn Roberts, remember her name. Her male co-workers attempted to murder her by turning off her water during a fire. After the attempted murder, males continued to bully and sexually harass her so badly, she killed herself.

Men also don’t leave women alone while on the job. They send sexually explicit emails to their female co-workers, dick pics, and the rest, while the women know they are to remain silent because the boss, another male supremacist ass, won’t do anything about it. In fact, he’ll encourage it. And that’s exactly what happened. Instead of stopping the sexual harassment, the Captain of the firehouse raped her.

The white male firefighter doesn’t want to accept women into the ‘man club.’ Don’t think this hasn’t cost female lives and lives of the public, because it has. Men are poison, wherever they are allowed to congregate and dominate any field, any area. These men would rather turn off a woman’s oxygen while she’s fighting a fire and kill her, than have to stop wanking his dick in the common room of the firehouse. What’s a poor white male to do?

One Captain was fired for saying misogynist comments to his female co-workers. The men left behind were so angry, the brotherhood closed ranks, and blamed the women for this man’s inability to stop calling them ‘cunts’ and ‘whores.’ The misogynist Captain was reinstated and 2 of the three women he harassed ended up quitting.

To use a phrase that bald wanker MRA Tom Golden uses: Men are Not Good.

This story touched me deeply as I’m a woman who, like the rest of woman kind, has had to put up with male supremacy in my life. I’m at the age now where I’m finally comfortable in my own skin and have cut men out of my life altogether since they’re not really interested in me as a human being anyway. They’re only interested in sexual things, or focus on my looks, not my education, not my smarts, not my personality. I’m just one of those women who absolutely refuses Hobbes choice. I prefer to do my own thing, have my own life away from men, and only do for my sisters.

I’m very pissed off. It’s bad enough that women desire so desperately to be a firefighter and help society the way she sees fit and has to compete under qualifications that are built around male supremacy. It’s quite another that even when she qualifies, she has to worry about dying because some woman hater turns off her hose or O2 to fuck with her.

Watch the full report on misogyny killing women in the firehouse:




Protecting Yourself Online and Offline From Men’s Rights Activists: The Big Post

halloween fundraiser copy

I am taking donations now and will be doing a long fundraiser. I survive on disability, which isn’t much and spend my time working to protect women from MRA’s and male supremacists. My donate button is under mine and Boogie’s mouse picture on the right sidebar. All your help is much appreciated. The winter season is the worst for me financially. Help out a disabled sister. I need a new computer or else I won’t be doing this work much longer. ~Diana aka HMQ

I get this question so damned often I’m going to write a post about it. Ladies, it’s time to clean up your social media accounts and take back control. Here I present 3 sections, or 3 tactics, that men’s rights weirdos use to lure you in. This post is for you, so if you don’t want to waste your time, you can spot them right away.

online misogyny Youtube

MRA’s on Youtube gathering to harass a woman online

The first thing you must learn is how MRA’s talk and their tactics. MRA’s are ‘Chairborne Rangers’, which means they sit in their parents house and scream at women online and sometimes they’ll take it offline too, this is especially truein Canada.

There are two distinct types of MRA: the older bitter divorced male and the young bitter male who is unsuccessful in relating to women.

Occasionally, you’ll get a female handmaiden but they aren’t very common at all. Many MRA’s pretend they’re women online because they think it gives them legitimacy, which is rather ironic. MRA’s are mostly republicans and libertarians but I’m seeing more left wing men embrace their lingo and tactics.

Over here at Mancheeze, we feel totally comfortable saying all men are misogynists to one degree or another. These loser men spend hours on the internet searching for articles on feminism and women in order to find the ones that offend their feelz. They use Google Alerts for precisely this purpose.

They are also serial stalkers and doxxers of women. Please protect your information. If you are being harassed in any way CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t think you’re wasting their time, because you’re not. The best strategy is documenting everything these men do on social media and giving it to the police. You pay taxes, you pay police salaries.

Tactic 1

The primary tactic MRA’s use is the bad faith questioning/statement tactic. It’s usually an innocuous Captain Obvious kind of question that they know you’ll answer in the affirmative. Trust me though, they’re not listening to you. They only use this tactic in order to spew their rhetoric at you. It goes something like this:

‘Did you know or do you agree that men are affected by domestic violence, rape, false rape allegations, corrupt family courts, suicide, etc?’

You will answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions because every once in a while these things do happen. They just don’t happen at the same rate and frequency he thinks they do. Sometimes he’ll launch immediately into his rhetoric, sometimes not. If he does go immediately below to tactic 2 and 3. This allows him to then ask the next bad faith question/statement:

‘What is feminism doing about those things?’ or ‘What has feminism done for you?’

OR he’ll say

‘The Men’s Rights movement is doing something about it.’

Depending on your mileage, you can give him a short answer or a long one but ultimately, you’re wasting your time. We all know feminism is the principal movement that deals with these issues and has been the leading force, but he doesn’t want to hear it.

Tactic 2

Next comes the Men’s Rights LITANY. It’s sorta like Frank Herbert’s ‘fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death’ litany but much much longer and more mansplainy. If he mentions any of these things in this list, he’s an MRA:

  • feminazi
  • Warren Farrell
  • the draft, which doesn’t exist anymore
  • ‘I’m all for equality.’
  • but women CHOOSE prostitution!
  • gynocentrism
  • traditionalism
  • the Titanic lifeboats
  • feminism is a CIA plot
  • child support
  • child custody
  • ‘you’re using shaming language!’
  • radical feminists
  • the 1 in 4 rape stat is wrong and ‘men get raped more!’
  • male suicide
  • male circumcision/ intactivism
  • the wage gap is a lie
  • Big Red or ‘feminists pulled a fire alarm’
  • free speech and cries of censorship
  • the glass cellar
  • Earl Silverman
  • but there’s no domestic violence shelters for men!
  • Erin Pizzey or ‘the woman who started the first shelter for women’
  • boys are behind girls in school
  • there’s little to no men going to college or uni
  • child custody aka father’s rights
  • false rape accusations
  • there is no rape culture!
  • women get less jail time than men for the same crime
  • men’s reproductive rights aka paper abortion aka male pill
  • the draft (which doesn’t exist anymore)
  • women live longer than men
  • men built everything!
  • paternity fraud
  • they paint women as sex predators of boys
  • Anita Sarkeesian, video games, and Gamergate

Basically these men feel they’re the most oppressed on the planet while each and every bit of evidence we’ve gathered and is legitimate shows exactly the opposite. What they want is male supremacy and to step all over women’s gains.

Tactic 3

The next thing he’ll do is give you his standard link list to a whole bunch of cherry picked studies, studies he has misinterpreted, and other assorted crap that he wants you to read. He won’t accept anything but your full agreement. His aim is for you to denounce feminism completely.

  • Fiebert bibliography on domestic violence
  • the CDC study on rape and sexual assault
  • erroneous blog links
  • White Ribbon. ORG ( a fake DV site they made to mimic and internationally recognized White Ribbon.CA site)
  • links to A Voice for Men
  • links to Canadian Association for Equality (an MRA group in Canada)
  • Youtube videos by Karen Straughan, who refuses to thank the Suffragettes for getting the right to vote
  • Psychology Today; any and all brain studies or evo psych crap that says women and men’s brains are critically different when they’re not.
  • domestic violence research by Don Dutton
  • Orwell quotes
  • books by Ernest Belford Bax, a dead misogynist (thank u!)
  • studies that claim false rape claims are everywhere
  • some shit about women abusing little boys
  • Erin Pizzey, a former feminist who lies about her dog being shot by feminists

The only other tactic MRA’s have is to use CAPSLOCK and start calling you a feminazi, whore, and cunt. A lot of their whining is of the TLDR type where they rarely use paragraph breaks and expect you to read his  ‘Asshole MANifesto’

What To Do If MRA Continues to Stalk and Harass You Online

As I said above, your first recourse, and the best one, is to call your local police. Explain to them you are being stalked by a man involved in a hate group. The Manosphere and MRA’s have been designated as ‘misogynist hate sites’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the USA. The SPLC tracks hate groups such as the KKK, and neo nazis. Guess what? They also track the Men’s rights movement.

I’ve had to call my local police, the FBI and CSIS. They are usually quite helpful.

Start a document in a word processor and search google for the screenname of the man harassing you. Chances are he’s been on several MRA websites making comments. Screencap where he harasses others or uses sexual threats. Get links to his videos if he has them. Chances are he’s been doing this for a while. Paste what you find into the document so you can give it to the authorities.

Giving this research this to the local police is imperative. Here is a list of links you can give to the officer when she arrives to show you’re not just some nutter wasting time:

Misogyny: The Sites | Southern Poverty Law Center

Men’s Rights Movement Spreads False Claims about Women

Intelligence Report Article Provokes Fury Among Men’s …

The next thing you can do is report it to the FBI.

FBI — Report Threats and Crime

If you’re Canadian you can contact CSIS; You usually have to snail mail them.

CSIS Contact Page

It’s highly recommended to never use your real name online. I know this poses complications for Facebook users but I still think it’s best to use a pseudonym. MRA’s are on Facebook and they do use it to gather personal information on women. I once saw English speaking MRA’s try to find a Quebec woman based on the French slogan she had on her t shirt. You have to understand these men have nothing better to do with their time than to go after you. This is their entire life. 

For Feminist Protesters

If you’re a feminist protester you will want to wear a mask of some sort to cover your face whether it’s your event or an MRA event. Don’t wear clothing with local markers on it. MRA’s are well known for video taping women at Slutwalks or other events where women gather in order to dox you.

Just last month an MRA came to Canada to give a talk and he sent his MRA followers into the streets to ‘gather intel.’  These men doxxed several women and harassed them and their families for weeks. MRA’s videotape female protesters all the time and then search for their dox.

For Women on Campus

MRA’s common target is women on campus, whether student or staff. The goal of the Manosphere is to get their hate groups on college campuses because they think radical feminists are literally running entire countries from Universities. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a radical feminist or not. That’s what you’ll be called and hey, it’s actually a compliment.

There are MRA students who may or may not be part of a ‘men’s group’ who will start postering your campus with propaganda. He’ll also try to monitor women’s studies classes. You’ll know if you have an MRA in class with you. He’ll engage the strategies and tactics above like clockwork. He might also start frivolous legal complaints with the Uni. If you happen to be the woman he targets, you’ll have to get the University involved quickly and tell them about the SPLC and the fact that men’s groups are misogynist hate groups. They might not listen. In fact, in my view, Universities are the weakest link in the chain. If you have access to a lawyer, get one.

This is where it gets tricky.

He’ll whine about free speech. It must be remembered that he’s not doing this in good faith. He’s there to spread a message of hatred and misogyny. His actions will be erratic. One MRA Sage Gerard snuck into the women’s bathroom on a US campus to put up A Voice for Men propaganda. His behaviour on campus is the issue. Remember that. It’s not about free speech. It’s about his behaviour and the misogyny he spews.

He’ll videotape your classrooms, students, and upload them to Youtube where him and other MRA’s will mock them and trade the personal information of female students. If you confront him he’ll lie and tell you he’s an ‘egalitarian’ who has no ties to A Voice for Men. This is the current situation with the Canadian Association for Equality. They put on a good face while they undermine women at every turn.

These lists above are by no means complete but they will help you get familiar.  In fact, I will add to it if anyone comments below with more information.

Even though I spend a ton of time in the Manosphere, keeping that much memory reserved for them is difficult. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve spent so much time researching them that I can smell them a mile away.

Please consider donating to me. This is my full time activity, well, not all of it. Much of it I don’t talk about since I can’t put that kind of stuff online or else I’d get attacked. Scroll up to the top under my and Boogie’s picture and find the donate button.

For further perusal:

Here’s a real life example of an MRA going to Slutwalk and using bad faith questions in order to mansplain to women his absurd positions and cherry picked ‘data.’

Here’s a video of Dan Perrins, a Canadian MRA from Hamilton, Ontario. Dan loves to approach women in public, get pushy, and then claim they’re harassing him. Dan is also responsible for telling Jeff Sharlet of GQ magazine that he ‘should’ve killed the bitch (his ex).’

Dan has a criminal record and he’s also called the police on me for using the internet, even though he’s been blocked across all my social media platforms for a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan has several police reports on him by women he’s stalked and harassed while doing ‘activism’ for Paul Elam.

Dan likes to call abuse hotlines for women and do the MRA bobbly head routine. Dan is very aggressive and unstable.

The Terrorism of the Manosphere

As a long time purveyor, exposer, and writer about the Manosphere I have to confess that it hurts me to do this work. Scouring the misogynist hate sites that make up the Manosphere in search of the latest plots to target women is psychologically and physically traumatic. I do it because some day, somewhere, a woman will need to know and she will want to fight back. The men in the Manosphere also scour the internet for women they can harm and it’s like trying to stay one step ahead of them at all times. The Manosphere makes no distinction between online and offline. If they can target a woman and get to her, it doesn’t make much difference to them how they do it.

There are times when I must take a break, times when I’m completely numb. My ‘break’ consists of a few days of wandering aimlessly around my apartment, looking for something to re-anchor me to humanity. I clean the sink, rearrange things, and mop the floor mindlessly at times wondering when I’ll feel grounded again. I play with my pet mice, wanting a hit of innocent joy.

When I go outside and see men in the street I ask myself ‘is he an MRA?’ and I wonder if I could tell the difference between a man who inhabits the Manosphere and one who doesn’t. But who am I kidding? From birth women are taught about men’s violence and how we must ‘there there’ them and never tell them ‘no.’ Women don’t have the luxury or the time to differentiate between who is and who isn’t an MRA and I admit it’s a bit futile since male violence knows no bounds.

Just look at what happened in Montreal after Roosh supposedly ‘spoke’ there. A woman was harassed in a bar. She told him to stop and he choked her. The media picked up on it and we got to hear her story, her terror. We also got to hear the female interviewer subtlety blaming her for saving herself. She knocked a pint glass over his head to save her life, a no-no. Women aren’t supposed to fight back. We’re supposed to smile, act nice, and die. Just imagine how many young women listened to that interview? We got the message loud and clear: don’t make waves.

The message is: telling men ‘no’ can end in violence against us, or worse, death. We know this before we’ve ever had a sexual relationship with a man. We remember the first catcall from an old man. We remember the first man that stalks us down the street yelling sexual slurs at us. We know what we are to men: ‘bitch, cunt, slut, whore, slag.’

We understand that men are only interested in one thing and that we are very unlucky to be born female. We become prey and we are hunted and that’s what Roosh and his cronies do: hunt us.

In my view the Manosphere is honest. They tell us ‘we hate you because you’re a woman.’ They tell us emphatically that this hatred is all part of being a man. If we mention toxic masculinity, these same men get enraged, never having the psychological skills to take a good internal look. The problem they say, is women, not their view of us.

This type of feminist work isn’t for everyone and I think any woman that has to wade into the cesspool that is the Manosphere will find herself coming closer to embracing the fact that men hate us and it will sting and burn. She’s heard about Andrea Dworkin from men who call her a ‘manhater.’ Now she’s being called a ‘manhater.’ She’s read the comment sections on feminist articles and heard about the SCUM manifesto and asks herself if she’s a misandrist.

She doesn’t hate men, she just wants them to respect her as a human being. She can’t understand what she’s done to deserve to be targeted for such violence. The fact is, she’s done absolutely nothing but exist as a female in this world who doesn’t want to be violated. The women who protested Roosh were simply saying ‘no’ to a man who teaches other men to hurt women, tells them that women are ‘bitch, cunt, whore, slag.’

Writers like me take some solace in the fact that there are other people out there exposing the Manosphere. Knowing the burden doesn’t fall completely on my shoulders is a relief. I remember one time talking to David Futrelle and telling him through email that I had no interest in PUA, that I was solely interested in A Voice for Men. I basically said to him ‘I’ll leave it to you to cover the pick up artists.’ I said this because I had my hands full with just one site because being a woman who covers the Manosphere, I believe, is different and much more difficult.

Canadian Consciousness

A few Canadian women learned that Roosh was in our country to give his ‘talks.’ Due to the mass media exposure of Roosh’s visit those of us that do write about the Manosphere were finally being sought out by people who don’t normally view our content. I hope we were able to show them what the Manosphere is and why it’s such a threat to women’s safety.

It’s not just Roosh’s visit that’s the problem. It’s the way the entire Manosphere targets and harms women using their network. For those of you who think there’s a fundamental difference between factions of the Manosphere, you’re wrong. As soon as a woman is targeted by one faction the rest close ranks.

Roosh advised his network ‘on the ground’ to seek out female protestors, to gather information on them, to get images of them, to dox them, and then allow any man in the Manosphere to take a shot at them. Canadian MRA’s now had an order and they were all too willing to carry it out on the ground while others sat behind their computer screens sending threats to these women.

The Manosphere terrorizes women. That’s their goal. It’s always been their goal. The largest manosphere site’s slogan is ‘Fuck Their Shit Up.’ As soon as Roosh got a video image of a woman, the Manosphere went into full tilt, trying to find the smallest hint on her clothing to identify her. They translated the French on her tshirt. Yes, they actually took the time to type into a translator the writing on her shirt and searched for what it could possibly mean. They found out it was the name of a Montreal roller derby club. Roosh publicly told his followers and off they all went, scouring the internet for hours trying to get this woman’s dox. This isn’t a one-off. This is the Manosphere’s particular tried and tested formula and they’ve been doing it for years.

My blog is almost 2 years old and I have a long list of women who’ve been targeted and harmed by the men of the Manosphere. Remember Danielle D’Entremont, the Queen’s U student who was physically assaulted after she voted ‘no’ on a referendum to start an MRA group on campus? Remember Adele Mercier, [1] the Queen’s prof who had to endure MRA’s postering her neighbourhood with her image calling her a rape apologist and even going to her superiors in the Uni to try and get her fired? Remember Stacy Keltner, [1] another Uni prof being terrorized by Sage Gerard, a student at her Uni that used his MRA group to photograph her and dox her?

I read the petition to keep Roosh out of Canada. While I think the authoresses did a good job outlining why he shouldn’t be allowed I felt it was missing this crucial point. It’s not what Roosh ‘might’ do while in Canada or what he ‘might’ say to a group of men but what they actually do, and that is, terrorize women. The pattern is well established. The evidence is clear and accessible.

I hope that the women working on keeping him out of Canada for next time take this to heart and consider this. Roosh has left a large wake of damage and it will continue. His followers are still searching, stalking, and gathering information from images of women. They are finding women’s social media accounts, noting family members, organizations, and workplaces. They are keeping files on women just like they did with the Agent Orange files and register-her.

I don’t know why Roosh was allowed entry but I have a feeling it was due to lack of clear evidence of harm. While I agree that what he says is hate speech, saying he might break the law isn’t good enough. Also, we know as women that men are given priority and privilege to harm us. We must be extra vigilant.

Lastly, I want to offer my help to the women that are trying to keep him out. You can click on the archives in the side bar to assist in your research of all the Canadian women the Manosphere has targeted and terrorized. You can also contact me by email.

Recent Developments:

Paul Elam’s hometown has nominated him for the creepy-ass-male award. The Houston Chronicle put him at #10 on a list of assholes in their community. Check out the donotlink here.

Did Roosh Fake His ‘Victory’ Photo? UPDATED: Still No Proof, Just Whining


Roosh might be planning a lolsuit and I’m betting he’ll start a fundraiser in a few days. He has to find ways of parting men from their money somehow. This seems like a good bet. What Roosh doesn’t understand is he has no case. Plus, even if he did, it would take years and years to accomplish this.

Now he’s making an antisemitic attack on a Jewish woman who protested him saying she has ‘Jewish Privilege.’ Now his Manosphere followers are going to endlessly harass her.

Roosh followers privileged jewish bitch tweet

He’s trying to incite racial hatred against her claiming her Jewish ancestry and highlighting his Islamic ancestry while then claiming there must be some Jews in his family tree, yeah right dude. He still hasn’t figured out that nobody cares what religion he is, but he certainly cares about the religions of the females he targets. He plays up the ‘jews own everything’ stereotype in his latest blog piece. It’s truly horrible.

Roosh V is celebrating a ‘victory’ but it’s far from a victory. The photo he released, a 600 X 400 .jpg image of him at the event was supposed to confirm that he spoke in Toronto on Aug 15th. He’s supposedly holding an Aug 15th copy of the local paper to prove it. I suspect the photo is fake.

Original Photo as posted by Roosh V on Twitter.

Picture quality is horrible in the ‘speech’ photo. In an earlier picture Roosh posted on twitter you can see the picture quality is MUCH better and he’s sitting around a table with a couple guys. Both were uploaded by him so how can one photo be so clear and the other looks like it’s been taken through a potato?

Earlier photo uploaded by Roosh, much clearer.

The next thing I noticed was the whiteboard in the background was just too white, I opened the photo in PS CS3 and picked the color up from the center of the whiteboard on the original. It was complete white in the center but the edges weren’t pure white. So I opted to change all the white pixels to black and it showed that the photo was indeed photoshopped. Someone blocked out what was on the whiteboard digitally.

roosh photo whiteboard digitally erasedNow that’s suspicious. Why do you need to hide what’s on the white board?

Why are none of the men looking at Roosh? He’s supposedly the star, the hero, the dude who won some historic battle against Canadians. He’s been whining online for days that he’s fighting a battle. Not a single guy is looking at him.

Next is the fact that if you look next to Roosh’s right leg to the metal chair top behind him, It’s perfectly in focus yet Roosh himself is totally blurry. Why?

The body sizes look off too. Roosh looks like he’s too big and too tall.

Roosh looks like he has red eye but there is no discernible flash area and the shiny metal chair backs aren’t lit up either.

I also put the photo through a program online called FotoForensics. It shows a clear outline around the top half of Roosh’s body.

Roosh claimed 50 idiots from Canada came to hear him. Not one other guy posted a photo, not a single one with an internal date and time. If he really wanted to prove he had a seminar, that would be my first action. I would be plastering the internets with photos from various men showing the date and time. None have been posted. Just this one really suspicious photo.

I think Roosh just hung out with a couple friends. I don’t think he had any events and no battle was won. I think Canada shut him down.


Roosh has taken to Twitter, not to prove this photo isn’t fake but to whine about my post. It’s obvious he also can’t argue. I never said he wasn’t in Canada. I said the photo was photoshopped and wasn’t proof of anything.

Roosh tweeted that he had to take 11 steps to do his ‘talk.’ One of the steps was no cellphones on. How can you take any photographs on your phone if you’re not allowed to use them? It’s just another reason why I think the photo he released is fake.

Now he’s tweeted some pictures but none of them prove he was giving his ‘speech’ in Mississauga nor on Aug 15th. The pictures are almost thumbnails so there’s no way you can see any detail. I’m still convinced he didn’t speak when he said he was going to and that those might be other photos from somewhere else.

If you don’t think Roosh is dangerous, listen to this woman in Montreal who was assaulted by a PUA when she said ‘no’ to his harassment. She threw a drink on him when he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and then he strangled her. To save her life she smashed a pint glass over his head to survive.

▶ CBC Interview – AUG13 2015 – HomeRun Show – 5:40 p.m. by ilovesecretagents

Canadian Association For Equality and Men’s Rights Edmonton Threaten Women, Then Dox Them

Canadian Association for Equality is a men’s rights group bent on harming women. They try very hard to disassociate themselves from other men’s rights groups but they are all the same.

On June 9, 2015 Eric Duckman aka Nick Reading of Men’s Rights Edmonton uploaded a video titled ‘Let’s Identify Some Asshats’. The video was live footage from CAFE’s inaugural event in Ottawa. There were several female protesters at the event that were filmed. The Men’s Rights Edmonton video asked other MRA’s to find the personal information of the women.

Eric Duckman's video

Eric Duckman’s video

He then uploaded another video called ‘I Still Want Names’ to reiterate his point. He was upset that A Voice for Men didn’t link directly to his video on their site when they initially had posted it. He said the intention of doxxing is to ‘punish’ these women for protesting.

I still Want names mens rights edmonton

True to form, MRA’s went to work digging up information on the women to harass them. The names of two of the women were dropped in the comment section of this video along with links to their Facebook profiles. One girl was said to be 15 years old. Another woman they doxxed was so badly harassed she had to take her Facebook page down. CAFE and Men’s rights Edmonton take this as a victory. They successfully harassed another woman to the point she has to go into hiding.

We know it won’t stop there.

CAFE will likely play this off as ‘extremist MRA’s’ who they’re not associated with but it’s pretty hard to do this when you get money from A Voice for Men’s coffers directly from Paul Elam and all your members are associated with one another. Plus, it’s CAFE’s video footage shot at their event. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Doxxing photo w redacted names

Doxxing the two women on Youtube with links to their facebook accounts.

If you want to keep up with Roosh V’s doc dropping, online and offline harassment, and other sordid crap please go here.

Paul Elam’s Nonviolence Turns Violent After Roosh’s Canadian Experience UPDATES LIVE

As an example of how the entire Manosphere closes ranks, Elam took to Twitter to threaten to shoot someone over Roosh V.

Paul Elam incites his male audience to do violence against women.

In a bizarre rant sticking up for Roosh, the dude who advocates for rape to be legal on private property, Elam has told women that he will kill them in an article called ‘Don’t mistake my nonviolence for pacifism.’

Roosh is currently in Canada spreading his hatred of women while lots of women are protesting and have petitioned to keep Roosh from crossing the border. The petition sparked Roosh to make a plan to harm these women, target them online, and dox them. This is a typical strategy MRA’s use. One MRA will post that he wants the dox of female protestors and the information gathered is then disseminated to the audience so that each man can take his violence out on her online and offline.

There’s a reason why it’s called the Manosphere. There is no distinction among the various groups. Each group (PUA, MRA, MGTOW) all have different strategies to harm women but they’re all hateful misogynists and they close ranks whenever one is being protested.

Elam has taken this opportunity of Roosh being protested to tell women that he will kill us and what they’ll use to do it.  He uses a very sarcastic tweet he found on Twitter as his ‘justification.’ Someone joked on Twitter that beer was flammable and that Roosh had a drink thrown on him for grabbing a woman by the waist and dragging her into a bar.

It’s pretty obvious that this was a joke and nobody would actually think someone would catch on fire if someone threw a smoke at him. Well, MRA’s clearly don’t understand that it’s 1) a very sarcastic joke that 2) is very unlikely to ever manifest.

‘In the case of Roosh, a feminist threw a drink on him. Another feminist on Twitter suggested that people should pay attention to the fact that alcohol is combustible. It was retweeted and favorited several times.’~Paul Elam

The woman who threw the drink on him who might not even be a feminist wrote about the experience:

It was videotaped too! Watch Roosh the rapist get what he deserves for grabbing a woman by the waist and dragging her into a bar.

And then a different woman on Twitter joked that the beer might be flammable and told people to throw things at Roosh. It was quite clearly a joke and over the top as she followed up with this tweet:

This sent Elam into a rage. While he said violence should be proportional, his pretzel logic kicked in.

‘The problem in this scenario is that the decision on proportion is not quite that simple.’~Paul Elam

It’s not so simple because Elam really does want to enact violence on women and he certainly wants his male audience to do it too.

‘Here’s the deal. Given the current climate it becomes rationally questionable whether a feminist throwing a flammable liquid on me intends to ignite it. My personal option at this point would be to assume they would. Thus I would make my response proportional to someone trying to incinerate me. That means they would have to go down and at the very least be completely incapacitated, by any means necessary.‘~Paul Elam

Taking into consideration that the tweet never directly threatened Roosh nor do women routinely go around lighting men on fire nor do people catch fire from this sort of thing, it seems Elam is just using this event as a plank from which to declare open season on women to his audience. He even commented, along with his male audience, about which gun they would use to kill women. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Paul Elam on the guns they'd use to kill women

He advocates that his male audience shouldn’t take risks and should do violence first, because we all know how likely it is that some random woman will incinerate a man after tweeting several sarcastic over-the-top scenarios.

‘I don’t suggest anyone roll the dice on these insane ideologues.’~Paul Elam

In the end Elam suggests he’s not really as non-violent as he says he is:

‘I think feminists of all kinds should be aware that belonging to a nonviolent movement does not mean you are a pacifist.

As an MHRA I am willing to die for my beliefs. I only think it prudent to caution that I am equally willing to kill to protect myself.

UPDATE Aug 10,2015 Roosh and Manosphere searching for dox on female protestors.

Roosh and the rest of the Manosphere is trying to find the personal dox of women they recorded at a protest. Roosh uploaded a video to Youtube where he’s searching, along with all the other violent men in the Manosphere for her dox.

These violent men will go to any lengths to find these women. Roosh left a comment on the video telling other men to look at her T shirt, which had a french word on it they went to the trouble of translating that represented a roller derby team. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh searching for doxRoosh Drops Dox of Woman

Roosh is now dropping the docs of a woman he thinks threw a drink on him and the Manosphere is right there to violate her through social media. The violent men in the Manosphere have declared a victory saying she’s deleting her online presence. Roosh apparently pressed charges against her but he shows what a violent male he is by dropping her dox, knowing that a lot of other violent men in the Manosphere will take their turn threatening her.

Many men on his site have talked about beating her and one wants to violently rape her in public. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh member wants to rape woman who threw drinkThis is why Roosh should never have been allowed to cross the border in the first place.

Roosh’s Butthurt Brigade Attacking Cafe in Montreal

Roosh is butthurt that someone in a cafe in Montreal publicized his location on their Instagram. He still doesn’t get it. Nobody wants him in Canada. Here’s the donotlink of his whining. He’s instructed his minions to go to the cafe’s business page on Yelp and rate it down and make negative comments.

The cafe is aware their Yelp is being brigaded by mantrolls and are doing what they can to lock the page down. Now the misters have decided they’ll give the cafe 5 stars with a shitty text review so the cafe won’t pick up on it. Could someone please tell the Cafe what these idiot males are doing? Thanks.

Toronto Doesn’t Like Creepy Misogynists Who Spread Hate Speech

Roosh’s last stop on his Canadian Tour is Toronto and several politicans want him gone. John Tory and Norm Kelly have spoken out on Twitter to tell the hosts of Roosh’s ‘seminars’ to cancel on him.

Mississauga Mayor Says Roosh is a Disgusting Misogynist

Mayor Bonnie Crombie doesn’t want Roosh in Mississauga, where he’s planning to have his ‘seminar.’ Mississauga mayor says controversial U.S. blogger, ‘Roosh V’ not welcome

In response to 40,000 Canadians not wanting him in our country, Roosh the ‘alpha male’ sure is whining about how he’s been assaulted and misrepresented in the press. It sorta goes against his facade that he’s a tough guy. Most tough guys I know can handle a rejection that involves a beer shower. Not the super alpha male Roosh. He’s convinced he’s the poor victim in all this and has written about it as if it’s some World War II battle.

Many legal experts have viewed Roosh’s ideas and have said that some of them are indeed hate speech but the border hasn’t done anything as of yet.

Women Fight Back

Women who are being targeted by Roosh during his ‘Operation Fornication’ are fighting back. The online harassment has gotten very severe and women are filing police reports. One woman who is going by ‘Vanessa’ said she won’t wait for something to happen to her.

As time passes and more women are targeted, I expect there will be more filing.

It’s gotten to the point that Roosh has had to post a bulletin on his forum telling the violent males to stay calm and not write anything violent. It’s a bit late for that. Roosh sees this as some epic battle, which it’s not. It’s just a bunch of violent males taking their rage out on women they target. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh forum warning

Roosh in Toronto

MPP Cheri DiNovo organized a protest on Saturday in a Toronto park to address issues around rape culture since Roosh promotes rape of women. It’s great that there are politicians involved. This way it will be easier to get the border police to listen.

However, the Manosphere has researched her past and found out she publicly spoke about being raped. The Manosphere went to work discrediting her and harassing her. They’re digging up her past and she’s being targeted.

Roosh’s minions were out videotaping the women for future harassment.

Meanwhile Roosh has instructed the Manosphere to video tape the women at the protest so he can identify them and target them for rape and death threats. He’s also accusing protesters of wanting to swat him and his little group of manbabies. There is no evidence of anyone swatting him since he does represent a legitimate threat to women’s safety as he’s shown in the past week with his doxxing. It’s a typical Manosphere tactic to turn it around and blame the protesters, video tape them, dox them, and then further harass them. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh instructs video taping of women Toronto

Roosh is a Rapist

Look at the pics in this tweet. Those are his own words and what he’s describing is rape.



Collection of Mainstream Articles in Canada on this issue:

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MPP Cheri DiNovo petitions for Roosh V ban |


No-Platforming of Meghan Murphy by Fascists

Counter Petition HERE. PLEASE SIGN!

Today I woke up to find a bunch of neoliberal asshats started a petition to get Meghan Murphy removed from Rabble, where she is an editor. This is just another example of the twanz and pro-exploitation lobby attempting to no-platform and unemploy a radical feminist.

Here’s their ‘argument’ with my responses

Open Letter to the Editors of,

We are feminists, grassroots community groups and organizations that support intersectional feminism. We are concerned about your ongoing relationship with Meghan Murphy as one of your editors. Murphy has been publishing material that dehumanizes and disrespects women with different experiences and perspectives than hers for many years, in particular Black women, women in the sex industry and trans women. By allowing Murphy to continue as an editor at you are giving a platform to her hate and we are writing to demand that you end your association with her as editor and columnist.

In other words, you speak for all women ever. Murphy’s readership can’t be as dynamic as we are cuz we’re EVERYONE!.

Let’s see what they define as ‘hate.’

Recently, Murphy published a piece about Laverne Cox’s decision to pose nude for a US women’s magazine. In her piece, Murphy attacks for Cox for attempting to achieve a “‘perfect’ body as defined by a patriarchal/porn culture, through plastic surgery, and then presenting it as a sexualized object for public consumption” and later mocks her and other trans women for  “spending thousands and thousands of dollars sculpting their bodies in order to look like some cartoonish version of ‘woman,’ as defined by the porn industry and pop culture.”   

She didn’t mock anyone. She made a standard, run-of-the-mill 40 year old analysis of posing nude in front of a camera. Knowing that Cox is male isn’t hate. It’s a fact. Porn culture is a well established fact.

Laverne Cox is not a cartoonish version of a woman. She is a woman, a Black trans woman who is changing history by defining her own beauty and loveability in the public sphere.

It’s your opinion he’s a ‘she.’ People are allowed to disagree, especially when biology is like, a fact and people can’t change their sex. ‘Beauty’ and ‘loveablility’? WTF?  You think that’s an argument?

For years, Murphy’s racism and attacks on women who trade/sell sex or are trans have been tolerated or supported and published by Rabble, including this article where she pits Black women against each other, calling another Black trans woman (Janet Mock) “selfish” for using glamour to feel powerful–and again maligning a Black trans woman’s decisions about her body.

Murphy is entitled to disagree with the sex industry. Also, show me proof she’s pitting black women against each other? Once again you’re speaking for all black women. You’re the fucking idiots speaking for all women here, not her. Radical feminists don’t support the beauty industry. Am I a foodphobe if I’m critical of the fast food industry? Morons!

Her anti-black racism extends to men as well as in this tweet where she calls for the death of Chris Brown

Context people. It’s pretty nervy to suggest she’s a racist when she was talking about domestic violence. Kill all wife/girlfriend batterers is what I say. Also, if she was such a racist she wouldn’t love bell hooks. Next you idiots will go after hooks since she probably disagrees with you too. Feminists disagree, DEAL WITH IT.

She is famously antagonistic toward sex workers and has a long track record of using degrading, dehumanizing language such as “prostituted women”, being ageist and factually incorrect by suggesting older women cannot be active sex workers, mocking and misrepresenting sex work activists and employing racist terminology such as “illegal immigrants”. We were shocked when on the pages of, she blamed Cindy Gladue’s murder on pornography, co-opting the deaths of Indigenous women in the sex trade to denounce our calls for rights and respect.

I’m antagonistic towards an industry that harms women. Sorry dudes but ‘prostituted woman’ is how many survivors of the sex industry describe themselves. Once again, you’re claiming to speak for every single woman. Illegal immigrant is hardly racist. It’s the standard terminology every damn government, including the UN, uses.

Ah, yeah, Cindy Gladue, whose vagina was brought to court in a bag. Meghan is allowed to have an opinion on what caused her death. Deal with it. Co-opting my arse.

This is not a question of free speech, it is a question of offering active support to bigots. For example, Rabble would not employ right wing christian fundamentalists for their opinions as their stance clearly undermines the dignity and humanity of communities they are not a part of. The same is the case for Murphy. She is a white, cis, non sex working person who writes with contempt about communities that she is not a member of. It is unjust of Rabble to financially support her bigotry. Rabble is stronger and more relevant when it publishes the voices of those who are directly impacted by the issues they cover. Doing otherwise has made Rabble unsafe for many members of marginalized populations who write from a place of personal experience.

Oh yes it is. It’s another attempt to no-platform a woman you don’t like and don’t want to hear. I have an option for you. If you don’t like her opinion, don’t read it. The fact you’re attempting to speak for everyone and silence her is fucking fascist. You don’t have to be a member of the fast food industry to critique it. You don’t have to be a member of the Green party to have an opinion on it. You fucking fools.

Rabble is not unsafe. If you don’t like her opinion don’t read it. You haven’t quoted her or given any examples of bigotry and hatred. You’ve used silly words like ‘loveable’ and ‘beauty’ as if those subjective terms mean something definitive.

Other feminists and womanists have taken notice.

Yeah, well I’m a radical feminist and I take notice of this lame attempt to silence a woman because you don’t like her opinions.

We support working with people to transform their politics toward more equity and accountability. Despite endless attempts, Murphy has remained unwilling to evaluate her racism, transmisogyny and whorephobia. We’ve chosen to use an open letter as a medium, only after all other avenues toward accountability have been explored and have failed.

We demand everyone think like us. Fascists.

Whorephobia? WTF is that? Another meaningless neoliberal term along with ‘transmisogyny.’ Totally FUCKING MEANINGLESS. Accountability? You mean like burning the witch in the square you fascist pigs?

We demand a discerning voice of equality and equity that respects and values all women including trans women, women of colour and women in the sex industry. Displays of racism, whorephobia and transmisogyny have no place in a progressive publication like Rabble. It is time for Rabble to take responsibility and cease offering a platform for hate in the form of zealous bigotry from Meghan Murphy and others like her.

Well I demand to hear her opinion. Not everyone is going to agree with you. Deal with it. You’ve not proven a single accusation against her. You’ve not quoted her or made any legitimate case.
-on behalf of


Maggie’s – Toronto Sex Workers Action Project

Black Lives Matter – Toronto

No More Silence

TransPride Toronto

Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform

Southwest Ontario Sex Workers

Stella, L’Amie de Maimie

PACE Society

Sex Professionals of Canada

Winnipeg Working Group for Sex Workers’ Rights

PIECE Edmonton

Butterfly (Migrant and Asian Sex Workers)

Toronto Migrant Sex Worker Project

ASTT(e)Q : Action Santé Travesti(e)s et Transsexuel(le)s du Québec

Shameless Magazine

Fuck you people. You’re not everyone. No more money to any of these fascist assholes.

It’s All Canada’s Fault

The fact that the Honey Badgers were messed with in the Great White North is quite meaningful to men’s rightsers. Paul Elam calls Canada a ‘Cuntry’, the worst cuntry for men ever. Erin Pizzey, the fraudster who now owns the fake White Ribbon site agrees. In fact, it might’ve been her that started this.

MRA’s all over the world are calling for Canada’s head on a platter. One of them suggested the Charter of Rights was violated. It’s apparent that Canada must go.

Tonight the Honey Badgers held yet another 2 hour Google hangout where each of them took their turn crying into the camera.

Some of the comments put the blame fairly and squarely where it belongs:

canada full of lying feministsCanada a feminist breeding groung Canada is th next sweden its the battlefrontKaren Straugn is also tired of living in Canada’s police state:

Who knew the maple leaf was a symbol of man oppression?

Zuratama1324  left a comment on Mundanematt’s video describing the real reason for such misandry in Canada:

Canadians are looking as bad as Sanfrancisco twats. This is what forced morality education leads to, you idiots. [Warning: Long Rant] As a foreigner who have lived in Canada for some time, what subtly unsettled me about Canadians were that they were forcibly nice. Being nice is good and all but nothing really felt genuine. They were wonky as if they were programmed to be nice rather than actually acting nice because they wanted to accomodate my presence. Forced morality education; children are taught to be moral by the state’s definition of moral… rather than instilling moral values and teaching children why they should be moral. Let me give you an example. I have communed to a Canadian elementary school and have seen walls after walls plastered with pro-homosexual posters. Things like “Love is love, no matter the gender.” Neat, huh? But strangely, there was nothing else. Every poster was about how great homosexality was. There was not a single poster giving a different message. It seemed like all students were instructed and mandated to put in the same message. If not, there would have been at least one poster being neutral or talking about some other issue. At the time, I was oblivious to sex and didn’t know what a homosexual was. So I asked one of the older students who drew the poster. “What is homosexuality and why is it so good?”But none of them gave me a decisive answer. In fact, some of them didn’t even know what homosexuality was. They just thought that it was “something good”. They repeatedly mumbled the words “love is nice” a few times and went silent. *These Canadian students were not given autonomous moral compasses and values to make moral judgments for themselves. They were just told to be nice, like a robot being programmed to show emotions.* It may look convincing, but behind that face, only cold datas and programs lie inside. This is why these people chase what is perceived to be nice rather than actually being nice. This is why these social justice twats arbitrarily do what makes them fuzzy inside rather than assessing the situation skeptically. They do not have moral values or principles. They just have empty hearts, colored red with cheap non-toxic-Schoolastic markers. And I find this style of education worthless and possibly dangerous.