Mancheeze Takes On Game of Thrones

The leading women of Game of Thrones

(Left to Right: Sansa Stark, Margaery Tyrell, Daenerys Targaryen, Brienne of Tarth, Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister)

The Autumn, my favourite season, will be here before long and this Autumn I am taking on Game of Thrones. It’ll be the Radfem Edition of Game of Thrones! I’ve read the books and faithfully watched HBO’s interpretation of George RR Martin’s story ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ We’re still waiting for Martin to finish the books as HBO is currently working on Season 7 to be aired in June 2017.

I will host this series on Youtube. Here’s my channel so you can subscribe and not miss an episode. Since there are 60 episodes so far there will be 60 videos.

Game of Thrones is set in a typical Patriarchy, with male rulers at the top and women at the bottom. Martin has put female characters front and center in leadership roles but the entire story revolves around a man.

Jon Snow as King of Westeros aka ‘How Men Think the Story Will Definitely End.’ Complete with penis sword and a wolf

Jon Snow is the typical masculine hero trope (with phallic sword) and it’s sort of a rags-to-riches, bastard-to-noble type story. However, there’s also his female opposite, Daenerys Targaryen, who is born of nobility but was denied her birthright and spends the show trying to become Queen of Westeros. Of course, in a patriarchy, women are seen as objects to be possessed through marriage even if they are of noble birth and Daenerys is currently imposing this condition of marriage slavery on herself. If she wants to rule Westeros she has to marry a powerful man. Women truly don’t get a break, even if they’re noble, powerful, possess dragons, armies, and top aides.

Game of Thrones is a typical white male fantasy story even though there are a few noble women who take leading roles. Most of the women are cast as prostituted women, complete with male abuse thrown at them from every direction. Men get to sword fight as equals but women get subjugated not only by the noble Kings but by all males in society. Women are property of all men in a patriarchy.

Game of Thrones shows grown men sexualizing a female child, more than once. This is crucial and I’ll be breaking those scenes down very critically in the videos. When I first saw those scenes I got extremely angry because even though Game of Thrones is a fantasy story, it’s a human story and only men are human in a patriarchy.

I’ve said previously that HBO pornified Game of Thrones. Gail Dines has talked a lot about how mainstream television is like watching softcore pornography. This is so true of Game of Thrones.

It’s with great pleasure I do this video series. I hope you’ll join me on Youtube. The first video will come out some time in the Fall, most likely September.


My Canuck Sisters, Say Goodbye

Today, PM Justin Trudeau announced Bill C16. 

Men who wear dresses and raise their pinky finger while drinking a Starbucks will be considered a protected class. This means if they want in on women’s spaces, nobody will be able to deny them access.

The interesting thing about the bill is the definition of gender and gender identity. The circularity is dumbfounding. The Justice Department explains:

Gender identity is each person’s internal and individual experience of gender. It is their sense of being a woman, a man, both, neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum. A person’s gender identity may be the same as or different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth. For some persons, their gender identity is different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth; this is often described as transgender or simply trans. Gender identity is fundamentally different from a person’s sexual orientation.

Gender expression is how a person publicly presents their gender. This can include behaviour and outward appearance such as dress, hair, make-up, body language and voice. A person’s chosen name and pronoun are also common ways of expressing gender.

There are a variety of individual experiences of gender and of gender expression. The terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” include a wide range of gender diversity.

Internal experiences and sensations are not material realities and cannot be legislated. Gender resides in your psychology. It’s interesting they use the term ‘sense.’ We can’t legislate senses because they are highly inaccurate. Also if ‘there are a variety’ of individual experiences of gender, which ones matter?

Moving onto ‘Gender expression’ we see the words ‘behaviour’ and ‘appearance.’ A person’s behaviour and appearance aren’t connected to a person’s sex.  Sex is independent of gender. You cannot change your clothes in order to change your sex. You are born a sex that is clearly defined and immutable.

Gender is independent of sex. Gender is an invented concept of patriarchy. It’s a hierarchy with ‘femininity’ at the bottom and ‘masculinity’ on top. Gender behaviours and appearances are learned, and it means they can be unlearned. A female infant is not born with a predilection to play with dolls or wear pink. She is taught that this is her ROLE. I know I’m preaching to the choir here but this is mainly for people who don’t understand the differences.

Feminism rejects gender because it teaches females behaviours and attitudes that are detrimental to our freedoms as human beings.

Transactivists are enforcing gender stereotypes ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity.’ They’re saying if a boy plays with dolls, flicks his long hair, and claims he’s a girl, he really is a girl.

Let’s make a list of feminine stereotypes based on ‘behaviour’ and ‘appearance.’ Feel free to add your own in the comment section.

  • flicking hair
  • wearing eyeliner
  • wearing a dress or skirt
  • swinging hips
  • playing with dolls
  • long painted fingernails/toenails
  • long hair
  • high heels
  • scared of insects and snakes
  • quiet and sensitive
  • emotional
  • submissive

I could go on and on with ‘feminine’ stereotypes but this is not what makes a woman. A woman is an adult human female. If a male does any of the above and claims to be female, Canada will call him a woman. In fact, because gender identity relies on ‘sense’, all a male has to do is claim he’s a woman and he’ll be allowed into any women’s space he wants. Women’s shelters, prisons, organizations, sports teams, events, etc. are now all open any male who ‘senses’ he’s a woman.

Say goodbye to women-only spaces. Say goodbye to privacy. Say goodbye to women’s sports. Say goodbye to safety. Say goodbye to your class protections.

Men want in.

Say goodbye to sisterhood.



For good reading material, here’s a Canadian Human Rights case whereby a man in a dress demanded a Woman-Only Rape Shelter hire him as a rape crisis counsellor. When he was told ‘no’ he threatened the women that ran the shelter and then proceeded to try and bankrupt the shelter with a 12-year court battle that took time and resources away from women who were raped.

Vancouver Rape Relief won the case but it took 12 long years, loss of precious time and money that Canadian women depended on. Women’s services were already being gutted by the Tories.

Our women-only space must be fought for. We can’t just sit on the sidelines and expect it to be handed to us.

Here’s the list of Canadian Senators you can write to about C-16 and explain your concerns. You can write to the Liberals but it’s unlikely they’ll hear you. The Tories might listen. Remember it was the Tories that got C36 (Nordic Model re: prostitution) into law.







The ‘Skeptic’ Feminist

Happy New Year!

Here we are, another year passed and new one to begin. I’m feeling better. I actually don’t think my jawbone is infected any more. That one week of IV antibiotics really did the trick. However, my problem is more of a structural one than an infection.

After the 2 teeth were removed, the bone itself was sticking out to the side with only a little bit of gum tissue over it. This is why it’s been so painful and why the side of my face would go numb. It was just extremely irritated.

Now that I’ve been sleeping, the gum tissue is forming over that bone and it’s getting better. The maxillary/oral surgeon I saw a few weeks ago took a panoramic X-ray of my entire mouth and he also thinks it’s more of a physical problem than an infection.

I have to have two more imaging studies at the hospital. On Tuesday I’m having a White Blood Cell scan that will last up to 7 hours. Most of that is waiting time. They have to take blood from me and re-inject it and take photos.

The final scan will be a 3D MRI scan to see the formation of the jaw itself.

This kind of trauma happens rarely but the surgeon has seen it before. It’s just bad luck on my part.

I knew I didn’t have Trigeminal Neuralgia or whatever else these crazy doctors came up with. The body will heal itself if given a good chance and part of the problem is that these doctors, in the beginning, weren’t giving me anything to help me sleep and reduce the pain. Once they finally did that, I started feeling better and the tissue over that bone started to build up and heal.

I have other complications in my stomach from all the antibiotics they had me on. Those should heal up in time as well.

Now for some other stuff.


I have been monitoring Paul Elam as well the as the supposed ‘male feminists’ on Youtube. One of them, The Skeptic Feminist, claims he’s a feminist but shouts ‘TERF and SWERF’ at women like me online. He’s more interested in having a conversation with MRA’s because he thinks he can align with them.

skeptic feminist TERFS and SWERFS

So not only does he parrot MRA’s who think there’s such a thing as toxic femininity but he gladly defines it for us.

His channel description is even more hilarious:

We are The Skeptic Feminist, a group of radical-Feminist--firebrand-Atheists.
"Radical" because we don't cut any form of sexism, religious or otherwise, any slack -- not even the dreaded Islam.
"Firebrand" because we refuse to be silenced, be it at the threats of the religious, the sexist atheists, or theistic feminists.
We're 'radical' only in the sense that we have no issue questioning established feminist beliefs and openly criticizing taboo topics such as Islam. You'll notice that we enjoy subverting the original meanings of phrases. Such as our take on 'first world problems'.

He wouldn’t know radical feminism if it bit him in the ass.

He’s the typical ‘I’m a male feminist and I know everything about feminism’ dude you come across on Youtube. He made a video calling a woman a SWERF because she made a video (which she had to take down) about the sex industry. He said she was slut shaming.

The interesting part is he actually knows what gender is and has promoted the radical feminist position on gender. He understands that gender is a social construct that harms women. However, he contradicts himself by calling women TERFS. You cannot hold both positions. You cannot disavow gender and then worship it, and then call women names because they know what gender is and want their privacy rights.

Here’s more proof he understands gender:

skeptic feminist toxic gender norms

Another thing I find questionable about him is his series of videos trying to get MRA’s to talk to him. In those videos he’s practically begging MRA’s to join up with him. I have to wonder why he’s so hell bent on this task? Is it just to show it can’t be done?


In neoliberal land men don’t have to give up their male privilege so feminism becomes easy to adopt. He doesn’t have to examine that the demand in prostitution (men) and the root inequalities between women and men is what fuels the industry. He doesn’t have to give a shit about girls not wanting to share a locker room with a male. Teenage girls are just a bigots for fearing men in their private spaces amirite? He doesn’t have to do a damn thing and he still gets to shout at women online and call them names. Gee, no wonder there are so many ‘male feminists’ these days.

The Skeptic Feminist thinks he’s completely rational even though he contradicts himself. When he panders to MRA’s he tells them he’s very ‘critical’ of feminists and feminism. Haven’t we heard that before? When he calls women TERFS and SWERFS he’s just ‘cleaning up the feminist movement’ because that’s what a good skeptic does!

‘I’m calling her a CUNT because I’m criticizing her!’

‘I’m calling her a TERF because I’m criticizing her!’

Save your ‘criticism’ dude.



7 Signs You’re Transgendered, Plus HERO

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I just found this channel on Youtube. Her name is PeachyYoghurt and she’s been doing videos dismantling the bullshit that is gender for some time. Her latest video explores how doctors diagnose GID and how flimsy and ridiculous the entire concept is.

Let that sink in.

Now for some more peak trans crap being passed around on Twitter.

Here’s a diagnostic manual that Miranda Yardley found that conflates sex and gender

Here’s some screenshots that will make you lol with digust.

you only have to feel like a woman neurologically we're more female women don't know what its like to be female

05-11-2015 3-09-08 PM

Let’s chew on something else for a while. 4th Wave Now just posted the highlights of a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health regarding the trans medical experimentation on children, which is being perpetuated by transactivists as the only viable solution to a problem that is immaterial and wholly psychological.

One thing you’ll notice is that the doctors and medical practioners who question the Frankenstein tactics of experimenting on kids had to express their medical opinions anonymously. These clinicians clearly know that transactivists will use any means to silence and destroy them if they make their names public.

In summation, there are a lot of medical professionals who are admitting that there is no long term data supporting the various methods used on kids and, more importantly, that the internet and social media has a large influence on children and parents in the sense that this seems like more of a fad.

They admit that GID is comorbid with other psychological disorders that go untreated and there is no medical agreement on what in the hell they’re doing.

There is some good news at the end of this depressing post. Houston held a vote on a ordinance to repeal a law which included ‘gender identity’ as a protected class. Now most people would agree that transppl shouldn’t be discriminated against but these ordinances would allow men to enter female-only protected spaces: bathrooms, locker rooms etc.

‘The ordinance bans discrimination based not just on gender identity and sexual orientation, but also 13 classes already protected under federal law: sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, pregnancy and genetic information, as well as family, marital or military status.’

Now most of us can see that this passage seems like a good thing and we can all agree that discrimination based on these things is wrong but when you include an immaterial thing like ‘gender identity’ the law doesn’t make sense.

The ordinance was struck down by voters who want women and girls to retain their rights as a protected class based on SEX. One hundred and thirty thousand voters showed up and 63% said no, a very wide margin.

The transactivists and their liberal feminist handmaidens are screaming mad about it. I’m sure the liberal media is going to go nuts over this and it won’t be the last we hear about it. If they reworked the language of the ordinance and made it clear that women and girls would retain their rights, it would probably pass.

One last thing. For all you lookie-loos who don’t think transMALES commit sexual offenses when they’re allowed into female only spaces, read this and this.

Germaine Greer Will Speak at Cardiff

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halloween fundraiser copy

It’s come to me by way of some very special women that Cardiff will ensure Greer’s safety and that she plans to go ahead with her talk. This comes as a surprise since Greer told BBC Two that she didn’t want to be physically assaulted and that it wasn’t worth it.

It’s also come to my attention that the Cardiff Women’s officer Rachel Melhuish may have violated Cardiff’s University policy by starting a petition to no-platform Greer using libelous slurs. I hope this avenue is pursued and a precedent set so that University students cannot do this any more.

If you haven’t signed the petition in support of Greer, please do so here.

You must understand that Greer isn’t the first woman to be no-platformed by transactivists under the ‘liberal feminist’ umbrella. Julie Bindel has been no platformed by NUS for years by transactivists who simply call her a ‘TERF’ and a ‘transphobe.’ These insults are meant to stoke emotional reactions but have no basis in fact.

Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy from Feminist Current was also attacked by transactivists and a pro-prostitution lobby org who started a petition to get her fired from Rabble, a media outlet. I know, because I was the woman that started a counter petition to support her too. It was successful, in that it garmered 3,000 or so signatures and Rabble wrote a statement in support of Murphy.  In my opinion the statement was weak. A Voice for Men, the misogynist hate site published a piece on this event and sided with transactivists and the prostitution lobby, to no ones surprise.

The attempt at no-platforming Greer is just another day for iconic feminist activists around the globe who speak about women and girls. One transactivist, Peyton Quinn, attempted to get my counter petition in support of Greer taken down for hate speech. Payton tweeted their followers to false flag it.

Underlying all of this silencing and misogyny is a fundamental issue. Feminist theory and transactivism are opposed to each other on some serious grounds, namely the concept of gender.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms a Failure, Plus Latest Debacle With Julie Bindel and Manchester University

University of Toronto women are being filmed in ‘gender neutral’ bathrooms, or washrooms as we say in Canucky land. This highlights the fact that women need their civil rights to privacy. This will not get better.

Voyeurism incidents lead to closure of Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Toronto College Campus | GenderTrender

I feel the need to reiterate that I want privacy from males in public washrooms. I can’t stress this enough. Remember when Sage Gerard, a men’s rights whacko, went into the women’s bathrooms on his college campus to put up A Voice for Men propaganda? He got in shit for that but all he truly needed to is say ‘I identify as a woman.’

A Voice for Men puts up the proof that Sage Gerard went into women’s restrooms on Kennesaw State University

How do you feel about that liberal feminists? Do you want men’s rights activists waltzing in on your private spaces? I certainly don’t but that’s where this is going folks. This just shows how silly ‘gender identity’ is.

It reminds me of Lila Perry, a male, who wasn’t content using a unisex washroom. He swaggered around in a skirt with his dick flopping around, visible to all, while claiming 12 year old girls were bigots. So how is it a stretch that an MRA could put on a skirt and get right in on our spaces?

More Turds From the Liberal Feminist Movement

Julie Bindel is getting the shit kicked out of her, again, by Manchester University. The irony was she was going to give a talk called ‘‘From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?’’ ManU no platformed her but is totally content with having a Gamergate/Men’s Rights activist Milo Yianopoulous speak. You heard that correctly. They told a lesbian feminist she was too dangerous and gave a green light to a rabid misogynist who says that transgender is a psychological condition that needs therapy, not surgery. The organizers of the event aren’t happy about the no platforming and wrote a response.

Jess Lishak, Man U’s ‘women officer’ erased her explanation of the whacko decision to ban Julie and welcome Milo but it was captured.  

Guess who’s doing the silencing?  Women of course.  These lovely Liberal feminists.

I tweeted Man U yesterday


This comes on the heels of the Feminism in London crap where Bindel stuck up for transmale Jane Fae by calling women bullies and pulling out of the con. While I like Julie Bindel and have promoted her fundraising on this site, I think there’s some poetic justice in this.

It’s not that I like her being no platformed, I don’t. I just think she should’ve centered women during the FiL debacle and stuck to her guns. I get that she doesn’t like being no-platformed by a bunch of 18 y/o women who are more concerned with porno-manfeelz than liberation but we need some consistency here. What happened at FiL wasn’t ‘no platforming.’ It was women voicing an opinion and to this day nobody has given a single bit of evidence there was ‘bullying.’

If you’re reading this Julie, I hope you shout this latest debacle at ManU from the rooftops. It is one of those moments that deserves to be televised everywhere and shown for the woman hating censorship it is. I’m just incredibly disappointed you turned away from your sisters at FiL and called them bullies. If you used that as an opportunity to show you’re not a TERF then I can’t abide by that. You could’ve handled that much better than you did.  Live and learn I suppose.

Never center men in feminism

Never center men in feminism

Never center men in femin..


aw fuck it.



Twenty Years On

If you find yourself not knowing much about Srebrenica, it’s ok, I didn’t know much either. I was 24 years old and pretty ignorant of world politics at that age. I knew about the war in Yugoslavia but it was reduced to sound bites and magazine covers to the American public. There were the good guys and the bad guys.

A Short Intro on Srebrenica

Srebrenica was designated a ‘safe space’ for Bosnian muslim refugees and protected by a tiny UN peacekeeping force during the Bosnian War. The safe space of Srebrenica was overtaken by the Serbian army in July of 1995, the women and men separated, and the men executed and buried in mass graves. The numbers of men executed are argued about as is their manner of death. Some say 2,000 and others say 8,000 men were killed. I won’t address these questions in this post. I will just cover main issues.

Here’s a video explaining what happened in Srebrenica. It was made by Norwegians and is in English. It’s hard to watch.

AVFM Blames Srebrenica Executions on Feminism

AVFM’s Arne Hoffman wrote an article about Srebenica blaming the UN and feminists for the atrocities that occurred there. He claims the UN has a gynocentric mandate which allowed the Serbian Army to massacre the men who were deliberately separated from the women and children at Srebrenica.

‘Women, children and the elderly had been allowed to flee through the UN convoys; adult men from the civilian population had been left back in the city – despite the people in charge having been fully aware that, in such cases, it was almost always the male population murdered en masse.’~Arne Hoffman

Let me make my position clear so that people can understand where I’m coming from.

I believe the systematic murder of Bosnian muslim men occurred. They were indeed separated from the women, children and elderly and then executed by Mladic. Yes, they were.

We can debate why Srebrenica happened for years. Yugoslavia’s roots of conflict between its ethnicities go deep. Very deep. I am only writing this post to show MRA’s like Hoffman that there is no UN feminist gynocratic policy that either allowed or mandated the executions.

I researched Srebrenica and the Yugoslav Civil war and saw no such feminist mandate. None. UN Resolution 819 addressed Srebrenica and other so called ‘safe areas’ in Bosnia. A Dutch peace force named UNPROFOR was responsible for protecting the Bosnians but they couldn’t. The force was too small and not organized at any level.

It is true that many men were executed and the majority of women were not (they were raped, impregnated, and tortured instead) but not due to some UN feminist mandate. The UN could never defend Srebrenica and they knew it so when the Serbs started shelling the enclave, giving gifts to the Dutch commander, and then capturing some of the UN Dutch peackeepers, the Serbs easily walked in.

Let me say from here on out that murdering people is wrong, whether men or women. However, Arne Hoffman is indicting some boogeyman feminist policy that had nothing to do with Srebrenica. There are some deep questions around the Serbian’s justifications for executing the Srebrenica men which they claim were fighters under Naser Oric who, prior to Srebrenica, were raiding Serb villages and murdering Serbs from within the ‘safe space.’ There is also speculation about weapon shipments to the Bosnian muslim enclave in order to kill Serbs in neighbouring villages.

The truth of this Civil War has been coming out slowly over these 20 years. In my personal opinion there were massacres on all sides but ultimately the breakup of Yugoslavia was heavily influenced by Western forces and capitalists who wanted to stoke the ethnic tensions of each population using the backdrop of harsh economic conditions that existed in the 80’s.

Gender, Masculinity and War

Women on the whole did not actively fight in this Civil war. It was the ‘sons’ fighting each other while rich men in power were busy trying to get their piece of the power pie. This is patriarchal greed fellas. This is a bunch of men in every ethnic camp on every level wanting power over anything they could get their hands on. Indeed, what if the average man refused to pick up weapons against his neighbour and refused to fight?

Take a look this Serb soldier describing how his manhood depended on him picking up arms against his neighbours. You’ll see the effect of gender written all over every man, on all sides. They were the ‘sons’ of Yugoslavia, dedicated to masculinity.

So when Hoffman and AVFM whine that feminism is responsible for the death of the men in Srebrenica, I just want to put a book in front of them.  They wouldn’t read it though. Better still, how about the 400 page NIOD report? Maybe the 1999 report by the UN? Too complex for them. They need simple themes like ‘women’s selfish nature was responsible for execution of men.’

How the fuck can this be blamed on feminism? It can’t, of course. MRA’s will use any tragedy to justify their hatred of women and write long screeds about non-existent ‘feminist policies’ to inject into any situation in order to avoid serious analysis. It’s a shortcut to thinking for MRA’s. They seem incapable of analyzing a situation and wrapping it in any context. Context is a foreign thing to them.

Could the UN have done more to protect the ‘safe’ areas? Of course. Did some of the Dutchbat peacekeepers know what General Mladic was doing when he separated the men from the women? Yes. Were they powerless to stop it? Yes.

Whenever I wade into the Manosphere I find myself asking these questions: ‘Why do MRA’s make such silly assertions? What are they getting out of this?’ We can all speculate on why MRA’s make such stupid claims. My guess is that they like to emotionally rile each other up. One makes a silly remark and then the next guy has to come up with something more outrageous. Plus, the internet allows them to pile up and try to outdo each other. This is why the Manosphere is monitored by the SPLC and other organizations. It’s easy to imagine some guy getting radicalized by going to the Manosphere because it’s already happened.

I’ll leave you with a quote by a woman from Bosnia who is part of a feminist organization trying to help people heal and rebuild their lives.

‘Women were not the makers of the war and were not at the negotiating table when the conflict stopped. But they were the first ones to cross imaginary and imposed borders and began working on rebuilding the country inside out,”’ ~ Taida Horozovic

There’s the feminist influence fellas.

Who Wants To Be Snow White?

Not I. Definitely not I.

I watched the movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’ the other night. Even the title is creepy and as the title states, it’s about a man ‘hunting’ a woman. The movie is full of misogyny and follows a simple plot line that pits women against each other over men.

Beautiful queen has a beautiful Princess and then dies. King goes out looking for younger model Queen and finds one. New Queen kills King to have that evil feminist power which resents men choosing beautiful young women through strict adherence to Patriarchal gender roles. New evil queen locks step-daughter Princess away until just after puberty, when she’s ready to be fucked by men. The evil queen is never fucked by men and hence all that’s wrong with the world.

Princess escapes and runs into evil forest because since evil Queen has come into power all ‘nature’ is ruined.

Evil Queen employs downtrodden drunkard male whose wife was murdered to go hunt Princess in the evil dark forest. He finds her and the adventure begins because Princess wants Prince. Efforts and such. Huntsman brings Princess to Prince while subconsciously starts falling for her.

Princess dies and eventually gets awoken from death by Huntsman’s kiss and then kills evil bitch Queen. Peace ensues.

That’s it. That’s the great creativity of the 21st century.

There’s so much to discuss here but let’s start with the ‘beauty’ element which is what this male narrative is about. In the movie masculinity is constructed traditionally. Men want to fuck young looking women who are beautiful. This is why the King thinks with his dick and marries evil queen who understands men want beauty to the point where she murders other women to keep her looks but more importantly to gain power.

The whole setup is what we see today. Women do impossible, harmful things to themselves so they appear fuckable to men. In so doing, women have no way out because to stay beautiful she must harm other women. She must compete. Nothing much has changed. It’s the classic ‘girl fight’ over male attention.

It’s why there are things like the hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism and female MRA’s. A few women side with men to garner the benefits of Patriarchy.

In the movie, there’s a colony of women living peacefully without threat from the evil queen. Do you know how they’re able to live? By scarring their faces so that the queen has no competition. If that isn’t a commentary on women’s liberation from gender then I don’t know what is.

I imagined living in that colony, away from the male gaze, how wonderful it would be but it gets ruined because the Huntsman brings the ‘pretty Princess’ there and the queen’s male army kills most of the female colony. Reminder: the second you try living without gender you will be destroyed. That totally sucked.

Then you’ve got the fucking up of nature. When the evil queen comes to power nature takes a dive into darkness. The metaphor of woman as nature is well documented in this movie. Nature is only beautiful when women adhere to male beauty standards, to gender.

Pretty princess trots around the land with lots of male dwarves, huntsman and Prince while the white stag bows to her. All males fall in love with the beautiful ‘ready to be fucked’ woman. Nature is supposed to be fuckable: to men. Men sure do love to fuck with and dominate nature and nature is a woman.

Meanwhile, nobody likes the evil feminist queen who represents the truth. She realizes men are foolish and weak and that the whole system revolves around their dicks. She resents men, rightfully so, but of course nothing will be right in the world until she’s killed and the hand who must hold the knife is another woman. All hail Patriarchy!

So the story ends with the young beautiful Princess murdering the truth, the woman who knew the game from the beginning. ‘You can’t take my heart,’ the younger woman says to the older one. What it really means is ‘you can’t take my gender role, bitch.’

If only the evil queen and the pretty princess got to spend some time away from the male gaze. Imagine the things they’d talk about! In the end I’d like to think they’d rule side by side after a solid week of consciousness raising. The pretty princess would realize that men are only after her because they want to fuck her and the evil queen would turn into an educatress for all women in the land.

Nature would be left alone by men and protected by women. Women would stop the earth from going to pieces under male rule as it’s doing right now.

I’m sure many a man enjoyed that movie of two women fighting each other over who’s fuckable and who isn’t. I’m sure they all thought of themselves as heroes when they’re really cowards who can’t handle truth and nature on its own terms.

Like the dwarves love of the princess, male MRA’s look up to feMRA’s like Karen Straugn as a sex object while calling feminists ‘ugly dykes.’ They don’t realize she’s not interested in them but I suppose it doesn’t matter when they can put a knife in her hand to wield against other women. I suppose that’s the supreme irony.

Female colony not submitting to gender and Patriarchy=destroyed. Woman who will be fuckable to men and lie to them=on a pedestal. The crone who knew the truth=exterminated.

This is how simple the whole 2 hour movie was. The fact that our culture is still relying on those silly tropes means radical feminism has to become louder and more accessible.

I do have hope that we are achieving this. The London Feminist gathering shows some promise and I’m told Gail Dines made a big imprint.

As I keep saying, in order to solve a problem we have to name the problem. Male violence against women is achieved through many avenues and I think gender is the symbol of this.

Gender or ‘femininity’ is what holds us back. Women who cater to male standards which there are two: fuckable or invisible, support the idea that there are only two ways to be viewed in the world. Neither of them are healthy. Women are either hypersexualized/pornified or silenced. We only exist as a fucktoy not even for our own pleasure or we are nothing.

There are many ways to bring gender to its death. Many women choose to live in a female-centric culture. Women like myself have chosen that. Others choose to live genderless and refuse to conform to it. I remember what it was like to be fuckable in the male gaze. I much rather like my status now as a middle aged woman. I don’t have to deal with so much male attention and I purposely don’t wear makeup in my day to day life for that reason.

I’ve conducted my own experiments where sometimes I put on makeup. I get inordinate amounts of male harassment. I’ve decided that I’m safer walking around without makeup and tight jeans. I wear a simple knee length skirt (black) with a black leather fringe coat and maybe some day I can afford some black riding boots. Hell, I’m a motorcycle maven who rides with no man. I almost bought my own Harley Sportster but that’s a story for another time. That was the 80’s.

Anywho, what do the rest of my blog audience think about gender expression? Have you done experiments like me? Where do you think you exist in the male gaze? Fuckable or invisible? What do you think are ways to eliminate gender? How was the feminine gender role enforced on you while you were developing into women?