Jim Norton Is a Horrible Human Being


Jim Norton: Momma’s Little Monster

Male supremacy is so often on display that we get numb to it sometimes. It’s that metaphor about a goldfish not knowing what water is because it’s surrounded by it for its entire life. Misogyny is all around us, all the time. Many of us have to ‘turn off’ to take a break from it, like I’ve done this summer, only to have one male supremacist asshole  knock me back into consciousness. For me, that’s Jim Norton.

Jim wrote a long mansplain in TIME called ‘In Defense of Johns’ about how he’s a nice guy who pays prostituted women and girls to do whatever he likes. Jim is so proud of this fact, he thinks he deserves a parade down 5th Ave in New York.

The interesting thing about the very beginning of his piece is that he imagines his parents hiding while he’s on a parade float getting confetti thrown his way. You see, Jim knows somewhere in his empty head that prostitution isn’t good for women and girls. He just doesn’t give a shit.

‘I envisioned myself being carted down New York City’s Fifth Avenue on the back of a flatbed truck, waving to cheering fans as confetti rained down on me and my disappointed parents hid behind a mailbox.’

Jim repeats every debunked claim made by liberals on the left: that prostitution should be legal because it’s ‘safer’, that it can be regulated, that ‘more security’ works. We know that these claims are bullshit. One serious look at any country that has ‘regulated’ prostitution instantly lays these claims to shame.

He trots out the ‘less rapes’ argument too. Inherent in that very argument is an admission that men are monsters, that they’re brainless predatory animals who will rape if they don’t get to buy women and girls off the street to abuse and torment.

‘By keeping prostitution illegal because we find it morally objectionable, we allow (or, more accurately, you allow) sex workers to constantly be put into dangerous situations. Studies have shown that rapes and STDs dropped drastically from 2003 to 2009 in Rhode Island after the state accidentally legalized it.’

Let’s talk about shame for a minute. Jim says he’s not ashamed that he can’t have an equal sexual encounter with a woman who can freely consent. Jim thinks that when he gives a prostituted female some money that she’s freely consenting. Jim thinks you ‘buy’ consent. Most sweatshop owners agree with him.  Once you give a woman a $20, her systematic oppression, her lifelong struggles with poverty, drug addiction and childhood trauma magically disappear. Awww, Jim’s such a ‘Nice Guy.’

Jim is particularly mad at the Nordic Model, the only model designed to help women and girls escape their horrific lives being prostituted. Johns get arrested and fined when they attempt to pay a woman or girl for rape.

‘Law-enforcement stings designed to shame men who pay for sex are nothing more than the state blowing its own morality horn.’

What do you mean he can’t buy a sex slave? I bet Jimmy is a Libertarian. Poor diddums.

I’m also sick to death of lefty men dismissing the harms in prostitution by claiming there’s no moral argument. There IS a moral argument. It’s the argument about female human beings having rights not to be sexually preyed upon and damaged en masse because they happen to be in the lowest class. It’s like saying poor people are supposed to be given slave wages and their bodies and minds broken because large corporations need to have cheap labour. Lefty men just brush it off as ‘Psssh! Morality!’

‘If these men are anything like me, they might simply feel more comfortable with prostitutes.’

Trust me Jim, you’re not alone. Plenty of men are male supremacists just. like. you. The reason men like you are more comfortable is because you don’t have to interact with an equal. You see Jim, women and girls who aren’t in the prostituted underclass won’t tolerate the abuse. That’s why so many Johns are married or have girlfriends. These men can only abuse and degrade a destitute woman.

Many middle class white women take to social media pronouncing how choicy, choice, choice it is to be anally raped day in and day out for $10 bucks a time. We here at Mancheeze call that Liberal Feminism aka Men’s Rights Activism. It’s the brainless assholes like you that promote it.

‘I never pick them up to be abusive. I always feel extraordinarily loving and close to them. When I first began soliciting sex for money, it never occurred to me that some of them are possibly forced into prostitution or have abusive pimps. I must have known it deep down on an intellectual level but hadn’t witnessed anything to confirm it.’

I’ve never seen an albatross up close and personal Jim, but I know they exist.

‘The only experience I’ve had where an element of violence was present was driving on 48th Street in New York and talking to a girl through my passenger window. (A big part of my addiction is the ritualistic aspect, and for some reason I only liked to pick up prostitutes who talked to me through the passenger window.) As we were speaking, a van full of girls stopped, and a guy I assume was her pimp bounced her across the hood of my car and threw her in the van.’

Jim likes ritualized submission from women. That’s why he loves them coming up to his car window. Jim feels dominant and manly when impoverished, drug addicted and psychologically traumatized women chase after his car. It makes him feel wanted. His mother must be proud she raised a son like him. If I had known my son was going to turn out the way Jim did I would’ve proudly aborted.

After Jim admits he’s seen the abuse, he carries on shamelessly promoting the enslavement and degradation of women and girls. Jim, like most men, simply doesn’t care they’re contributing to half the human race being robbed of human dignity. All Jim cares about is himself and his feelz.

You’re a shit heel Jim. I’m not done with you either.



Here’s his crappy article:


In Defense of Johns

Christopher Lovenguth Jim Norton

I’m not ashamed to pay for sex—and other men shouldn’t be either

As a man who has spent an embarrassing amount of money on prostitutes and various other sexual encounters, I was excited when I heard about a “National Day of Johns,” because I thought I was being honored.

I envisioned myself being carted down New York City’s Fifth Avenue on the back of a flatbed truck, waving to cheering fans as confetti rained down on me and my disappointed parents hid behind a mailbox. A silly (yet understandable) mistake on my part, as the National Day of Johns was a celebration of the arrests of hundreds of men in a series of sex stings in 15 states. The fact that I’ve never been arrested in one of these stings should convince even the most ardent of atheists that miracles are indeed possible.

I suppose you could say I am the consummate john. I’m loyal, I’m dedicated, and I will always come back — even as it seems as though efforts to shame johns are on a national upswing throughout the country.

I cannot even fathom a guess as to how much money — let alone time — I’ve spent on paid sex in the past 25 years. Although I can tell you that when Charlie Sheen confessed he’d spent $50,000 in one year, I nodded my head and saw it as an achievable goal. Because I’ve never actually tallied the dollar amount of my sex addiction, my therapist tells me I should — her logic being that a concrete cost would make it more definitive and its consequences more tangible.

But really, perhaps the most shameful thing I can admit is this: I’m not really ashamed. And neither should any of these other (unmarried) johns who have been arrested.

If these men are anything like me, they might simply feel more comfortable with prostitutes. I never pick them up to be abusive. I always feel extraordinarily loving and close to them. When I first began soliciting sex for money, it never occurred to me that some of them are possibly forced into prostitution or have abusive pimps. I must have known it deep down on an intellectual level but hadn’t witnessed anything to confirm it.

Until I did.

The only experience I’ve had where an element of violence was present was driving on 48th Street in New York and talking to a girl through my passenger window. (A big part of my addiction is the ritualistic aspect, and for some reason I only liked to pick up prostitutes who talked to me through the passenger window.) As we were speaking, a van full of girls stopped, and a guy I assume was her pimp bounced her across the hood of my car and threw her in the van.

This is why I’m a firm believer that prostitution should be legalized and pimps should be thrown down an elevator shaft.

Law-enforcement stings designed to shame men who pay for sex are nothing more than the state blowing its own morality horn. Being a comedian who is single allows me a luxury most johns don’t have, which is the freedom to discuss the topic openly. And not from a case-study point of view but from the honest point of view of someone who has spent the equivalent of a Harvard Law School education on purchasing sex.

By keeping prostitution illegal because we find it morally objectionable, we allow (or, more accurately, you allow) sex workers to constantly be put into dangerous situations. Studies have shown that rapes and STDs dropped drastically from 2003 to 2009 in Rhode Island after the state accidentally legalized it. The American Journal of Epidemiology showed that the homicide rate for prostitutes is 50 times that for those in the next most dangerous job for a woman, working in a liquor store. You don’t need a master’s in sociology to understand it would be much safer for sex workers if they were permitted to work in places that provided adequate security. Legalizing prostitution would also alleviate the fear a sex worker may have about reporting a john’s abusive behavior because of the risk of arrest.

The illegal aspect of prostitution has never deterred me, nor would legalizing it cause me to engage in it more.

The decision people make to have sex for a living would undoubtedly confuse and repulse a large part of the population. But in a free society, people must be allowed to make choices for themselves that are incomprehensible to others. By keeping prostitution illegal and demonizing all of its parties, we (you) are empowering pimps and human traffickers and anyone else who wants to victimize sex workers because they feel helpless under the law.

Give sex workers rights. Give johns a break.


Man in Dress Attacks Woman in Public Bathroom

My latest video on Gregory Schwartz, 40 year old man who played dress up and sexually assaulted a woman in a department store public bathroom in California.

Please note that transactivists are already falsely flagging my videos. If you have a Youtube channel, please download and mirror my videos. Hell, start a Youtube channel and do this to protect women’s voices.


Safety On Radical Feminist Blogs

I’ve had recent experience with a commenter who changed her mind after posting several comments to this blog. I figured this deserved a post to point out my perspective and to let other women know it.

This blog is monitored by violent men. In fact, all radical feminist blogs that talk about the reality of male violence are monitored by violent men. This is just a sad fact of male existence and why women fight so hard to have their own spaces.

I have made a point of publishing comments by violent males to show all who come here that this is so. I don’t publish all the comments but I do make a point of publishing the most violent ones. Just last week a male showed up here and ordered me raped by black men. He left 4 comments, all in a row, in a rage. I had to phone the police in Georgia.

Knowing these facts it’s important that you take care prior to making a comment. The internet is not a safe place for women. Hell, we can’t even walk down a public street without men gawking and harassing us.

In the last 4 years of this blog being active, I have cooperated with other women who were getting stalked online and offline by men’s rights whackos. I’ve been stalked personally and have a good relationship with my local police on this matter. In fact, I have several files open on several men. Just last week I had to report the man who came here threatening rape.

Men are violent. We know this.

So please, before you comment, YOU should know this. If you leave a comment and then think the better of it, please understand that I might not get to deleting it straight away. The email contact is joyintorah18@gmail. I don’t check my email every day. I should but I don’t. In fact, it’s easier to follow me on twitter and notify me on that platform. My twitter handle is also joyintorah18. Knowing that I don’t check my email every day, please don’t continue to comment knowing that you’ll want me to erase them later. Your email address will never be given to anyone, nor will your ip address.

Over the last 4 years I have never once given out a private email address or an ip address. The only time I would do this is if law enforcement required it. So far, the only time I’ve given police this information is when I’ve filed a report on a man. Your private information is safe. I do recognize that it must be carefully secured.

That’s my position on the matter.




Why Richard Dawkins Is An Asshat


I’ve been watching on the sidelines as Richard Dawkins tweets himself into a corner. It all started when he tweeted a cartoon uploaded by a but-I’m-not-a-Men’s Rights activist, SargonofAkkad aka Carl Benjamin, on Youtube, (I won’t link it because it’s misogynist crap) The cartoon was ridiculous and featured a young woman that men’s rights activists have attacked for at least 2 years and who they call ‘Big Red.’ She was just a young woman who was at the University of Toronto protest against Warren Farrell, who is called the ‘father’ of the Men’s rights movement.

Here’s Dawkins’ original tweet that was captured and later erased :


This young woman was unlucky in the sense that she attended a protest at the University of Toronto and was video recorded by the fellas over at the misogynist hate site A Voice for Men. In fact, the man who continually talked over her and interrupted her in the video was Dan Perrins, an MRA who has a criminal record for assault and stalking. Even I have a police report on him for stalking me.

Lindy West attempted to educate Dawkins, to get him to remove the cartoon tweet, because she knew it would result in another round of harassment and threats. Dawkins eventually removed the tweet but then doubled down after someone sent him the actual video of the protest, which he re-tweeted.

Dawkins retweet of Toronto Protest


Dawkins called this young woman ‘vile’ and basically said she deserved whatever she got as long as it wasn’t threats. He carried on retweeting MRA’s and even suggested that the threats and harassment Big Red has gotten for at least 2 years were just fake. He even retweeted Andrea Hardie aka Judgybitch from A Voice For Men.






Let’s educate the hypocritical white male on this entire situation.

First, there is no alliance between radical feminists and Islamists. None. The cartoon itself was one giant strawman. It’s clear to me that Dawkins, like his MRA followers, don’t know the difference between radical and neoliberal feminism. These guys go to Jezebel and think that’s radical feminism. Hint: it’s not. There is no rational argument to be made that any form of feminist thought is in line with Islamism. The cartoon itself made zero sense. It was just an attack on women and feminists. Are we supposed to think Dawkins is ignorant of this fact? Clearly not, because his original tweet pictured above is him singling out a ‘minority’ of feminists.

Fun fact: if you do a search on google.ca for ‘big red feminist’ it returns 18.7 MILLION results.

Second, Dawkins was sent (probably by an MRA) the original protest video from Toronto and decided that Big Red deserves whatever scorn she gets. Why? Because she told Dan Perrins to shut the fuck up? I thought Western women could tell men who were harassing them to shut the fuck up? Did Dawkins know what was taking place there? It was like any other protest where women are video recorded by men’s rights activists and harassed. Did Dawkins know that Dan Perrins, the MRA with the criminal record, was the one taunting her? Did he know that they purposely recorded her and uploaded it to Youtube with the express purpose of doxxing and terrorizing her for years? That’s what men’s rights activists do. Big Red is not a public figure. She’s a young woman who was ambushed and recorded by MRA’s for the express purpose of harassment both online and offline.

Further Reading on Dan Perrins:

CBC Radio Interview Exposes CAFE’s Justin Trottier’s Dishonesty (Trottier calls an MRA who sits on his Board of Directors (Dan Perrins) an extremist.’

Dan Perrins Calls the Police on Me For Being a ‘Radical Feminist Who Hates Men’ | Mancheeze

Dan ‘Kill The Bitch’ Perrins of AVFM and CAFE On A Liquid Diet For ‘Ethics in Journalism’ Or Something | Mancheeze

Dawkins, who bleats wildly over the dark-skinned men and their Sharia Law, is behaving exactly like they do. Islamists single out ‘SOME’ women, the ‘bad ones’, and publicly stone them. Dawkins thinks there’s a subgroup, a class of Western women, or ‘some feminists,’ that deserve to be abused and ridiculed. He clearly outlined that Big Red deserves male abuse because she’s ‘vile’, a ‘Lovecraftian horror’, and ‘nasty.’

Why does Big Red deserve abuse? Because Dawkins says so. He was told she was a young woman who was singled out by MRA’s and abused on social media for years but that didn’t phase him.

Dawkins was then dis-invited by the NECSS conference in New York. This sent the manbabies in a fury.

Dawkins responded:

I woke up this morning to see a public announcement that my invitation to speak at NECSS 2016 had been withdrawn by the executive committee. I do not write this out of concern about my appearance or non-appearance at NECSS, but I wish there had been a friendly conversation before such unilateral action was taken.

I bet the young woman you targeted for further abuse wished for the same thing. Even when you were notified that she was targeted you doubled down after watching ONE VIDEO. Did you speak to her and find out about how she felt being terrorized for 2 years?

It is possible I could have allayed the committee members’ concerns, or, if not, at least we could have talked through their objections to my tweet. If our community is about anything, it is that reasoned discussion is the best way to work through disagreements.

Except when it comes to ‘some feminists’ you decide are vile and deserve it.

I might mention that, before receiving any word from NECSS, I had already deleted the tweet to which they objected. I did it purely because I was told that the video referenced a real woman, who had been threatened on earlier occasions because of YouTube videos in which she appeared to her disadvantage.

You did delete it and then you said she deserves more. You retweeted men’s rights activists who were saying her harassment was fake.

I have no knowledge of the authenticity of the alleged death and rape threats. But to delete my tweet seemed the safest and most humane course of action. I have always condemned violence and threats of violence, for example in this tweet, which I also posted the day before the NECSS decision.


There it is again, you DENY that she was even harassed when all it would take is a simple Google search like I did above to find out the truth of it. Or hey, maybe you could’ve tried speaking with her before taking the word of every MRA fanboy you retweeted? Just a thought.


I wish the NECSS every success at their conference. The science and scepticism community is too small and too important to let disagreements divide us and divert us from our mission of promoting a more critical and scientifically literate world.


It’s too bad Dawkins doesn’t take that critical approach when talking about feminism, something he clearly knows nothing about but feels totally free to conflate with Islamism. I mean how scientifically illiterate is that?

And today it’s no better:



Today, a long post was published to explain the decision to uninvite Dawkins from the upcoming NECSS con. It was surprisingly mild in my opinion considering Dawkins behaviour. And let me say one more thing, although I find myself in disagreement with some of the folks over at FreeThoughtBlogs, they have some excellent posts up. Here’s a few I really liked:

Dawkins Goes Denialist: An Open Letter to the CFI Board

NECSS Dumps Richard Dawkins Over Hate Tweet | Skepchick


Dawkins posted a Nazi propaganda image this morning. It was hidden in the code at the bottom. It was screencapped before he erased it. This was an accident but it shows that Dawkins isn’t so skeptical about what he’s tweeting while he’s going after ‘Social Justice Warriors.’ The term itself is something the Manosphere and Alt Right dudes use to castigate feminists.

I have a post coming up on the Western male hypocrisy in regards to the sexual assaults in Cologne and other cities in Germany. It will be a doosie.


Neoliberal Feminists And Men Like Paris Lees Don’t Practice Feminism; They Practice Patriarchy

Just a reminder, Mancheeze is fundraising now. I want to continue doing this work. See sidebar under my picture for donate button. Thanks to those who have donated already. We can do better than MRA’s I’m sure.

*head meet desk*

Aside from Penny’s ignorant tweet, it just goes to show you what passes for feminist scholarship today.

When I left a single comment on The Guardian’s story about Greer, it was quickly erased and I was put on suspension from commenting on all Guardian articles, for an indeterminate amount of time. It’s women being censured from telling the truth about their lives and rights. I don’t read the Guardian normally, so this isn’t a big deal to me, but what about all those girls who do want to speak truth to male power?

These two things are related. Rebecca Reilly-Cooper compared the actions of transactivists and their third wave neolib feminists to Chinese re-education camps where everyone, women especially, must be forced into submission until they all have the right thoughts, until they do what men tell them.

Phoenasthetica and Hypotaxis also wrote a killer piece called ‘Convert or Perish.’ in a similar vein.

Where do we go from here? One thing is clear, as I said in my latest video on the subject, feminism and transpolitics are antithetical. Feminists condemn gender as the social hierarchy that oppresses women and girls while transactivists embrace it.

Feminists have already won this debate in terms of accuracy and body of theoretical knowledge but the wider public needs to take notice. And it will. When 15 year old girls are showering at the YMCA while a grown male gets a hard on next to them the public will notice.

The sexual crimes against women and children by transmales/autogynephiles has been established and reported on for a long time. Transactivists (men) have been busy legally breaking down legal protections for women and girls for many years.

When it comes to actually challenging Greer or other feminists men are quick to decline. They know they’ve already lost.

Paris Lees, a man, won’t debate Miranda Yardley or Germaine Greer, demanding money and attention before even considering it.

It’s these same men who reinforce women’s oppression by reducing womanhood to promiscuity and ‘cumming.’

Women’s lives are reduced to makeup and sex by men who want us to call them women. This is autogynephilia. 

You see, it’s ok for transactivists to appropriate women’s lives and bodies but they eventually show their hypocrisy.

Womanhood is a costume to autogynephiles they can take off when they like. Actual womanhood is not a costume. Having a female reproductive system oppresses us as a class. While men like Paris are ‘cumming’, the thought of pregnancy and abortion is never in mind.

WoC don’t have the luxury of calling themselves sluts and slags nor is their safe space about lipstick. This is deeply offensive.

If you think you’re going to take away women’s lives and spaces, you should think again sir. Women have had enough.

Transactivist Payton Quinn Tells Followers To Flag My Counterpetition in Support of Germaine Greer for Hate Speech


Here is the 1500 Signature Update that’s got Payton and pals hitting the flag button:

Oct 25, 2015 — I’ve thought about what I was going to say when this petition reached 1500 signatures and I hope I am eloquent with my words, but I am really pissed off. I hope I’m able to speak for many women who are too afraid to say what I’m about to say .

This issue is not only about freedom of expression, it’s about women’s lives, women’s bodies, and more importantly, misogyny. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen women be no platformed, threatened into silence by transactivists and their ‘feminist’ allies.

Guess what? We’re sick of it.

I’ve been watching this one issue slowly simmer away, just under the tongues of many women. I’ve watched transactivists cancel the Vagina Monologues because talking about vaginas makes hurt feelings. I’ve seen them sit outside the only women-only Music Festival (Michfest) and demand to be let in. I’ve watched many hard won women’s spaces and cultures be completely ransacked by transactivists, all under the guise of 3rd wave liberal feminism. I’ve seen them force midwives associations to stop using the words ‘pregnant woman.’ I’ve even seen them take offense at bloody cupcakes that are frosted pink to look like vaginas!

Our patience is gone.

Let me tell you something: women are extremely angry. Greer has said what many of us think but are too afraid to say it because of the vicious misogynist attacks that will most definitely occur if we do, and this is a critical clue to what’s going on here.

Just today on Twitter I’ve seen men threaten Greer with ‘kicking her in the cunt’ and insult her over her age and status as a woman. They basically said she should be invisible.

The misogyny is palpable. Greer doesn’t identify as a woman, SHE IS A WOMAN. She doesn’t have a fetish about vaginas, she has one.

Women’s biology, women’s chromosomes are what makes us women. ‘Feelings’ don’t a woman make. The sole reason we have a feminist movement is because women’s biological realities form the basis of our oppression as a class. Any woman, anywhere in the world, can’t just play identity games with their station in life.

It’s a fact that in 2015 women in America still have to fight just to have reproductive control over their own bodies. In rural India you are murdered if you’re born female. FGM, child marriage, sex trafficking, women’s representations in pornography, femicide, birth control, hypersexualization, objectification: if you’re female, YOU’RE FUCKED!

So excuse me if I don’t think men who say they ‘identify’ or ‘feel’ like a woman have anything in common with me. Excuse me if my feminist movement is concerned with the lives of women and girls and not men’s appropriation of them.

To claim that men who ‘feel like a woman’ are women without a shred of critical thought is just downright ignorant, and worse, it’s anti-feminist and misogynist.

Seeing 3rd wave liberal feminists publicly spitting on women, misunderstanding feminist theory, and being completely fascist in their approach to women who don’t buy into this nonsense is quite frankly, disgusting.

The feminist movement is by, for and about WOMEN, biological females. It’s not about men’s feelings. You don’t graduate feminism 101 until you can master that.

There was one tweet today that perfectly encapsulated this issue. Greer told a truth, a fundamental one. Since they can’t admit it, they’ve got to silence her.

~Diana Boston aka Mancheeze


Payton can’t engage in a conversation, that much is clear, but is being touted as a comedian by the mainstream media as one of the geniuses supporting this no platforming attempt. Here’s one of Payton’s tweets which I found hilarious and mostly obnoxious:


Apparently Payton flunked Grade 6 biology and doesn’t even know how human reproduction works. Does Peyton think infants come out of a cabbage patch? This is the level of discourse transactivists and 3rd wave liberal feminists have sunk. Check out some of the comments on the petition to silence Greer and you’ll see what I mean:

25-10-2015 1-22-37 PM 25-10-2015 1-23-58 PM 25-10-2015 1-25-02 PM 25-10-2015 1-26-19 PM 25-10-2015 1-29-35 PM 25-10-2015 1-31-13 PM 25-10-2015 1-31-44 PM 25-10-2015 1-32-11 PM 25-10-2015 1-33-29 PM 25-10-2015 1-34-35 PM 25-10-2015 1-35-06 PM 25-10-2015 1-35-30 PM 25-10-2015 1-36-03 PM 25-10-2015 1-36-22 PM 25-10-2015 1-37-00 PM 25-10-2015 1-37-45 PM 25-10-2015 1-38-02 PM


While Peyton instructs people to silence my petition in support of Greer, they also like to favourite and retweet people showing an incredible level of hatred and misogyny towards Greer.







You can imagine my face when some transactivist accuses Greer of ‘transmisogyny’.  My eyes do this kind of squinty thing as I see the Oxford definition of the word misogyny in my minds eye.

The Guardian is now flogging the idea that not allowing Greer to speak will cause further harm to trans people. The article is a mess.

The rigidity and conventionality of Greer’s stance puzzles me: to define a woman as a person born with certain organs in certain places is uncurious – uncharacteristically so from this famously interrogative mind. The philosophical dimension of gender is far more complicated and interesting than the way a person looks or sounds; to refuse to brook any of that, appealing instead to the gut sense of an unidentifiable bloc of “a great many women”, is authoritarian and narrow. You’d expect it from Suzanne Evans, not Germaine Greer.~Zoe Williams, The Guardian

Over forty years ago feminists like Greer defined gender as a social construct ie: not material. Therefore, anything that comes from it, like gender identity, is fruit from the poisonous tree.

Every child has gender confusion growing up precisely because gender is a socially imposed set of cultural lessons, and it’s females who get the worst of it. Girls are taught to wear pink and be submissive to men. Boys are taught to dominate females and be aggressive.

Like Meghan Murphy pointed out in a tweet, the mass media of today isn’t even talking about feminism, unless you mean neoliberal clap trap that has no basis in material reality. This is what ‘gender studies’ has accomplished: wiping out the core concepts of feminist analysis so that young women don’t even know how to discuss it with Greer, never mind having any firm knowledge about feminist scholarship. It’s a good bet not a single one of these ‘feminists’ and transactivists has read The Female Eunuch, one of the foundational texts of feminist theory and practice.

And let’s face it, Greer’s right. Men don’t magically turn into females. It’s just impossible. I think many people know this but it’s only women who are getting slammed for saying it.

I saw that very question in the comment section of the Guardian article. Why aren’t we talking about women who want to be male? The answer is pretty simple and complicated. First, men who want to wear skirts outnumber the reverse by 3:1. And even that’s a conservative estimate because we truly don’t have good data. The second reason has to do with deep-seated misogyny and anger of the men who see themselves as women.

The general public has to start understanding why men are doing this. Blanchard studied these men for many years and came to the conclusion that most of them are what he termed ‘autogynpephiles.’ Simply put, these men want to become the internal image they have of women. It’s a sexual thing for them and it’s buried in a cloak of extreme narcissism.

It’s for this reason that women like Greer, who say ‘no, he’s not a woman,’ get shouted down. Autogynephiles don’t like it when women don’t accept their delusional image of themselves and so they lash out. Remember Atwood’s saying  ‘men are afraid women will laugh at them; women are afraid men will kill them?’ Many of the comments on the petition to no-platform Greer said things to the effect that men who wear dresses are more of a woman than Greer is. It’s men’s feelings and masturbatory fantasies that fuel this rage against women who question them.

When Greer gave a talk about women’s lives at Cambridge the entire Q and A was taken up by accusations, mostly from men, of ‘transphobia.’ They never addressed her actual talk and were more interested in nailing her for some imaginary offense. Greer responded in her typical snarky, yet meaningful way. We rightly condemn white people for doing ‘blackface’ but for some reason it’s ok for men to do this to women? I think not.

We must consider that ‘trans males’ (I will not call them women) reinforce the worst stereotypes about women. Many of them float around wearing lingerie in selfies while supporting the idea that females are meant to be sexually objectified in porn and prostitution.  One look at Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair and the fact he’s getting a Woman of the Year Award rightly makes women angry. The feminist movement cannot and will not accept this. This is misogyny and woman hatred.

That’s the core of this misogynist rage whether you want to hear it or not. You won’t hear it in the mainstream media and you certainly won’t hear it in ‘gender studies’ programs, which has stopped teaching feminist theory years ago.

Feminists abhor gender and gender identity. We’re not about to embrace social roles that have oppressed women and girls for centuries through practices like Chinese foot-binding and the current fad of labiaplasty.

Men can wear whatever clothes or styles they want but it doesn’t make them women. Makeup, heels, skirts et al. are not womanhood. Women’s lives are forever intertwined with our female biology, not our clothing. Our experiences of the world being the sex that carries fetuses, has periods, and so on is what makes us women. This is not to say it’s our destiny but it’s bloody well meaningful to us and we have an entire movement to address it.

This is why women around the world still have to fight for reproductive rights, menstruation leave, and on-site child care. The feminist movement can’t be ransacked because a man wants to ‘feel like a woman.’ Intersectionality, the term transactivists have hijacked for their cause, doesn’t apply. If I get pregnant in a Southern state I can’t simply ‘identify’ my way out of it. I can’t just put on a blonde wig and forget about it.

It’s time to actually read and comprehend feminist theory and practice and not dismiss the pioneers of our movement with chants of ‘hate speech.’

The petition in support of Greer is at 2500 signatures and has been updated. If you’d like to sign it, go here.

Cassie Jaye’s ‘The Red Pill’

So a woman did a dickumentary on the MRM and released a preview on Youtube. I don’t know what to make of it. Giving MRA’s a platform to spew their rhetoric is a double edged sword. It’s good because they show themselves to be the regressive woman haters they are but it also allows them to mislead the public. The good thing is Cassie interviewed people who, like me, are totally aware of what the Manosphere is and can effectively counter them and expose them for the misogynists they are.

There’s one scene in the preview where she’s having some psychological issues where she thinks she’s being gaslighted by these men. Hint: you are Cassie.

“The Red Pill” documentary extended sneak preview – YouTube

She’s asking for almost 100,000.00 to finish the film on a kickstarter. I won’t be donating. I’ve heard enough of woman hating to last me a lifetime.

A Voice For Men’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month: ‘Insufferable Bitches On Wheels.’

It’s time for Domestic Violence Awareness month with your host A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam.

‘That’s right. Insufferable bitches on wheels.’~ Paul Elam

Elam has written a long, ragey mansplain blaming women for male violence. He thinks women can tell whether men are violent or not, when just the opposite is true.

To simplify this process I’ll sum it up the MRA position:

I’m a nice guy! Why won’t you fuck me?!

Men are incapable of doing any structural analysis, as Elam proves time and time again. He thinks domestic violence is where a woman chooses an ‘Alpha male’ because he’s good in bed, but then Elam blames her because he beats her. It’s impossible for men to be good in bed and decent human beings who don’t beat women according to men’s rights whackos. The truth is, they’re describing themselves and their failures with women.

These men are saying, in plain English, that they’re violent men. Every time the MRA’s write about domestic violence there’s an undercurrent of sexual violence. You just know these MRA’s are batterers and porn addicts.

The guys who will treat you nice don’t do a thing for you. Likely as not they would drive you right back into Mr. Smashmouth’s arms for an ass-kicking just to relieve the boredom.’ ~Paul Elam

But, I’m a nice guy!!!!!!!11111111111

‘You may have to face the fact that you need to be alone till your looks start slipping and you are willing to settle for stable over steamy. If you mature enough before you get yourself killed, you might do it.
You don’t want to deal with a violence partner? Fine, don’t sleep with abusers and don’t be an abuser. It is just that simple even if it is not that easy.’~Paul Elam
It always revolves around sex for these losers. Always.
The next part of the article deals with Elam’s personal rage at women. This is where the deadbeat drug addict and failed father comes right to the surface. His failures in life are directly reflected in his rage-outs as well as his seething anger at his mommy. I mean, he actually  writes ‘fictional’ stories about beating women up as David Futrelle discovered.
‘After we acknowledge the real, plausible victims of unidirectional, unprovoked abuse we have to talk to you ladies who wind up with a smacking after months or years of psychologically abusing and undermining a man who does not have the good sense to kick you to the curb. Too many words? OK, to you insufferable bitches.’~Paul Elam
See what I mean?
Then he perfectly describes himself and other MRA’s in the bass ackwards projection we’ve come to adore about MRA’s.
They displace all their life’s frustrations and failures, which are many, onto whoever is unfortunate enough to be yoked to them. They care about one thing and one thing only, control. And they will use shame, humiliation, family, the cops and anyone or anything else they can to acquire it.’~Paul Elam
Here’s more wish fulfillment:
Is our insufferable bitch to get an ass-kicking? Oh hell yes. In all likelihood many of them. The only benefit any of those ass-kickings will serve is to give her stories to tell about the bastards who abused her when she is with her girlfriends or on a first date with the next man she is going to drive to violence.’~Paul Elam
Now for the really odd stuff. Elam wrote that the ‘holy spirit’ invaded him and got him to write this rage splurge:
‘Upon occasion, like right now, my body and mind are invaded by the Holy Spirit.’~Paul Elam
More like a rage boner.
All kidding aside, one thing I’ve heard from many women who’ve been in relationships with violent males is that they change quickly. These men present themselves as ‘normal’ but later on they suddenly change. These women talk about the sudden personality shift in the men that are violent. In fact, this personality shift has been heavily talked about in domestic violence research. So I found it quite telling that while Elam is blaming women for not knowing their partner is violent, he is showing the very warning signs of a domestic predator.
‘…like I said the spirt is in control, not me.’~Paul Elam
He’s admitting that he has these moments where he rages, and like the typical violent man, he thinks he’s God. I truly feel for whatever woman comes in contact with him. He’s stated in the past that he has a live in girlfriend but I’m beginning to doubt this. In the Buzzfeed article they tried contacting one of his ex wives for comment and none of them would talk about him and one even said she was afraid of him.
His second wife did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ repeated requests for comment. His third wife would not speak on the record — because she believes Elam will retaliate against her if she does — other than to say: “I never want to have any contact with him ever again, ever.”~Buzzfeed
In domestic violence literature one of the red flags is this kind of ‘sudden mood swing.’ If you search Google right now for how to recognize a violent batterer, this will be high on the list.
 beware the flying rage head copy

Gender Neutral Bathrooms a Failure, Plus Latest Debacle With Julie Bindel and Manchester University

University of Toronto women are being filmed in ‘gender neutral’ bathrooms, or washrooms as we say in Canucky land. This highlights the fact that women need their civil rights to privacy. This will not get better.

Voyeurism incidents lead to closure of Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Toronto College Campus | GenderTrender

I feel the need to reiterate that I want privacy from males in public washrooms. I can’t stress this enough. Remember when Sage Gerard, a men’s rights whacko, went into the women’s bathrooms on his college campus to put up A Voice for Men propaganda? He got in shit for that but all he truly needed to is say ‘I identify as a woman.’

A Voice for Men puts up the proof that Sage Gerard went into women’s restrooms on Kennesaw State University

How do you feel about that liberal feminists? Do you want men’s rights activists waltzing in on your private spaces? I certainly don’t but that’s where this is going folks. This just shows how silly ‘gender identity’ is.

It reminds me of Lila Perry, a male, who wasn’t content using a unisex washroom. He swaggered around in a skirt with his dick flopping around, visible to all, while claiming 12 year old girls were bigots. So how is it a stretch that an MRA could put on a skirt and get right in on our spaces?

More Turds From the Liberal Feminist Movement

Julie Bindel is getting the shit kicked out of her, again, by Manchester University. The irony was she was going to give a talk called ‘‘From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?’’ ManU no platformed her but is totally content with having a Gamergate/Men’s Rights activist Milo Yianopoulous speak. You heard that correctly. They told a lesbian feminist she was too dangerous and gave a green light to a rabid misogynist who says that transgender is a psychological condition that needs therapy, not surgery. The organizers of the event aren’t happy about the no platforming and wrote a response.

Jess Lishak, Man U’s ‘women officer’ erased her explanation of the whacko decision to ban Julie and welcome Milo but it was captured.  

Guess who’s doing the silencing?  Women of course.  These lovely Liberal feminists.

I tweeted Man U yesterday


This comes on the heels of the Feminism in London crap where Bindel stuck up for transmale Jane Fae by calling women bullies and pulling out of the con. While I like Julie Bindel and have promoted her fundraising on this site, I think there’s some poetic justice in this.

It’s not that I like her being no platformed, I don’t. I just think she should’ve centered women during the FiL debacle and stuck to her guns. I get that she doesn’t like being no-platformed by a bunch of 18 y/o women who are more concerned with porno-manfeelz than liberation but we need some consistency here. What happened at FiL wasn’t ‘no platforming.’ It was women voicing an opinion and to this day nobody has given a single bit of evidence there was ‘bullying.’

If you’re reading this Julie, I hope you shout this latest debacle at ManU from the rooftops. It is one of those moments that deserves to be televised everywhere and shown for the woman hating censorship it is. I’m just incredibly disappointed you turned away from your sisters at FiL and called them bullies. If you used that as an opportunity to show you’re not a TERF then I can’t abide by that. You could’ve handled that much better than you did.  Live and learn I suppose.

Never center men in feminism

Never center men in feminism

Never center men in femin..


aw fuck it.



Sunday Radfem Roundup


This week’s first post is very disturbing. It’s about a 16 y/o girl who found out her younger brother was stealing her underwear and, in all likelihood, masturbating with them. She went to reddit and a bunch of grown men MtT told her she should stay silent about it, not tell her parents, and buy her brother some girls underpants so he’d stop stealing hers. Oh, and not kill himself. This is autogynephilia.

Speaking of autogynephilia, I asked a MtT this very question and got a very honest answer when I appeared on Mark and Lyanna’s show ‘TRTV’. You can watch me work my magic crone. I was so electric that the video couldn’t capture the croneness I was exuding. I literally became Maxine Headroom. ‘Goddamnit lady, that camera can’t keep up!’ So you don’t give yourself a migraine, just play the audio. Don’t panic. I will be having a mega fundraiser of all fundraisers so I can get myself a new ‘puter because while I might last another 10 years, my ‘puter won’t.

“Transgender people kill themselves for less” – 16 year old girl is advised to buy her brother panties so he won’t kill himself | Transgender Reality

A bunch of top pediatricians in the US have had enough of the transborg experimenting on children and have come out with a letter saying so:

Top pediatricians REJECT puberty-blockers, “ideology-driven social experiment on vulnerable children and their families” | The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

Transborg and capitalism: a match made possible by Queer Theory:

Dudes in dresses yelling at minimum wage cafe workers, who are usually female. Identity Politics and Class Analysis by cheki

Dysphoria is such a bullshit diagnosis so Ann Tagonist explains why:

 Man, I Don’t Really Feel Like A Woman | ann tagonist

What comes to mind when you imagine ‘ethical porn?’ Jean Hatchet shares exactly what comes to her mind:

Jean Hatchet talks about the bullshit of ‘ethical porn’ (includes link to Gail Dines latest on BBC Four)

Lesbian stuff, for the warriors in my audience:

Honey Lee Cottrell Dies by VABVOX

We all know what kind of a man is a rapist:

Real Men, Really? by hrimfaxi, a dark horse; real men rape

Prostitution abolitionists will be interested in this interview:

Tanya Rahm on Liberation Language : Die Welt Interview with former prostituted woman Tanja Rahm, (translated into English)

Sometimes feminists make the stinkiest turds and another feminist has to come along to clean it up.


Controversy Around Feminism in London and their upcoming Conference

Here’s the Feminism in London Position Statement, notice it says it puts women first and makes a point of putting exited women first. However, a curious thing happened when I took a screenshot of their position statement and posted it on Twitter during the shitstorm. They fucking changed it because they realized how ridiculous they look. Here’s the statement as it appeared a few days ago

defering to menHere it is now:

defering to men CHANGED FiL

Jane Fae, a man who is supportive of porn and prostitution, was going to tell all us ladies about online misogyny in a panel talk.  Some radical feminists, survivors of prostitution, questioned this choice, and then were accused of bullying. Jane Fae wrote a letter pulling out which resulted in Caroline Criado-Perez pulling out and Julie Bindel pulling out.

This letter he wrote was more of a mantrum we’ve come to know and expect from men’s rights activists who screech ‘SEE LADIES! I’M LEAVING! WATCH ME LEAVING NOW!’ which results in women feeling guilty over his manfeelz. And boy oh boy you never want to offend a man at a feminist conference, never mind offend him before it even begins!

Women must DEFER to men.

Because a mantrum was involved the BBC got right on it because, let’s face it, the only measly hour dedicated to women (WOMAN’S HOUR) is the best place for a man to gently explain the who, what, when, where, and why of his mantrum to every woman in England. Women all over want to hear that shit because they don’t hear it enough in their day to day lives.

Even I, a Canadian, wanted to know what set this mantrum in motion. I was disappointed though because no threats and no bullying of any kind was even mentioned. Oh, he said something about safe spaces and no platforming that had nothing to do with anything. He did make a rather large point about women hating him cuz he’s trans male.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around why a man is so vital to a feminist conference, and why FiL couldn’t find a single woman to speak about online misogyny.


Here’s a woman I follow that does awesome protest art. This is Art of Dissent and the ‘Man O’Clock’


If you needed any more reason to know that A Voice for Men endorses violence against women, look no further to this graphic featured on the front page. And if you needed even MORE proof that A Voice for Men is a hangout for violent males, Paul Elam reprinted his ‘Bash a Violent Bitch Month’ for the five year anniversary. I’ve never seen men get so excited for the anniversary of male violence against women.

AVFM picture of bloody knife



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Sex matters.

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