Men’s Rights Activist Buys Domain Names To Target And Punish Women

MRA Jack Barnes has bought the domain names of several women he’s targeted for stalking and harassment. In an effort to terrorize Clementine Ford, Kerri Sackville, and Traci Spicer, Barnes has bought and the rest.

When I first heard about this, I thought it was similar to the actions of a male batterer who wants to continue to intimidate and stalk an ex. This is how personal this latest round of online terrorism seems to me. Also, during the hangout (below) Barnes and Elam were saying things to the effect of ‘if these women don’t keep their mouths shut online, we’ll publish the sites and make them live.’ That’s a threat.

His goal is to punish these women for being women who speak online about women’s rights. His intention is to have his sites, filled with hateful, misogynist articles, to come up first in a Google search. Barnes and Elam hope that these women suffer job loss and other opportunities.

In a hangout, they describe exactly what they’ve done and why they’ve done it.

I don’t know what the laws are around purchasing a domain name in anothers name and filling it with online misogyny with the express purpose of harming them. I can’t imagine this is legal to do but on the other hand, internet laws are still developing. If the women object to this, I can’t imagine any court turning them down.

Barnes and Elam are prepared for that. James Huff, who was also in the hangout, mentioned that he knows the law will intervene and that it’s a good thing because they’ll get the names of the people who support these women. Huff is the MRA responsible for finding the dox of several women on radfemhub and dropping them to the world in the Agent Orange Files.

Barnes has published I checked and the site is live. I will not link it as it’s a record of Barnes stalking her Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. In fact, she just unpublished her Facebook page.

I have archived the site in case he takes it down. I have also downloaded the video of the hangout where he admits what he’s done along with his threats.

Remember, the men’s rights movement is totally about men’s rights and not about terrorizing women.

Live Chat Comments From Elam’s Date With Roosh As Promised

I promised I would publish the live chat comments from the hangout Elam did with Roosh. The ideas these men have about women are absolutely primitive. Nay, they’re not even primitive. They are utterly disgusting.

One commenter, Andrew P,  was intent on getting all the men in the chat to understand the right way to treat women.


There is no secretive misogyny from Patrick. These men are totally honest about it.


Chip Whitley has a plan for women, and that’s popping out kids and being chained up in the kitchen.


A surprising comment by Dan Perrins who questioned these Conservative Roosh followers about their ideas, to no avail.


Clockworkelves doesn’t want women in any leadership positions because it makes him sad.

4Chip Whitley reminds the men that equality isn’t good in a marriage, but it has nothing to do with those evil Muslim darkies and their Sharia law.17

The hope we had for Dan Perrins is quickly shattered as the dudes share their plans for wives who have had kids and gain extra weight.


The next time dudes say there’s no such thing as patriarchy, remind them of this post. The male need to control and dominate women is a conscious process of men, not an unconscious one. I see neoliberal feminists cave in to MRA’s on this point. They continually remind men that patriarchy isn’t purposeful and that men don’t even know they’re doing it.

They clearly do know.

Aurini was also present in the hangout and shared.


Finally, the men admit they don’t use their brains. The men’s rights movement is really about their dicks. Truest shit ever.



Protecting Yourself Online and Offline From Men’s Rights Activists: The Big Post

halloween fundraiser copy

I am taking donations now and will be doing a long fundraiser. I survive on disability, which isn’t much and spend my time working to protect women from MRA’s and male supremacists. My donate button is under mine and Boogie’s mouse picture on the right sidebar. All your help is much appreciated. The winter season is the worst for me financially. Help out a disabled sister. I need a new computer or else I won’t be doing this work much longer. ~Diana aka HMQ

I get this question so damned often I’m going to write a post about it. Ladies, it’s time to clean up your social media accounts and take back control. Here I present 3 sections, or 3 tactics, that men’s rights weirdos use to lure you in. This post is for you, so if you don’t want to waste your time, you can spot them right away.

online misogyny Youtube

MRA’s on Youtube gathering to harass a woman online

The first thing you must learn is how MRA’s talk and their tactics. MRA’s are ‘Chairborne Rangers’, which means they sit in their parents house and scream at women online and sometimes they’ll take it offline too, this is especially truein Canada.

There are two distinct types of MRA: the older bitter divorced male and the young bitter male who is unsuccessful in relating to women.

Occasionally, you’ll get a female handmaiden but they aren’t very common at all. Many MRA’s pretend they’re women online because they think it gives them legitimacy, which is rather ironic. MRA’s are mostly republicans and libertarians but I’m seeing more left wing men embrace their lingo and tactics.

Over here at Mancheeze, we feel totally comfortable saying all men are misogynists to one degree or another. These loser men spend hours on the internet searching for articles on feminism and women in order to find the ones that offend their feelz. They use Google Alerts for precisely this purpose.

They are also serial stalkers and doxxers of women. Please protect your information. If you are being harassed in any way CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t think you’re wasting their time, because you’re not. The best strategy is documenting everything these men do on social media and giving it to the police. You pay taxes, you pay police salaries.

Tactic 1

The primary tactic MRA’s use is the bad faith questioning/statement tactic. It’s usually an innocuous Captain Obvious kind of question that they know you’ll answer in the affirmative. Trust me though, they’re not listening to you. They only use this tactic in order to spew their rhetoric at you. It goes something like this:

‘Did you know or do you agree that men are affected by domestic violence, rape, false rape allegations, corrupt family courts, suicide, etc?’

You will answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions because every once in a while these things do happen. They just don’t happen at the same rate and frequency he thinks they do. Sometimes he’ll launch immediately into his rhetoric, sometimes not. If he does go immediately below to tactic 2 and 3. This allows him to then ask the next bad faith question/statement:

‘What is feminism doing about those things?’ or ‘What has feminism done for you?’

OR he’ll say

‘The Men’s Rights movement is doing something about it.’

Depending on your mileage, you can give him a short answer or a long one but ultimately, you’re wasting your time. We all know feminism is the principal movement that deals with these issues and has been the leading force, but he doesn’t want to hear it.

Tactic 2

Next comes the Men’s Rights LITANY. It’s sorta like Frank Herbert’s ‘fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death’ litany but much much longer and more mansplainy. If he mentions any of these things in this list, he’s an MRA:

  • feminazi
  • Warren Farrell
  • the draft, which doesn’t exist anymore
  • ‘I’m all for equality.’
  • but women CHOOSE prostitution!
  • gynocentrism
  • traditionalism
  • the Titanic lifeboats
  • feminism is a CIA plot
  • child support
  • child custody
  • ‘you’re using shaming language!’
  • radical feminists
  • the 1 in 4 rape stat is wrong and ‘men get raped more!’
  • male suicide
  • male circumcision/ intactivism
  • the wage gap is a lie
  • Big Red or ‘feminists pulled a fire alarm’
  • free speech and cries of censorship
  • the glass cellar
  • Earl Silverman
  • but there’s no domestic violence shelters for men!
  • Erin Pizzey or ‘the woman who started the first shelter for women’
  • boys are behind girls in school
  • there’s little to no men going to college or uni
  • child custody aka father’s rights
  • false rape accusations
  • there is no rape culture!
  • women get less jail time than men for the same crime
  • men’s reproductive rights aka paper abortion aka male pill
  • the draft (which doesn’t exist anymore)
  • women live longer than men
  • men built everything!
  • paternity fraud
  • they paint women as sex predators of boys
  • Anita Sarkeesian, video games, and Gamergate

Basically these men feel they’re the most oppressed on the planet while each and every bit of evidence we’ve gathered and is legitimate shows exactly the opposite. What they want is male supremacy and to step all over women’s gains.

Tactic 3

The next thing he’ll do is give you his standard link list to a whole bunch of cherry picked studies, studies he has misinterpreted, and other assorted crap that he wants you to read. He won’t accept anything but your full agreement. His aim is for you to denounce feminism completely.

  • Fiebert bibliography on domestic violence
  • the CDC study on rape and sexual assault
  • erroneous blog links
  • White Ribbon. ORG ( a fake DV site they made to mimic and internationally recognized White Ribbon.CA site)
  • links to A Voice for Men
  • links to Canadian Association for Equality (an MRA group in Canada)
  • Youtube videos by Karen Straughan, who refuses to thank the Suffragettes for getting the right to vote
  • Psychology Today; any and all brain studies or evo psych crap that says women and men’s brains are critically different when they’re not.
  • domestic violence research by Don Dutton
  • Orwell quotes
  • books by Ernest Belford Bax, a dead misogynist (thank u!)
  • studies that claim false rape claims are everywhere
  • some shit about women abusing little boys
  • Erin Pizzey, a former feminist who lies about her dog being shot by feminists

The only other tactic MRA’s have is to use CAPSLOCK and start calling you a feminazi, whore, and cunt. A lot of their whining is of the TLDR type where they rarely use paragraph breaks and expect you to read his  ‘Asshole MANifesto’

What To Do If MRA Continues to Stalk and Harass You Online

As I said above, your first recourse, and the best one, is to call your local police. Explain to them you are being stalked by a man involved in a hate group. The Manosphere and MRA’s have been designated as ‘misogynist hate sites’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the USA. The SPLC tracks hate groups such as the KKK, and neo nazis. Guess what? They also track the Men’s rights movement.

I’ve had to call my local police, the FBI and CSIS. They are usually quite helpful.

Start a document in a word processor and search google for the screenname of the man harassing you. Chances are he’s been on several MRA websites making comments. Screencap where he harasses others or uses sexual threats. Get links to his videos if he has them. Chances are he’s been doing this for a while. Paste what you find into the document so you can give it to the authorities.

Giving this research this to the local police is imperative. Here is a list of links you can give to the officer when she arrives to show you’re not just some nutter wasting time:

Misogyny: The Sites | Southern Poverty Law Center

Men’s Rights Movement Spreads False Claims about Women

Intelligence Report Article Provokes Fury Among Men’s …

The next thing you can do is report it to the FBI.

FBI — Report Threats and Crime

If you’re Canadian you can contact CSIS; You usually have to snail mail them.

CSIS Contact Page

It’s highly recommended to never use your real name online. I know this poses complications for Facebook users but I still think it’s best to use a pseudonym. MRA’s are on Facebook and they do use it to gather personal information on women. I once saw English speaking MRA’s try to find a Quebec woman based on the French slogan she had on her t shirt. You have to understand these men have nothing better to do with their time than to go after you. This is their entire life. 

For Feminist Protesters

If you’re a feminist protester you will want to wear a mask of some sort to cover your face whether it’s your event or an MRA event. Don’t wear clothing with local markers on it. MRA’s are well known for video taping women at Slutwalks or other events where women gather in order to dox you.

Just last month an MRA came to Canada to give a talk and he sent his MRA followers into the streets to ‘gather intel.’  These men doxxed several women and harassed them and their families for weeks. MRA’s videotape female protesters all the time and then search for their dox.

For Women on Campus

MRA’s common target is women on campus, whether student or staff. The goal of the Manosphere is to get their hate groups on college campuses because they think radical feminists are literally running entire countries from Universities. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a radical feminist or not. That’s what you’ll be called and hey, it’s actually a compliment.

There are MRA students who may or may not be part of a ‘men’s group’ who will start postering your campus with propaganda. He’ll also try to monitor women’s studies classes. You’ll know if you have an MRA in class with you. He’ll engage the strategies and tactics above like clockwork. He might also start frivolous legal complaints with the Uni. If you happen to be the woman he targets, you’ll have to get the University involved quickly and tell them about the SPLC and the fact that men’s groups are misogynist hate groups. They might not listen. In fact, in my view, Universities are the weakest link in the chain. If you have access to a lawyer, get one.

This is where it gets tricky.

He’ll whine about free speech. It must be remembered that he’s not doing this in good faith. He’s there to spread a message of hatred and misogyny. His actions will be erratic. One MRA Sage Gerard snuck into the women’s bathroom on a US campus to put up A Voice for Men propaganda. His behaviour on campus is the issue. Remember that. It’s not about free speech. It’s about his behaviour and the misogyny he spews.

He’ll videotape your classrooms, students, and upload them to Youtube where him and other MRA’s will mock them and trade the personal information of female students. If you confront him he’ll lie and tell you he’s an ‘egalitarian’ who has no ties to A Voice for Men. This is the current situation with the Canadian Association for Equality. They put on a good face while they undermine women at every turn.

These lists above are by no means complete but they will help you get familiar.  In fact, I will add to it if anyone comments below with more information.

Even though I spend a ton of time in the Manosphere, keeping that much memory reserved for them is difficult. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve spent so much time researching them that I can smell them a mile away.

Please consider donating to me. This is my full time activity, well, not all of it. Much of it I don’t talk about since I can’t put that kind of stuff online or else I’d get attacked. Scroll up to the top under my and Boogie’s picture and find the donate button.

For further perusal:

Here’s a real life example of an MRA going to Slutwalk and using bad faith questions in order to mansplain to women his absurd positions and cherry picked ‘data.’

Here’s a video of Dan Perrins, a Canadian MRA from Hamilton, Ontario. Dan loves to approach women in public, get pushy, and then claim they’re harassing him. Dan is also responsible for telling Jeff Sharlet of GQ magazine that he ‘should’ve killed the bitch (his ex).’

Dan has a criminal record and he’s also called the police on me for using the internet, even though he’s been blocked across all my social media platforms for a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan has several police reports on him by women he’s stalked and harassed while doing ‘activism’ for Paul Elam.

Dan likes to call abuse hotlines for women and do the MRA bobbly head routine. Dan is very aggressive and unstable.

A Voice For Men’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month: ‘Insufferable Bitches On Wheels.’

It’s time for Domestic Violence Awareness month with your host A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam.

‘That’s right. Insufferable bitches on wheels.’~ Paul Elam

Elam has written a long, ragey mansplain blaming women for male violence. He thinks women can tell whether men are violent or not, when just the opposite is true.

To simplify this process I’ll sum it up the MRA position:

I’m a nice guy! Why won’t you fuck me?!

Men are incapable of doing any structural analysis, as Elam proves time and time again. He thinks domestic violence is where a woman chooses an ‘Alpha male’ because he’s good in bed, but then Elam blames her because he beats her. It’s impossible for men to be good in bed and decent human beings who don’t beat women according to men’s rights whackos. The truth is, they’re describing themselves and their failures with women.

These men are saying, in plain English, that they’re violent men. Every time the MRA’s write about domestic violence there’s an undercurrent of sexual violence. You just know these MRA’s are batterers and porn addicts.

The guys who will treat you nice don’t do a thing for you. Likely as not they would drive you right back into Mr. Smashmouth’s arms for an ass-kicking just to relieve the boredom.’ ~Paul Elam

But, I’m a nice guy!!!!!!!11111111111

‘You may have to face the fact that you need to be alone till your looks start slipping and you are willing to settle for stable over steamy. If you mature enough before you get yourself killed, you might do it.
You don’t want to deal with a violence partner? Fine, don’t sleep with abusers and don’t be an abuser. It is just that simple even if it is not that easy.’~Paul Elam
It always revolves around sex for these losers. Always.
The next part of the article deals with Elam’s personal rage at women. This is where the deadbeat drug addict and failed father comes right to the surface. His failures in life are directly reflected in his rage-outs as well as his seething anger at his mommy. I mean, he actually  writes ‘fictional’ stories about beating women up as David Futrelle discovered.
‘After we acknowledge the real, plausible victims of unidirectional, unprovoked abuse we have to talk to you ladies who wind up with a smacking after months or years of psychologically abusing and undermining a man who does not have the good sense to kick you to the curb. Too many words? OK, to you insufferable bitches.’~Paul Elam
See what I mean?
Then he perfectly describes himself and other MRA’s in the bass ackwards projection we’ve come to adore about MRA’s.
They displace all their life’s frustrations and failures, which are many, onto whoever is unfortunate enough to be yoked to them. They care about one thing and one thing only, control. And they will use shame, humiliation, family, the cops and anyone or anything else they can to acquire it.’~Paul Elam
Here’s more wish fulfillment:
Is our insufferable bitch to get an ass-kicking? Oh hell yes. In all likelihood many of them. The only benefit any of those ass-kickings will serve is to give her stories to tell about the bastards who abused her when she is with her girlfriends or on a first date with the next man she is going to drive to violence.’~Paul Elam
Now for the really odd stuff. Elam wrote that the ‘holy spirit’ invaded him and got him to write this rage splurge:
‘Upon occasion, like right now, my body and mind are invaded by the Holy Spirit.’~Paul Elam
More like a rage boner.
All kidding aside, one thing I’ve heard from many women who’ve been in relationships with violent males is that they change quickly. These men present themselves as ‘normal’ but later on they suddenly change. These women talk about the sudden personality shift in the men that are violent. In fact, this personality shift has been heavily talked about in domestic violence research. So I found it quite telling that while Elam is blaming women for not knowing their partner is violent, he is showing the very warning signs of a domestic predator.
‘…like I said the spirt is in control, not me.’~Paul Elam
He’s admitting that he has these moments where he rages, and like the typical violent man, he thinks he’s God. I truly feel for whatever woman comes in contact with him. He’s stated in the past that he has a live in girlfriend but I’m beginning to doubt this. In the Buzzfeed article they tried contacting one of his ex wives for comment and none of them would talk about him and one even said she was afraid of him.
His second wife did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ repeated requests for comment. His third wife would not speak on the record — because she believes Elam will retaliate against her if she does — other than to say: “I never want to have any contact with him ever again, ever.”~Buzzfeed
In domestic violence literature one of the red flags is this kind of ‘sudden mood swing.’ If you search Google right now for how to recognize a violent batterer, this will be high on the list.
 beware the flying rage head copy

Sunday Radfem Roundup


This week’s first post is very disturbing. It’s about a 16 y/o girl who found out her younger brother was stealing her underwear and, in all likelihood, masturbating with them. She went to reddit and a bunch of grown men MtT told her she should stay silent about it, not tell her parents, and buy her brother some girls underpants so he’d stop stealing hers. Oh, and not kill himself. This is autogynephilia.

Speaking of autogynephilia, I asked a MtT this very question and got a very honest answer when I appeared on Mark and Lyanna’s show ‘TRTV’. You can watch me work my magic crone. I was so electric that the video couldn’t capture the croneness I was exuding. I literally became Maxine Headroom. ‘Goddamnit lady, that camera can’t keep up!’ So you don’t give yourself a migraine, just play the audio. Don’t panic. I will be having a mega fundraiser of all fundraisers so I can get myself a new ‘puter because while I might last another 10 years, my ‘puter won’t.

“Transgender people kill themselves for less” – 16 year old girl is advised to buy her brother panties so he won’t kill himself | Transgender Reality

A bunch of top pediatricians in the US have had enough of the transborg experimenting on children and have come out with a letter saying so:

Top pediatricians REJECT puberty-blockers, “ideology-driven social experiment on vulnerable children and their families” | The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

Transborg and capitalism: a match made possible by Queer Theory:

Dudes in dresses yelling at minimum wage cafe workers, who are usually female. Identity Politics and Class Analysis by cheki

Dysphoria is such a bullshit diagnosis so Ann Tagonist explains why:

 Man, I Don’t Really Feel Like A Woman | ann tagonist

What comes to mind when you imagine ‘ethical porn?’ Jean Hatchet shares exactly what comes to her mind:

Jean Hatchet talks about the bullshit of ‘ethical porn’ (includes link to Gail Dines latest on BBC Four)

Lesbian stuff, for the warriors in my audience:

Honey Lee Cottrell Dies by VABVOX

We all know what kind of a man is a rapist:

Real Men, Really? by hrimfaxi, a dark horse; real men rape

Prostitution abolitionists will be interested in this interview:

Tanya Rahm on Liberation Language : Die Welt Interview with former prostituted woman Tanja Rahm, (translated into English)

Sometimes feminists make the stinkiest turds and another feminist has to come along to clean it up.


Controversy Around Feminism in London and their upcoming Conference

Here’s the Feminism in London Position Statement, notice it says it puts women first and makes a point of putting exited women first. However, a curious thing happened when I took a screenshot of their position statement and posted it on Twitter during the shitstorm. They fucking changed it because they realized how ridiculous they look. Here’s the statement as it appeared a few days ago

defering to menHere it is now:

defering to men CHANGED FiL

Jane Fae, a man who is supportive of porn and prostitution, was going to tell all us ladies about online misogyny in a panel talk.  Some radical feminists, survivors of prostitution, questioned this choice, and then were accused of bullying. Jane Fae wrote a letter pulling out which resulted in Caroline Criado-Perez pulling out and Julie Bindel pulling out.

This letter he wrote was more of a mantrum we’ve come to know and expect from men’s rights activists who screech ‘SEE LADIES! I’M LEAVING! WATCH ME LEAVING NOW!’ which results in women feeling guilty over his manfeelz. And boy oh boy you never want to offend a man at a feminist conference, never mind offend him before it even begins!

Women must DEFER to men.

Because a mantrum was involved the BBC got right on it because, let’s face it, the only measly hour dedicated to women (WOMAN’S HOUR) is the best place for a man to gently explain the who, what, when, where, and why of his mantrum to every woman in England. Women all over want to hear that shit because they don’t hear it enough in their day to day lives.

Even I, a Canadian, wanted to know what set this mantrum in motion. I was disappointed though because no threats and no bullying of any kind was even mentioned. Oh, he said something about safe spaces and no platforming that had nothing to do with anything. He did make a rather large point about women hating him cuz he’s trans male.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around why a man is so vital to a feminist conference, and why FiL couldn’t find a single woman to speak about online misogyny.


Here’s a woman I follow that does awesome protest art. This is Art of Dissent and the ‘Man O’Clock’


If you needed any more reason to know that A Voice for Men endorses violence against women, look no further to this graphic featured on the front page. And if you needed even MORE proof that A Voice for Men is a hangout for violent males, Paul Elam reprinted his ‘Bash a Violent Bitch Month’ for the five year anniversary. I’ve never seen men get so excited for the anniversary of male violence against women.

AVFM picture of bloody knife



Canadian Association For Equality and Men’s Rights Edmonton Threaten Women, Then Dox Them

Canadian Association for Equality is a men’s rights group bent on harming women. They try very hard to disassociate themselves from other men’s rights groups but they are all the same.

On June 9, 2015 Eric Duckman aka Nick Reading of Men’s Rights Edmonton uploaded a video titled ‘Let’s Identify Some Asshats’. The video was live footage from CAFE’s inaugural event in Ottawa. There were several female protesters at the event that were filmed. The Men’s Rights Edmonton video asked other MRA’s to find the personal information of the women.

Eric Duckman's video

Eric Duckman’s video

He then uploaded another video called ‘I Still Want Names’ to reiterate his point. He was upset that A Voice for Men didn’t link directly to his video on their site when they initially had posted it. He said the intention of doxxing is to ‘punish’ these women for protesting.

I still Want names mens rights edmonton

True to form, MRA’s went to work digging up information on the women to harass them. The names of two of the women were dropped in the comment section of this video along with links to their Facebook profiles. One girl was said to be 15 years old. Another woman they doxxed was so badly harassed she had to take her Facebook page down. CAFE and Men’s rights Edmonton take this as a victory. They successfully harassed another woman to the point she has to go into hiding.

We know it won’t stop there.

CAFE will likely play this off as ‘extremist MRA’s’ who they’re not associated with but it’s pretty hard to do this when you get money from A Voice for Men’s coffers directly from Paul Elam and all your members are associated with one another. Plus, it’s CAFE’s video footage shot at their event. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Doxxing photo w redacted names

Doxxing the two women on Youtube with links to their facebook accounts.

If you want to keep up with Roosh V’s doc dropping, online and offline harassment, and other sordid crap please go here.

Paul Elam’s Nonviolence Turns Violent After Roosh’s Canadian Experience UPDATES LIVE

As an example of how the entire Manosphere closes ranks, Elam took to Twitter to threaten to shoot someone over Roosh V.

Paul Elam incites his male audience to do violence against women.

In a bizarre rant sticking up for Roosh, the dude who advocates for rape to be legal on private property, Elam has told women that he will kill them in an article called ‘Don’t mistake my nonviolence for pacifism.’

Roosh is currently in Canada spreading his hatred of women while lots of women are protesting and have petitioned to keep Roosh from crossing the border. The petition sparked Roosh to make a plan to harm these women, target them online, and dox them. This is a typical strategy MRA’s use. One MRA will post that he wants the dox of female protestors and the information gathered is then disseminated to the audience so that each man can take his violence out on her online and offline.

There’s a reason why it’s called the Manosphere. There is no distinction among the various groups. Each group (PUA, MRA, MGTOW) all have different strategies to harm women but they’re all hateful misogynists and they close ranks whenever one is being protested.

Elam has taken this opportunity of Roosh being protested to tell women that he will kill us and what they’ll use to do it.  He uses a very sarcastic tweet he found on Twitter as his ‘justification.’ Someone joked on Twitter that beer was flammable and that Roosh had a drink thrown on him for grabbing a woman by the waist and dragging her into a bar.

It’s pretty obvious that this was a joke and nobody would actually think someone would catch on fire if someone threw a smoke at him. Well, MRA’s clearly don’t understand that it’s 1) a very sarcastic joke that 2) is very unlikely to ever manifest.

‘In the case of Roosh, a feminist threw a drink on him. Another feminist on Twitter suggested that people should pay attention to the fact that alcohol is combustible. It was retweeted and favorited several times.’~Paul Elam

The woman who threw the drink on him who might not even be a feminist wrote about the experience:

It was videotaped too! Watch Roosh the rapist get what he deserves for grabbing a woman by the waist and dragging her into a bar.

And then a different woman on Twitter joked that the beer might be flammable and told people to throw things at Roosh. It was quite clearly a joke and over the top as she followed up with this tweet:

This sent Elam into a rage. While he said violence should be proportional, his pretzel logic kicked in.

‘The problem in this scenario is that the decision on proportion is not quite that simple.’~Paul Elam

It’s not so simple because Elam really does want to enact violence on women and he certainly wants his male audience to do it too.

‘Here’s the deal. Given the current climate it becomes rationally questionable whether a feminist throwing a flammable liquid on me intends to ignite it. My personal option at this point would be to assume they would. Thus I would make my response proportional to someone trying to incinerate me. That means they would have to go down and at the very least be completely incapacitated, by any means necessary.‘~Paul Elam

Taking into consideration that the tweet never directly threatened Roosh nor do women routinely go around lighting men on fire nor do people catch fire from this sort of thing, it seems Elam is just using this event as a plank from which to declare open season on women to his audience. He even commented, along with his male audience, about which gun they would use to kill women. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Paul Elam on the guns they'd use to kill women

He advocates that his male audience shouldn’t take risks and should do violence first, because we all know how likely it is that some random woman will incinerate a man after tweeting several sarcastic over-the-top scenarios.

‘I don’t suggest anyone roll the dice on these insane ideologues.’~Paul Elam

In the end Elam suggests he’s not really as non-violent as he says he is:

‘I think feminists of all kinds should be aware that belonging to a nonviolent movement does not mean you are a pacifist.

As an MHRA I am willing to die for my beliefs. I only think it prudent to caution that I am equally willing to kill to protect myself.

UPDATE Aug 10,2015 Roosh and Manosphere searching for dox on female protestors.

Roosh and the rest of the Manosphere is trying to find the personal dox of women they recorded at a protest. Roosh uploaded a video to Youtube where he’s searching, along with all the other violent men in the Manosphere for her dox.

These violent men will go to any lengths to find these women. Roosh left a comment on the video telling other men to look at her T shirt, which had a french word on it they went to the trouble of translating that represented a roller derby team. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh searching for doxRoosh Drops Dox of Woman

Roosh is now dropping the docs of a woman he thinks threw a drink on him and the Manosphere is right there to violate her through social media. The violent men in the Manosphere have declared a victory saying she’s deleting her online presence. Roosh apparently pressed charges against her but he shows what a violent male he is by dropping her dox, knowing that a lot of other violent men in the Manosphere will take their turn threatening her.

Many men on his site have talked about beating her and one wants to violently rape her in public. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh member wants to rape woman who threw drinkThis is why Roosh should never have been allowed to cross the border in the first place.

Roosh’s Butthurt Brigade Attacking Cafe in Montreal

Roosh is butthurt that someone in a cafe in Montreal publicized his location on their Instagram. He still doesn’t get it. Nobody wants him in Canada. Here’s the donotlink of his whining. He’s instructed his minions to go to the cafe’s business page on Yelp and rate it down and make negative comments.

The cafe is aware their Yelp is being brigaded by mantrolls and are doing what they can to lock the page down. Now the misters have decided they’ll give the cafe 5 stars with a shitty text review so the cafe won’t pick up on it. Could someone please tell the Cafe what these idiot males are doing? Thanks.

Toronto Doesn’t Like Creepy Misogynists Who Spread Hate Speech

Roosh’s last stop on his Canadian Tour is Toronto and several politicans want him gone. John Tory and Norm Kelly have spoken out on Twitter to tell the hosts of Roosh’s ‘seminars’ to cancel on him.

Mississauga Mayor Says Roosh is a Disgusting Misogynist

Mayor Bonnie Crombie doesn’t want Roosh in Mississauga, where he’s planning to have his ‘seminar.’ Mississauga mayor says controversial U.S. blogger, ‘Roosh V’ not welcome

In response to 40,000 Canadians not wanting him in our country, Roosh the ‘alpha male’ sure is whining about how he’s been assaulted and misrepresented in the press. It sorta goes against his facade that he’s a tough guy. Most tough guys I know can handle a rejection that involves a beer shower. Not the super alpha male Roosh. He’s convinced he’s the poor victim in all this and has written about it as if it’s some World War II battle.

Many legal experts have viewed Roosh’s ideas and have said that some of them are indeed hate speech but the border hasn’t done anything as of yet.

Women Fight Back

Women who are being targeted by Roosh during his ‘Operation Fornication’ are fighting back. The online harassment has gotten very severe and women are filing police reports. One woman who is going by ‘Vanessa’ said she won’t wait for something to happen to her.

As time passes and more women are targeted, I expect there will be more filing.

It’s gotten to the point that Roosh has had to post a bulletin on his forum telling the violent males to stay calm and not write anything violent. It’s a bit late for that. Roosh sees this as some epic battle, which it’s not. It’s just a bunch of violent males taking their rage out on women they target. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh forum warning

Roosh in Toronto

MPP Cheri DiNovo organized a protest on Saturday in a Toronto park to address issues around rape culture since Roosh promotes rape of women. It’s great that there are politicians involved. This way it will be easier to get the border police to listen.

However, the Manosphere has researched her past and found out she publicly spoke about being raped. The Manosphere went to work discrediting her and harassing her. They’re digging up her past and she’s being targeted.

Roosh’s minions were out videotaping the women for future harassment.

Meanwhile Roosh has instructed the Manosphere to video tape the women at the protest so he can identify them and target them for rape and death threats. He’s also accusing protesters of wanting to swat him and his little group of manbabies. There is no evidence of anyone swatting him since he does represent a legitimate threat to women’s safety as he’s shown in the past week with his doxxing. It’s a typical Manosphere tactic to turn it around and blame the protesters, video tape them, dox them, and then further harass them. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh instructs video taping of women Toronto

Roosh is a Rapist

Look at the pics in this tweet. Those are his own words and what he’s describing is rape.



Collection of Mainstream Articles in Canada on this issue:

Roosh V, anti-feminist blogger, launches ‘counterattack’ against Montreal protesters – Montreal – CBC News

Controversial blogger Roosh V not welcome in Montreal, tweets Denis Coderre – Montreal – CBC News

‘Roosh V is not welcome in Montreal’ — anti-feminist blogger incites backlash, demonstration | Montreal Gazette

Infamous ‘pick-up artist’ already in Canada, despite petition calling for ban | CTV News

Protest against rape culture aimed at controversial blogger – Montreal |

Toronto’s Mayor Says a Tour by ‘Neo Masculine’ Author Roosh V Should Be Canceled | TIME

Video: Psychologist insight on ‘pick-up artist’ Roosh V – CityNews

A Rape Advocate Is Targeting Canadian Women In an Online Harassment Campaign | Motherboard

MPP Cheri DiNovo petitions for Roosh V ban |


Introducing David Shackleton President of CAFE Ottawa Men’s Rights Group

David Shackleton is part of the CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality) men’s rights group. He’s president of CAFE Ottawa. CAFE made a video to promote his new book ‘Feminist Power Under the Banner of Powerlessness.’ He’s also written a book called ‘The Hand That Rocks the World’ which CAFE has promoted as well. In the video he explains how he refused to apologize to a woman he was working with for demeaning her. He mansplained to her why she had to do the photocopying while the dude engineers were paid more. He never says he was fired, but I’m guessing he didn’t last long in the working world. As CAFE has made him president of CAFE Ottawa, he was the main speaker at CAFE’s inaugural event in Ottawa.

He thinks women need men’s protection, money and political power. He proposes that men and women are unconsciously co-dependent. He thinks men have failed by ‘punishing’ women through removing their physical protection, economic abandonment and political power. Women’s three ‘power roles’ are validation of men, emotional tending of men, and giving sex to men and reproduction. Notice how the three power roles of men women are capable of doing themselves while women’s role (gender) is all focused around men’s needs? That my friends, is gender, and Shackleton worships it.

masculine and feminine

From David Shackelton’s post on MenWeb

For a moment I’d like to focus on gender and women. We say as radical feminists that gender isn’t real because we know it’s just a system of power, of patriarchy, that trains women through ‘gender’ education from birth to be of service to men. Whether it’s being the nurturer or the object of sexual gratification, it’s the system of male power that puts women in the subservient role. In other words, women can and do discard ‘gender.’

My sister Dirt who runs the blog The dirt from Dirt is one such woman. She, along with many lesbians, has thrown ‘gender’ in the garbage. This is how we know gender isn’t real: lesbian existence. This is also why men target lesbians for corrective rape. ‘Gender’ is why society sees lesbians as a warped version of a male because in patriarchy you are either feminine submissive or you are male dominant. Since lesbians don’t service men through ‘gender’ they become the dispossessed.

The freedom of women will be led by lesbians. I am convinced of that.

Boys tend to absorb and manifest those behaviours and attitudes described above as masculine, and girls to value and embrace the complementary feminine set. One consequence of that, of course, is that men and women are pychologically drawn to each other. The opposites attract because we unconsciously seek out what we lack.’~David Shackleton

David Shackleton: neckbeard misogynist who thinks women are evil doers.

Back to Shackleton. He was part of the father’s rights movement that was prominent in the early 90’s in Canada. He’s characteristically divorced (no surprise there.) His wife took the dog and told him she was going to the vets office and then phoned him to tell him she had left him this way because she was concerned for her safety. He uses this story to claim he doesn’t benefit from male violence, which he does.

He thinks feminists aren’t compassionate to men and we need to ‘feel’ men’s feelings. He wants women to be ‘held accountable‘ which usually means abused by men. His worship of gender is complete but of course can’t properly define them in any way that would make a lick of sense except to say the highest feminine archetype is ‘love’ and for masculine it’s ‘truth and the objective world.’ He’s just another Jungian rip-off psychobabbler, catering his crap theories around hatred of women.

‘Feminists are pushing into men’s areas,’ he chides, ‘and men are giving them more and appeasing, like Nazi Germany.’ He compares feminists to nazis again in his recent interview with CAFE.

‘The majority of women’s issue have been settled, they’re already in law.’

Knobhead. I can make laws against rape all day dude but if our society doesn’t change how it views issues around rape, like untested rape kits, victim blaming, male violence due to gender training, and how we count sexual assaults in statistics then I can prattle on about the law too. I can also tell you about laws made to protect the working woman but it’s no use if the employer discriminates and under his breath and won’t hire young women for fear of their biology. Look at the Tim Hunt issue. This dude is a Nobel laureate and during a public talk said:

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them, they cry.”

Notice first that he doesn’t call them women, but ‘girls’ as if they were children. He suggested sex segregated labs so that the wimminz aren’t tempting his dick and so the men can do ‘true science’ without hearing women crying, because we all know that’s what women do. Ever wonder why STEM fields are so difficult for women? This is the patriarchal attitude in every man that makes decisions about hiring, firing, promoting, work assignments and pay. Of course MRA’s and the other sexist menfolk are up in arms that Hunt was fired from his University post. ‘It’s just a joke!’


Shackleton thinks sexism and woman-hating are just jokes. ‘Issues that aren’t issues will get raised with great hysteria.’

He doesn’t think there’s a rape culture but a ‘moral panic.’ He’s not the first men’s rights weirdo that can’t get the definition of rape culture correct. The real problem he says is men being raped.

Shackleton’s website ‘MenWeb‘ is a good read if you want to understand how he compares women to children and Nazis. Because he worships gender and female submission he thinks women have no reason to fight for our rights. Women are too emotional to have an argument for their liberation in his mind.

‘modern feminist arguments always reveal themselves to be built not on objective gender equality but on female superiority.’~ David Shackleton

He labels feminism an ‘evil ideology’ based on ‘archetypally feminine child abuse.’ He also sounds like he’s against abortion like many other MRA’s including Paul Elam and Dean Esmay. He worries that women’s sexual attractiveness is getting out of hand and men are sexual psychopaths that never stop thinking about women’s body parts:

‘We have sexual harassment laws addressing the ways that men might abuse women’s sexuality in the workplace, but no laws addressing (or even acknowledging) women’s use of their sexuality to unfairly advance their careers.’

He denies the pay gap and compares women to welfare bums:

‘They want to increase their consumption without any increase in their production. They want a legal entitlement to it. And they’re getting it. Their goal is to regress women to the state of childhood: i.e., rights without responsibilities, consumption without production.’

His goals is to take the evil women down some notches. Notice he’s hurling this not at feminists but WOMEN:

‘we have to take women off the pedestal, and we won’t do that as a culture until we see the evil that they do.’

CAFE has a a lot of questions to answer. They claim they’re not against women but have a president that thinks women are evil. I recommend that all feminist activists in Canada who are monitoring CAFE take note of this. It’s clear to me that we have a serious problem in Canadian Universities and CAFE, along with its counterpart A Voice for Men, are the main reasons for this problem.

I was just reading the report on Dalhousie Dentistry whereby a group of men set up a private Facebook account where they expressed incredible misogyny, racism and homophobia. One of the defenders of the men claimed the reaction to the misogyny was ‘self justified  misandry  [hatred  of  men]  in  the  name  of  fighting  misogyny.’ ~pg 12 This is a hint that MRA’s are on Canadian campuses and injecting their particular brand of asshattery and misogyny into the mix.

CAFE has done everything it can to present itself to the public as an equality group but they are far from that. Their group is made up of men like Shackleton who would love nothing more than to hurt women in any way he can.

Another Violent, Entitled White Male Kills Nine People: Early MRA Response UPDATED

Twenty-one year old white male terrorist Dylann Roof shot up a church and killed 9 people. It’s common knowledge that MRA’s are in bed with white nationalists and racists. The hatred and misogyny the Manosphere preaches appeals to them. A Voice for Men is already worried that Dylann will be identified as part of the Manosphere. Dylann was described as adrift and a video game addict who would spend long hours doing nothing. It wouldn’t be the first time the Manosphere defended violent white males. MRA’s were very upset when Alex Kozak shot a woman after she accused him of sexual assault.They defended him.

On cue Dean Esmay posted in r/mensrights that the killer Dylann Storm Roof will somehow become part of the Manosphere. In fact, some of these creepy males are already hailing him. From Chateau Heartiste comments:


Let’s say what needs to be said – Dylan roof is a hero. He will likely be executed-even liberals will be for executing this guy. He was completely correct that apes rape our women. And of course, they kill plenty of our men and women, something never mentioned on the media outlets.

He gave his life for making America a better place. We need more Dylan roofs.

One commenter said 8chan was reporting this (the link is now dead).

Short time reader, first time commenter

/pol/ is saying he got cucked and had a felony drug charge, fwiw

Cuck is cuckolded. Once again the Manosphere finds a way to blame women for male violence.

Paul Joseph Watson, an MRA who regularly makes Youtube videos, immediately made a video trying to reframe the murders as ‘poor white males.’ Goodfella, another AVFM MRA, left a comment on the same video with almost 80 thumbs up:

goodfella on s carolina shooting by violent white maleAbsolutely disgusting eh? You should watch his dumb video. It will horrify you.

Today I woke up to another MRA post on r/mensrights that blamed feminism for targeting black men. Activist116 calls his blend of mansplainy nonsense an ‘epiphany’: ‘feminism is racism.’

In the wake of the Charleston shooting, I want to talk about an observation that I’ve made with regard to the fact that the shooter was under the belief that African Americans were sexually assaulting whites en-masse.

We are living in a new age of tough on crime politics when it comes to men being falsely accused of sexual assault. But remember, while many white men on this forum are worried about this happening to them, it has always been black men who have had to prove that they have never raped a woman. It is clear to me that their is an intersection between feminism and racism.

If this is the case FEMINISM IS RACISM.

Feminism has produced a system of procedures in all walks of life that perpetuate and maintain the power, influence and well-being of whites over black men. It originates in the operation of established and respected forces in modern society; and thus receives far less public condemnation than does individual acts of racism. Although it is a subtler force of racism, feminism is far more destructive.

Feminist ideologies maintain the suppression of black men in particular. Who gets arrested for “man-spreading?” the black man. Who will be put in jail for false rape accusations? The black man. Who overwhelmingly goes to jail for not paying child support? The black man.

Sure the guy was an loser, but I don’t think there are many black men on this forum to appreciate the fact that most of the feminist policies that we in the MRA despise overwhelmingly target Black men. Black men are feeling the onslaught of feminism the worst. The majority of men in the forum appear to be white, but really black men are in need of more help than any other group of men.

Yes, the men in MRA-land are predominately, probably 99.9% white males. That should clue in the dude but it doesn’t.

In the next few days I’m sure more MRA’s will come to the defense of yet another violent white male who sat in his room all day addicted to video games and porn and doing nothing with his life, aside from toxic and racist masculinity. Of course these whack jobs will blame it on everything other than the problem: the entitled and misogynist white male.

Last Post:

CAFE Men’s Rights Group hunts for dox of female protestors. Calls to ‘punish’ and rape them.

I Want To Rape Them: CAFE Men’s Rights Group Supporters Looking To ‘Punish’ Women

The Canadian men’s rights group CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality) has just opened up an Ottawa branch to pair up with their Toronto one. I can’t tell you how scary this is for Canadian society and of course, women. During the inaugural meeting a group of young women came to protest it. Men’s rightsters think the protestors were radical feminists which is funny because it’s obvious to anyone with a functioning brain these women aren’t radical. Even a screencapped FB post from the protestors admitting they’re socialists wasn’t enough to clue in CAFE’s supporters. Also, since CAFE is directly related to A Voice for Men and Men’s Rights Edmonton, their affiliated members are all posting the video of the protest and asking men to find out the personal information of these women.

A Voice for Men has also publicized this because AVFM and CAFE were in each others pockets at the formation of CAFE and employ the same people as well as share the same members.

Here’s one video of the protest posted by Victor Maltby:

AVFM commenters recommended using violence against these women, especially the woman who blew a whistle

pussies advocating violence

In the You Tube comment section of Victor Maltby’s video, an MRA on the comment section said we needed another Montreal Massacre. The comment was upvoted.

we need marc lepine massacreHere’s a broader sample of the comment section. These are the men behind and who support CAFE’s men’s rights group:

women screaming is their role beating up protestors bring back gas chambers bulldyke pussy stinks i want to hit that woman 2 I want to hit that woman manginas get handjobs misandrist feminists pity fucks ruin them and beat them sandy cunts beta males woman should be drawn and quartered

CAFE and their affiliates are now searching for the personal information of the young women who protested the meeting. Paul Elam has promoted the video on AVFM and Men’s Rights Edmonton has publicly and directly asked for the personal information of these women in a video titled ‘We Want Names‘ in order to ‘punish’ them since they’re angry the police didn’t arrest them.

You are allowed to demonstrate in Canada but when men’s rights groups are protested, the women are hunted, doc dropped and their personal information passed around to many unstable men who have criminal records. In fact, the main speaker in the video is David Shackleton who said feminism is the same as the ‘the historical rise of Nazism in Germany.’

Here’s David’s full quote from the site:

‘I will argue that the feminine archetype is now dominant in the western world, and that, most dangerously, we are virtually blind to the shadow side of this archetype. As a result, while we are vigilant against masculine forms of evil, feminine evil is taking over our culture, and feminism is the leading and driving ideology of this process. This situation has its roots in our childraising practice in the last fifty years, and is directly analagous to the historical rise of Nazism in Germany.’

Shackleton worked heavily in the father’s rights movement in Canada in the early 90’s pushing for equal parenting. Equal parenting involves men getting immediate custody even if they’re abusers. In fact, that’s where the concept came from, abusive dad’s. It has other names: shared parenting or equal shared parenting. The father’s rights group even made up a syndrome called ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome‘ where they gaslight their own children. These fathers blame the mother and children for not wanting contact with the abusive father. No psychological body uses this diagnosis but some lawyers have been able to argue it in court in order to place the kids back with their abusive dad’s. I’ll dig up more on Shackleton in another post.

Victor Maltby, the MRA who was at CAFE’s Ottawa meeting and who videotaped the protest, asked on Men’s Rights Edmonton’s comment section why MRA’s didn’t want to talk to the constables who didn’t arrest the protestors. The response was typical. It’s less scary to go after women and also, Eric Duckman wants to rape them.

eric duckman wants to rape female protestors

Going after the establishment=wrong. CAFE going after young women to ‘punish’ them through rape= perfect.

They intend to announce the personal information of these young college women on their various back channels and even on Youtube. I told Eric Duckman of Men’s rights Edmonton on Youtube that if he uploads any personal information or puts it in the description that I will flag it. If any MRA announces the dox I will put a link up so you can all report it. If any of you find MRA’s dropping docs on a social media platform please inform me through my email:

I don’t think it will do any good because MRA’s have their back channels where they pass around the personal information of women. However, we must do what’s right.

CAFE is very dangerous. At the beginning of this year my resolution was to expose them because I am a Canadian and I recognize that they’re the Canadian wing of A Voice for Men. From their inception they’ve been dishonest. From lying on their charity application to sneaking into the Pride parade after being told not to march is just the beginning. They’ve welcomed Tanveer Ahmed, a fired White Ribbon ambassador who blames radical feminists for men’s violence. This year they’re trying to march with Pride Toronto but from my sources they’ve been denied. I’d like to thank everyone who has written to Pride to inform them of CAFE’s true intentions. I especially want to thank Feministas of Canada who has probably done most of the leg work to expose CAFE to Pride.

If you would still like to email Pride Toronto to let them know you don’t want CAFE to ever march in Pride, click here.