Mancheeze Takes On Game of Thrones

The leading women of Game of Thrones

(Left to Right: Sansa Stark, Margaery Tyrell, Daenerys Targaryen, Brienne of Tarth, Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister)

The Autumn, my favourite season, will be here before long and this Autumn I am taking on Game of Thrones. It’ll be the Radfem Edition of Game of Thrones! I’ve read the books and faithfully watched HBO’s interpretation of George RR Martin’s story ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ We’re still waiting for Martin to finish the books as HBO is currently working on Season 7 to be aired in June 2017.

I will host this series on Youtube. Here’s my channel so you can subscribe and not miss an episode. Since there are 60 episodes so far there will be 60 videos.

Game of Thrones is set in a typical Patriarchy, with male rulers at the top and women at the bottom. Martin has put female characters front and center in leadership roles but the entire story revolves around a man.

Jon Snow as King of Westeros aka ‘How Men Think the Story Will Definitely End.’ Complete with penis sword and a wolf

Jon Snow is the typical masculine hero trope (with phallic sword) and it’s sort of a rags-to-riches, bastard-to-noble type story. However, there’s also his female opposite, Daenerys Targaryen, who is born of nobility but was denied her birthright and spends the show trying to become Queen of Westeros. Of course, in a patriarchy, women are seen as objects to be possessed through marriage even if they are of noble birth and Daenerys is currently imposing this condition of marriage slavery on herself. If she wants to rule Westeros she has to marry a powerful man. Women truly don’t get a break, even if they’re noble, powerful, possess dragons, armies, and top aides.

Game of Thrones is a typical white male fantasy story even though there are a few noble women who take leading roles. Most of the women are cast as prostituted women, complete with male abuse thrown at them from every direction. Men get to sword fight as equals but women get subjugated not only by the noble Kings but by all males in society. Women are property of all men in a patriarchy.

Game of Thrones shows grown men sexualizing a female child, more than once. This is crucial and I’ll be breaking those scenes down very critically in the videos. When I first saw those scenes I got extremely angry because even though Game of Thrones is a fantasy story, it’s a human story and only men are human in a patriarchy.

I’ve said previously that HBO pornified Game of Thrones. Gail Dines has talked a lot about how mainstream television is like watching softcore pornography. This is so true of Game of Thrones.

It’s with great pleasure I do this video series. I hope you’ll join me on Youtube. The first video will come out some time in the Fall, most likely September.


Oh I Got To Talk To an Indian Woman Alright, Just Not the Right Indian Woman

Deepika ignorantly blames feminism, not patriarchy for dowry in India

My call for Indian women was answered but not in the way I intended. I watched a TEDX talk by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj. She is a men’s rights activist and her talk was about dowry. She thinks women are abusing men by filing false dowry related complaints. Sounds like the MRA’s and false rape claims yet? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

My first question to her was to ask her whether she acknowledged that dowry was the result of patriarchy in India, you know, the idea that women are objects or property to be bought and sold?

She refused to answer that question. She wasn’t about to be honest with me.

Instead this is what she said to me:’

you and (i dunno whether ur a woman or a man) …people like you are a disgrace to every beautiful relationship between a man and a woman. I guess males in ur home think like that. Not mine. Not my father. Not my brother. Not my friends. You mean a woman should be sent butt naked to next home? You mean a father and mother have no responsibility of a daughter just because they married her? Dowry was always a right of a woman from her own home. Sickos like you distorted the very meaning of it because for you greedy souls everything that is of a husband and his family is your lottery. Are you yourself a pimp who buys and sells women? Or you are a prostitute who earns for her ownself but blame the society for putting her in it even tho she chose to. Yez i will never agree that men view women as object, when they do, she herself is making an object out of her….walking semi nude on roads. You and i wud never agree. So adios

That wasn’t enough for her. Before I could respond she shot back:

LOL and leeches in india are taking millions just after few months of marriage!!! Stop bullshitting
 And before I could respond to that, she topped it all off with this:

perfect trait of a dumb feminist

It’s pretty typical that she accuses me of doing all sorts of horrific things rather than answer my straightforward question. Men’s rights activists never answer direct questions. It reminds me of Karen Stringbeanhead telling everyone on Youtube the other day that feminists love Conservatives aka Republicans and want to implement their policies.

I didn’t even have a chance to give my opinion of dowry, which if she could have a logical, normal conversation without flipping the fuck out I would’ve absolutely said I disagree with dowry. People should marry for love, not put prices on women’s bodies to marry them off, which is what patriarchal Indian society does. She couldn’t admit that so she just went nuts with accusations and crazy talk. Insulting me personally doesn’t win an argument Deepika.

I searched Google for this phrase ‘dowry a result of patriarchy’ and got LOTS of articles explaining just that. The first article describes the murder of women due to dowry related issues as well as the disfigurement of women by men through acid attacks. The second article is more about how patriarchy functions to harm women. Bride burning is what Indian suffer when the dowry monies aren’t being paid to her husband and his family. Women are burdens in India but Deepika refuses to acknowledge these facts.

What also disturbs me about Deepika was her off the rails rant. Her idea that women are choosing to be prostitutes and then adding in some rape apology for good measure is exactly why she’s a misogynist working against women’s liberation. Lots of other MRA creeps are on her video praising her so it’s not exactly rocket science that her shitty view of women results in their adoration of her.

Men don’t want to know WHY they suffer. They suffer because women do. Once you liberate the half of the population that the other half has objectified, infantilized, fetishized and therefore oppressed, life will get a lot better.

Men don’t want that though. They want to keep control and domination. They want a fresh supply of women to subjugate economically so that a new crop of 14 year old girls will walk the streets as prostituted so their precious dicks have holes and then turn around and blame the women for it. They also want to ‘protect’ women which really means control them. They want patriarchy. It’s old. It’s been around for a long time. It’s comfortable having all the power. They won’t give it up without a serious fight and that’s what feminists have been doing for hundreds of years, nay thousands.

Women did not invent dowry. Women did not invent chivalry. Women do not benefit from ANY patriarchal practice. The fact that this Indian woman doesn’t recognize that is to her detriment. She’ll never properly address the situation. She’ll attempt to use a band-aid to cover a gaping wound.

Looking for Indian Women to Interview

The hate site A Voice for Men has written a lot about India, calling it a gynocracy as if India was ruled and run by women. I know that’s not true. I used to live with an Indian family and my Nanaji and Naniji told me a great deal about India, especially Naniji who would go to India for a few months a year to help poor women get dowries to marry.

Indian families, the older traditional ones, will commit female infanticide in order to try again for a male child since males are highly valued while females are considered a burden.

There’s a documentary about the massive rape problem in India which India is trying to suppress. I would like to speak with Indian women about this problem and the patriarchal structure of India which allows this hatred of women and girls.

NB: I watched the documentary and it’s very difficult to watch. Many males raped this young girl and pulled her intestines out of her vagina. It enrages me.

Contact me by email

Your identities will be kept private if you so request. I’d love to hear from you.

It’s Been a Rough Week

I’ve told you all I needed a break from the misogyny, rape threats, death threats. However, there were things in my personal life that took up all my time this week. I was sexually assaulted last year and the harassment continued throughout the winter up to about 3 weeks ago. I had to file 2 separate complaints on this male. Both complaints were through the company he worked for although after the second complaint I made remarks to management that I was going to officially file with the police.

Someone told the abuser male I was going to the police and he did what typical abusers do, call the police on me. Men do this to get out in front of an investigation, to make themselves the victim. When the constable visited me she told me that his official complaint, what prompted this idiot to call them, was his ‘worry’ that I had filed a second sexual assault claim on him.

Can you imagine calling the police to waste time over your poor feelz about a complaint you’re not privy to? All complaints to the company are private but entitled dude thinks calling the police to find out what’s in the document is a totally good use of police time and energy.

So I spoke to the constable for about a half hour and she informed me that this dude was playing the ‘nice guy’ as in he acted ignorant about the harassment. I can almost hear the privilege:

‘I don’t know what’s going on officer. She’s just crazy. I was just being nice.’

Isn’t this such a typical thing abusers say? Women are just nuts if they don’t accept sexual assault and harassment by such a ‘nice guy.’

Anyway, the constable also told me the company was thinking of moving him to a new location so he wouldn’t have any contact with me and that he wasn’t keen on that idea. Typical. It turns out the police believed me and not his entitled ‘complaint’ and he was moved. Thank God.

This week I’ve been in touch with a women’s liason worker and we’re moving to file an order of protection. An order of protection is similar to a restraining order.

I’ll be back shortly with more coverage on the Manosphere. In the mean time, GQ came out with an excellent long article on the St. Clair Shores MRA Conference that occured last year. I kinda think it’s a good idea that Dark Horse Swore was refused entry because there were men there that think the age of consent should be 12 and the creep factor was high.

VAWA is Related to Michael Brown’s Death Says Elam

Do you think that Elam and Esmay could talk about the death of Michael Brown without bringing up women or blaming women for something? Course not. In their weekly Intelligence Report (ugh) Elam and Esmay went belly up. They started talking about the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed (as far as we know) African American man from Ferguson shot 6 times by police. Instead of talking about the ways in which white male domination, privilege, and systematic racism keep minorities out of good paying jobs or even having an African American on their program to talk about it, Esmay and Elam told us that VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) and the war on drugs is related to the unrest in Ferguson. In other words, let’s bring this back to blaming women.

‘You can see the same artifacts, with the Violence Against Women Act when you see the primary aggressor laws, when you see mandatory arrest laws come into play in domestic disputes and the cops show up and answer the door, just arresting the guy is as easy as it can possibly be in a minority community. And then, this is another reason that there is no trust. I mean don’t even address all the poverty, the joblessness, the lack of prospects for the future, the feeling of disenfranchisement. The fact is our laws with the war on drugs and the Violence Against Women Act are geared to go in and create chaos and imprison people in black and other minority communities.’~ Paul Elam

Wow. What projection. If someone can seriously tell me what VAWA has to do with Michael Brown’s death I’d love to know because for a group that continually goes around saying they’re diverse and sensitive to African Americans it seems to me they’d ask an African American to talk about this? In fact, AVFMers are all over an African American right now in the comment section of Alternet’s piece on the MRM. White MRA’s are telling a black guy to shut up about racism he faces and white mansplaining to him.

Oh and it’s misandry that’s responsible according to Esmay and Elam even though it’s obviously racism.  I shouldn’t listen to them when I’m eating soup. It nearly flew out of my mouth.

Also, my post on rape is coming up on Thursday or Friday.

The World’s Fastest Patriarchy Proof: Response to AVFM Blatant Dishonesty

AVFM writer Josh O’Brien posted another pointless, inaccurate schpeel on how Patriarchy isn’t ‘real.’ He uses four categories where he mistakenly thinks women are powerful, educational, political, social and economic.So let’s disprove him, quickly.


While women are overrepresented in the lower levels of teaching where they aren’t paid well and achieve more college degrees than men they are way behind when it comes to professorial tracks. [1] [2] [3]

Saying women have power in education is FALSE.


I have to note here that I was absolutely astounded at the ignorance of AVFM to put such blatantly inaccurate information on their website. It’s as if the managing editor, Dean Esmay, hasn’t reviewed a SINGLE word of what’s posted by the writers.

Source with link to Global Gender Gap 2013 Report

Saying women have power in the political sphere is FALSE.


Again, how can they be so ignorant? USA is missing from top 20 countries overall when measuring economic gender gaps. See the source linked above.

Saying women have more economic power is FALSE.


This one is simple. If women do NOT have economic, political and educational power then we sure as hell don’t have what the MRA’s call ‘social’ power. I’d love it if we had reproductive rights across the USA but we still don’t even have that yet. As Honi Marleen Goldman chairwoman of Reproductive Rights in Kentucky says:

‘Like male teenage bullies strutting down the high school hallways, slinging lewd remarks at girls, they puff out their chests to hide their self-esteem problems and other perceived inadequacies.The women in the USA, hell, all people in this entire country, deserve better than to have these guys spout out this bizarre propaganda.We are fed up with lawmakers ignoring the real problems of our government, only to focus on women’s uteruses.’

Saying women have more social power than men when they don’t have as much economic, political and educational power as men is FALSE.

Dear AVFM,

Please stop blatantly posting inaccuracies that can easily be disproven by doing a simple Google search. Pretty please?