Erin Pizzey and AVFM Finally Found Guilty for Impersonating White Ribbon

Do you all remember how AVFM went after White Ribbon, the DV charity? Elam and Pizzey mimicked the official White Ribbon website under a .org domain. They even used the same colour scheme and logo as the official site to fool people into thinking they were on the original.

Well, there was a court judgement against them by WIPO telling them that AVFM/Erin Pizzey acted in bad faith and that the fake domain these idiots set up must be given to the official White Ribbon. Here’s the official decision.

Paul Elam and his horde of morons are pissed over it and whining that WIPO is literally smashing a woman in a wheelchair. LOL

It seems there might be an avenue of claiming monetary damages too since Elam and Pizzey purposely tried to mislead people.

Go fuck yourself Elam and Pizzey. You’re a bunch of fraudsters.

You can read Elam’s mantrum here, don’t worry it’s archived.


Paul Elam Swindling Again?

Paul Elam made a video on one of his Youtube Channels ‘An Ear for Men’ claiming that White Ribbon is suing Erin Pizzey and he needs money. He started a fundraiser supposedly for Erin’s legal costs but as you can see, the fundraiser names HIS company as the beneficiary of the money.

In the video, he’s careful to point out that any ‘extra’ monies won’t go to AVFM but actual men’s orgs that do actual work on behalf of men. Knowing that Elam has swindled before, I’m wondering if he’s doing it again.

Elam and his friends thought it would be a good idea to steal White Ribbon’s name and make DOT org site. So they copied the site and then claimed Erin Pizzey owned it. This was probably to keep heat off Paul but you can be damn sure the idea came right from his asshole.

I sent the official White Ribbon foundation a few tweets asking if they are indeed suing Erin and notifying them that Paul Elam is collecting money for a supposed legal fund. I’m waiting to hear back.

Misogynist DEAD: Many More To Go

Angry Harry, a British MRA, dropped dead. For a sampling of his ‘work’ he wrote this piece about rape, which of course he blamed on how women dress.

‘Many women, however, seem to wish to take no responsibility for their behaviour. They seem to think that they should be able to flaunt their sexuality all over the place – in order to incite men – and then they think that they have the right to claim that they are victims when some men respond to them in a manner which is absolutely consistent with the message that they, themselves, have been sending out.’~Angry Harry


Paul Elam moaned that he was looking forward to meeting this shit-heel in Britain during the upcoming ManBawl 2016. Elam also called him the ‘greatest MRA’ ever.

Good riddance, rape apologist, misogynist scumbag.

Men’s Rights Activist Buys Domain Names To Target And Punish Women

MRA Jack Barnes has bought the domain names of several women he’s targeted for stalking and harassment. In an effort to terrorize Clementine Ford, Kerri Sackville, and Traci Spicer, Barnes has bought and the rest.

When I first heard about this, I thought it was similar to the actions of a male batterer who wants to continue to intimidate and stalk an ex. This is how personal this latest round of online terrorism seems to me. Also, during the hangout (below) Barnes and Elam were saying things to the effect of ‘if these women don’t keep their mouths shut online, we’ll publish the sites and make them live.’ That’s a threat.

His goal is to punish these women for being women who speak online about women’s rights. His intention is to have his sites, filled with hateful, misogynist articles, to come up first in a Google search. Barnes and Elam hope that these women suffer job loss and other opportunities.

In a hangout, they describe exactly what they’ve done and why they’ve done it.

I don’t know what the laws are around purchasing a domain name in anothers name and filling it with online misogyny with the express purpose of harming them. I can’t imagine this is legal to do but on the other hand, internet laws are still developing. If the women object to this, I can’t imagine any court turning them down.

Barnes and Elam are prepared for that. James Huff, who was also in the hangout, mentioned that he knows the law will intervene and that it’s a good thing because they’ll get the names of the people who support these women. Huff is the MRA responsible for finding the dox of several women on radfemhub and dropping them to the world in the Agent Orange Files.

Barnes has published I checked and the site is live. I will not link it as it’s a record of Barnes stalking her Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. In fact, she just unpublished her Facebook page.

I have archived the site in case he takes it down. I have also downloaded the video of the hangout where he admits what he’s done along with his threats.

Remember, the men’s rights movement is totally about men’s rights and not about terrorizing women.

Live Chat Comments From Elam’s Date With Roosh As Promised

I promised I would publish the live chat comments from the hangout Elam did with Roosh. The ideas these men have about women are absolutely primitive. Nay, they’re not even primitive. They are utterly disgusting.

One commenter, Andrew P,  was intent on getting all the men in the chat to understand the right way to treat women.


There is no secretive misogyny from Patrick. These men are totally honest about it.


Chip Whitley has a plan for women, and that’s popping out kids and being chained up in the kitchen.


A surprising comment by Dan Perrins who questioned these Conservative Roosh followers about their ideas, to no avail.


Clockworkelves doesn’t want women in any leadership positions because it makes him sad.

4Chip Whitley reminds the men that equality isn’t good in a marriage, but it has nothing to do with those evil Muslim darkies and their Sharia law.17

The hope we had for Dan Perrins is quickly shattered as the dudes share their plans for wives who have had kids and gain extra weight.


The next time dudes say there’s no such thing as patriarchy, remind them of this post. The male need to control and dominate women is a conscious process of men, not an unconscious one. I see neoliberal feminists cave in to MRA’s on this point. They continually remind men that patriarchy isn’t purposeful and that men don’t even know they’re doing it.

They clearly do know.

Aurini was also present in the hangout and shared.


Finally, the men admit they don’t use their brains. The men’s rights movement is really about their dicks. Truest shit ever.



Paul Elam Accuses Roosh of Wanting Sharia Law

Elam and Roosh finally had their homoerotic date last night after calling each other names over Twitter. At one point Elam accuses Roosh of wanting to enact Sharia Law. Roosh’s ideas about women are very, shall we say, Islamic. His need to control women, to make women stay home and pop out kids, and be led by a man, is extremely misogynist.

The conversation was basically them questioning each other over who should lead the Manosphere. It was all about who is going to be top dog. They wanked each other off while men in the comment section expressed their woman hatred.

‘My net is larger.’~ Roosh

‘I disagree with that.’ ~Elam


Stay on the lookout because I will be posting these comments in a future post. You think men like women? They don’t. They hate women and it doesn’t matter what part of the Manosphere they come from.


Weekend Open Thread

A few news updates first:

Milo Yianoopolous got his Twitter account de-authenticated for abusing women online. He’s whining a lot.


// Kimmel introduced the Men’s Rights version of Star Wars. Paul Elam and Roosh are manfighting and doing cock dances on Twitter. Elam plans on having Roosh on this coming week. Don’t hold your breath.  


The story goes like this. Elam was shit talking about Roosh. Roosh tweeted the above at Elam. Elam got pissy because he thinks Roosh is questioning his masculinity. Elam does an hour long whine fest video over it, strutting around like a moron. Says he’s going to have Roosh on the show. Like I said, do not hold your breath.

There’s a bit more background here though. Roosh hates Elam and tweets like this make it apparent


You must understand that neither one of them help men one bit. They ironically fill their own wallets while accusing women of being gold diggers. They’re really in a competition to see who can milk the most cash from angry men. This lack of cooperation is why there will never be a successful men’s movement. Ever. The only way that men can even come together is over hatred of women, not out of advocacy for men.

Homosocial bonding through misogyny is a well known behaviour. It’s been written about extensively, especially regarding Nazi Germany’s Youth Movement. In laypersons terms it’s about men having an avenue to bond without violating the strict heterosexual code of society. We commonly know that gay men have a massive problem with misogyny but hetero men also use it. Misogyny seems to be the safest way for hetero men to come together since gender forbids them normal relationships.

I did a long post on the homosocial and homoeroticism of A Voice for Men

Enjoy the Open thread and your weekend.



Happy Holidays Open Thread

Thank you all for another great year here at Mancheeze. Next year will be another great one for us. I’m staying positive, no matter what.

I’m noticing many more transactivists attaching themselves to the men’s rights movement. People call them black knights. I don’t find it surprising that trans males are heavily involved in the misogyny of the MRM. They are male themselves and many of them are sexually attracted to other men. It’s no different than the misogyny we see from gay men although the elements behind it might be different. What do you think?

Paul Elam just interviewed Theryn Meyer, a male who thinks he’s female. Theryn is part of Simon Fraser University’s men’s group. That’s my alma mater and I’m sadly watching on the sidelines as my Uni deals with these guys.

The Women’s Centre and Student Union has already gotten involved after Karen Straugn delivered a silly lecture about ‘toxic femininity.’ The Canadian Association For Equality put her speech up on their channel. It’s clear the men’s group isn’t welcome on campus and they’re causing the same problems that Sage Gerard caused on Kennesaw Uni campus in the US. You can read about Sage Gerard aka Victor Zen in my back catalog. [1] [2]

Elam kisses his ass throughout the entire interview. The thing is, many MRA’s recognize that Theryn isn’t a woman and they say so. I find it hilarious that Theryn has joined a movement whereby the members can’t stand him. It makes no difference because Elam is thrilled to have Theryn’s face to point to to bleat that his movement is progressive.

A few months ago, Paul was making videos desperately trying to get gay men to join him. That didn’t go so well. Elam was so uncomfortable talking to gay men that he let slip aggressive and homophobic comments. He only made a couple videos on this ‘Straight Eye For the Queer Guy’ series and threw in the towel.

The new year will bring more media attention on MRA’s, simply for click bait. The media knows that MRA’s sit in front of their computers all day searching for articles and infesting the comment sections with violent and downright stupid comments. Making money is the idea. If these media outlets wanted to get really savvy they’d start putting up ads about penis enlargement on MRA articles. Talk about ad money!

I want all of you to have a wonderful break and I’ll be posting throughout the Holidays since Chanukah is now over. Enjoy the open thread. We haven’t talked in a while.

Much love,



JudgyBitch ‘I’m A Whore With One Client’

I’ve finally put my foot down and have stopped going the hospital. They’re going to have to do a couple more imaging tests and until then I’m not having any more antibiotics through IV. I’m having some stomach complications from all the antibiotics that I have to get tested for now and if I have it, I have to be medicated AGAIN for this new problem that THEY caused.

Anywho, I’ve been home for a couple days just resting because I’ve been in so much pain with other health issues that I’ve had time to scan Youtube videos while I’m hobbling around.

People have been asking me on Twitter ‘Diana, how do you find this stuff?’ Well, the answer is, carefully. I spend a ton of time scanning obscure places to bring you the absurdities in men’s rights movement. This is how I made a name for myself way back in 2008. I’d find the most obnoxious things that MRA’s would say in long videos nobody would watch and splice the clips together, presenting them in their own words. This is why John the Other aka John Hembling follows me around and false DMCA’s this one video that shows him for the jackass he is.

The video he doesn’t want people to see was featured on the Daily Beast after I did an interview with them. The video managed to stay up for going on 6 months before Johnny boy decided he really didn’t want people knowing about him any more. That began my quest to make sure as many people as possible saw the video. I have a copy of it, two copies actually, and if you’d like to see it, leave a comment with your Youtube handle and I’ll share it with you privately since he has already ruined one of my channels.

Anywho, so I was sitting around at home listening to this latest video that was uploaded yesterday. It’s Judgybitch aka Janet Bloomfield doing an interview with another MRA called The Ralph Retort. Go to 29:18 to hear Janet tell her male friend that she’s really just a ‘whore with one client.’ Yep, that’s how she thinks of her marriage. She’s a whore and her husband is simply renting out her vagina.

Female MRA’s are quite interesting to me because it really is like taking your own fist and punching yourself in the face with it. There have always been women who suck up to men and give them what they want in return for approval and table scraps from the master’s plate but female MRA’s take this to a whole new level of disturbing. In yesterday’s post we had to listen to female MRA’s be told they needed a dick shoved in their mouth because some dude is bent about the new Star Wars movie and today we get ‘I’m a whore.’

What will be next?

I have a feeling that MRA rhetoric is going to get even more bizarre since the Manosphere is now the complete laughingstock of the world. Don’t get me wrong, their rhetoric has always been disgusting but their goals in the past were to get mainstream attention by being obnoxious and crying all over the internet. Now that they’ve got it and been dismissed as nutters you’ll begin to understand more of their psychological issues.

This is why Elam is furiously making Youtube videos again. In fact, he just made another video about a recent GQ article called ‘MRA’s Are a Bunch of Cave Dwelling Idiots.’ In the earlier days video making was his main schtick. He fully realizes he’s been roasted over a spit in the media and it’s gotten to the point where MRA’s turn down media interviews. Just look at what happened to the BBC this month when Reggie Yates tried interviewing some of these asshats. MRA’s, MGTOW’s and their ilk made endless videos telling each other not to talk to the BBC about anything because they’re paranoid. In fact, the interviewer couldn’t help but notice their intense paranoia. And let’s face it, that’s part of being an MRA, thinking everyone, especially women, are out to get you.

As a little sidetrack, I think it’s important to watch the BBC documentary about MRA’s. One of the main highlights for me was the filming of a Roosh lecture where Roosh is warning a concerned father that he should control his 18 year old daughter by forcing her into marriage. Can you imagine a father of a daughter being interested in Roosh’s rape lectures? Yet, there he is, happy to be there and worried his daughter is going to become a slutty feminist, out of male control.

So expect more videos as MRA’s retreat to Youtube, where they began.