Mancheeze Takes On Game of Thrones

The leading women of Game of Thrones

(Left to Right: Sansa Stark, Margaery Tyrell, Daenerys Targaryen, Brienne of Tarth, Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister)

The Autumn, my favourite season, will be here before long and this Autumn I am taking on Game of Thrones. It’ll be the Radfem Edition of Game of Thrones! I’ve read the books and faithfully watched HBO’s interpretation of George RR Martin’s story ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ We’re still waiting for Martin to finish the books as HBO is currently working on Season 7 to be aired in June 2017.

I will host this series on Youtube. Here’s my channel so you can subscribe and not miss an episode. Since there are 60 episodes so far there will be 60 videos.

Game of Thrones is set in a typical Patriarchy, with male rulers at the top and women at the bottom. Martin has put female characters front and center in leadership roles but the entire story revolves around a man.

Jon Snow as King of Westeros aka ‘How Men Think the Story Will Definitely End.’ Complete with penis sword and a wolf

Jon Snow is the typical masculine hero trope (with phallic sword) and it’s sort of a rags-to-riches, bastard-to-noble type story. However, there’s also his female opposite, Daenerys Targaryen, who is born of nobility but was denied her birthright and spends the show trying to become Queen of Westeros. Of course, in a patriarchy, women are seen as objects to be possessed through marriage even if they are of noble birth and Daenerys is currently imposing this condition of marriage slavery on herself. If she wants to rule Westeros she has to marry a powerful man. Women truly don’t get a break, even if they’re noble, powerful, possess dragons, armies, and top aides.

Game of Thrones is a typical white male fantasy story even though there are a few noble women who take leading roles. Most of the women are cast as prostituted women, complete with male abuse thrown at them from every direction. Men get to sword fight as equals but women get subjugated not only by the noble Kings but by all males in society. Women are property of all men in a patriarchy.

Game of Thrones shows grown men sexualizing a female child, more than once. This is crucial and I’ll be breaking those scenes down very critically in the videos. When I first saw those scenes I got extremely angry because even though Game of Thrones is a fantasy story, it’s a human story and only men are human in a patriarchy.

I’ve said previously that HBO pornified Game of Thrones. Gail Dines has talked a lot about how mainstream television is like watching softcore pornography. This is so true of Game of Thrones.

It’s with great pleasure I do this video series. I hope you’ll join me on Youtube. The first video will come out some time in the Fall, most likely September.


The Great Fishing Expedition 2016

Men are always thinking up new ways to intimidate and harm women. 2016 will be no different. We’ve come to expect this from the men’s rightsers but it also comes from transactivists, who are aligning themselves closer to MRA’s than ever before. The TransAdvocate has started a new 2016 feature called Conversations. Two men, John Stoltenberg and Cristan Williams, editor of the Transadvocate, are attempting to rewrite radical feminism, to make it more palatable for men. *yawn*

I found out about this new development on Twitter, when I came across Lucyfire’s tweet.

Cristan Williams: a man bent on rewriting radical feminism to suit himself

I find even the name of this new feature hilarious because women aren’t part of the conversation and with all the transactivists no platforming radical feminists it busts the hypocrisy meter. Maybe they mean all the conversations they won’t be having while they silence and intimidate women? At least that would be honest.

I read their description of this project:

It is an encounter between ‘old school’ Second Wave feminists of all birth assignments who are not adverse to learning something new,

Learning something new? There is nothing new here. We’re not going to redesign feminist theory to fit your fetishes. This is talking down to women in the most patronizing way possible.

‘Birth assignment’ is another wacko term which shows these men know nothing about radical feminism. People aren’t assigned, they’re born either male or female. Why would a man want a uterus if ‘biology doesn’t matter?’ Yet plenty of transactivists (men) are rallying for uterus transplants.

As an aside on uterus transplants, there is strict criteria that the recipient must be female. In fact, in the 1930’s a transdude died from the procedure. No male will ever have a functioning uterus, ever. These types of experiments show, in themselves, that biology is a THING and that it matters. Radical feminists know it matters, in the sense that our female biology is personal AND political.

Stoltenberg is repudiating radical feminist theory and using a dead woman who can’t speak for herself (but who did), to do it. Stoltenberg is rewriting Andrea’s positions. Taking women’s hard work and using it beat other women over the head is not feminist but it’s just what we’ve come to expect from men.

When I asked Stoltenberg why he agreed to collaborate on this Project, he said, “Andrea Dworkin, my life partner of 31 years, repudiated sex essentialism, meaning she did not believe there are innate characteristics that define us. Instead, she believed, we are a ‘multisexed species.’ Since Andrea’s death in 2005,  I have become increasingly concerned that the radical feminism I first learned from her was being misappropriated in the name of ‘real womanhood’ in ways that not only shun and derogate trans women but also betray the fundamental radical feminist insight that male supremacy is premised on the lethal fiction of ‘real manhood.’”

The only expected and predictable betrayal here is from male supremacists like Williams and Stoltenberg.

Many radical feminists have heard Stoltenberg’s lazy revisions of Dworkin’s work and there are many articles that expose his opportunism and fictions. In fact, Derrick Jensen called him out but good in this response he did on Gender Detective.

In the project proposal, Williams linked an article by the TransAdvocate called ‘Sex Essentialism, Terfs, and Smelly Vaginas.’ I won’t link it because it deserves no attention. The title itself displays the misogyny we’re all familiar with. It actually sounds like one of Elam’s titles. The funny thing is Williams also lives in Houston, just like Elam. What is it about Houston? Is it the water?

When I first came across this new project I got this heavy feeling in my stomach. I had to think about it for a few minutes and then the light bulb moment happened.

These two men have taken this right out of the MRA playbook. Obnoxiousness rules the day. Their hope is to anger women and start a fight. The key will be for women not to play. We don’t have to get angry. We simply have to ignore them and this entire project will fizzle out. No serious radical feminist will get involved with it.

Stoltenberg, in a bid for attention, went back to Jensen’s old article and left a comment announcing this project. In fact, he’s going to all the radfem blogs he’s aware of and leaving a copy/paste comment announcing this new project. It’s the Great Fishing Expedition 2016 with two men bent on harassing women and getting us to acquiesce. Don’t fall for it.

Sure, we can laugh at them while they do their mantrum and fling shit from their diapers but we don’t have to respond and give them what they want.

I’ll be watching from the sidelines as liberal feminists kowtow to these men and pretend they’re radical while doing men’s dirty work for them, which is exactly what’s going to happen.

Sunday Radfem Roundup: The Calm After the Storm

I’ve had such a rough week. On Tuesday I had a massive panic attack and I swear it was more like a seizure. Maybe it’s time to start my epic fundraiser and lay back a bit. Anywho, there’s work to be done on this Sunday’s radfem roundup. We have to cover the responses to the no platforming of Julie Bindel and show off some great feminist writings.

ArtofDissent T shirts

The first woman to tweet me with her thoughts on the no platforming of Bindel was Victoria A. Brownworth aka @vabvox

No-Platforming: The Neo-Liberal Fascism by Victoria A. Brownworth – A Room of Our Own

While you’re getting angry you might want to sign the petition against the no platforming of both Julie and Milo

Petition · University of Manchester Student Union, University of Manchester: Let Julie Bindel speak at the University of Manchester! ·

Julie wrote a response in the Guardian

No platform: my exclusion proves this is an anti-feminist crusade | Comment is free | The Guardian

Genetic study of transmales show men are really men.

Science determines that transwomen are men. Also, water is wet. | Stop Trans Chauvinism

Interview w/ YMCA about their Transpolicy of allowing grown men to shower and change with 15 year old girls. Notice how the lawyer avoids the question of whether they can stop a man from going into the washrooms if they think he’s a predator. Answer: no, they can’t stop him.


If that’s not enough, a woman catches an autogynephile masturbating in a change room.

Woman retail clerk reports finding male cross dresser masturbating in changing room | Stop Trans Chauvinism

There’s big money behind transactivism because it’s run by rich men. Enter the Trans Youth Equality Foundation. You now can get breast binders for nine year old girls.

Trans Youth Equality Foundation: Free binders, bathroom advocacy, podcasts, and more for the transgender child “movement”

Here’s a timeless piece about the lefts refusal to tackle prostitution and pornography.

A Reminder for the Left: No One is Free Until All Women Are Free

Here’s some eye and ear candy for radfems. It’s a set of four videos hosted by Radfem Collective and I’ll post one each week. Their facebook page is here.

Betty McLellan: “Radical Feminist Speech – Loud, Bold, Fair” – YouTube

Betty McLellan, an Australian radfem, took her battle axe to a men’s rights activist and showed him just what an Amazon woman can do. The MRA in question is Greg Canning, who is a regular over at A Voice for Men. In fact, AVFM, went after her too.

greg canning

Greg Canning, sulking in his mug.

Greg Canning got a sad in his pants after Betty wrote an article about the epidemic of male violence. Here’s the small article that inverted his dick better than a cold shower:

The Question on Nobody’s Lips | Liberation Collective

He decided he wanted the University that employs Betty, and himself, to punish her. It was a classic witch hunt where a violent male wants to brutalize and murder a woman he can’t control. He was quickly cock blocked as the Uni told him to stop whining. In a fit of rage he resigned his teaching post and went sulking off to Paul Elam. I did a special post on Greg Canning:

Profile of a Misogynist: Dr. Greg Canning | Mancheeze

Most of you know my love for sci fi/fantasy. I’ve discussed it before in one of my own personal fave posts. I watch a ton of sci fi fantasy, only online since I don’t have a television. The show that I love, Star Trek, was written about by Dead Wild Roses. She posted a short blurb by the lead male actor Sir Patrick Stewart, in which he described how hard it was for women actors during The Next Generation episodes. Turns out there was a lot of sexism going on with the script writing and many arguments.

I don’t doubt this at all. In fact, women in sci fi are treated horribly by their male counterparts. My motto is ‘men ruin everything’ and I’m sticking to it. Patrick Stewart’s voice is necessary and he has a personal stake in this since he’s spoken publicly about his father being a batterer of his mother. This is the exception to the rule in my book.

However, the fact remains that women and sci fi are best friends. Since men have ruined this world and continue to do so we can’t have nice things, but they can’t ruin fantasy worlds. They can’t touch my fantasy worlds. When I watch TNG and see a woman admiral, I remember why it’s all worth it.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms a Failure, Plus Latest Debacle With Julie Bindel and Manchester University

University of Toronto women are being filmed in ‘gender neutral’ bathrooms, or washrooms as we say in Canucky land. This highlights the fact that women need their civil rights to privacy. This will not get better.

Voyeurism incidents lead to closure of Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Toronto College Campus | GenderTrender

I feel the need to reiterate that I want privacy from males in public washrooms. I can’t stress this enough. Remember when Sage Gerard, a men’s rights whacko, went into the women’s bathrooms on his college campus to put up A Voice for Men propaganda? He got in shit for that but all he truly needed to is say ‘I identify as a woman.’

A Voice for Men puts up the proof that Sage Gerard went into women’s restrooms on Kennesaw State University

How do you feel about that liberal feminists? Do you want men’s rights activists waltzing in on your private spaces? I certainly don’t but that’s where this is going folks. This just shows how silly ‘gender identity’ is.

It reminds me of Lila Perry, a male, who wasn’t content using a unisex washroom. He swaggered around in a skirt with his dick flopping around, visible to all, while claiming 12 year old girls were bigots. So how is it a stretch that an MRA could put on a skirt and get right in on our spaces?

More Turds From the Liberal Feminist Movement

Julie Bindel is getting the shit kicked out of her, again, by Manchester University. The irony was she was going to give a talk called ‘‘From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?’’ ManU no platformed her but is totally content with having a Gamergate/Men’s Rights activist Milo Yianopoulous speak. You heard that correctly. They told a lesbian feminist she was too dangerous and gave a green light to a rabid misogynist who says that transgender is a psychological condition that needs therapy, not surgery. The organizers of the event aren’t happy about the no platforming and wrote a response.

Jess Lishak, Man U’s ‘women officer’ erased her explanation of the whacko decision to ban Julie and welcome Milo but it was captured.  

Guess who’s doing the silencing?  Women of course.  These lovely Liberal feminists.

I tweeted Man U yesterday


This comes on the heels of the Feminism in London crap where Bindel stuck up for transmale Jane Fae by calling women bullies and pulling out of the con. While I like Julie Bindel and have promoted her fundraising on this site, I think there’s some poetic justice in this.

It’s not that I like her being no platformed, I don’t. I just think she should’ve centered women during the FiL debacle and stuck to her guns. I get that she doesn’t like being no-platformed by a bunch of 18 y/o women who are more concerned with porno-manfeelz than liberation but we need some consistency here. What happened at FiL wasn’t ‘no platforming.’ It was women voicing an opinion and to this day nobody has given a single bit of evidence there was ‘bullying.’

If you’re reading this Julie, I hope you shout this latest debacle at ManU from the rooftops. It is one of those moments that deserves to be televised everywhere and shown for the woman hating censorship it is. I’m just incredibly disappointed you turned away from your sisters at FiL and called them bullies. If you used that as an opportunity to show you’re not a TERF then I can’t abide by that. You could’ve handled that much better than you did.  Live and learn I suppose.

Never center men in feminism

Never center men in feminism

Never center men in femin..


aw fuck it.



Sunday Radfem Roundup


This week’s first post is very disturbing. It’s about a 16 y/o girl who found out her younger brother was stealing her underwear and, in all likelihood, masturbating with them. She went to reddit and a bunch of grown men MtT told her she should stay silent about it, not tell her parents, and buy her brother some girls underpants so he’d stop stealing hers. Oh, and not kill himself. This is autogynephilia.

Speaking of autogynephilia, I asked a MtT this very question and got a very honest answer when I appeared on Mark and Lyanna’s show ‘TRTV’. You can watch me work my magic crone. I was so electric that the video couldn’t capture the croneness I was exuding. I literally became Maxine Headroom. ‘Goddamnit lady, that camera can’t keep up!’ So you don’t give yourself a migraine, just play the audio. Don’t panic. I will be having a mega fundraiser of all fundraisers so I can get myself a new ‘puter because while I might last another 10 years, my ‘puter won’t.

“Transgender people kill themselves for less” – 16 year old girl is advised to buy her brother panties so he won’t kill himself | Transgender Reality

A bunch of top pediatricians in the US have had enough of the transborg experimenting on children and have come out with a letter saying so:

Top pediatricians REJECT puberty-blockers, “ideology-driven social experiment on vulnerable children and their families” | The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

Transborg and capitalism: a match made possible by Queer Theory:

Dudes in dresses yelling at minimum wage cafe workers, who are usually female. Identity Politics and Class Analysis by cheki

Dysphoria is such a bullshit diagnosis so Ann Tagonist explains why:

 Man, I Don’t Really Feel Like A Woman | ann tagonist

What comes to mind when you imagine ‘ethical porn?’ Jean Hatchet shares exactly what comes to her mind:

Jean Hatchet talks about the bullshit of ‘ethical porn’ (includes link to Gail Dines latest on BBC Four)

Lesbian stuff, for the warriors in my audience:

Honey Lee Cottrell Dies by VABVOX

We all know what kind of a man is a rapist:

Real Men, Really? by hrimfaxi, a dark horse; real men rape

Prostitution abolitionists will be interested in this interview:

Tanya Rahm on Liberation Language : Die Welt Interview with former prostituted woman Tanja Rahm, (translated into English)

Sometimes feminists make the stinkiest turds and another feminist has to come along to clean it up.


Controversy Around Feminism in London and their upcoming Conference

Here’s the Feminism in London Position Statement, notice it says it puts women first and makes a point of putting exited women first. However, a curious thing happened when I took a screenshot of their position statement and posted it on Twitter during the shitstorm. They fucking changed it because they realized how ridiculous they look. Here’s the statement as it appeared a few days ago

defering to menHere it is now:

defering to men CHANGED FiL

Jane Fae, a man who is supportive of porn and prostitution, was going to tell all us ladies about online misogyny in a panel talk.  Some radical feminists, survivors of prostitution, questioned this choice, and then were accused of bullying. Jane Fae wrote a letter pulling out which resulted in Caroline Criado-Perez pulling out and Julie Bindel pulling out.

This letter he wrote was more of a mantrum we’ve come to know and expect from men’s rights activists who screech ‘SEE LADIES! I’M LEAVING! WATCH ME LEAVING NOW!’ which results in women feeling guilty over his manfeelz. And boy oh boy you never want to offend a man at a feminist conference, never mind offend him before it even begins!

Women must DEFER to men.

Because a mantrum was involved the BBC got right on it because, let’s face it, the only measly hour dedicated to women (WOMAN’S HOUR) is the best place for a man to gently explain the who, what, when, where, and why of his mantrum to every woman in England. Women all over want to hear that shit because they don’t hear it enough in their day to day lives.

Even I, a Canadian, wanted to know what set this mantrum in motion. I was disappointed though because no threats and no bullying of any kind was even mentioned. Oh, he said something about safe spaces and no platforming that had nothing to do with anything. He did make a rather large point about women hating him cuz he’s trans male.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around why a man is so vital to a feminist conference, and why FiL couldn’t find a single woman to speak about online misogyny.


Here’s a woman I follow that does awesome protest art. This is Art of Dissent and the ‘Man O’Clock’


If you needed any more reason to know that A Voice for Men endorses violence against women, look no further to this graphic featured on the front page. And if you needed even MORE proof that A Voice for Men is a hangout for violent males, Paul Elam reprinted his ‘Bash a Violent Bitch Month’ for the five year anniversary. I’ve never seen men get so excited for the anniversary of male violence against women.

AVFM picture of bloody knife



Sunday Radfem Roundup

If radfems want me to consider their posts for inclusion on this list, please tweet me during the week with your article link.

I will be appearing on a live call-in show Thursday Oct 1st at 8pm pacific time. More info on Tuesday where I’ll give the link and so on.

First ever, dildos for 4 year old girls, courtesy of Transactivists

Baby’s First Dildo -courtesy of the Transgender Movement | GenderTrender

The sweetest cartoon from Radfem Repost

And Then There Were Three

Dirt’s blog has been under severe attack by transactivists who want to shut down her research posts. We talked on Twitter a couple days ago about setting up a new blog, one she owns. Resumes are being taken so if you have expertise in setting up sites, let me know in the comments.

Truth About Testosterone

The Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution sponsored Chris Hedges to come speak in my home town of Vancouver. He’s an abolitionist. ‘Wages of Rebellion’ was the title of his talk. Many great speakers. Here’s a podcast he did with Meghan Murphy.

Chris Hedges on the death of journalism & critical thought in the internet age |

Here’s his June 2015 talk under the same name. I’m looking forward to get a copy of the Vancouver talk. Stay tuned for it.

Women are tortured all over the world, particularly prostituted women. Linda MacDonald and Jean Sarson talk to Robin Morgan about the 4,000 women they’ve spoken to about being tortured. Start at 17:00


Finally, an awesome documentary on 2nd wave radical feminists. It’s very, very good. When Marilyn French spoke about the women she awakened, it hit me like a ton of bricks whereupon I took to Twitter and let it out.

A Voice for Men Aligns With Trans and Pro-Exploitation Lobby Against Meghan Murphy

I took some time today to view the petition to fire/no-platform Meghan Murphy. I was interested in what these people who are calling for the burning of the witch had to say. Their petition tantrum has about 900 signatures.

I’m signing because as a sex worker, I am disgusted that Rabble publishes her garbage. I refuse to even read Rabble anymore because of it.

Meghan Murphy publishes intensely transphobic and sex-worker phobic material that has no place in a feminist publication. You have to do better, Rabble.

Sex work is real work!

Everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

less terfs more surf

Meghan Murphy’s effect on culture is detrimental to my well-being.

Meghan Murphy and all the other TERFs need to go… this is not what a real feminist looks like.

Meghan Murphy is an embarrassment; a anti-black, transphobic embarrassment.

I’m signing because I am a feminist who believes in and respects all women, including those that Meghan Murphy would malign.

My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.

Murphy is a transphobe and a sex work hater and that is no feminist.

A racist, transphobe and anti-sex work rad fem should not have a platform on a “progressive” publication. She actually causes damage and in some cases death to trans women with her hate.

Canadian feminism can do far, far better than someone who is capitalizing on hatred of sex-workers and trans*persons.

The name calling is rife in these comments, as I predicted. Neoliberals are notorious for screaming bad words without an ounce of analysis. I find it odd they think she’s alone in her analysis, as if there aren’t any women who agree with her critiques of the global sex industry, sexual objectification, and transpolitics. I suppose it’s wishful thinking on their part. It should’ve been so easy to take Murphy down, just like MRA’s do.

Currently there are over 1500 signatures on the petition I started to support her. What about the women all over the world who signed in support of her? Are they intersectional enough for you? To think there are no aboriginal, black and Asian women that have signed my petition and stand against the sex industry is very naive. It’s almost as if these people who started this ruckus are more concerned with their own navels.

I can name the organizations right here in Vancouver that represent WoC against the sex industry. Do these fascists live under a rock?

It’s not OK to advocate in opposition to the factual basis of the lived experiences of other people.

It’s time for ALL WOMEN to be accepted, respected, and honored. Period.

Feminism includes all women, not just the women you morally approve of. All women count, not just your favourites.

This is precious. What about my lived experience as a former prostituted woman? What about my experience as a Canadian immigrant? It’s as if these people don’t even think about what’s coming out of their mouths.

Let’s look at some of the comments from men.

I’m signing because exclusionary radical feminism, from which Ms. Murphy not only gets her beliefs but also makes her trade, is a corruption of a social movement which is meant to be powerful and uplifting, especially for those who have been most challenged by our unjust society.

So this dude isn’t happy because he doesn’t feel powerful and uplifted in radical feminism. Oh boohoo, welcome to the women’s movement dude. You’re not supposed to be comfortable. Women aren’t living and breathing to uplift you.

Dehumanization and discrimination against women solely due to their gender status, race, and/or individual consensual sexual preferences, have absolutely NO PLACE on the Left or in feminism.

Except when you’re doing it to her, right dude?

Everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Except her, right dude?

These people want their own echo chamber. They’re not willing to respond with research and data. It reminds me of what MRA’s did when they found out they couldn’t put just any old bullshit on Wikipedia. They stomped off in a tantrum and started their own wiki called ‘Wikimannia.’

Let’s also remember what happened when MRA’s in Gamergate got upset with Wikipedia. They attacked a bunch of long standing editors and had them silenced.

This is fascism. Feminism is not about cutting women down who disagree with you. Judging by the hashtag these fascists started on Twitter, they haven’t learned a damn thing. It’s ok to burn the witch if she doesn’t march to your drum beat.

These people could be actually doing something constructive rather than trying to cut a woman down. Since they can’t honestly approach the arguments this is the juvenile tactics they employ. I know all about it. It was done to me for almost 2 years.

In 2009-11 I was bullied by the pro-prostitution lobby, which still happens to me today just on a lesser scale. These people stooped so low as to make up false personas to get the personal information of the handful of feminists who didn’t agree with them. Some of them posted images of me they scoured the net with. They made endless videos. One of them even accused me of making a false rape accusation against a man. They made fun of my body, specifically my vagina. They false flagged my work and took down 2 of my channels. Anything they found of mine online they twisted to suit their needs. I was called every nasty name in the book while they went totally about their bullying. This went on for two years straight.

It drove some of us away. Some of us couldn’t tolerate the constant personal attacks. They used whatever strategy necessary to silence others while holding up the banner of feminism and equality.

I’m a very hearty, determined person but I must say, it got to me. Nobody can be that thick skinned. I was banned from two reddit sites, labeled a transphobe for knowing that males are not females. I was called a racist, a bigot, and all the other labels they could find.

One time I stood up for a woman-only pharmacy here in Vancouver. Women in my community desperately needed it since our reproductive health is a huge issue for us. As soon as the pharmacy opened, it was attacked by transactivists. I wrote a comment to one of these transactivists that politely stated the reasons for women’s health needs. Women who need specialized care due to our biology? TRANSPHOBE!!!!!

Women’s spaces have been few and far between and bitterly gained. The erosion of our voices, spaces and our specific needs are considered ‘transmisogyny’ by those who haven’t lived a day of our experience. This is, in my view, criminal. It’s criminal to dismiss our unique oppression as women.

Lesbians and our allies have had to fight kicking and screaming for a single woman only event, Michfest. Women trying to come together in groups are being no-platformed, gatherings cancelled, our sparse female culture and arts are being destroyed daily. This cannot stand.

The neoliberal insistence upon intersectionality doesn’t apply to women or lesbians. Like good women are supposed to, we are supposed to give up our spaces and voices in order to appease and validate others who have no idea, no conception of our lives. We’re supposed to shrink and get as small as possible in public.

The bottom line is this. Men are not women. If you are born a male you are a male. You are not a female. You do not, and never will experience life as a woman. You can spend money on hormones, surgeries and a huge wardrobe of dresses and makeup but you will never be female. This is a fact. Instead of trying to force a falsehood down our throats like a dick in porn, instead of penetrating our space, make your own. We fought hard for what little we have and you’re not entitled to it.

You’ve shown you don’t respect us at all. You insist we be available to validate you but you constantly erase us. We are different. Intersectionality you say? Oh, it’s only intersectionality for you.

Would you demand to be included in Aboriginal space? African American space?

So why the hell is it ok to demand access to WOMEN ONLY space? Tell me. Why is it ok? Why is it ok to murder female culture?

We will not yield. Women have been yielding since the day we were born. Women aren’t even allowed to be born in some countries.

Your threats of violence only make us more determined. Our voices are growing. Like the men you are you want to kill us off cuz let’s face it, that’s what men have been doing for centuries.

Now, let’s address the fact that A Voice for Men, the largest men’s rights misogynist wank fest, is in bed with y’all.

AVFM published a piece today agreeing that Murphy is a ‘TERF’ witch who should be burned. Male support from all over huh? This is the same AVFM that published a piece today titled ‘Why Is Gynocentrism So Hard to Kill?’ Yes, why are women so hard to kill? A petition and a bunch of accusations should kill any woman.

He encourages his fellow MRA’s to join in bashing her on the hashtag. He’s completely lock step in line with the neoliberal term ‘agency’ even though that argument can be used against MRA’s

I suspect Murphy’s visceral disgust for Cox is that Cox’s agency in becoming an attractive women (surgery, money, diet, exercise, makeup, hair, etc.) is too mannish — in the sense of too active — for Murphy to tolerate:

Of course, Murphy is just jealous of Cox cuz men want to fuck Cox. Great analysis there guys.
Murphy’s views on men and trans folk are wretched but on other issues like censorship she is moderate and reasonable in ways rarely seen in other feminists.
The comment section talks about how easy it would be for MRA’s to enter the fray and divide women up, like men have done forever to achieve the silencing. Some trans showed up too, because ya know, men stick together.

I keep trying to tell other transwomen that they’re just being used by feminism. However many of them won’t listen. They think buying into feminism lock stock and barrel will give them the acceptance from women that they crave.
Feminism for now has their TERFs locked up in the basement but even so one or two escape now and then and manage to briefly get their hatred of transwomen heard.

Praise and thanks are due to the writers and commentators at AVfM who have never taken this view.

* I got banned at ROK the second I revealed that I was a ‘tranny.’

How nice. You get banned in the Manosphere but hey, any old misogynist group who wants to destroy women can count you in.

I’d never thought I’d see the day when AVFM teams up with trans and pro-exploitation of women lobby! I’m so SHOCKED!

Sign my petition here.

Petition · We Need Meghan Murphy ·

No-Platforming of Meghan Murphy by Fascists

Counter Petition HERE. PLEASE SIGN!

Today I woke up to find a bunch of neoliberal asshats started a petition to get Meghan Murphy removed from Rabble, where she is an editor. This is just another example of the twanz and pro-exploitation lobby attempting to no-platform and unemploy a radical feminist.

Here’s their ‘argument’ with my responses

Open Letter to the Editors of,

We are feminists, grassroots community groups and organizations that support intersectional feminism. We are concerned about your ongoing relationship with Meghan Murphy as one of your editors. Murphy has been publishing material that dehumanizes and disrespects women with different experiences and perspectives than hers for many years, in particular Black women, women in the sex industry and trans women. By allowing Murphy to continue as an editor at you are giving a platform to her hate and we are writing to demand that you end your association with her as editor and columnist.

In other words, you speak for all women ever. Murphy’s readership can’t be as dynamic as we are cuz we’re EVERYONE!.

Let’s see what they define as ‘hate.’

Recently, Murphy published a piece about Laverne Cox’s decision to pose nude for a US women’s magazine. In her piece, Murphy attacks for Cox for attempting to achieve a “‘perfect’ body as defined by a patriarchal/porn culture, through plastic surgery, and then presenting it as a sexualized object for public consumption” and later mocks her and other trans women for  “spending thousands and thousands of dollars sculpting their bodies in order to look like some cartoonish version of ‘woman,’ as defined by the porn industry and pop culture.”   

She didn’t mock anyone. She made a standard, run-of-the-mill 40 year old analysis of posing nude in front of a camera. Knowing that Cox is male isn’t hate. It’s a fact. Porn culture is a well established fact.

Laverne Cox is not a cartoonish version of a woman. She is a woman, a Black trans woman who is changing history by defining her own beauty and loveability in the public sphere.

It’s your opinion he’s a ‘she.’ People are allowed to disagree, especially when biology is like, a fact and people can’t change their sex. ‘Beauty’ and ‘loveablility’? WTF?  You think that’s an argument?

For years, Murphy’s racism and attacks on women who trade/sell sex or are trans have been tolerated or supported and published by Rabble, including this article where she pits Black women against each other, calling another Black trans woman (Janet Mock) “selfish” for using glamour to feel powerful–and again maligning a Black trans woman’s decisions about her body.

Murphy is entitled to disagree with the sex industry. Also, show me proof she’s pitting black women against each other? Once again you’re speaking for all black women. You’re the fucking idiots speaking for all women here, not her. Radical feminists don’t support the beauty industry. Am I a foodphobe if I’m critical of the fast food industry? Morons!

Her anti-black racism extends to men as well as in this tweet where she calls for the death of Chris Brown

Context people. It’s pretty nervy to suggest she’s a racist when she was talking about domestic violence. Kill all wife/girlfriend batterers is what I say. Also, if she was such a racist she wouldn’t love bell hooks. Next you idiots will go after hooks since she probably disagrees with you too. Feminists disagree, DEAL WITH IT.

She is famously antagonistic toward sex workers and has a long track record of using degrading, dehumanizing language such as “prostituted women”, being ageist and factually incorrect by suggesting older women cannot be active sex workers, mocking and misrepresenting sex work activists and employing racist terminology such as “illegal immigrants”. We were shocked when on the pages of, she blamed Cindy Gladue’s murder on pornography, co-opting the deaths of Indigenous women in the sex trade to denounce our calls for rights and respect.

I’m antagonistic towards an industry that harms women. Sorry dudes but ‘prostituted woman’ is how many survivors of the sex industry describe themselves. Once again, you’re claiming to speak for every single woman. Illegal immigrant is hardly racist. It’s the standard terminology every damn government, including the UN, uses.

Ah, yeah, Cindy Gladue, whose vagina was brought to court in a bag. Meghan is allowed to have an opinion on what caused her death. Deal with it. Co-opting my arse.

This is not a question of free speech, it is a question of offering active support to bigots. For example, Rabble would not employ right wing christian fundamentalists for their opinions as their stance clearly undermines the dignity and humanity of communities they are not a part of. The same is the case for Murphy. She is a white, cis, non sex working person who writes with contempt about communities that she is not a member of. It is unjust of Rabble to financially support her bigotry. Rabble is stronger and more relevant when it publishes the voices of those who are directly impacted by the issues they cover. Doing otherwise has made Rabble unsafe for many members of marginalized populations who write from a place of personal experience.

Oh yes it is. It’s another attempt to no-platform a woman you don’t like and don’t want to hear. I have an option for you. If you don’t like her opinion, don’t read it. The fact you’re attempting to speak for everyone and silence her is fucking fascist. You don’t have to be a member of the fast food industry to critique it. You don’t have to be a member of the Green party to have an opinion on it. You fucking fools.

Rabble is not unsafe. If you don’t like her opinion don’t read it. You haven’t quoted her or given any examples of bigotry and hatred. You’ve used silly words like ‘loveable’ and ‘beauty’ as if those subjective terms mean something definitive.

Other feminists and womanists have taken notice.

Yeah, well I’m a radical feminist and I take notice of this lame attempt to silence a woman because you don’t like her opinions.

We support working with people to transform their politics toward more equity and accountability. Despite endless attempts, Murphy has remained unwilling to evaluate her racism, transmisogyny and whorephobia. We’ve chosen to use an open letter as a medium, only after all other avenues toward accountability have been explored and have failed.

We demand everyone think like us. Fascists.

Whorephobia? WTF is that? Another meaningless neoliberal term along with ‘transmisogyny.’ Totally FUCKING MEANINGLESS. Accountability? You mean like burning the witch in the square you fascist pigs?

We demand a discerning voice of equality and equity that respects and values all women including trans women, women of colour and women in the sex industry. Displays of racism, whorephobia and transmisogyny have no place in a progressive publication like Rabble. It is time for Rabble to take responsibility and cease offering a platform for hate in the form of zealous bigotry from Meghan Murphy and others like her.

Well I demand to hear her opinion. Not everyone is going to agree with you. Deal with it. You’ve not proven a single accusation against her. You’ve not quoted her or made any legitimate case.
-on behalf of


Maggie’s – Toronto Sex Workers Action Project

Black Lives Matter – Toronto

No More Silence

TransPride Toronto

Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform

Southwest Ontario Sex Workers

Stella, L’Amie de Maimie

PACE Society

Sex Professionals of Canada

Winnipeg Working Group for Sex Workers’ Rights

PIECE Edmonton

Butterfly (Migrant and Asian Sex Workers)

Toronto Migrant Sex Worker Project

ASTT(e)Q : Action Santé Travesti(e)s et Transsexuel(le)s du Québec

Shameless Magazine

Fuck you people. You’re not everyone. No more money to any of these fascist assholes.