Erin Pizzey and AVFM Finally Found Guilty for Impersonating White Ribbon

Do you all remember how AVFM went after White Ribbon, the DV charity? Elam and Pizzey mimicked the official White Ribbon website under a .org domain. They even used the same colour scheme and logo as the official site to fool people into thinking they were on the original.

Well, there was a court judgement against them by WIPO telling them that AVFM/Erin Pizzey acted in bad faith and that the fake domain these idiots set up must be given to the official White Ribbon. Here’s the official decision.

Paul Elam and his horde of morons are pissed over it and whining that WIPO is literally smashing a woman in a wheelchair. LOL

It seems there might be an avenue of claiming monetary damages too since Elam and Pizzey purposely tried to mislead people.

Go fuck yourself Elam and Pizzey. You’re a bunch of fraudsters.

You can read Elam’s mantrum here, don’t worry it’s archived.


Paul Elam Swindling Again?

Paul Elam made a video on one of his Youtube Channels ‘An Ear for Men’ claiming that White Ribbon is suing Erin Pizzey and he needs money. He started a fundraiser supposedly for Erin’s legal costs but as you can see, the fundraiser names HIS company as the beneficiary of the money.

In the video, he’s careful to point out that any ‘extra’ monies won’t go to AVFM but actual men’s orgs that do actual work on behalf of men. Knowing that Elam has swindled before, I’m wondering if he’s doing it again.

Elam and his friends thought it would be a good idea to steal White Ribbon’s name and make DOT org site. So they copied the site and then claimed Erin Pizzey owned it. This was probably to keep heat off Paul but you can be damn sure the idea came right from his asshole.

I sent the official White Ribbon foundation a few tweets asking if they are indeed suing Erin and notifying them that Paul Elam is collecting money for a supposed legal fund. I’m waiting to hear back.

Miss Piggy Makes MRA’s Rage

The dudes over at AVFM and Men’s Rights Edmonton targeted Jeff Perera of White Ribbon on Twitter because he tweeted a Miss Piggy cartoon. The MRA’s are all butthurt and are accusing Perera of promoting violence against men because, get this, Miss Piggy is one of those violent female muppets whose been attacking poor Omega male Kermit the Frog for way too long.

MRA’s really can’t find any of the systematic violence they accuse women of so they’re stuck going after Muppets.

Psychotherapists the world over would have a field day with this.

They’re so upset they’ve made a video and a Twitter hashtag #notallmuppets

I wish this was fake but these dudes are dead serious.

CAFE Men’s Rights Group Welcomes Former White Ribbon Ambassador Tanveer Ahmed

The Canadian men’s rights group CAFE has welcomed Tanveer Ahmed into their fold, an Australian psychiatrist who thinks radical feminists are responsible for male violence. They sat down with him for an interview and uploaded it to Youtube.

Early this year Ahmed wrote an article for The Australian (I’d link it but it’s behind a pay wall) where he let loose at feminists for making the world horrible for men and telling men to ‘man up’ and embrace toxic masculinity. He also let loose this:

“family violence within newly arrived ethnic groups is often related to the sudden dilution of traditional masculinity, leaving men lost and isolated, particularly as females enjoy greater autonomy and expectations.”~Tanveer Ahmed

Clementine Ford quickly responded to the drivel presented by Ahmed regarding domestic violence, which we radical feminists rightly name male violence against women.

‘Radical feminists didn’t endure the wrath and measurably violent pushback of people opposed to women’s liberation so that their activism could be scoffed at by a man directly benefiting from its passion and fearlessness. Nor did feminists come so far just to end up back in the frustrating position of being ordered to preserve men’s privilege ‘for balance’.’~Clementine Ford

The Conversation’s Petra Bueskens also responded:

Men have become “feminised” and are, as a consequence, “humiliated”. It is this, he argues, that is “increasingly the driver of family-based violence”.

While masquerading as analysis, the piece ultimately reads as an apology for men’s violence. There are two reasons for this. First, Ahmed’s “diagnosis” is not followed with a recognition that men’s (likely very real) problems with declining power are theirs to work through, not to enact on their wives, girlfriends or other women in the form of violence. Second, he criticises, in the most stereotyped and deliberately inflammatory terms, the feminist movement, which gave the very tools and resources to make such a critique of male violence possible.

Plus, Ahmed is a notorious plagiarizer as reported in The Guardian. Ahmed was sacked by The Australian in 2012 but vowed to return to writing which he did in 2015.

“There was definitely a time there where I knew what I was doing was wrong,” Ahmed told the Media Report.

And essentially I did it anyway. And the way that would have happened is that I don’t think…I think I’d lost sight of the magnitude of what I was doing. I think it felt like a fairly minor transgression for me. But I think in terms of my self-audit, I think that’s how it happened.”

He was hired again by The Australian and published his domestic violence piece in Feb. 2015. He didn’t learn his lessons and plagiarized again.

Ketan Joshi’s blog ‘Some Air’ has chronicled the multiple times Ahmed’s plagiarized. In fact, in one article he plagiarized Ronald Dworkin. *WomanoftheWoods corrected this. I quoted this from another site and automatically assumed it was Andrea’s due to the context.

Ahmed wrote:

“The thinking is that the human body has an energy to it that can be guided by external manipulation, much the way that matter and tissues are influenced by chemicals and radiation in conventional medicine.”~Tanveer Ahmed

Dworkin wrote:

“Supposedly, the human body has an energy to it that can be guided by external manipulation, much the way that matter and tissues are influenced by chemicals and radiation in allopathic medicine.”~ Ronald Dworkin

Ahmed’s excuses for plagiarism possibly reflect his ridiculous position on domestic violence. Ketan Joshi has eloquently put it thus:

‘Ahmed’s incoherent justification of plagiarism seems to mirror his twisted explanatory reasoning around domestic violence. He characterizes himself as some sort of innocent automaton – carelessly copying paragraphs from other people’s work, only semi-aware that his actions are wrong.’~Ketan Joshi

Ahmed was an ambassador for White Ribbon, an international education group on domestic violence. They quickly fired Ahmed but offered him a way back in if he completes ‘training.’ They said ‘views of Dr Ahmed do not reflect the views of White Ribbon Australia.‘ While I like the intent behind White Ribbon, I’m very wary after this happened, that they hired a misogynist men’s rights activist without having a process to determine that’s indeed what he was. I also fundamentally have a problem with men making a lot money off the backs of women’s endless pain.

CAFE has scooped up Ahmed and it’s a good fit regarding what we know of CAFE’s leader Justin Trottier and his dishonesty. Lying to get charity status was just one of his dishonest stunts. Marching in the Pride parade after being told not to was another. The most basic of his deceptions is insisting CAFE is interested in equality but we can clearly see what his group is through the people they employ.

Michael Flood: A Voice of Reason

Michael Flood is a  pro-feminist senior lecturer in Sociology at Wollongong Uni in Australia. He’s done great work around male violence against women and has gone toe to toe with Paul Elam who libels him in this video, calling him a child abuser. Elam can’t speak intellectually with Flood so he insults him and once again, Elam has problems pronouncing ‘methodology.’

Flood’s CV is very extensive:

Dr Flood has an extensive record of publication, with a total of 27 journal articles and 19 book chapters, 20 research monographs, and over 80 other publications. His research has attracted close to $900,000 of external funding. As evidence of his esteem in research communities, Dr Flood is an Expert Assessor. He has given 51 keynote or invited addresses, and been the referee for 66 journal articles and three book manuscripts. He is the co-founder and Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Men and Masculinities (CROMM), the first research centre in Australia focused on this field of scholarship. He is the lead editor of an international encyclopedia on men and masculinities (Routledge), he has presented invited papers at international gatherings held at the United Nations (New York) and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) (Bangkok), and he has contributed by invitation to various reference and expert groups (including for the Australian Burea of Statistics, the Human Rights Commission, the NRL, and the AFL).

Elam has none of these qualifications and can’t read a research study to save his life so it’s no surprise that when Flood left a comment on Elam’s site correcting him about a small error in an article, Elam and his friends called Flood names, made silly pictures of him and insulted his children.

Flood linked Elam some research to show exactly what we all know about male domestic violence: it’s a gendered problem. The result was Paul dismissing him outright, like the uneducated sop he is:

elam to michael floodPaul Elam’s latest bid for attention has him libeling the White Ribbon Campaign, a group formed after Marc LePine lined up women at a Canadian university and murdered them because he perceived them as feminists who ruined his life.

Elam white ribbon vile plague of deciet Elam White Ribbon is causing child abuseThe rhetoric of LePine and Elam are quite similar. They both believe their problems come from feminists and both want to end feminism, which will never happen. I think blaming feminism gives Elam a way to rant and rave his hatred at women, which he does interchangeably.

One factoid I recently exposed on Twitter is that Elam’s ideas and the Manosphere in general are the same ideas the 13th century Catholic church had toward witches, who were mostly women practicing the old pagan country customs.

Burning times‘Women are intellectually like children’ is repeated endlessly on AVFM. It’s not a surprise these men are in the dark ages.

Elam thinks that men should beat women down if a woman ‘starts it.’ MRA’s falsely state that most violence is 50/50 and that women start it more. They use a handful of cherry picked studies with horrible methods to make this claim.

The main researcher AVFM uses is Murray Straus who invented the Conflict Tactics Scale. The CTS doesn’t measure context within domestic violence. If a man and woman hit each other the CTS counts each as 1 violation. What’s missing is who hit first and was the woman defending herself? What is the context around the violence? This is the main reason why the CTS isn’t recognized as a good tool for measuring male violence against women. It’s purposely devoid of anything that recognizes the fact of gender inequality and the fact that men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators.

Another tactic of MRA’s, when you ask them for research to support the idea that 70% of violence is started by women, is to post the Fiebert bibliography. It’s highly unlikely MRA’s have read the many studies included in that bibliography because about 60% of the studies involve the faulty CTS.

Michael Flood has addressed MRA’s, Fathers’ Rights groups (which are extensions of MRA’s) in this wonderful paper from 2012.

We are in a very important time in our culture because of the male supremacist backlash. Third wave feminism is very prone to absorbing the faulty ideas that women are ‘just as violent’ as men because of the neo-liberal emphasis on individual issues and the lack of seeing male violence against women as a ‘women as a gendered class.’

No matter what Elam does to flail about and scream to get attention, he’ll always be wrong. His attempts to inject falsehoods into the culture have failed each and every time. This latest bid for a lawsuit from White Ribbon will soon blow over too.

He can’t take donations on his fake White Ribbon site because that provides the impetus to sue him since it’s a material benefit of fraud. What Elam is doing is trying to get White Ribbon to make public statements of a lawsuit so he can solicit for money. It’s the entire purpose.

His site is dying a slow death, and he knows it. Calling White Ribbon child abusers and frauds riles up his audience and provides him with more clicks. Let’s hope White Ribbon knows not to say a word to him because that will only get the donations running and Elam turns into the poor martyr.

I’m in touch with White Ribbon and though I cannot divulge our conversations I will say they are aware of Elam’s manipulations and what he’s trying to do.

I would officially like to extend an invitation to Michael Flood. I will be emailing him soon to discuss these matters and strategies to deal with these male supremacists.

Paul Elam Attacking Female Journalist Jill Filipovic

Jill Filipovic reported on Paul Elam’s cloning of an international Domestic Violence campaign website called ‘White Ribbon Campaign.’ The campaign was the Canadian response to the murdering of 14 feminists by Marc LePine at Ecole Polytechnique in the 80’s.

MRA’s insist they have nothing in common with Marc LePine but anyone who follows Paul Elam and his rag-tag band of male supremacists, knows the anti-feminist misogynist rhetoric is frighteningly similar.

Elam has dubious reasons for cloning the website, most notably to spread false information and to make money.

If Elam wanted to dispell any connections to LePine he certainly wouldn’t clone a campaign meant as a response to LePine’s male violence against women.

Paul Elam is making money off cloning the site and is now claiming that the official White Ribbon Campaign is suing AVFM and is imploring other MRA’s to send him money to fight the legal battle. I don’t know if there is a legal battle and it might be another attempt of Elam’s to recoup monies he didn’t make in his last quarterly fundraiser in which he asked for $25K and only got about half.

It’s not the first time Elam has lied to his MRA audience in order to squeeze money out of them. In the summer of this year he lied about feminist death threats so he could ask for legal monies which never went anywhere except his own pocket where he admits every cent goes.

In his latest rant he attacks Filipovic

The only thing different today than yesterday is that we get to add another name to the list of known scumbuckets infesting the mainstream media.

We now welcome Jill Filipovic of Cosmopolitan magazine to the ever-growing circus of fools with press passes and the equivalent of a fourth-grade education.

He never really makes an argument for why her piece is wrong. He just screams about various things like ‘ideological corruption’ and asks silly questions that contain logical fallacies like this one, which assumes that because those people have some sort of authority (in itself questionable) it means that AVFM’s done nothing wrong.

Perhaps the opinion of the woman who started the battered women’s shelter movement in the UK in 1971 would count? How about a former member of the board of directors for the National Organization for Women? How about the first Black female to become a senator in North America and the founder of the women’s shelter movement in Canada? How about clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, and academicians from across the Western world who have specialized in these problems and decided to stand with us and support our mission?

Windbag Elam must know the only ‘research’ available on his fake clone site is the Fiebert bibliography, which isn’t what people mean when they ask for peer reviewed research. The Fiebert bibliography has been criticized for its reliance on faulty methodological research using the CTS by Straus, which fails by eliminating the context of violence between partners.

Paul Elam doesn’t engage in activism. That would require a few elements. First he’d have to actually DO something for his cause, which he now admits isn’t about men and boys but is about destroying women’s rights. His recent mission statement outlines this.

Elam is aware he’s done nothing. In this rant he maneuvers around the question by asking another question. This is his strategy when faced with the accurate criticism that he’s actually done nothing except harm any potential men’s movement.

When people ask what we are actually doing about the problems faced by men and boys, my answer falls along the lines of another question: Don’t you think that making sure people even know men and boys have unaddressed problems might make it more possible for people to actually “do” things?

The only thing Elam has ever done is use his website the way the SPLC has accurately reported. AVFM is simply the mouthpiece of Paul Elam. In fact, many MRA’s have been removed from the site because Elam doesn’t take criticism very well at all. John Hembling used to be Elam’s right hand but has outed Elam as unwilling to handle any criticism of his tactics.

Elam pours through the comments on AVFM looking for any bit of minor disagreement or disillusionment from his audience. He will shame those men to give him money or simply say ‘what have you done for men?’ which is quite funny because Elam has done nothing and it can be argued he’s set men back. Even in this article you can see Elam screaming at another MRA who calmly suggested that the stunts Elam pulls just set men back. Elam called him a ‘pussy’ over and over again. CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE

One of three long raging comments to another MRA who disagreed with Elam

One of three long raging comments to another MRA who disagreed with Elam

Elam is angry that Fillipowich named him and his audience ‘so called’ men’s rights activists. Again, this ties into the fact that Paul thinks he’s the only men’s group on the planet and more importantly that he thinks he’s the only one actually doing something for men. His ego is boundless and extremely fragile.

Lastly, Elam subtlety threatens Jill and others with some kind of doxxing. Elam regularly releases personal information of women he targets.

Lastly, I would like Cosmo (and any white ribbon group) to produce proof of two things. One, that I do not have an explicitly legal right to do precisely what I am doing, and TWO, if we do a background check (and we will) of your alleged experts, will we find a heavy ideological leaning that our long-time experience assures us will result in irrational bias?

The entitlement here stinks. Cosmo is not your legal team. Threatening to dox them or any aspect of their personal ‘past’ is yet another threat towards women in a long tradition of Elam doing anything he can to harm women whether online/offline or both for exposing him.

Paul Elam is flailing around like the gamergater’s to find someone to attack for his own failures. I don’t know how this will end but you can be sure Paul Elam and AVFM want attention desperately and are willing to harm their own ‘movement’ to get it. That’s the supreme irony of Paul Elam’s temper tantrums.

The beginining of this video sums up Elam nicely

Elam had more to say about Jill during one of his Youtube shows. He says some pretty misogynist things about her. He thinks her position at Cosmo is merely about ‘nailpolish’ and not as a political writer.


Paul Elam Says Monies Donated To His Fake Site Will Go To Legal Expenses

Legal action seems imminent by the official White Ribbon owners against Paul Elam who cloned the site to spread false information and make money.

Paul has announced that all the money he takes from his fake website will go to legal fees. He’s managed to find a way to swindle even more money from his minions. He really is a scammer and as usual nothing is done for men.

All donations to this will be placed into our legal war chest to defend those rights.

We appreciate the support of people who believe in the moral correctness of our actions, and we pledge to vigorously fight any attempt to abridge our free speech or any other Constitutional rights.

Except this isn’t about free speech. It’s about stealing a brand, calling it yours, and scamming. Bravo Paul.


Donate to them and let them know Elam sent you.