My Canuck Sisters, Say Goodbye

Today, PM Justin Trudeau announced Bill C16. 

Men who wear dresses and raise their pinky finger while drinking a Starbucks will be considered a protected class. This means if they want in on women’s spaces, nobody will be able to deny them access.

The interesting thing about the bill is the definition of gender and gender identity. The circularity is dumbfounding. The Justice Department explains:

Gender identity is each person’s internal and individual experience of gender. It is their sense of being a woman, a man, both, neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum. A person’s gender identity may be the same as or different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth. For some persons, their gender identity is different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth; this is often described as transgender or simply trans. Gender identity is fundamentally different from a person’s sexual orientation.

Gender expression is how a person publicly presents their gender. This can include behaviour and outward appearance such as dress, hair, make-up, body language and voice. A person’s chosen name and pronoun are also common ways of expressing gender.

There are a variety of individual experiences of gender and of gender expression. The terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” include a wide range of gender diversity.

Internal experiences and sensations are not material realities and cannot be legislated. Gender resides in your psychology. It’s interesting they use the term ‘sense.’ We can’t legislate senses because they are highly inaccurate. Also if ‘there are a variety’ of individual experiences of gender, which ones matter?

Moving onto ‘Gender expression’ we see the words ‘behaviour’ and ‘appearance.’ A person’s behaviour and appearance aren’t connected to a person’s sex.  Sex is independent of gender. You cannot change your clothes in order to change your sex. You are born a sex that is clearly defined and immutable.

Gender is independent of sex. Gender is an invented concept of patriarchy. It’s a hierarchy with ‘femininity’ at the bottom and ‘masculinity’ on top. Gender behaviours and appearances are learned, and it means they can be unlearned. A female infant is not born with a predilection to play with dolls or wear pink. She is taught that this is her ROLE. I know I’m preaching to the choir here but this is mainly for people who don’t understand the differences.

Feminism rejects gender because it teaches females behaviours and attitudes that are detrimental to our freedoms as human beings.

Transactivists are enforcing gender stereotypes ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity.’ They’re saying if a boy plays with dolls, flicks his long hair, and claims he’s a girl, he really is a girl.

Let’s make a list of feminine stereotypes based on ‘behaviour’ and ‘appearance.’ Feel free to add your own in the comment section.

  • flicking hair
  • wearing eyeliner
  • wearing a dress or skirt
  • swinging hips
  • playing with dolls
  • long painted fingernails/toenails
  • long hair
  • high heels
  • scared of insects and snakes
  • quiet and sensitive
  • emotional
  • submissive

I could go on and on with ‘feminine’ stereotypes but this is not what makes a woman. A woman is an adult human female. If a male does any of the above and claims to be female, Canada will call him a woman. In fact, because gender identity relies on ‘sense’, all a male has to do is claim he’s a woman and he’ll be allowed into any women’s space he wants. Women’s shelters, prisons, organizations, sports teams, events, etc. are now all open any male who ‘senses’ he’s a woman.

Say goodbye to women-only spaces. Say goodbye to privacy. Say goodbye to women’s sports. Say goodbye to safety. Say goodbye to your class protections.

Men want in.

Say goodbye to sisterhood.



For good reading material, here’s a Canadian Human Rights case whereby a man in a dress demanded a Woman-Only Rape Shelter hire him as a rape crisis counsellor. When he was told ‘no’ he threatened the women that ran the shelter and then proceeded to try and bankrupt the shelter with a 12-year court battle that took time and resources away from women who were raped.

Vancouver Rape Relief won the case but it took 12 long years, loss of precious time and money that Canadian women depended on. Women’s services were already being gutted by the Tories.

Our women-only space must be fought for. We can’t just sit on the sidelines and expect it to be handed to us.

Here’s the list of Canadian Senators you can write to about C-16 and explain your concerns. You can write to the Liberals but it’s unlikely they’ll hear you. The Tories might listen. Remember it was the Tories that got C36 (Nordic Model re: prostitution) into law.








I Started the Germaine Greer Counter-petition; Gimme Some Greer! UPDATED

I’m completely sick of transactivists trying to shut down and bully anyone, especially women, that don’t march lock-step with their views. When I saw that yet another woman, Germaine Greer, was being petitioned and no platformed by some students at Cardiff, I sprung into action by writing a counter-petition.  You may sign it here.

It makes me angry that I must write silly counter-petitions so women can speak on college campuses or to help make sure women don’t get fired from their jobs. Yes, I had to write a petition for another woman,  feminist writer Meghan Murphy, when a bunch of transactivists thought Rabble should fire her for her views. That petition was successful in that it garnered appx 3,000 signatures.

The fact that I have to do this to ensure the principles of free speech, really bothers me. Greer says she dislikes online feminism, well I hate what I have to spend my days doing because liberal feminists can’t handle an alternative opinion, especially when it comes to transpolitics.

I share the same ideas as Greer on this subject as do many other women. It’s just that most of us don’t speak out because you get immediately attacked, and in Greer’s case, had objects thrown at her. I find the behaviour of transactivists to be quite telling because it’s obvious to anyone who looks at what’s really going on here will come to the same educated conclusions as Greer does.

A human being cannot change sex. It’s impossible. Females are not males and vice versa. If you were born with XY chromosomes, you’re male. You will not have the capacity to become pregnant or menstruate. That’s a pretty big deal in women’s lives. Our biology matters. I can’t ‘identify’ out of an abortion if I become pregnant.

Greer is s second wave feminist. She wrote a feminist classic ‘The Female Eunuch’ and has a whole catalogue of talks you can find on Youtube from the 70’s and onward that show just how brilliant she is. She’s done a lot for women, a helluva lot.

Greer centers women and girls in her analysis. She doesn’t quite care about transgender issues. She stated recently on Newsnight that she hasn’t talked about those issues in decades. So why all the fuss?

Well, because it seems transactivists, and even those who call themselves 3rd wave feminists, simply can’t manage to refrain from going to Greer’s talk, which isn’t on trans issues by the way. It’s to be about women and girls. Instead they have to punish her, call her horrible names, threaten her and try silencing her. This is the behaviour of children, not adults who have to navigate the world where competing ideas are everywhere.


Here’s a tweet by the person who started the silly petition to silence Greer.

It’s just a bunch of petty name calling. I’ve already seen physical threats coming from the translobby on Twitter as well.


Universities are supposed to be the place where ideas are challenged and debated, where people are taught not what to think but how to think and parse information, not shut down before a word is uttered.

Greer told the BBC she’s 72 and tired of this. Well, I’m tired of this too. I’m tired of having to write counter petitions so that women can speak their minds without being viciously attacked and vilified by transbullies.


The New York Times is reporting that Cardiff has rejected the plan to silence Greer and intends to continue to extend the invitation to her. Whether she’ll speak there or not, is solely in her court. She did say on BBC Two Newsnight that trans bullies threw things at her in the past and she really doesn’t want to speak at Cardiff if this is the environment. She may have been being snarky or she may have been serious. We’ll just have to wait and see.

If you’re reading this Germaine, I’ve watched almost every recorded talk of yours on Youtube. I admire you and desperately want you to speak. I know standing up to transactivists is tiring and they’re so very manly with their aggression but as a woman, you are making it possible for other women to speak up about this issue for the first time.

Too often women are bullied by men wearing dresses who will never understand or know what it’s like to be female. They’ll never become pregnant and have to find an abortion provider. They’ll never have to worry about menstruation and the pain and mess that comes with it. They’ll never be women.

Women know this and they’re finally speaking out because you dared to, even under threat of male violence and the supposed feminists who enable them.

I thank you for that.