Mancheeze Takes On Game of Thrones

The leading women of Game of Thrones

(Left to Right: Sansa Stark, Margaery Tyrell, Daenerys Targaryen, Brienne of Tarth, Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister)

The Autumn, my favourite season, will be here before long and this Autumn I am taking on Game of Thrones. It’ll be the Radfem Edition of Game of Thrones! I’ve read the books and faithfully watched HBO’s interpretation of George RR Martin’s story ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ We’re still waiting for Martin to finish the books as HBO is currently working on Season 7 to be aired in June 2017.

I will host this series on Youtube. Here’s my channel so you can subscribe and not miss an episode. Since there are 60 episodes so far there will be 60 videos.

Game of Thrones is set in a typical Patriarchy, with male rulers at the top and women at the bottom. Martin has put female characters front and center in leadership roles but the entire story revolves around a man.

Jon Snow as King of Westeros aka ‘How Men Think the Story Will Definitely End.’ Complete with penis sword and a wolf

Jon Snow is the typical masculine hero trope (with phallic sword) and it’s sort of a rags-to-riches, bastard-to-noble type story. However, there’s also his female opposite, Daenerys Targaryen, who is born of nobility but was denied her birthright and spends the show trying to become Queen of Westeros. Of course, in a patriarchy, women are seen as objects to be possessed through marriage even if they are of noble birth and Daenerys is currently imposing this condition of marriage slavery on herself. If she wants to rule Westeros she has to marry a powerful man. Women truly don’t get a break, even if they’re noble, powerful, possess dragons, armies, and top aides.

Game of Thrones is a typical white male fantasy story even though there are a few noble women who take leading roles. Most of the women are cast as prostituted women, complete with male abuse thrown at them from every direction. Men get to sword fight as equals but women get subjugated not only by the noble Kings but by all males in society. Women are property of all men in a patriarchy.

Game of Thrones shows grown men sexualizing a female child, more than once. This is crucial and I’ll be breaking those scenes down very critically in the videos. When I first saw those scenes I got extremely angry because even though Game of Thrones is a fantasy story, it’s a human story and only men are human in a patriarchy.

I’ve said previously that HBO pornified Game of Thrones. Gail Dines has talked a lot about how mainstream television is like watching softcore pornography. This is so true of Game of Thrones.

It’s with great pleasure I do this video series. I hope you’ll join me on Youtube. The first video will come out some time in the Fall, most likely September.


Man in Dress Attacks Woman in Public Bathroom

My latest video on Gregory Schwartz, 40 year old man who played dress up and sexually assaulted a woman in a department store public bathroom in California.

Please note that transactivists are already falsely flagging my videos. If you have a Youtube channel, please download and mirror my videos. Hell, start a Youtube channel and do this to protect women’s voices.


Misogynist DEAD: Many More To Go

Angry Harry, a British MRA, dropped dead. For a sampling of his ‘work’ he wrote this piece about rape, which of course he blamed on how women dress.

‘Many women, however, seem to wish to take no responsibility for their behaviour. They seem to think that they should be able to flaunt their sexuality all over the place – in order to incite men – and then they think that they have the right to claim that they are victims when some men respond to them in a manner which is absolutely consistent with the message that they, themselves, have been sending out.’~Angry Harry


Paul Elam moaned that he was looking forward to meeting this shit-heel in Britain during the upcoming ManBawl 2016. Elam also called him the ‘greatest MRA’ ever.

Good riddance, rape apologist, misogynist scumbag.

Saturday Abolitionist Hangout on Prostitution UPDATED

I’m having a Google hangout on Saturday at 1pm Pacific time with a couple people on prostitution. You can check out our past hangout here.

I will focus on Germany and how the govt is regretting their decision to legalize and what they’re trying to do now to control the massive problems. I will also talk about Australia’s proposals to change their laws too.

I’ll put the link here and on Twitter just before the show goes live.

Here’s the LINK  to the show. COme join us!


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The show went for about 3 hours. I mainly talked about Germany’s problems since legalizing prostitution in 2002. I used a vast array of sources during the show. There is a list of links that will be available in the description box of the video. I just sent them to Buntzums, my co-host, today so they’ll be up soon.

Here is the show:



Men’s Rights Activist Buys Domain Names To Target And Punish Women

MRA Jack Barnes has bought the domain names of several women he’s targeted for stalking and harassment. In an effort to terrorize Clementine Ford, Kerri Sackville, and Traci Spicer, Barnes has bought and the rest.

When I first heard about this, I thought it was similar to the actions of a male batterer who wants to continue to intimidate and stalk an ex. This is how personal this latest round of online terrorism seems to me. Also, during the hangout (below) Barnes and Elam were saying things to the effect of ‘if these women don’t keep their mouths shut online, we’ll publish the sites and make them live.’ That’s a threat.

His goal is to punish these women for being women who speak online about women’s rights. His intention is to have his sites, filled with hateful, misogynist articles, to come up first in a Google search. Barnes and Elam hope that these women suffer job loss and other opportunities.

In a hangout, they describe exactly what they’ve done and why they’ve done it.

I don’t know what the laws are around purchasing a domain name in anothers name and filling it with online misogyny with the express purpose of harming them. I can’t imagine this is legal to do but on the other hand, internet laws are still developing. If the women object to this, I can’t imagine any court turning them down.

Barnes and Elam are prepared for that. James Huff, who was also in the hangout, mentioned that he knows the law will intervene and that it’s a good thing because they’ll get the names of the people who support these women. Huff is the MRA responsible for finding the dox of several women on radfemhub and dropping them to the world in the Agent Orange Files.

Barnes has published I checked and the site is live. I will not link it as it’s a record of Barnes stalking her Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. In fact, she just unpublished her Facebook page.

I have archived the site in case he takes it down. I have also downloaded the video of the hangout where he admits what he’s done along with his threats.

Remember, the men’s rights movement is totally about men’s rights and not about terrorizing women.

Live Chat Comments From Elam’s Date With Roosh As Promised

I promised I would publish the live chat comments from the hangout Elam did with Roosh. The ideas these men have about women are absolutely primitive. Nay, they’re not even primitive. They are utterly disgusting.

One commenter, Andrew P,  was intent on getting all the men in the chat to understand the right way to treat women.


There is no secretive misogyny from Patrick. These men are totally honest about it.


Chip Whitley has a plan for women, and that’s popping out kids and being chained up in the kitchen.


A surprising comment by Dan Perrins who questioned these Conservative Roosh followers about their ideas, to no avail.


Clockworkelves doesn’t want women in any leadership positions because it makes him sad.

4Chip Whitley reminds the men that equality isn’t good in a marriage, but it has nothing to do with those evil Muslim darkies and their Sharia law.17

The hope we had for Dan Perrins is quickly shattered as the dudes share their plans for wives who have had kids and gain extra weight.


The next time dudes say there’s no such thing as patriarchy, remind them of this post. The male need to control and dominate women is a conscious process of men, not an unconscious one. I see neoliberal feminists cave in to MRA’s on this point. They continually remind men that patriarchy isn’t purposeful and that men don’t even know they’re doing it.

They clearly do know.

Aurini was also present in the hangout and shared.


Finally, the men admit they don’t use their brains. The men’s rights movement is really about their dicks. Truest shit ever.



Paul Elam Accuses Roosh of Wanting Sharia Law

Elam and Roosh finally had their homoerotic date last night after calling each other names over Twitter. At one point Elam accuses Roosh of wanting to enact Sharia Law. Roosh’s ideas about women are very, shall we say, Islamic. His need to control women, to make women stay home and pop out kids, and be led by a man, is extremely misogynist.

The conversation was basically them questioning each other over who should lead the Manosphere. It was all about who is going to be top dog. They wanked each other off while men in the comment section expressed their woman hatred.

‘My net is larger.’~ Roosh

‘I disagree with that.’ ~Elam


Stay on the lookout because I will be posting these comments in a future post. You think men like women? They don’t. They hate women and it doesn’t matter what part of the Manosphere they come from.


The ‘Skeptic’ Feminist

Happy New Year!

Here we are, another year passed and new one to begin. I’m feeling better. I actually don’t think my jawbone is infected any more. That one week of IV antibiotics really did the trick. However, my problem is more of a structural one than an infection.

After the 2 teeth were removed, the bone itself was sticking out to the side with only a little bit of gum tissue over it. This is why it’s been so painful and why the side of my face would go numb. It was just extremely irritated.

Now that I’ve been sleeping, the gum tissue is forming over that bone and it’s getting better. The maxillary/oral surgeon I saw a few weeks ago took a panoramic X-ray of my entire mouth and he also thinks it’s more of a physical problem than an infection.

I have to have two more imaging studies at the hospital. On Tuesday I’m having a White Blood Cell scan that will last up to 7 hours. Most of that is waiting time. They have to take blood from me and re-inject it and take photos.

The final scan will be a 3D MRI scan to see the formation of the jaw itself.

This kind of trauma happens rarely but the surgeon has seen it before. It’s just bad luck on my part.

I knew I didn’t have Trigeminal Neuralgia or whatever else these crazy doctors came up with. The body will heal itself if given a good chance and part of the problem is that these doctors, in the beginning, weren’t giving me anything to help me sleep and reduce the pain. Once they finally did that, I started feeling better and the tissue over that bone started to build up and heal.

I have other complications in my stomach from all the antibiotics they had me on. Those should heal up in time as well.

Now for some other stuff.


I have been monitoring Paul Elam as well the as the supposed ‘male feminists’ on Youtube. One of them, The Skeptic Feminist, claims he’s a feminist but shouts ‘TERF and SWERF’ at women like me online. He’s more interested in having a conversation with MRA’s because he thinks he can align with them.

skeptic feminist TERFS and SWERFS

So not only does he parrot MRA’s who think there’s such a thing as toxic femininity but he gladly defines it for us.

His channel description is even more hilarious:

We are The Skeptic Feminist, a group of radical-Feminist--firebrand-Atheists.
"Radical" because we don't cut any form of sexism, religious or otherwise, any slack -- not even the dreaded Islam.
"Firebrand" because we refuse to be silenced, be it at the threats of the religious, the sexist atheists, or theistic feminists.
We're 'radical' only in the sense that we have no issue questioning established feminist beliefs and openly criticizing taboo topics such as Islam. You'll notice that we enjoy subverting the original meanings of phrases. Such as our take on 'first world problems'.

He wouldn’t know radical feminism if it bit him in the ass.

He’s the typical ‘I’m a male feminist and I know everything about feminism’ dude you come across on Youtube. He made a video calling a woman a SWERF because she made a video (which she had to take down) about the sex industry. He said she was slut shaming.

The interesting part is he actually knows what gender is and has promoted the radical feminist position on gender. He understands that gender is a social construct that harms women. However, he contradicts himself by calling women TERFS. You cannot hold both positions. You cannot disavow gender and then worship it, and then call women names because they know what gender is and want their privacy rights.

Here’s more proof he understands gender:

skeptic feminist toxic gender norms

Another thing I find questionable about him is his series of videos trying to get MRA’s to talk to him. In those videos he’s practically begging MRA’s to join up with him. I have to wonder why he’s so hell bent on this task? Is it just to show it can’t be done?


In neoliberal land men don’t have to give up their male privilege so feminism becomes easy to adopt. He doesn’t have to examine that the demand in prostitution (men) and the root inequalities between women and men is what fuels the industry. He doesn’t have to give a shit about girls not wanting to share a locker room with a male. Teenage girls are just a bigots for fearing men in their private spaces amirite? He doesn’t have to do a damn thing and he still gets to shout at women online and call them names. Gee, no wonder there are so many ‘male feminists’ these days.

The Skeptic Feminist thinks he’s completely rational even though he contradicts himself. When he panders to MRA’s he tells them he’s very ‘critical’ of feminists and feminism. Haven’t we heard that before? When he calls women TERFS and SWERFS he’s just ‘cleaning up the feminist movement’ because that’s what a good skeptic does!

‘I’m calling her a CUNT because I’m criticizing her!’

‘I’m calling her a TERF because I’m criticizing her!’

Save your ‘criticism’ dude.



JudgyBitch ‘I’m A Whore With One Client’

I’ve finally put my foot down and have stopped going the hospital. They’re going to have to do a couple more imaging tests and until then I’m not having any more antibiotics through IV. I’m having some stomach complications from all the antibiotics that I have to get tested for now and if I have it, I have to be medicated AGAIN for this new problem that THEY caused.

Anywho, I’ve been home for a couple days just resting because I’ve been in so much pain with other health issues that I’ve had time to scan Youtube videos while I’m hobbling around.

People have been asking me on Twitter ‘Diana, how do you find this stuff?’ Well, the answer is, carefully. I spend a ton of time scanning obscure places to bring you the absurdities in men’s rights movement. This is how I made a name for myself way back in 2008. I’d find the most obnoxious things that MRA’s would say in long videos nobody would watch and splice the clips together, presenting them in their own words. This is why John the Other aka John Hembling follows me around and false DMCA’s this one video that shows him for the jackass he is.

The video he doesn’t want people to see was featured on the Daily Beast after I did an interview with them. The video managed to stay up for going on 6 months before Johnny boy decided he really didn’t want people knowing about him any more. That began my quest to make sure as many people as possible saw the video. I have a copy of it, two copies actually, and if you’d like to see it, leave a comment with your Youtube handle and I’ll share it with you privately since he has already ruined one of my channels.

Anywho, so I was sitting around at home listening to this latest video that was uploaded yesterday. It’s Judgybitch aka Janet Bloomfield doing an interview with another MRA called The Ralph Retort. Go to 29:18 to hear Janet tell her male friend that she’s really just a ‘whore with one client.’ Yep, that’s how she thinks of her marriage. She’s a whore and her husband is simply renting out her vagina.

Female MRA’s are quite interesting to me because it really is like taking your own fist and punching yourself in the face with it. There have always been women who suck up to men and give them what they want in return for approval and table scraps from the master’s plate but female MRA’s take this to a whole new level of disturbing. In yesterday’s post we had to listen to female MRA’s be told they needed a dick shoved in their mouth because some dude is bent about the new Star Wars movie and today we get ‘I’m a whore.’

What will be next?

I have a feeling that MRA rhetoric is going to get even more bizarre since the Manosphere is now the complete laughingstock of the world. Don’t get me wrong, their rhetoric has always been disgusting but their goals in the past were to get mainstream attention by being obnoxious and crying all over the internet. Now that they’ve got it and been dismissed as nutters you’ll begin to understand more of their psychological issues.

This is why Elam is furiously making Youtube videos again. In fact, he just made another video about a recent GQ article called ‘MRA’s Are a Bunch of Cave Dwelling Idiots.’ In the earlier days video making was his main schtick. He fully realizes he’s been roasted over a spit in the media and it’s gotten to the point where MRA’s turn down media interviews. Just look at what happened to the BBC this month when Reggie Yates tried interviewing some of these asshats. MRA’s, MGTOW’s and their ilk made endless videos telling each other not to talk to the BBC about anything because they’re paranoid. In fact, the interviewer couldn’t help but notice their intense paranoia. And let’s face it, that’s part of being an MRA, thinking everyone, especially women, are out to get you.

As a little sidetrack, I think it’s important to watch the BBC documentary about MRA’s. One of the main highlights for me was the filming of a Roosh lecture where Roosh is warning a concerned father that he should control his 18 year old daughter by forcing her into marriage. Can you imagine a father of a daughter being interested in Roosh’s rape lectures? Yet, there he is, happy to be there and worried his daughter is going to become a slutty feminist, out of male control.

So expect more videos as MRA’s retreat to Youtube, where they began.

Maritza and Lynna Challenge Midwives Alliance Peak Trans Crap

Peak Trans: Men give birth now, not women.

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My sisters Maritza and Lyanna, who invited me to critique transactivism on their show, went to the recent Midwife Alliance of North America (MANA) Con and challenged transactivists who removed the words ‘pregnant woman’ and ‘woman’ from midwifery.

You can’t say women get pregnant any more or hurt feelz and tantrums result. Transactivists have managed to erase women from the one thing that makes them female: the ability to give birth.

Guess who was defending erasing women? A man. Sam Killerman to be exact.

Thanks to those who corrected the spelling of L’s name.~Edited HMQ