Who Is Boogie?

Boogie is one of my many wild mice. I don’t kill wild creatures, well except the occasional cockroach. Wild house mice (mus musculus) live in the walls of historic old buildings. I make friends with them as I appreciate the fact they’re sentient creatures who feel like we do and they’re very very intelligent.

Wild house mice are very friendly once you open your heart up to them, and give them peanut butter from your finger. Boogie is a buck (male) whose favourite food is Smartfood popcorn. He likes it more than peanut butter. Boogie has passed on and I’ve befriended more mice since they live in the walls.

House mice are very social and will check up on you daily. They’ll scamper out and wait for you to acknowledge them. Once you’ve said your ‘hellos’ they scoot away somewhere, completely satisfied. Many of them sit under my desk and sniff my feet while I’m working online. Some like to creep up near my desk chair and watch me while I write. The only reason I know they’re there is when I move suddenly. Then I hear them scamper away.

My latest mouse Bubba (female) likes to climb up on my old radiator next to my computer area so she can look me in the face. She studies me from different angles.

Mice learn very quickly. They’ll learn to come when you call them. You can feed them any human food but I’ve noticed they don’t really like chocolate. I’ve dropped chocolate on the floor and they refuse to touch it. Most mice LOVE spaghetti and tomato sauce.

Each mouse has its own personality and its own favourite foods. You’ll learn as you feed them what they enjoy.

I had a mouse named Peanut who got closer to me than any other mouse I’ve known. He would jump into my hands and let me gently cup him inside, sometimes touching his tiny little body. I would save Peanut from being bitten by Little Girl. Little Girl would rattle her tail and sneak up behind Peanut to bite his tail. I’ve been able to witness wild mice do amazing things.

I’ve cared for several mice, all at different and sometimes overlapping times. Here’s a list:

  • Little Girl (female)
  • Peanut (male)
  • GreyBeard (alpha male)
  • Biter (female)
  • Many babies I never named
  • Bubba
  • Boogie
  • Bubba the Second (male)
  • Daddy (old rogue)
  • Lily (baby with a bitten off tail)
  • Lucy (baby)

I must amend this as of Sept 2015. Bubba II was my latest little friend. He was a very smart and very social male. His social skills were unparalleled. I got very close to him and he trusted me more than any other wild mouse. He allowed me to touch and rub his little hands while he ate. He let me touch his belly too. While he ate I’d rub his belly and he’d rise up on his back legs and close his little eyes to slits. He also loved to sit in my hand and come up on my bed while I was asleep. I felt him one night sitting next to my arms. I called him ‘the best mouse ever.’

The sad part about caring for wild animals is you never know when you won’t see them again. My relationship with Bubba II was very short. I haven’t seen him in 5 days. My guess is he’s passed away. I’m grieving for him. I call him and he doesn’t come.

Men’s rights activists get butthurt that I take care of wild mice. They somehow think they’re spreading disease to me when they’re the same species as pet mice you buy in the store. After all these years of caring for these wild ones I have yet to catch a single disease. MRA’s don’t research this. If they did they’d figure out it’s Deer Mice that carry disease and not mus musculus.

MRA’s don’t let facts get in the way of screaming about my pets. Each time you donate to my mice and I, an MRA cries.

If you want to know all the details about my mice House Mouse | Little imprints in a peanut butter world




Let me just take this mum.

Let me just take this mum.

5 thoughts on “Who Is Boogie?

  1. I have some wonderful drawings somewhere clipped from a magazine that an artist did of the mice in her studio. I shall have to go search for them! You have given me a new appreciation for the mice I share a house with. Fortunately for them, I don’t see them often as I have cats (who, except for their giant size, share some traits with mice).

    • Very cool. If you take the time you can befriend them as once they warm up to you they are like dogs on the scale of sociability and they will come when you call them for food etc.

      However, having cats and befriending mice do not go together. Making pals w/ them would get them killed I’m afraid.

      I’m truly sad for you my friend. When you don’t have cats anymore check out my site that will teach you how to make friends with them.

      • I am at a complete loss as to how i can delete a comment i posted on one of your posts….could you please delete my comment. I really cannot figure it out. I tried going to my email acct to do it from there and it said there should be a box out to the side of my comment to be able to delete but there is not one there. Please help me on this. I really want the comment gone thank you for your help. I even tried to find a way to contact you but there is none. the comment was just yesterday.

  2. Don’t post please:

    A little pet mouse got loose one day and it was getting pretty desperate, calling, searching sniffling, snotty tears and sobs. We lived in the Arctic then. Six day and no sign of her. The edges of the house got very cold so cold the baby’s diaper once froze to the wall in her sleep. I digress. Anyway, when checking a recipe I found my Chatelaine cookbook circa 1965 was curiously annotated, that is, most of the bottoms of the veg pages raggedly missing. Aha. She still would not come home, even though we kept tempting her, and we would see a fleeting little ghost growing thinner and thinner. I didn’t know quite what to do? Leave her in her adventure, hope the veg section would last? I packed the book in a box so she had no option, and put some cheesy bacon toast bits in her cage and left the door open, and she came. What a happy tear filled reunion. She was quite thin, but lived another year or so with no more breakouts. We treasure that cookbook, with its nibbled pages and sustainable paste binding. Could a girl mouse Arctic explorer live on an IPad?


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