A Little Philosophical Tidbit From Jane Clare Jones

I’m not a philosophy buff but I do know good philosophical arguments when I see them. In this new post by Jane, she lays bare the philosophical motives of transgenderists.

Here is a snippet from ‘Smashing the Binary’:

And this is where it goes completely, utterly off the rails for the woke. Instead of granting reality to both sides of the difference, and working to move our discursive structures away from the way our culture codes those differences, trans ideology has decided to try and abolish the difference itself.  That they can’t grasp the distinction between ‘a difference’ and ‘a binary’ is demonstrated by the fact that they keep referring to the sexual difference between male and female humans – which is a difference in kind between two types of humans – as ‘a binary,’ or even worse, as the ‘gender binary.’ (*Headdesk*). What is so interesting – and distressing – about all of this, is that this act of not grasping that a difference-exists-which-is-not-a-binary, is structured by the basic patriarchal conceit which underpins the whole binary structure in the first place. That is, the inability of the patriarchal subject to relate to anything that differs from itself in without imposing its own projections onto it. As we’re all well aware from our interactions out there, what informs this inability to grant reality to a difference – and to allow that the purportedly ‘inferior’ term of a ‘binary’ might exist as its own difference – is good old fashioned patriarchal narcissism. A way of relating to anything that differs to itself only through an inverting mirror – and that cannot conceive there could be any other way of relating across difference.

For the well-meaning woke, it seems like this is all opaque. Binaries are bad, and so, the thinking goes, to abolish them we need to get rid of the difference that underpins them – a conflation which depends, as so much of the bad-thinking in this debate, on the inability to understand the distinction – and inter-relation – of nature and culture. What can’t be imagined, because the patriarchal structure of hierarchy, othering, and domination has made itself look so. damn. natural., is that there could be differences which were not made into hierarchies. And so, the story goes, if we want men and women to relate equally to each other, the only possible way could be pretending that men, or actually, really, womenare not.

If you would like to read the whole thing, go here.

6 thoughts on “A Little Philosophical Tidbit From Jane Clare Jones

  1. She makes more of it than it really is about, and therefore she tends to muddy the water even more. I wrote on her blog this:

    It’s really simple. The trans use a bunch of convoluted nonsense, including “queer theory,” to promote sexual deviance and criminal behavior. In short, these “queer theory” types believe there should be no appropriate boundaries between the sexes or between adults and children. They know males and females exist–the aim is not really to get rid of the sexes, but to push forward their sexual kinks and perversions. They KNOW what they are doing. They just don’t care about boundaries as long as they get off sexually even if they commit crimes against children to satisfy it (queer theory supports the elimination of age-of-consent laws, i.e., pedophilia).

    No longwinded philosophical navel gazing necessary. Like Posie Parker, we need to cut out the b.s. and just say what this nonsense is all about. These guys are not poor little things who think they are “born in the wrong body”; translating the phrase means they get off sexually by impersonating their idea of what a woman is. This is regardless of what their sexual orientation is.

    • It is really simple. I felt the same way you do now when I read Dr. Stock’s piece in The Conversation.

      I understand why she wrote the way she did. She was writing with phil majors in mind.

      However, she did say that men CAN be WOMEN but only insofar as woman means gender stereotypes. She stated that TW can’t be female though.

      I did point this out to her on Twitter. Men in wigs aren’t subsets of women.

      This sort of half-measures I’ve seen from some women aren’t beneficial. I’ve seen some women say the old GRA where there was doctors notes and 2 yrs ‘living as a woman’ is good enough.

      I think you either have to draw a bold line or none at all. Half measures aren’t going to work with men. It’s almost as if there’s some appeasement from women, in order to appear ‘nice.’

      I can’t be nice when we’re talking about half the population losing their rights to a privileged group.

  2. Oh I gave being ‘nice’ to men away a long time ago it’s about respect for myself respect in it’s about humanity, and it about female oppression It’s also very much about male entitlement , and much more so that this whole world and it’s societies & communities in this time in history saw Donald Trump voted in as a leader of 326,000 000 million people have at least 19 allegations of rape and sexual assault disappear, and not even appear in a court room that everyone of those allegations was Gone and in double quick time.
    Can you imagine how many globally saw and heard about this and the monumental impact that has had against women !!! Then the ensuing audio ‘pussy tape’ of bragging among other males.
    The drawn out process that is happening about Harvey Weinstein.. he is just out there in the ether no body is reporting any up dates the name is not in any press, why has this been taking So Long ! I’ve counted at least 46 women have come forward to say he has sexually assaulted and raped.
    You know who also notice and are aware of this, Men ! This all part of the attitude that comes from males when this entitlement is on display for the world to see.. women if they have committed murder are hunted down and swiftly brought to accountability, Case in point women serial murderesses the few that anyone would know about the ones with out a male accomplice Eileen Wuornos, her temporary stay of execution was lifted by Jeb Bush and he signed her death warrant.3 years after her first murder, and her life of abandonment,rape, incest abuse then in 11 years her lethal injection causing death in 2002.
    Trans males who have killed are majority alive incarcerated and not on death row receiving far better treatment than Eileen Wuornos ever had her whole life. Male trans receive their entitlement in prison, Hormones , surgeries these are criminals murderers, they are fucking being pandered too.. these are some actors or you just gotta think those in charge are that fucking stupid ! it’s always been a mans world and from where it sit, nothing is stopping that not even wars .
    Most Male leaders Putin, Korea’s Jong-un, Netanyahu, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Mahmoud Abbas etc have been seen to commit atrocities, there are 5 female world leaders out of a total of 67.

  3. I don’t mean to sound fatalistic but sometimes it feels like the only way these destructive men will fall is for the entire human race to fall into extinction. i believe people severely underestimate how many of them there are and how many exist who support them. There is no will or power that is directed at what needs to be done to rid the world of this gargantuan evil (there really is no other way to put it). I’m sorry, but pure pacifism will never accomplish what needs to be done, not in regards to human rights, not in regards to ecology or climate and time is running out. These men who have developed these traits will never change, they are too far gone and they continue to poison and warp new minds. Only a sheer strategic decimation of their numbers can turn things around. So long as they live, they will fight with every fiber of their being to perpetuate harm and they cannot be contained.


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