Misogynist DEAD: Many More To Go

Angry Harry, a British MRA, dropped dead. For a sampling of his ‘work’ he wrote this piece about rape, which of course he blamed on how women dress.

‘Many women, however, seem to wish to take no responsibility for their behaviour. They seem to think that they should be able to flaunt their sexuality all over the place – in order to incite men – and then they think that they have the right to claim that they are victims when some men respond to them in a manner which is absolutely consistent with the message that they, themselves, have been sending out.’~Angry Harry


Paul Elam moaned that he was looking forward to meeting this shit-heel in Britain during the upcoming ManBawl 2016. Elam also called him the ‘greatest MRA’ ever.

Good riddance, rape apologist, misogynist scumbag.

Merci France


France has adopted the Nordic Model as it concerns prostitution. A few excerpts from Prostitution Resources, a site by French feminist abolitionists:

On April 6th 2016, the French National Assembly recognized prostitution as one of the worst forms of violence against women and voted the criminalization of the purchase of sex.

French National Assembly acknowledges that buying access to a human body via a financial transaction is inherently an act of coercion.

Further, the French National Assembly recognized that prostitution harms all women (in prostitution or not) by undermining their emotional and physical wellbeing, security, health, and fundamental rights as human beings, harming society as a whole.

More specifically, when it comes to sexual violence against women, the French National Assembly recognized the tremendous level of violence in prostitution, including assault, rape, physical and psychological torture.

The French National Assembly also recognized that the existence of prostitution encourages the transnational trafficking of women and children. This has been demonstrated in countries such as Germany, Spain and New Zealand which tried full regularization of prostitution and yet witnessed sex trafficking surge, with underage and disenfranchised women imported by the thousands to meet the ever increasing demand of sex buyers.

Indeed, while admitting the failure of regularization* at an international scale, the Assembly recognized the need to urgently address the demand-side in prostitution. It has been established that sex buyers are responsible for the ever-increasing number of women and children brought into prostitution, as well as the worst form of violence perpetrated against them. Their forums, where they evaluate their preys as goods, details explicitly the hatred, domination and violence they impose on women.

it is impossible, let alone human, to regularize* and streamline pedocriminality, slavery, torture and murder. All countries must take all the steps in their power in order to fight such human rights abuses.


Women and girls are not sexual objects to be bought and sold like cattle. We are human beings deserving full rights and dignity. The Nordic Model recognizes this and puts it into practice.


Now it’s onto Britain, the next country which is considering the Nordic Model and has already started holding hearings.



Blaming Marie

Many of you know about Jian Ghomeshi so I won’t go into who he is. He’s just another in a long line of violent men who go after women to prove their dominance. This post is about his female lawyer, Marie Heinen.

Before we go any further, you can read the official judgement here.

I’ll quickly summarize the judgement if you don’t want to read it. Ghomeshi was acquitted. The Judge called the women liars. That’s as simple as it gets.

Marie Henein is being blamed by other women for taking the case. She’s being accused of betraying her sex. I think this is wrong-headed and I’ll tell you why.

Marie didn’t make the rules. She’s not responsible for the law. Blaming her is like blaming a perfectly functioning traffic light for a car accident. The reality is, she did her job and was paid for it. Marie did choose to take the case for money. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The real problem: the law.

I’ve been saying this for years. We have to change the law. Crimes like sexual assault are difficult because the law is set up to fail women. If we switched to a preponderance of evidence standard instead of beyond a reasonable doubt, women would benefit and I believe this will help prevent sexual assault because men won’t be able to use the current system to sit back and watch women get character assassinated. The current system is broken.

Universities in the US are using this legal standard to prosecute sexual assault. Now whether or not you think Uni’s should prosecute these cases on campus is not the issue. The issue is that sexual assault is a crime that usually involves two people and only two sides. This means that trying sexual assault cases usually comes down to character testimony. The victim (usually women) are put on a character trial, not a fact finding trial.

I also think that in sexual assault cases, the perpetrator must testify. Jian Ghomeshi just sat there in court with a smirk on his face while these women got victim blamed on the stand.

Now I’m not a lawyer. I’m a woman who was raped who never went to the police because I knew, like all women do, that it was pointless. I didn’t want to be re-victimized and character assassinated in front of my friends and family and make no mistake, that’s what sexual assault trials are.

Marie Henein is not to blame. The law was created by old, white men who were mostly concerned about protecting their property of which women are considered. Look at the evolution of sexual assault law and you’ll see that men made the law to protect their interests, not the interests of women.

Henein was simply working within a broken system that was never meant to benefit women who are raped and sexually assaulted by men. It’s easy to blame her but I think it’s pointless to do so. If we want to move forward we must change the law.



Update; BernieBros and more

Hey everyone!

I truly am enjoying my time-off. After going 3 solid years running this place I didn’t realize just how exhausted I was. This break has been exactly what I’ve needed.

During this time I’ve been paying close attention to the political situation in my home country and watching as the USA gets torn apart by Trump. He reminds me of an MRA. He talks tough but has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s an authoritarian. He’s a misogynist. He attracts MRA’s like flies on shit. Hell, some MRA’s are calling him ‘Daddy.’

You’re probably wondering who I support in this election. I know that I’ll vote Dem and I really like Sanders. The only problem is Sanders is using misogyny in his campaign and I can’t tolerate that. I can hear Dworkin’s reminder that men on the left are just as misogynist as men on the right. BernieBros don’t disappoint.

I just spent half an hour trying to explain to a BernieBro how ‘Bern the Witch’ is misogyny. Ultimately, he just name-called me which shows me he doesn’t quite get it. His first argument was ‘he’s only talking to HER.’ Apparently, you’re not a misogynist if you only pick one woman to focus your misogynist rage at.

I’ve also been researching the prostitution issues in the UK during this time as well. There’s a district in the UK (Leeds) that is set up as a legalization area. It’s a disaster, of course. The city council made the district a permanent one just after a prostituted woman was murdered in that very district. The streets are littered with used condoms, needles, and shit. Women and girls who live in the district are being propositioned by johns. The male violence against prostituted women doesn’t stop when you sanction it legally. It gets worse.

Those two subjects have taken up much of my time. The Mancheeze Newsletter first issue is in progress. Those who have ordered it can expect the first issue soon. There’s an upcoming Manbawl in London that I’ll be covering as well as A Voice For Men’s latest doxing. If you haven’t ordered you can go here to do so.

Thanks to those who have signed up!



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Saturday Abolitionist Hangout on Prostitution UPDATED

I’m having a Google hangout on Saturday at 1pm Pacific time with a couple people on prostitution. You can check out our past hangout here.

I will focus on Germany and how the govt is regretting their decision to legalize and what they’re trying to do now to control the massive problems. I will also talk about Australia’s proposals to change their laws too.

I’ll put the link here and on Twitter just before the show goes live.

Here’s the LINK  to the show. COme join us!


Also, stay tuned for the form to sign up for the Mancheeze Newsletter.


The show went for about 3 hours. I mainly talked about Germany’s problems since legalizing prostitution in 2002. I used a vast array of sources during the show. There is a list of links that will be available in the description box of the video. I just sent them to Buntzums, my co-host, today so they’ll be up soon.

Here is the show:



Happy V Day: New Directions

If you love Mancheeze, you’ll love the next step I’m taking. As I said in my last post, a sister of mine recommended subscriptions as the viable way to continue to deliver the research and content I spend my days compiling.

Each week, subscribers will get a .pdf newsletter delivered in their email. I will announce each issue right here on the blog.

Since I’ve done publication work before I already have the software, which is called In Design by Adobe.

Using this method there will be multiple pages and multiple graphics. It will be easily printable on your home computer as it will be a pdf (Adobe Acrobat file). It will also have embedded links so you don’t have to worry about that.

It will include weekly stories, Radfem Roundups, my weekly Manosphere, research, my long form articles, live links and much more. In other words, it will be current, visual, and will include a lot more content. It will be at least 4 pages per issue.

Here’s the platform it will be done on:

Adobe In Design. the platform I’ll use for this weekly newsletter

I’m very excited about this since this has the potential to reach a ton of women. The last couple days I’ve been working on a standard template for it. I’m extremely happy with it.

Soon I’ll have an online form you can click on and sign up for it. Minimum donation will be $20 bucks a month and that guarantees 4 issues per month, except during December and February. Those months will have 3 issues.

You’ll get your own copy in your email with working links, plus you’ll be able to print it at home in colour or b/w, depending on your printer. Like I said, each new issue will be announced here on this blog so the blog will stay up.

This is a new direction for me and one that’s been needed for a while.

Keep on the lookout for the subscription form, which I’ll release soon.


Happy V Day!






Thanks To My Matrons

Thank you to those who contributed to my last fundraising effort. Without the few who donate, I wouldn’t continue. I do wish more women would value this work I do and I’m reminded of a conversation I had with one of my best donators a few months ago. She suggested I charge a subscription fee and it’s becoming clear that this is a good idea.

I’m thinking of using Patreon (gosh, why can’t it be Matreon?!) to solve this problem. I thought Pay Pal was the easiest way for people to donate but maybe this is not the case. I will still keep Pay Pal because I know that some people will still want to use that. So while I set up some sort of subscription process I’ll release a few small articles. I’ll save my big ones for subscription only.

I don’t know how long the transition process will take but stay tuned. I might have to switch to another platform to deliver the subscriptions. In fact, it’s probably the only way.

I’m always willing to hear suggestions so feel free in the comment section below.


Early Spring Fundraiser

Most groundhogs have agreed it will be an early Spring so I’m going to start my fundraiser now. The donate button is under my picture on the right hand column. You don’t need a credit card or Paypal account to donate.


Punxsutawney Phil looking dapper

This is a great site to watch the video of Phil predicting an early Spring yesterday and it features tons of facts about Phil. The handlers have to wear chain mail gloves because Phil will bite them occasionally and he has huge chompers. He is a rodent, after all, and their teeth continually grow. Phil weighs about 20 pounds and loves granola bars.

There are other groundhogs in the US and Canada that try to predict the weather but Phil is the first and most famous groundhog. In fact, he’s a bit grumpy that others have tried to steal his limelight.

Thanks to all who have donated in the past and I hope you’ll continue to support Mancheeze as we enter the third year of providing a woman only space.




Mancheeze will look at the events in Cologne Germany and give some of her personal thoughts about it while deconstructing the overwhelming white Western male response.

Mancheeze will brave the Manosphere to explore ‘sexbots’ and why men will never be satisfied with them.

Mancheeze will analyze the new 2016 Australian legal guidelines for prostitution