Female Firefighters Get Their Oxygen Turned Off By Misogynist Males

Male supremacy is a killer for women in every male dominated field, which is just about every high paying job that has excluded women for centuries. It doesn’t matter whether the field requires physical qualifications or is a ‘brain job.’ Women are being kept out and once in, are sexually harassed and in this case, attempted murder.

Female firefighters in Canada are having their water hoses turned off and their life giving oxygen turned off by their male co-workers so they’ll die on the job. These men sexually harass and rape their female co-workers. It’s so bad that women don’t dare speak out, and the women that have, have been driven out of the job.

Men make it harder for women to get in, forcing them to carry more weight, do more physical activity than the men. So I don’t want to hear this shit about women not being as tough.

Men put shit in women’s boots, and wank off watching porn in the firehouse and don’t give a shit about the women they work with.

Jocelyn Roberts, remember her name. Her male co-workers attempted to murder her by turning off her water during a fire. After the attempted murder, males continued to bully and sexually harass her so badly, she killed herself.

Men also don’t leave women alone while on the job. They send sexually explicit emails to their female co-workers, dick pics, and the rest, while the women know they are to remain silent because the boss, another male supremacist ass, won’t do anything about it. In fact, he’ll encourage it. And that’s exactly what happened. Instead of stopping the sexual harassment, the Captain of the firehouse raped her.

The white male firefighter doesn’t want to accept women into the ‘man club.’ Don’t think this hasn’t cost female lives and lives of the public, because it has. Men are poison, wherever they are allowed to congregate and dominate any field, any area. These men would rather turn off a woman’s oxygen while she’s fighting a fire and kill her, than have to stop wanking his dick in the common room of the firehouse. What’s a poor white male to do?

One Captain was fired for saying misogynist comments to his female co-workers. The men left behind were so angry, the brotherhood closed ranks, and blamed the women for this man’s inability to stop calling them ‘cunts’ and ‘whores.’ The misogynist Captain was reinstated and 2 of the three women he harassed ended up quitting.

To use a phrase that bald wanker MRA Tom Golden uses: Men are Not Good.

This story touched me deeply as I’m a woman who, like the rest of woman kind, has had to put up with male supremacy in my life. I’m at the age now where I’m finally comfortable in my own skin and have cut men out of my life altogether since they’re not really interested in me as a human being anyway. They’re only interested in sexual things, or focus on my looks, not my education, not my smarts, not my personality. I’m just one of those women who absolutely refuses Hobbes choice. I prefer to do my own thing, have my own life away from men, and only do for my sisters.

I’m very pissed off. It’s bad enough that women desire so desperately to be a firefighter and help society the way she sees fit and has to compete under qualifications that are built around male supremacy. It’s quite another that even when she qualifies, she has to worry about dying because some woman hater turns off her hose or O2 to fuck with her.

Watch the full report on misogyny killing women in the firehouse:





Hi sisters.

I’m finally starting to slowly mend. It helps me to write and get it all out. I had a longstanding infection in my lower jawbone. I’m trying to figure out how I got it and I think it was when I broke a piece off my molar. I tend to grind my teeth and I put more stress on them than they can take. So a piece broke off my lower left molar and I had a root canal and a crown put on it.

The premolar in front of it needed a filling and I got one. This all happened about 2 months ago. The infection started then and carried on for 2 whole months without me noticing the pain, simply because I’m always in pain from my disability. You get used to having pain constantly. The infection just carried on and on until I finally noticed pain 2 weeks ago.

I got antibiotics, took them for 5 days and they weren’t working. So I went to a local clinic last Saturday and the doctor gave me a strong anti inflammatory and dilaudid. Neither worked. I ended up at the hospital the next night with half my face looking like I got beat up. The ER doctor took one look at me and gave me a new antibiotic and implored me to get it NOW and start taking it. He also gave me stronger pain medication. He was worried that I may have to go on IV antibiotics because the infection was so deep and longstanding and none of the pain medication was working.

After taking the new antibiotic for a mere 24 hours I could feel some of the swelling going down. This past monday I had my premolar pulled and on Friday I had my molar pulled. They don’t actually pull your tooth out, they push it and twist it out. I’ve had enough novocaine shots to last me another 5 years! I’ve been on antibiotics for 2 weeks now and very strong anti inflammatories around the the clock.

I’m finally starting to mend. Finally. I wish I didn’t have to lose 2 teeth but it’s the only way to heal the infection. I’ve been sleeping 12 and 16 hours a day respectively.

Once I’m not taking Toradol around the clock I’ll be back in business. I want to make some changes. I just don’t know what yet. I’m trying to stay positive and think of the future.

I appreciate the well wishes I’ve gotten.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with a Japanese Colouring book:



What’s Up With Me and Open Thread

For the last week I’ve been pretty sick. I have an infection in my jawbone and it’s the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life. In between trips to clinics and the hospital it’s been a helluva weekend.

I just had one tooth taken out and I might lose another. I am prone to infections because of the medications I take for my disability. It masks tooth pain so that by the time I notice the pain, the tooth is gone and has to come out.

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I’d would like to thank those that donated to me. You helped me relieve the pressure of being disabled. I had to pay outrageous amounts to get to hospital and back. One male cabdriver took advantage of my illness and charged me an exorbitant amount of money. Yeah, we need female ONLY taxi services in Canada!

Anyway, I gotta go for now. I need a few days off so I figured we could have an open thread to talk about schtuff and see what I should do continuing forward. Check my back catalogue for some great posts and there are a few new videos on my Mancheeze Youtube channel.

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Who Are The Men’s Rights Activists Funding Cassie Jaye?

Cassie Jaye did a Livestream with Sargon of Akkad, who rose to fame as the Youtube neckbeard of Gamergate. That’s how he came to prominence within the Manosphere. I was in the livestream watching men’s rights activists talk. Guess what the most common comments, the most common themes of the entire conversation?

There were a few common themes. The first that stood out to me was the endless sexualizing of Cassie. Roughly every 5-6 comments that flew by were about her looks and how they wanted to fuck her.

sexualized comms sexualized comms2 sexualized comms3 sexualized comms4 sexualized comms5 sexualized comms6

more on cassies looks cassie likes cock cassie wants dick

I don’t know if Cassie could see the chat and what these men were saying to her but one thing stood out to me. In the livestream she said the media outlet Vocatif took her statements out of context when she talked about being stalked by an MRA at her home with endless phone calls trying to woo her. This is exactly what I found MRA’s doing in the chat. From what I saw, there were lots of guys trying to hit on her. Even after the livestream, the top comments on the video are men sexualizing her.

The other theme in the chat was white male supremacy. This is just a tiny sample of the white male supremacist comments. The others were just too offensive or simply contained black face smilies with the words ‘niglet’ next to it and many symbols and the Jewish magen David. Many were about Jews needing to be gassed and lots of racial epithets, like ‘nigger.’white supremacist comms

white male supremacist gives donation

antisemitismWhite male supremacists are funding her film, no doubt about it. In fact, during the Livestream she reached her stretch goal of 175K and the guys told her.

money goal reached When she talked about the fact women need abortion rights and that these rights are under attack, many MRA’s didn’t like that. They are typically against abortion because they see women as incubators for ‘their child.’ Sargon even made a remark that abortions shouldn’t be common.

abortion mentioned conserv MRA reaction abortion mentioned conserv MRA reaction2 abortion mentioned conserv MRA reaction3MRA’s have the idea that women are supposed to be walking incubators and that this is women’s duty. They reduced Cassie to a baby maker because that’s all she’s good for ya know?

women wo kids are unhappy she needs to bet pregnant

When Cassie brought up her issues with Hollywood being sexist and Christianity being sexist, men didn’t like that either.

men reacting women are muses and men can't do anything women's bodies force men to do stupid thing

When the audience thought she was taking questions from them, this was the first question asked:comms 1

Some men declared that housework isn’t really a job. This is the mindset of these men. Many declared their eligibility to her and wanted to marry her.

housework is stupid

please marry me women wo kids are unhappy another marry me

When Cassie brought up her experience being in LA acting scene where women were being coerced to undress instead of act, the men got upset with this too. Sexually objectifying women is declared as totally natural for men to do to women. Even their Daddy idol Warren Farrell thinks women’s bodies and their sexuality are women’s power over men and that women withhold it and make men do stupid things. That’s why he put a naked woman on the cover of Myth of Male Power. It’s his central thesis. cassie acting comms cassie talks about acting cassies acting mra analysis lol mras in chat cassieThe men’s rights movement is not about men’s rights. It’s about male supremacy and white male anger at women. That’s all it will ever be. It’s not complicated Cassie.

It’s Not Complicated Cassie Jaye

The idea that Cassie Jaye’s movie on the MRM is going to be fair and balanced is simply laughable. The fact she never even reached out to me is a clear sign there’s not going to be any clear criticism of her subject.  I’ve been doing this for years, searching the nooks and crannies of the MRM, with an intense focus on A Voice for Men, to report what I find there, and it’s pretty simple: male supremacy.

I will not be paying a penny for this film. Enabling MRA’s to spread their hatred is not a feminist act Cassie. I don’t want to pay to watch a fireside chat where Paul Elam misrepresents himself and his movement while he stares shifty eyed into the camera.

Plus, male supremacist movements are historically cyclical. There are always reactionary men’s movements that spring up when women gain a certain amount of critical mass and bring their issues into the public consciousness. Every feminist knows this. The fact Cassie doesn’t see this or maybe is ignoring it for cash, is pretty lame, yet predictable. A turd is always a turd Cassie. Staring at a turd intently isn’t going to make it turn into something nice.

All hail the Golden Turd

Look at the book resources that A Voice for Men plasters on the front page of the site. Belfort Bax was a socialist that lived in the 1800’s, and even though Conservanut and Libertardian MRA’s hate socialism, they adore this guy. The reason is because he was a stanch misogynist, part of a male supremacist backlash during his time. Hell, Paul Elam is charging money for his writings when you can get them for free.

Cassie Jaye is no different than the handful of women that come to the rescue of MRA’s and front for them, because they make money doing so.  Karen Straughn and the Honey Badgers are one such group. They are able to command tens of thousands of dollars on a whim.

When they got booted from Cal Expo the MRM went into full tilt, making endless hours of videos, while the Honey Badgers carefully calculated a fundraiser to take advantage of the momentum and anger, at women and feminists. They even call their Youtube radio platform ‘The Ragening.’

Concoct a story that it’s all women and feminists fault, stoke that male anger to maximum outrage and the dollars come flowing in.

Cassie Jaye is a leech to the big vein of cash, always on tap for a woman who MRA’s gleefully embrace to give them the air of legitimacy. When Cassie realized feminists weren’t going to fund a film on male supremacist tantrums she went sobbing to Milo Yiannopolous, and she got her 100K, in less than a day.

Now she’s claiming that ‘Milo Yiannopolous’ isn’t a men’s rights activist. Earth to Cassie: He’s been publishing MRA rhetoric and leeching off Gamergate for some time.

Cassie claims she didn’t want feminists to donate large amounts of cash because she said they wanted creative control over the film, yet she took 10K from a few MRA’s and they’re getting a film credit.

Now Cassie is flogging David Futrelle, in a video on Youtube for more attention, because he wrote some words on a blog that she knew she could use to manufacture more male anger. She’s blaming him for the fact that most people don’t want anything to do with the subject matter of her movie, which should be titled ‘Men’s Rights Activists Play With Puppies Sometimes.’  We all know that every once in a while you can find an MRA doing something that looks innocuous, cute even, but give em an internet connection and the white male whiny rage begins.

Paul Elam’s girlfriend tried this not too long ago, painting Elam as a lovely and sensitive man because he cried over the loss of his dog Rocky. Well yeah, sometimes horrible misogynists do humane things. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out Cassie.

Another Conservative woman, BravetheWorld,  dipped her hand into the sewer of the MRM and like most people, found it to be full of hatred of women. When she spoke up about this the MRA online whinefest swamped her video, rated it down, and left horrible comments. She didn’t need to make a film worth 100K to figure this out.

And like clockwork, Diana Davidson, another female MRA handmaiden decided it was worth some money to counter-attack BravetheWorld. It was worth at least 18,000 views and some cash.

MRA handmaidens fight amongst themselves for notoriety and cash since disagreement and fighting with the men is forbidden. Karen Straughn is no stranger to this behaviour either.

When you’re swimming in the swamp, it’s hard to pick out the right turd. Cassie admits she’s already been stalked by one male supremacist during the making of the film. In the comment section on Cassie Jaye’s latest video whining about David Futrelle, there’s a sort of warning by MRA’s to her.

be honest and thing will b alright

We all know what this means. Portray us the way we paid you for and we won’t come after you later like we’ve done to countless other women. It’s similar to what a violent john does to a prostituted woman.

MRA’s funded the movie and they’ll get what they pay for. This is how MRA social media works. It’s how Milo, Sargon, Thunderf00t, Mundane Matt et al, put food on the table. Stoke the anger of white male supremacists, attack women, rake in cash, repeat.

Just look at what King Crockodumb tried doing to Laughing Witch. He made up a big whopper of an MRA narrative to try and milk his Youtube subs for cash. He told Laughing Witch to play the stupid, silly wife of the proud patriarchal husband who doesn’t know what his little woman was up to on the internet.

The fact Cassie is now blaming David Futrelle for her dirty hands after she did a swan dive into the septic tank of the Manosphere is pretty darn ironic.  She knows MRA’s have had a target on Futrelle’s back for years. The handmaidens always keep the men happy.

The only problem here, and it’s one David and I agree on, is that this will come back to bite her in the ass. You know the old saying, ‘you lay down with dogs. . .’

You see Cassie, it’s not complicated. People like myself and David aren’t magical in the sense we can see the future from our crystal balls. We just know the root of the MRM because we’ve monitored them for years and understand the basis of the entire movement.

Cassie calls herself a feminist, which is pretty pathetic. Feminists don’t give misogynists a legitimate platform. It’s like one of those cardinal rules, a foundational principle if you will.

Gosh, even ABC’s 20/20 realized the shit they were in and ultimately refused to air the interview they did with Elam. Just postponing it got MRA’s attacking Liz Vargas, another woman in a long line of women they’ve attacked for not asking ‘how high?’ when they told her to jump.

You’re free to do what you will Cassie, but turning this around on those who’ve known and researched the Manosphere far longer and far deeper than you have will have consequences that have nothing to do with either myself or David Futrelle. We’re not your scapegoats.

Oh and that’s not a threat, that’s just a fact.


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7 Signs You’re Transgendered, Plus HERO

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I just found this channel on Youtube. Her name is PeachyYoghurt and she’s been doing videos dismantling the bullshit that is gender for some time. Her latest video explores how doctors diagnose GID and how flimsy and ridiculous the entire concept is.

Let that sink in.

Now for some more peak trans crap being passed around on Twitter.

Here’s a diagnostic manual that Miranda Yardley found that conflates sex and gender

Here’s some screenshots that will make you lol with digust.

you only have to feel like a woman neurologically we're more female women don't know what its like to be female

05-11-2015 3-09-08 PM

Let’s chew on something else for a while. 4th Wave Now just posted the highlights of a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health regarding the trans medical experimentation on children, which is being perpetuated by transactivists as the only viable solution to a problem that is immaterial and wholly psychological.

One thing you’ll notice is that the doctors and medical practioners who question the Frankenstein tactics of experimenting on kids had to express their medical opinions anonymously. These clinicians clearly know that transactivists will use any means to silence and destroy them if they make their names public.

In summation, there are a lot of medical professionals who are admitting that there is no long term data supporting the various methods used on kids and, more importantly, that the internet and social media has a large influence on children and parents in the sense that this seems like more of a fad.

They admit that GID is comorbid with other psychological disorders that go untreated and there is no medical agreement on what in the hell they’re doing.

There is some good news at the end of this depressing post. Houston held a vote on a ordinance to repeal a law which included ‘gender identity’ as a protected class. Now most people would agree that transppl shouldn’t be discriminated against but these ordinances would allow men to enter female-only protected spaces: bathrooms, locker rooms etc.

‘The ordinance bans discrimination based not just on gender identity and sexual orientation, but also 13 classes already protected under federal law: sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, pregnancy and genetic information, as well as family, marital or military status.’

Now most of us can see that this passage seems like a good thing and we can all agree that discrimination based on these things is wrong but when you include an immaterial thing like ‘gender identity’ the law doesn’t make sense.

The ordinance was struck down by voters who want women and girls to retain their rights as a protected class based on SEX. One hundred and thirty thousand voters showed up and 63% said no, a very wide margin.

The transactivists and their liberal feminist handmaidens are screaming mad about it. I’m sure the liberal media is going to go nuts over this and it won’t be the last we hear about it. If they reworked the language of the ordinance and made it clear that women and girls would retain their rights, it would probably pass.

One last thing. For all you lookie-loos who don’t think transMALES commit sexual offenses when they’re allowed into female only spaces, read this and this.

Maritza and Lynna Challenge Midwives Alliance Peak Trans Crap

Peak Trans: Men give birth now, not women.

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My sisters Maritza and Lyanna, who invited me to critique transactivism on their show, went to the recent Midwife Alliance of North America (MANA) Con and challenged transactivists who removed the words ‘pregnant woman’ and ‘woman’ from midwifery.

You can’t say women get pregnant any more or hurt feelz and tantrums result. Transactivists have managed to erase women from the one thing that makes them female: the ability to give birth.

Guess who was defending erasing women? A man. Sam Killerman to be exact.

Thanks to those who corrected the spelling of L’s name.~Edited HMQ

Rape Is Just Like Losing a Football Match Says Merseyside Police

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hallowween fundraiser 2 copy

Now, onto some business.

This is the conversation Merseyside Police had today with a dude who wanted to report a ‘rape.’

merseyside police rape 1

merseyside police rape 2

And men’s rights activists and lefty men think we don’t live in a rape culture. Pssh!

Whenever you get some whiny dude lamenting his dudebrofeelz over the term ‘rape culture’ just link him here.  I don’t know if it’ll make any difference. Thick-headed men who can’t admit we live in a rape culture aren’t going to be moved anyway.

Merseyside Police erased the tweets and issued this apology:

merseyside police rape apology

This reminds of ‘Town Bloody Hall’ in which Germaine Greer et al schooled Norman Mailer for about an hour. When Mailer makes a sexist remark and gets called on it he screams ‘you (women) are all singularly without wit!’

This is the spoon all men reach for when they get called out for misogyny. ‘BUT, IT’S JUST A JOKE!’

This shit makes me wish we lived in a world similar to the movie Minority Report where just before a dude thinks about sexually assaulting a woman or joking about it he drops dead. Imagine it! all these dudes just dropping dead.

‘THUD! There goes another rapist!, and another one, and another one!’

Ah, liberation.

Neoliberal Feminists And Men Like Paris Lees Don’t Practice Feminism; They Practice Patriarchy

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*head meet desk*

Aside from Penny’s ignorant tweet, it just goes to show you what passes for feminist scholarship today.

When I left a single comment on The Guardian’s story about Greer, it was quickly erased and I was put on suspension from commenting on all Guardian articles, for an indeterminate amount of time. It’s women being censured from telling the truth about their lives and rights. I don’t read the Guardian normally, so this isn’t a big deal to me, but what about all those girls who do want to speak truth to male power?

These two things are related. Rebecca Reilly-Cooper compared the actions of transactivists and their third wave neolib feminists to Chinese re-education camps where everyone, women especially, must be forced into submission until they all have the right thoughts, until they do what men tell them.

Phoenasthetica and Hypotaxis also wrote a killer piece called ‘Convert or Perish.’ in a similar vein.

Where do we go from here? One thing is clear, as I said in my latest video on the subject, feminism and transpolitics are antithetical. Feminists condemn gender as the social hierarchy that oppresses women and girls while transactivists embrace it.

Feminists have already won this debate in terms of accuracy and body of theoretical knowledge but the wider public needs to take notice. And it will. When 15 year old girls are showering at the YMCA while a grown male gets a hard on next to them the public will notice.

The sexual crimes against women and children by transmales/autogynephiles has been established and reported on for a long time. Transactivists (men) have been busy legally breaking down legal protections for women and girls for many years.

When it comes to actually challenging Greer or other feminists men are quick to decline. They know they’ve already lost.

Paris Lees, a man, won’t debate Miranda Yardley or Germaine Greer, demanding money and attention before even considering it.

It’s these same men who reinforce women’s oppression by reducing womanhood to promiscuity and ‘cumming.’

Women’s lives are reduced to makeup and sex by men who want us to call them women. This is autogynephilia. 

You see, it’s ok for transactivists to appropriate women’s lives and bodies but they eventually show their hypocrisy.

Womanhood is a costume to autogynephiles they can take off when they like. Actual womanhood is not a costume. Having a female reproductive system oppresses us as a class. While men like Paris are ‘cumming’, the thought of pregnancy and abortion is never in mind.

WoC don’t have the luxury of calling themselves sluts and slags nor is their safe space about lipstick. This is deeply offensive.

If you think you’re going to take away women’s lives and spaces, you should think again sir. Women have had enough.

Germaine Greer Will Speak at Cardiff

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halloween fundraiser copy

It’s come to me by way of some very special women that Cardiff will ensure Greer’s safety and that she plans to go ahead with her talk. This comes as a surprise since Greer told BBC Two that she didn’t want to be physically assaulted and that it wasn’t worth it.

It’s also come to my attention that the Cardiff Women’s officer Rachel Melhuish may have violated Cardiff’s University policy by starting a petition to no-platform Greer using libelous slurs. I hope this avenue is pursued and a precedent set so that University students cannot do this any more.

If you haven’t signed the petition in support of Greer, please do so here.

You must understand that Greer isn’t the first woman to be no-platformed by transactivists under the ‘liberal feminist’ umbrella. Julie Bindel has been no platformed by NUS for years by transactivists who simply call her a ‘TERF’ and a ‘transphobe.’ These insults are meant to stoke emotional reactions but have no basis in fact.

Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy from Feminist Current was also attacked by transactivists and a pro-prostitution lobby org who started a petition to get her fired from Rabble, a media outlet. I know, because I was the woman that started a counter petition to support her too. It was successful, in that it garmered 3,000 or so signatures and Rabble wrote a statement in support of Murphy.  In my opinion the statement was weak. A Voice for Men, the misogynist hate site published a piece on this event and sided with transactivists and the prostitution lobby, to no ones surprise.

The attempt at no-platforming Greer is just another day for iconic feminist activists around the globe who speak about women and girls. One transactivist, Peyton Quinn, attempted to get my counter petition in support of Greer taken down for hate speech. Payton tweeted their followers to false flag it.

Underlying all of this silencing and misogyny is a fundamental issue. Feminist theory and transactivism are opposed to each other on some serious grounds, namely the concept of gender.