Gender Neutral Bathrooms a Failure, Plus Latest Debacle With Julie Bindel and Manchester University

University of Toronto women are being filmed in ‘gender neutral’ bathrooms, or washrooms as we say in Canucky land. This highlights the fact that women need their civil rights to privacy. This will not get better.

Voyeurism incidents lead to closure of Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Toronto College Campus | GenderTrender

I feel the need to reiterate that I want privacy from males in public washrooms. I can’t stress this enough. Remember when Sage Gerard, a men’s rights whacko, went into the women’s bathrooms on his college campus to put up A Voice for Men propaganda? He got in shit for that but all he truly needed to is say ‘I identify as a woman.’

A Voice for Men puts up the proof that Sage Gerard went into women’s restrooms on Kennesaw State University

How do you feel about that liberal feminists? Do you want men’s rights activists waltzing in on your private spaces? I certainly don’t but that’s where this is going folks. This just shows how silly ‘gender identity’ is.

It reminds me of Lila Perry, a male, who wasn’t content using a unisex washroom. He swaggered around in a skirt with his dick flopping around, visible to all, while claiming 12 year old girls were bigots. So how is it a stretch that an MRA could put on a skirt and get right in on our spaces?

More Turds From the Liberal Feminist Movement

Julie Bindel is getting the shit kicked out of her, again, by Manchester University. The irony was she was going to give a talk called ‘‘From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?’’ ManU no platformed her but is totally content with having a Gamergate/Men’s Rights activist Milo Yianopoulous speak. You heard that correctly. They told a lesbian feminist she was too dangerous and gave a green light to a rabid misogynist who says that transgender is a psychological condition that needs therapy, not surgery. The organizers of the event aren’t happy about the no platforming and wrote a response.

Jess Lishak, Man U’s ‘women officer’ erased her explanation of the whacko decision to ban Julie and welcome Milo but it was captured.  

Guess who’s doing the silencing?  Women of course.  These lovely Liberal feminists.

I tweeted Man U yesterday


This comes on the heels of the Feminism in London crap where Bindel stuck up for transmale Jane Fae by calling women bullies and pulling out of the con. While I like Julie Bindel and have promoted her fundraising on this site, I think there’s some poetic justice in this.

It’s not that I like her being no platformed, I don’t. I just think she should’ve centered women during the FiL debacle and stuck to her guns. I get that she doesn’t like being no-platformed by a bunch of 18 y/o women who are more concerned with porno-manfeelz than liberation but we need some consistency here. What happened at FiL wasn’t ‘no platforming.’ It was women voicing an opinion and to this day nobody has given a single bit of evidence there was ‘bullying.’

If you’re reading this Julie, I hope you shout this latest debacle at ManU from the rooftops. It is one of those moments that deserves to be televised everywhere and shown for the woman hating censorship it is. I’m just incredibly disappointed you turned away from your sisters at FiL and called them bullies. If you used that as an opportunity to show you’re not a TERF then I can’t abide by that. You could’ve handled that much better than you did.  Live and learn I suppose.

Never center men in feminism

Never center men in feminism

Never center men in femin..


aw fuck it.



The Cocks Are Fighting

There’s trouble in the barnyard.

Paul Elam, the dumbest cock of the MRM, is a notorious abuser. Many times I’ve seen him take a man willing to work for nothing and then grind him to bits emotionally and physically. This isn’t to say the men that come to the MRM are decent people to begin with. They usually have a ton of problems: social ineptness, criminal behaviour, misogynist, mental illness etc. but to call what Elam’s doing ‘men’s rights’ is a fucking travesty.

Atilla Vinczer is Paul’s latest victim. He’s a Canadian MRA with 2 kids. He was a long time member of AVFM and Elam spit him right out yesterday in a post just like he’s done to so many other men.

Vinczer joins a long. long list of men that Elam has fucking brutalized publicly.

Vinczer went public with a long letter and in it he describes his mental health issues (paranoia about feminists seeing the inside of his house), and Paul Elam’s total lack of support both financially and psychologically.

‘I did not sign up for this kind of abuse including already having my home being stalked by dangerous feminists accurately describing the inside of my home on the net.’
HAHAHAHAHA! All kidding aside, that’s some mental illness right there that needs to be addressed.
Vinczer also complained that AVFM published his home address and is ruining his reputation. Not seeing the total irony in that I suppose.

The image in the letter is that of a man who really wanted to please Overlord Elam but just didn’t have the funds to do it. He did have the drive to activism, which apparently Elam doesn’t appreciate. This latest outburst comes on the heels of Elam threatening men he would kick them out of the he-man woman-haters club if they didn’t start acting up. It’s strange because Vinczer actually DID STUFF, unlike most other MRA’s who are Chairborne Rangers.

Elam of course didn’t help him financially at all, just like it took Bottom Bitchbear Esmay fucking years to get Paul to help him get a new front tooth after a shameful appearance on national television where he represented AVFM. And even then it was a fundraiser and Elam didn’t offer to pay for it.

Turns out Elam and a few fellow MRA’s abandoned Vinczer in a hotel. The letter reeks of Elam’s personality problems and Vinczer the recipient of it.

‘However to my further shock, I was informed by third party that Paul,Suzy and Dean had left Toronto. I called the hotel and they told me they had checked out and they used the credit of Paul’s room to cover what was owing on Suzy and Dean’s room. I managed to have hotel staff reach Suzy, but she told me I should not speak with Paul and did not explain exactly why.’ ~Vinczer on being abandoned in TDot
Elam has a lot of nerve as a deadbeat dad and a drug addict, to turn around and call Vinczer a con artist. Pot meet kettle.

What really disturbed me about the letter is that the activism Vinczer seems to be doing is around advocating for men who’ve committed criminal offenses. Yeah, that’s not surprising.

The funny bit is the AVFM Commemorative silver coins Vinczer made that look more like someone took a big loose shit upside down on a coin. Apparently the expensive diarrhea coins didn’t sell very well and he’s stuck with the cost. Probably something to do with Elam’s past troubles with taking diarrhea medication. Vinczer now has several silver poop coins he can’t get rid of.

Is that an upside down asshole? Kinda describes the entire MRM.

Vinczer couldn’t sell a single ticket to his talk at the DV Symposium the MRM puts on every year and things are going pretty badly for the rest of the MRM.

What’s hilarious is that Vinczer can’t quite figure out why a former White Ribbon ambassador, who basically came out as a massive misogynist, can’t get mainstream media attention. Vinczer also admitted nobody came to Ryerson to hear Elam either. It’s like these MRA’s just don’t for the life of them realize that the rest of the world views them as the raging woman hating assholes they are. They certainly won’t pay to hear them speak. We hear enough whining from MRA’s on the net to actually want to pay to hear more of it.

The only one to make out like a bandit here, is Elam, and he doesn’t share.

Which brings me to this question:  Why the fuck does Attilla have to pay for Elam’s first class flight to Canada and his hotel bills? I swear to fuck, can’t Elam cover the cost of his own travel, hotel and food? Naw. He expects a poor guy raising 2 kids to fucking pay for it even though Vinczer’s given many years of service to Elam for NOTHING. Elam even made him repay a $300 loan when he was in dire straits.

Not only that but Elam was going to charge Vinczer admission to the 2015 conference after all the shit Attila did for him. What a schmuck!

Oh and Elam had to have his own hotel room and couldn’t share it with Esmay to save money, so Esmay ended up having to share his room with Sue McCarley. LOL. That’s a bit odd innit? I wonder if Esmay had her up all night whining about a potential false rape claim?

There’s probably more lolcows coming as Vinczer is threatening lolsuits, which is typical of him, and Elam is already prepared for the inundation of legal costs.

No matter what the outcome of this it’s obvious AVFM is a lost cause. The more men Elam hurts the more it’s all gonna come crashing down and the more we get to laugh at the hilarity of it.

Sunday Radfem Roundup


This week’s first post is very disturbing. It’s about a 16 y/o girl who found out her younger brother was stealing her underwear and, in all likelihood, masturbating with them. She went to reddit and a bunch of grown men MtT told her she should stay silent about it, not tell her parents, and buy her brother some girls underpants so he’d stop stealing hers. Oh, and not kill himself. This is autogynephilia.

Speaking of autogynephilia, I asked a MtT this very question and got a very honest answer when I appeared on Mark and Lyanna’s show ‘TRTV’. You can watch me work my magic crone. I was so electric that the video couldn’t capture the croneness I was exuding. I literally became Maxine Headroom. ‘Goddamnit lady, that camera can’t keep up!’ So you don’t give yourself a migraine, just play the audio. Don’t panic. I will be having a mega fundraiser of all fundraisers so I can get myself a new ‘puter because while I might last another 10 years, my ‘puter won’t.

“Transgender people kill themselves for less” – 16 year old girl is advised to buy her brother panties so he won’t kill himself | Transgender Reality

A bunch of top pediatricians in the US have had enough of the transborg experimenting on children and have come out with a letter saying so:

Top pediatricians REJECT puberty-blockers, “ideology-driven social experiment on vulnerable children and their families” | The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

Transborg and capitalism: a match made possible by Queer Theory:

Dudes in dresses yelling at minimum wage cafe workers, who are usually female. Identity Politics and Class Analysis by cheki

Dysphoria is such a bullshit diagnosis so Ann Tagonist explains why:

 Man, I Don’t Really Feel Like A Woman | ann tagonist

What comes to mind when you imagine ‘ethical porn?’ Jean Hatchet shares exactly what comes to her mind:

Jean Hatchet talks about the bullshit of ‘ethical porn’ (includes link to Gail Dines latest on BBC Four)

Lesbian stuff, for the warriors in my audience:

Honey Lee Cottrell Dies by VABVOX

We all know what kind of a man is a rapist:

Real Men, Really? by hrimfaxi, a dark horse; real men rape

Prostitution abolitionists will be interested in this interview:

Tanya Rahm on Liberation Language : Die Welt Interview with former prostituted woman Tanja Rahm, (translated into English)

Sometimes feminists make the stinkiest turds and another feminist has to come along to clean it up.


Controversy Around Feminism in London and their upcoming Conference

Here’s the Feminism in London Position Statement, notice it says it puts women first and makes a point of putting exited women first. However, a curious thing happened when I took a screenshot of their position statement and posted it on Twitter during the shitstorm. They fucking changed it because they realized how ridiculous they look. Here’s the statement as it appeared a few days ago

defering to menHere it is now:

defering to men CHANGED FiL

Jane Fae, a man who is supportive of porn and prostitution, was going to tell all us ladies about online misogyny in a panel talk.  Some radical feminists, survivors of prostitution, questioned this choice, and then were accused of bullying. Jane Fae wrote a letter pulling out which resulted in Caroline Criado-Perez pulling out and Julie Bindel pulling out.

This letter he wrote was more of a mantrum we’ve come to know and expect from men’s rights activists who screech ‘SEE LADIES! I’M LEAVING! WATCH ME LEAVING NOW!’ which results in women feeling guilty over his manfeelz. And boy oh boy you never want to offend a man at a feminist conference, never mind offend him before it even begins!

Women must DEFER to men.

Because a mantrum was involved the BBC got right on it because, let’s face it, the only measly hour dedicated to women (WOMAN’S HOUR) is the best place for a man to gently explain the who, what, when, where, and why of his mantrum to every woman in England. Women all over want to hear that shit because they don’t hear it enough in their day to day lives.

Even I, a Canadian, wanted to know what set this mantrum in motion. I was disappointed though because no threats and no bullying of any kind was even mentioned. Oh, he said something about safe spaces and no platforming that had nothing to do with anything. He did make a rather large point about women hating him cuz he’s trans male.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around why a man is so vital to a feminist conference, and why FiL couldn’t find a single woman to speak about online misogyny.


Here’s a woman I follow that does awesome protest art. This is Art of Dissent and the ‘Man O’Clock’


If you needed any more reason to know that A Voice for Men endorses violence against women, look no further to this graphic featured on the front page. And if you needed even MORE proof that A Voice for Men is a hangout for violent males, Paul Elam reprinted his ‘Bash a Violent Bitch Month’ for the five year anniversary. I’ve never seen men get so excited for the anniversary of male violence against women.

AVFM picture of bloody knife



Kevin Logan Admits Biology Matters But Fuck Women’s Rights

‘Ladies, your biological reality and said oppression that stems from that reality only matters when I’m arguing with an MRA. BIGOT!’ ~Kevin Logan

Before getting underway with this next ‘male feminist’ ass, I want to let you all know I’m appearing LIVE on Mark and Lyanna’s ‘Transition Radio’ on Google Hangouts, Thursday Oct 1st at 8pm Pacific. Here’s the LINK to the show. Click on that at 8pm Pacific on Thursday and see! You can also call in to the show.


Recently, I was called a ‘BIGOT!’ by ‘male feminist’ Youtuber Kevin Logan for knowing Zoey Tur is male. However, it seems Logan should take a bit of his own medicine. While debating an MRA, because talking to MRA’s is better than allying with women, he relied on BIOLOGICAL REALITY to explain why women should have abortion rights.

Kevin relies on sexual dimorphism to argue why it is women are the ones that get pregnant and therefore have the right to control their reproduction through abortion but somehow that entire line of thinking goes right out the window when it comes to transpolitics and admitting that men cannot change their sex.

Kevin Logan BIGOT

This kind of hypocrisy is standard fare on Youtube where men’s rights activists and self appointed ‘male feminists’ have taken up roost. You would think someone who claims to fight for women’s rights would also fight for our rights to privacy and space. But we know all too well that men on the left are far too clever to allow women the right to define their own movement based on their oppression by sex.

This comes at a particular time when Youtube has two warring factions: Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) v. MRA’s. Kevin’s hypocrisy is then picked up by MRA’s and used against feminists like myself.  The whole point of calling women ‘TERFS’ and ‘transphobes’ is to silence them. Men use this ad-hom as an instant slur they can shout so other men can take over where they left off.



Notice how the slur ‘TERF’ is used as a ‘shut up woman’ tactic. That’s the whole point of it.




Again, he makes no argument except throws an emotional tantrum against the facts of biology which he admits later on. He even admits he’s not making an argument, just screaming out ad homs.



You heard it here first ladies. If you want space or privacy rights, you’re now a plantation owner in the deep South during slavery. You horrible wimminz you! You simply can’t have any space to organize for your rights. You can’t have Michfest, the Vagina Monologues, and fer fucks sake NO VAGINA CUPCAKES!

The fact that you are 50% of the population that only 100 or so years ago couldn’t vote, couldn’t own property, couldn’t get an education, forfeited legal personhood upon marriage, and were property of men means that you are the new bigots, the new slave-drivers.

The fact that today you still have to fight for the rights to control your own reproduction, which is an oppression based on SEX, you are just like the white men who beat African slaves into submission. I swear to fucking God you women are oppressive!




Crickets. Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep.



He has no rebuttal. I’m just wrong cuz it’s OBVIOUS.




He didn’t end up calling anyone else to make an argument because well, there is no argument.




I’d link you to his butthurt video but it’s just a repeat of childish ad-homs. I invited him to call in to the live show I’m doing Thursday night Oct 1st on Google Hangouts and he said he would call only if yadda, yadda, yadda. I know he won’t call in because he’s wrong and he knows it. He’s so butthurt he’s now asking me to come on his show so he can try to save some face.

Dude, I’m not afraid of you. If you’re so right you can call in to the live show Oct 1st and make your ‘arguments’ which to this point you’ve not made. You’ve had TWO separate opportunities to show that you have an argument and each time you resorted to petulant whining and name-calling. You can also leave answers to my above questions on this comment section.



Sunday Radfem Roundup

If radfems want me to consider their posts for inclusion on this list, please tweet me during the week with your article link.

I will be appearing on a live call-in show Thursday Oct 1st at 8pm pacific time. More info on Tuesday where I’ll give the link and so on.

First ever, dildos for 4 year old girls, courtesy of Transactivists

Baby’s First Dildo -courtesy of the Transgender Movement | GenderTrender

The sweetest cartoon from Radfem Repost

And Then There Were Three

Dirt’s blog has been under severe attack by transactivists who want to shut down her research posts. We talked on Twitter a couple days ago about setting up a new blog, one she owns. Resumes are being taken so if you have expertise in setting up sites, let me know in the comments.

Truth About Testosterone

The Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution sponsored Chris Hedges to come speak in my home town of Vancouver. He’s an abolitionist. ‘Wages of Rebellion’ was the title of his talk. Many great speakers. Here’s a podcast he did with Meghan Murphy.

Chris Hedges on the death of journalism & critical thought in the internet age |

Here’s his June 2015 talk under the same name. I’m looking forward to get a copy of the Vancouver talk. Stay tuned for it.

Women are tortured all over the world, particularly prostituted women. Linda MacDonald and Jean Sarson talk to Robin Morgan about the 4,000 women they’ve spoken to about being tortured. Start at 17:00


Finally, an awesome documentary on 2nd wave radical feminists. It’s very, very good. When Marilyn French spoke about the women she awakened, it hit me like a ton of bricks whereupon I took to Twitter and let it out.

Domestic Violence Campaign Blackdot Affiliated With Men’s Rights Groups

Or it’s just an attention-seeking campaign that has no real solution or plan to really do anything. Blackdot is a new domestic violence campaign that’s gotten a lot of attention lately. In fact, it’s Facebook page has gone viral. Their twitter is @blackdotcamp

However, I have some serious questions about this campaign because it won’t answer questions and a DV organization has refused to support it. Blackdot posted on Facebook that they’d answer any questions from anyone yet so far the questions on Twitter have gone completely unanswered. asks for questions

fb dv agency refused support
It seems Blackdot is more interested in attention than actually helping anyone. They tweeted Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, and David Cameron instead of say, local women’s shelters, and people noticed.


Attention seeking by tweeting prominent figures is a primary tool of men’s rights activists who want to get as much of it as they can.

A feminist friend of mine on Twitter decided to ask the campaign leader, who is still anonymous, questions and they refused to answer. They also follow the prominent men’s rights organization ‘Fathers 4 Justice.’  Also, several women and women’s orgs were blocked and erased from both Twitter and Facebook by this ‘organization’.


I don’t think this organization is legit. First, they won’t divulge the names of the men’s rights groups they’re contacting or associated with and second, they use popular men’s rights tropes.

The focus on ‘shaming’ is a particular men’s rights trope they use whenever they face a tough question they don’t want to answer. My friend asked why this supposed friendly campaign was blocking women and feminist groups on their Facebook page:



Blackdot outright lied and another woman tweeted an image showing that she was indeed blocked not only on Twitter but confirmed Blackdot erased her comments on Facebook.


Blackdot follows a prominent British men’s rights group called Fathers For Justice or F4J. If you’re wondering about who these guys are, here’s a video. The Sussex police went to his home to check on a 10 year old boy because the mother didn’t know where the boy was. They knocked on his door and he refused to answer. They went around to the window and knocked and were greeted by a mantrum full of racism and misogyny.    

Father’s for Justice is headed by leader Matt O’ Connor who appeared on George Galloway’s show to moan about feminism and ‘gender apartheid.’ He repeated every men’s rights talking point about the oh-so-terrible oppression of white men. He quoted Warren Farrell’s work which is considered the bible of the men’s rights movement.

Matt O’ Connor is divorced and as far as I know was denied access to his children. Father’s rights groups are family terrorists. Many of them have criminal records for domestic violence. F4J members have terrorized government leaders by climbing on the roofs of their homes. In essence, they’re a bunch of entitled manchildren who can’t use normal channels to resolve disputes. This is what Blackdot is supporting while blocking and deleting women’s advocates from Twitter and Facebook, ignoring questions by women advocates, and tweeting every celebrity then can.

All in all I’m very suspicious of Blackdot. Their leader claims to be a woman who suffered severe battering by an ex. Purposely following F4J on a new Twitter account means they know F4J. The questions that were asked of this person or group were never answered, simply ignored.

Also, this could be very dangerous for women who use their real names on social media. We all know how MRA’s love to get their hands on women’s personal information and terrorize them.

following f4j


Mancheeze aka Housemousequeen is 46 years old today.


The good news is:

‘I estimate (very roughly) that there are about 300 actual MHRAs in the world’ ~Paul Elam

In Paul Elam’s land of misogyny, there is no room for pussy men. He doesn’t even realize that in his latest rant, he’s attacking the one demographic he purports to stand up for: men. ‘No More Cowards, Cunts, and Concern Trolls’ is his latest rage-rant at men who criticize the scraggly-screaming deadbeat for making a mess of the men’s rights movement. It came about after he posted a Youtube video showing him and a bunch of beer-bellied geezers screaming about Jessica Valenti’s stinky vagina and chanting ‘no means no’ like a bunch of sociopaths. One must realize there is no image cleaning that can be done for these sad and obnoxious dudes. Elam’s dug himself a hole so big and so deep, there’s no way to get out of it.

Elam was so angry that his own people massively rated his video down that he made another one where he printed off many of the snarky comments and had a 45 minute temper tantrum, spitting and spluttering as he read each one and responded. He’s determined to get to the bottom of why men in his very own craptactular movement thought the video was an epic fail. I take that back. He’s never going to self-reflect and concede that those who didn’t like the video have a point. No. In his mind, the men who criticized him are fucking cowards. Such a human rights movement this is. Seriously.

Elam’s particular corner of the Manosphere cesspool isn’t unique. It’s about selling an outdated form of masculinity to them with the tacit hope of enacting violence against women online and irl. Elam’s Texas drawl is perfect for his romanticized blabbering about the times when men were men. Men, in his mind, are to be the non-pussy type. They aren’t supposed to show emotions (unless they’re enraged at women.) This might be good for a 60ish year old racist deadbeat Texan but it’s not good for young men. This is why Elam was surrounded by grandpas at a Brewery screaming about a much younger woman they can’t fuck, by pretending they wouldn’t fuck her.

Elam has a niche market. He knows men are confused about their new roles these days. He knows they might stumble on his site to try and find answers to their questions so he offers them an image of the past. This is how and why Elam was able to take advantage of so many men for so long. It’s why his coffers a few years ago were brimming and he was able to buy a new condo and an incredibly large refrigerator, probably for storing whole cows.

Another reason for Elam’s latest post is to sugar coat why his site is failing. He can’t admit he’s the biggest obstacle to his cause and so he tries to get out in front of his failure:

We will see that evidenced by a drop in traffic to this site. Sound strange? Read on, brothers and sisters.

I am not prepared to share with you every near future decision we are going to make on how to handle this, but I can tell you for sure that at some point soon comment policy is getting an overhaul and indeed access to some, a good bit actually, of site content is going to be restricted to activists.

Is this draconian? Yep. Does it risk the development of groupthink? Yep.
Those are not concerns, though, that are more important than the refinement of AVFM into a better tool of activism. Simply put, people who aren’t actually activists, even in the most minor of ways for men and boys, won’t be recognized as such and won’t have the latitude to operate here like they used to.

Elam is terrible at punctuation and grammar. UGH!

Elam says he’s getting rid of dead weight, of men who don’t do any activism (men who don’t give him money or scream at feminists online). So he’s going to attempt to re market his site to ‘the true masculine men.’ It’s a clever psychological manipulation that’s worked for him in the past. He offends their sense of manly honour and hope they take offense and hit his paypal account or promise to do violence against women. Elam shames men to get whatever he wants out of them.

And right on cue, there are men in the comment section trying to affirm their ‘manhood’ and their place. Some of them did indeed grab money out of their wallet to give it to Paul so they could still be in the man club. Elam made many comments, moreso than he does on any other article, telling these men that yes, they are true men. They in turn, shot a high five to their grandpa and promised not to cry.

  • ‘You are not an armchair supporter, in my opinion. I take it you are not a trust fund baby and that you had to go out and work for the money you donated here and HBB. To me, that is activism. It is working for the cause, giving of your time and labor. You could have easily spent that money on something else.
  • What Lucian said, bro., All monthly supporters of AVfM Education, LLC will not see so much as a hiccup. We will still enforce comment policy but as far as I am concerned you fit in quite well here.’
  • ‘frugalist and activist, in my book.’
  • ‘Not worried at all, bro.’
  • ‘You were “we” before subbing.’
  • ‘Got it, and thank you!’
  • ‘Finally got to read the whole piece. I don’t even think I could say thing that would make its reception anti-climacticNothing short of a masterpiece.”We are happy to have you here.’

What a charlatan.

Here’s an AVFM comment I found that I thought perfectly describes the ‘activism’ the MRM does:

The “activism” I do is the chairborne ranger type, mostly on the internet (though I have just finished writing the first book in a series of fiction that I hope to discuss men’s issues in a covert fashion).

As you may know, New Zealand has enacted a Law regarding harassment on the internet, that is to say the least, is retarded. I will continue to pop up in forums, using VPNs to cover me.

Sunday RadFem Roundup

vagina cupcake

This is a new feature at Mancheeze. Every Sunday I’ll put together a link list of what I think are the best posts by radfems. If there are radfems reading this you can tweet me your articles at joyintorah18 during the week and link me to your articles and I’ll consider them submissions. Let’s go!

Gail Dines Reviews Rachel Moran’s book ‘Paid For’, a book about Moran’s experiences as a prostituted woman in Ireland.

Review on Truthdig

University of Toronto women sent violent threats by men’s rights activists and the Uni is downplaying it. When the Uni first said there were threats, they never identified that the target was women and feminists.

Violent threats made against ‘lewd, disrespectful feminists and sluts’ at the University of Toronto | Elle Beaver

Peak Twanz

*head in hands moment* | Bureaucromancy

Increase in Transwomen Sex Offenders

Gender Identity Specialists warn of “ever increasing tide” of Transwoman Sex Offenders | GenderTrender

U.S. Trans Survey and methodological flaws, or “garbage in, garbage out” | Sex matters.

Women being women and loving themselves for it. This woman wasn’t born during peak twanz libfem fun times groveling to men. This woman embraced her true self and didn’t fall for the man box that transactivists would’ve pushed on her today. She understood that being herself was the only thing that mattered, not some gender straight jacket.