What Do Girl Guides UK, Extreme Porn, and BDSM Have In Common?

In my last post ‘Gender Whisperers’ I talked about transgender ideology permeating organizations, institutions and schools. One such organization, Girl Guides UK, has been infiltrated and, dare I say, infected with the silly notion that humans can change their sex. This unscientific notion has resulted in serious consequences for girls and women and nowhere is this more clear than Girl Guides.

Girl Guides, you would rightly assume, is for girls.

Not any more.

If you are in gender critical and/or radical feminist circles, you’ve probably heard that 2 women volunteers were removed for criticizing GG’s new and ‘inclusive’ transgender policy that allows boys to join and share personal intimate spaces with girls. The Girl Guides also state that they do not have to tell parents whether a biological male will be sharing personal and intimate spaces with their daughters.

Helen Watts was one of the women ‘removed.’


Girl Guides don’t recognize sex as a protected characteristic as they are required by the Equality Act of 2010. On Twitter, Dr Em Pankhurst published the response by the Guides on the ‘removal’ of these volunteers


Dr Em also published GG’s response to concerned parents which shows that GG does not protect by sex and has no intention of doing so.


Girl Guides then released another ‘clarifying’ statement on Twitter regarding the EA:


That makes no sense whatsoever, and many people on Twitter pointed this out.

What’s sinister is finding out who the potential gender whisperers are behind this change in GG.

Dr Em seems to have found one of the men responsible:


John ‘Jane’ Fae Ozimek is a grown man who thinks he’s a woman. He’s been celebrated in UK media and is frequently asked for interviews to teach transgenderism to the public.

Image result for jane Fae

John ‘Jane’ Fae Ozimek

John ‘Jane’ Fae Ozimek has some background interests, namely, extreme pornography. Here he is being celebrated by an organization called Backlash that celebrates ‘sexual freedom’ which is a fancy way of saying it tries to legalise extreme pornography like snuff, bestiality, incest, and rape porn.


Here’s a piece written by Jane Fae about how to protect yourself from prosecution if you like watching obscene pornography.

‘Limbering up for a divorce by looking at internet porn sites may provide a degree of self-gratification: but if the end result is going to be a bitter battle over money, maintenance and kids, be very careful.’

Girl Guides were asked whether John ‘Jane Fae’ Ozimek was advising them. They neither confirmed or denied it.


What is apparent to me is that there is a small group of male gender whisperers that have a large financial backing and influence to completely remove women’s and girl’s safety and privacy protections. They are doing this under the guise of ‘transgender equality.’

In fact, Guides admits (see above image) that a transgender lobby group Gendered Intelligence informed them on their new transgender policies. In fact, one of GI’s primary duties is ‘training’ organizations and institutions on transgenderism.

Let’s look at the sexual health booklet put out by GI. Notice that GI was funded by the British National Lottery.

This book shows this image:


This picture clearly outlines that gender is purely psychological and subjective. It’s also attempting to push the false idea that there’s such a thing as a male or female brain. Neuroscientists, in all the years they’ve been looking for brain sex, have not found it.

Then there’s this image, which I took directly from Dr. Em’s Twitter posts.

Dr. Em points out that GI is bordering on truth-telling in the sense that surgeries and hormone blockers are permanent/irreversible changes that don’t function properly and have serious side-effects, including permanent sterilization. For example, research from this summer which looked at the medical records of appx 5,000 men on estrogen showed that males who take estrogen have a high risk of cardiovascular problems. Study is here.

GI also supports rimming (anal licking), anal sex, and BDSM. Just what young girls need to be learning in Guides!

They also admit that males, who they allow in close intimate quarters with young girls, keep their penis.

FairPlay for Women wrote an open letter to Girl Guides that was published in the Sunday Times. Here are some of the women that signed it, explaining why they signed.

Girls don’t need to know how to have anal sex, threesomes and BDSM. They don’t need to share intimate space with biological males who keep their penises when we know that girls are the primary victims of sexual assault and harassment. Girls need safe spaces and their boundaries respected.

It seems to me this is a very concerted effort by a small group of men to completely eliminate all safeguarding of women and girls under the guise of equality. Men are taking feminist principles and perverting them to get their way.

If anyone has any further information about this specific topic, please leave a comment. I’m very interested in who else advised the Guides.

A Little Philosophical Tidbit From Jane Clare Jones

I’m not a philosophy buff but I do know good philosophical arguments when I see them. In this new post by Jane, she lays bare the philosophical motives of transgenderists.

Here is a snippet from ‘Smashing the Binary’:

And this is where it goes completely, utterly off the rails for the woke. Instead of granting reality to both sides of the difference, and working to move our discursive structures away from the way our culture codes those differences, trans ideology has decided to try and abolish the difference itself.  That they can’t grasp the distinction between ‘a difference’ and ‘a binary’ is demonstrated by the fact that they keep referring to the sexual difference between male and female humans – which is a difference in kind between two types of humans – as ‘a binary,’ or even worse, as the ‘gender binary.’ (*Headdesk*). What is so interesting – and distressing – about all of this, is that this act of not grasping that a difference-exists-which-is-not-a-binary, is structured by the basic patriarchal conceit which underpins the whole binary structure in the first place. That is, the inability of the patriarchal subject to relate to anything that differs from itself in without imposing its own projections onto it. As we’re all well aware from our interactions out there, what informs this inability to grant reality to a difference – and to allow that the purportedly ‘inferior’ term of a ‘binary’ might exist as its own difference – is good old fashioned patriarchal narcissism. A way of relating to anything that differs to itself only through an inverting mirror – and that cannot conceive there could be any other way of relating across difference.

For the well-meaning woke, it seems like this is all opaque. Binaries are bad, and so, the thinking goes, to abolish them we need to get rid of the difference that underpins them – a conflation which depends, as so much of the bad-thinking in this debate, on the inability to understand the distinction – and inter-relation – of nature and culture. What can’t be imagined, because the patriarchal structure of hierarchy, othering, and domination has made itself look so. damn. natural., is that there could be differences which were not made into hierarchies. And so, the story goes, if we want men and women to relate equally to each other, the only possible way could be pretending that men, or actually, really, womenare not.

If you would like to read the whole thing, go here.

Gender Whisperers

The PM of Australia had some wise words this past month when he tweeted

‘We do not need ‘gender whisperers’ in our schools. Let kids be kids.’

‘Gender whispering’ is catchy and I’m probably going to start using it.

We know that transgenderism is funded by rich, white males who are investing in big pharma and biotech and promoting the completely false notion that you can change your sex.  Paul McHugh, former John’s Hopkins psychiatrist-in-chief, admits that transgenderism is a mental disorder and sex change is impossible.

Rich investors aren’t stupid and they know they need a target market, and that’s YOUR kids.

This is why transgender advocacy groups like WPATH and many others, are well funded. WPATH, in response to the latest 2018 research  showing that transgenderism might be a social fad that hurts children stated,

‘At present, WPATH asserts that knowledge of the factors contributing to gender identity development in adolescence is still evolving and not yet fully understood by scientists, clinicians, community members, and other stakeholders in equal measure.’

In other words, go ask someone else because we have no idea what we’re talking about. That’s their ‘professional’ way of saying they have no idea what they’re doing.

Here’s a recent picture from Twitter of WPATH’s donors. Notice they are big pharma and other biomedical companies.

Kids then become life-long medical patients and the money comes flying in. Capitalism and transgenderism are best friends.

The make-up company Sephora, popular with teens, has made transgenderism its new cash cow. In July 2018, the company announced a new program called ‘Bold Beauty’ which teaches young males about skin care and feminine make-up.

HSBC, a mulitnational bank, has hopped on the transgender bandwagon, announcing it now has new ‘titles’ for clients who are transgendered.


HSBC’s new ‘titles’

Programming for children is full of ‘gender whispering’ and it’s everywhere you look these days. It’s in schools. It’s on social media. It’s on mainstream news. It’s everywhere.

Transactivists on social media push parents and children towards life-long medicalization.

A UK transgender group Transfigurations has a website where parents are instructed how to approach doctors to ensure compliance. In a section titled ‘What To Do, Transfigurations tells parents

‘If your GP is obstructive, change to a GP who will treat your child knowledgeably and compassionately. We are creating a register of trans friendly doctors and GP’s specifically for this purpose (and those to avoid if possible).’

Transactivists on Twitter even advertise off-label drugs for children to purchase.

Image result for transactivist pushes off label drugs to children twitter

ABC, a major television network in the US, has featured Jazz (Jaron/Jared) Jennings, a biological male child who thinks he was ‘born in the wrong body.’ ABC and other major US networks have featured Jazz on multiple national platforms since he was 6 years old. TLC, another major television network, gave Jazz his own show called ‘I am Jazz’ to promote transgenderism to children and their parents. Jazz and his parents founded Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation which purports to ‘educate schools, peers, places of worship, the medical community, government bodies, and society in general’ about transgender ideology.

ITV, a European broadcaster has an upcoming show called ‘Butterfly’ which features a young boy who thinks he’s a girl.

Amazon has an entire selection of children’s books that teach children about gender, including ‘I am Jazz,’ a book that is full of nonsensical ideas, such as this one, which prompted Michael Laidlaw, an endocrinologist, to lay bare the falsehoods.

Image result for i am jazz childrens book

This year, the Human Rights Campaign, based in the US, put together a ‘Back To School’ campaign for kids. There is an entire schools pack for K-12 that instructs teachers, and your kids, about gender and gender identity and that everyone has one. It also comes with a ‘Gender Transition Plan’ that teachers, students and parents ‘work on together’ to plan the transition.

If you have a child in public school, chances are, they’re being taught about transgenderism. Some parents are being forced to withdraw their kids.

In Ontario, Canada, the provincial government received many complaints from parents because of its ‘gender curriculum.’ Premier Doug Ford reverted the sex-ed curriculum back to 1998* because many parents were upset about the totally unscientific ‘gender theory’ their kids were being taught, among other unscientific topics. One parent said

‘There is this push to almost change social and cultural norms about human sexuality and teaching. There is no consensus on this issue.’

Gender whispering teaches children that they’re brave and special if they become transgendered.  If a little boy refuses to play with trucks, but loves dolls and pink things, he is persuaded he’s really girl.

Here’s Susie Green, a parent of a biological male child named ‘Jack’. Apparently, Jack doesn’t like ‘boy things’ and at 4 years old he told his mother ‘God made a mistake.’ Susie Green, like the parents of Jazz ‘Jared’ Jennings, went on to found yet another transgender organization ‘Mermaids’ for the express purpose of peddling transgenderism to other children.


There’s a lot of money to be made in gender whispering to your kids and confusing them about human sexuality. Susie Green flew her son to Thailand at 16 years old to have him castrated because UK law won’t allow castration until 18. Susie Green’s son was the youngest male ever to be mutilated in this way for an ideology that is completely incoherent and unscientific.

When a woman on Twitter tweeted about this fact, Susie Green filed a police report on her.  The Crown Prosecution Service actually took the time to investigate this silly complaint and interrogated this woman for almost an hour. Apparently, you’re not allowed to question the big-wigs of gender whispering.

What’s interesting about this story is the police are being trained in gender whispering too, and the same police department that interrogated this woman were ‘trained’ by none other than Susie Green’s ‘Mermaids’ charity.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 09.54.46

Leeds Police tweet after being ‘trained’ by Mermaids into transgender ideology

Are any organizations immune from gender whispering? The short answer is ‘no.’ Even religious institutions are being indoctrinated to believe that sex is something that can be changed and that humans are ‘born into the wrong bodies.’

The National Catholic Bioethics Center released a 2017 edict that lays bare the fraud of transgender ideology while the Anglican Church across the pond has been bowing to the pressure of transgender ideology by giving direct guidance to children to ‘play with the many cloaks of identity.’

If all that wasn’t enough, transactivists want to the State to take away your kids if you refuse to comply. In Ontario, Canada, Bill 89 was passed last year which allows the State to take away your children if you don’t agree with their ‘gender identity.’

In the UK, Susie Green, the mother who castrated her son at 16 and who runs Mermaids, is busy trying to prevent parents from having custody if they don’t agree with transgender ideology. Here is a case where Green got involved in a custody dispute where the mother agreed with transgender ideology and the father didn’t. Green supported the mother.

Another UK transgender lobby group GIRES, is lobbying the govt to allow children to legally change their birth sex on their documents. In the UK, any change of documents cannot take place until a person is 18.

It begs the question, ‘how does one resist gender whispering?’

Children are the primary targets of transgenderism and average every-day people like you and me are responsible to speak up and challenge this madness. We must take every opportunity, even if we are castigated, to resist. Children cannot always speak for themselves and so it’s up to adults to do it.

If you are interested in learning more, here are some sites for parents and clinicians who are desperately trying to speak up in a world where it’s unpopular to do so:








*The Ontario Provincial government hasn’t fully updated the sex-ed curriculum for K-8 in full. They are using a revised 2010 version that has no mention of transgenderism, except in the glossary where ‘gender identity’ is mentioned briefly. The 9-12 sex-ed curriculum also mentions ‘gender identity’ and defines it starting in the Grade 9 lessons.

Edited Oct, 6, 2018 to add link of custody case where Mermaids’ Susie Green interfered.

WPUK Meeting Cancelled by Leeds Council

WPUK is a women’s group in the UK that has been under attack by transactivists for a long, long time. Do you all remember the bomb threat over Twitter when they attempted to meet?

This time, it was none other than the Council itself that, on short notice, cancelled their event, with a letter

What’s incredibly ironic about this is Leeds Council, during their censorship of WPUK,  were advertising a campaign about the suffragettes at the Leeds Library. It seems only women that are long dead and can’t speak any more are acceptable to Leeds Council. If you’re a living, breathing woman in Leeds, well, go home. Leeds likes women who are silent as the grave.

The transactivists on Twitter rejoiced at this latest fascist attack on a women’s group, and specifically, this tranny dude


This particular tranny has a gofundme where he needs lots of money for new clothes.

This is your typical autogynephilic tranny who is experiencing narcissistic rage at knowing he’s not, and never will be, a woman. He’s exercising his male privilege to dominate and subjugate women, particularly women who know he’s a man.

All it takes these days is one tranny fascist male or ally to get his narc rage on and entire groups of women pay the price.

Apparently, the meeting will go ahead at another venue but one wonders whether any sort of legal action can take place against this blatant violation of free expression and the Equality Act of 2010.


WPUK had the meeting at another location and here’s a nice picture of them.

Posie Rips DOCTOR Adrian Harrop a New One

Posie’s Billboard that caused Harrop to have a mantrum


Here’s a sample of DOCTOR Adrian Harrop, in his natural habitat on Twitter, calling women nasty slurs

Image result for adrian harrop misogynist tweets

Here he is again, after the UK TV program Genderquake, where he singles out a woman in the audience and intimidates her for speaking up about women’s sex based rights.

Image result for adrian harrop misogynist tweets

Last, but not least is a video by Sky News on the censorship by trannies aka MEN of the billboard

Image result for adrian harrop useful idiot

Adrian Harrop: useless idiot

I hope he sees this. I’m tired of his bullshit. He’s a male supremacist wanker who needs to be locked in a room with a therapist to figure out why he hates women so much. And what’s with him always wearing that silly steth? I never see doctors wearing their steth everywhere like a fucking necklace. He does it because he wants to feel important.

Fuck you dude.

News stories about teh EVIL billboard:

Daily Fail



Men Are the Problem

Male violence and male sexual violence against women is commonplace in our supposed ‘egalitarian’ societies.

Mark Judge is a fucking MRA whacko and so is Brett Kavanaugh. Men hate women, no matter what fucking country you live in. Men see females as ‘things’, not human.


What Does It Take?

I was just lurking on Mumsnet and found a post about one of Julie Bindel’s latest tweets.

julie bindel

She’s right.

If we do not fight this with everything you’ve got, we won’t win. Men have put you in this position. Never forget this. It’s not women putting you in this position of fear, it’s men. Julie Bindel didn’t put anyone in this position: men did.

Men are the ones erasing your rights. Men have proven time and time again they will hurt you if allowed to get into your sex-based spaces and the govt. is helping them do it.

The govt. is run by the wealthy and neoliberal corporations owned by men. We all know that transgenderism is funded by wealthy men who have erotic fantasies of being women. Their erotic pleasure comes from being able to role-play by infringing on female spaces. It excites them. It validates their fantasy.

That said, if you are too fearful of fighting it, you will lose before it’s even begun. You have to decide, of the multitude of possible things that could go wrong, whether your rights, your very existence as a female, is worth it. You have to be prepared for the fall out because the alternative is total erasure.

If the women’s movement has taught us anything, it’s to SPEAK OUT AGAINST MALE VIOLENCE. Transgenderism is the ultimate in male violence against women. It’s the worst backlash women have EVER faced.

This is the 21st century’s biggest battle because if the men win, women are erased. There won’t be any more women.

There won’t be a women’s movement any more because the very thing that makes you a woman: your biological sex class is no longer recognized. This means men completely own and operate ‘what woman is.’

Once you lose the power to name and know reality, you’re done for. Women will be extinct.

There won’t be women’s needs. Services specifically for women will be slowly infiltrated by these fantasist males and and completely cannibalized and made to serve men.

The most recent examples are the sacking of two Girl Scout guides and the theft of a women’s award in business Phillip ‘Pippa’ Bunce, who comes to work sometimes in woman-face.

In the case of the Girl Guides, two senior female leaders were terminated and their groups closed because they questioned the ‘inclusive’ transgender policies that allow fantasist boys to enter Girl Guides.

In the theft case, a fantasist man in a wig stole the top business award meant for a woman.

Phillip Bunce, big ass man in woman-face getting an LGBT Award

It’s only going to get worse. Sitting back and being afraid isn’t going to save you. Telling Julie Bindel that she’s right but you’re too afraid isn’t going to help you. It’s going to come to your door at some point and affect you personally so you might as well get in the fight now.

We need a no holds barred approach. We need to stop being so afraid of the multitude of ‘consequences’ because the final consequence carries a much higher price.


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For the mature women in my audience, and maybe the younger women who have something truly wonderful to look forward to, lol, here is my menopausal experience, brought to you today, on my 49th birthday.

I started menstruating at 11.5 yrs old. My periods were extremely painful. I was diagnosed with dysmennorhea, which is a fancy term for painful periods. Every month I was huddled up somewhere during the first day, just wanting my mother to give me advil, and sleep.

After a few years, around 15.5, I became sexually active and my mother arranged an appointment to put me on birth control with the goal of regulating my painful periods as well as preventing pregnancy. What a smart mom eh?

I took the pill Ortho Novum 7/7/7 until I was in my early 20’s and it did help and my painful periods did not return.

When I was 29 I had a major mountain bike accident and injured my spine very badly. I had several surgeries and it was during this time that it was discovered I had inherited endometriosis from every female relative on my mother’s side. I had keyhole surgery to remove it and I had one of my ovaries cauterized because it bled too much during ovulation. It was one of those ‘fixes’ the surgeon did while she was operating.

I even got to see the VCR tape of my surgery, my ovaries, the spots of endo she removed, which was really cool.

The endo surgery helped me a lot. I was fine for many years until now, until menopause.

I’ve gone almost 3 months without a period until a few days ago. I was having ovary pain a week prior to finally menstruating that went away overnight but when I finally got the damn thing, it reminded me of being a young girl again with dysmenorrhea. The pain was overwhelming. Even a huge dose of Advil didn’t really take down the pain as much as I thought it would. For 3 days I’ve bled like a red river, which is very abnormal for me.

It is starting to slow down now but the pain of it really was overwhelming. I have heard that many women feel similar symptoms to what they felt when they first got their periods in their adolescence. I suppose I’m experiencing this as well.

I turn 49 today. I suppose that’s right on time to be having these kinds of symptoms. I’m also having horrible hot flashes and night sweats. I’m tired too.

So far I have refused to take HRT. I have heard from other women who were on HRT that they get used to it and it was hard for them to come off after the mandatory 5-year limit.

I really don’t want HRT. I do want some pain relief though. I find Advil good for most things but this time, it didn’t work as well as I wanted.

I hope this doesn’t happen again. I hope my period either stays gone and doesn’t come back or it stops being so damned painful. It’s hard not knowing when it will hit you! It’s like a guest that drops in that you can’t tolerate for more than 2 minutes. It hides, and waits until you’re feeling home-free, that you won’t get another one, and then it strikes.

If you’ve been through menopause, what was it like for you? What age did you start having symptoms?

When you get older, birthdays sort of lose their significance. You acknowledge them but you wish you were 21 again. I’m in the very middle of my life.

I planned on having an AMAA on Youtube but that won’t happen today. Moving forward I’m still thinking about what to do. I must host my own videos and pay for it and yeah, pass that onto my audience. There’s a reason I never put ads on my videos. I didn’t want to set up a Patreon. I didn’t want to do it that way.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Stay tuned!





Mancheeze, the big bad bully and Sajber the Stalker

There have been some problems with certain women and while I didn’t want to drag it up, they won’t leave me alone and are bent on ruining everything I’ve worked hard to do.

Before my MenR TheProblem channel was suspended, some women were angry at another female Youtuber, Terri Strange and her co host Leah. About 7 weeks ago (can you believe this SEVEN weeks ago), Terri’s motherhood privilege videos were the subject of discussion in one of my livestreams. I actually agree with Terri’s radical feminist analysis around reproduction and I argued this in the livestream, and even mentioned it in a video I did a few days later on Transgenderism. I said that I found all the counterarguments towards Terri’s arguments and mine to be irrational. I didn’t single anyone out. Hell, I’ve made the same argument over and over again on other platforms. One of the central themes of radical feminism revolves around reproduction. Take it or leave it. Not all women agree, yes, but that is one of the central themes.

So 6 weeks go by. I keep having livestreams.  I thought the Terri and Leah blaming was over and done. And for six weeks these same three women who are now accusing me of being the worst woman ever (Witchy, Lea Sotta and Sajber) came to my weekly livestreams and said absolutely nothing to me. There was plenty of opportunity for any one of them to mention this to me. Apparently, it was so important, they waited SIX weeks to confront me, in a gang of the three of them.

Last week,  I made a response to Jenny Kiss. Sajber and Witchy both left comments saying that the problem behind Jenny’s original video was Terri and Leah. They were somehow responsible for Jenny’s video. Sajber left a comment saying this was all coming from Terri and Leah and so did Witchy. Witchy even blamed Terri for her subscribers attacking women. In fact, she interrupted a conversation in the comments section where another user, S Vali, was saying that she had gone over to Terri’s video and got jumped on the comment section but agreed that it’s not Terri’s responsibility if commenters leave nasty comments. I agreed with S Vali that you can’t blame Terri for the comments that show up her comment section.

It was last week when I knew that this backbiting of Leah and Terri needed a public airing. I wanted to open a livestream because I was getting concerned that Witchy and Sajber would never leave Terri alone. So to stick up for two women, I am now here being attacked by the very people who should’ve taken their complaints to Terri and Leah, who just couldn’t leave these two women out of my channel.

So I open the livestream and explain that I’m feeling pressure to hurt Terri and Leah, which I wasn’t going to do. Witchy shows up and I ask her point blank if she even likes Terri and Leah, and she answers me ‘no.’ She also says she doesn’t like their presentation. So fine. I simply tell her, if you have an issue with two other female Youtubers, don’t bring it here, bring it to them. I’m not responsible for other women’s content. Isn’t that simple? Problem solved.

I left the 2 hour conversation with witchy with no other issues. That was, in my mind, the end of it. I had made a public declaration of a rule because I felt it was never going to drop until I made this rule.

Then another woman Lea Sotto, shows up on my comment section, angry about something I supposedly did SIX weeks ago. And of course, it was Terri and Leah all over again. Apparently, ME, the monster in all this, made an argument which agreed with Terri and found the counterarguments presented against one of Terri’s positions irrational.

So I asked for evidence of this. Here is the conversation:

terri and witchy sc 1

terri and witchy sc 2

I will repeat myself again. I AGREE with Terri’s position regarding reproduction. I stated this 7 weeks ago. I did find the counterarguments presented to be irrational and I said why. I didn’t say ‘ Lea is irrational’. I didn’t say ‘Witchy was irrational.’ I said the COUNTERARGUMENTS presented to me were irrational, not in the spirit of radical thought.

That’s not very charitable is it? To think I called individual women irrational. That never came out of my mouth.

Witchy’s comment above was said to me after I spoke to her face for 2 hours. She came back to leave that comment only hours after I spoke with her on a livestream on good terms. Then she left that bomb of a comment, I responded and she erased it and acted like nothing happened.

Now why didn’t Witchy, Lea or Sajber, who spoke to my face for 6 long weeks never mention anything about these horrible crimes six weeks ago? Your guess is as good as mine. They sat down with me, livestream after livestream and said NOTHING, until just now.

You must know that what Lea, Witchy and now Sajber are out for blood. I told Lea and Witchy, I was very clear. If you have a problem with Terri and Leah, go to them. That apparently wasn’t good enough. I sat down with her in a livestream and spoke to her and she told me point blank she didn’t like Terri and Leah. Then she said she had a problem with their presentation, Terri’s subscribers.

I told Witchy and Lea to clear out. I wasn’t going to have this kind of drama and backbiting, not just of Terri and Leah but of ME on MY channel.  I wasn’t going to tolerate the hit and run, erase your nasty comments either.

But we’re not done yet. See, now Sajber, who is here now following this blog, came after me yesterday on reddit. As usual she wrote a long screed to me, that she waited until I responded and now erased. She told me I owed her the livestreams (that are now gone btw because my channel was suspended very suspiciously in one hour). She told me I was the big bad bully.  Here is my response to her on reddit yesterday. Unfortunately, she waited till I responded and then erased her nasty writing to me.



That’s my response to Sajber. And of course, she erased her nasty comment to me right after I responded and that’s when I knew, she had to clear off too. If you can’t stand by what you say, then don’t say it.

An hour after Sajber erased her comment. I got another nasty PM thru reddit, from an anonymous woman, who I can only say is probably Witchy or LeaSotto. Who knows?

Here it is:


I didn’t bother responding because I don’t even know who this is.

But we’re not done yet. Sajber, after following me to reddit, leaving me a nasty comment that she then erased, followed me here and left another nasty comment, which of course, she erased.

First, she subscribed to this blog and then left a horrendous comment, which I did approve and I will reproduce in part here. I didn’t screencap it all as she erased it before I got all of it. Apparently, Sajber LOVES Terri and Leah now and she stalked my old channel of mine from 2011 that was suspended but is somehow back in business. Yes, she went digging up and stalking old channel that was suspended, where I was being attacked by pimps in the sex industry. At first I thought it was someone stealing my content but nope, it’s one of my OLD channels that Youtube suspended but is somehow back again that she was determined to find. How creepy and stalkerish.

So here’s  Sajber’s latest attack on me. This time, I got some of it.



She admits fully she erased her nasty comment on reddit yesterday in this above post,  tells me I’m mentally ill and going on an ‘anger management tour’, that I have borderline personality disorder and so forth.  Oh and she likes Terri and Leah now, and that I need to get help. Uh, Ok Sajber.

In  it she stuck up for a PIMP who was harassing me and other women at that time. This is how deep Sajber’s radical feminism goes apparently. She sided with the fucking PIMPS and said I was obsessed with the PIMPS.

I’m only going to say this one time. To all those women who have decided I’m the most evillest, most horrible woman in the world, don’t read my blog. Don’t subscribe to my content. Please unsubscribe Sajber the stalker. You are not welcome here.

Go do your own thing, somewhere else! Don’t stalk. You’re a stalker Sajber. I don’t want your sympathy. It’s that simple. In order to show I’m somehow mentally ill, you did ‘research’ on me and then pretended to befriend me for over a year? And then you call me mentally ill? You have a lot of nerve Sajber.

If you continually attack me and then erase it, it shows me you don’t stand by your words and you are not a person I want around. To me, that’s juvenile. I can’t tolerate that. I’ve seen too much of it in the last week.


Do not personally email me about other radical/gender critical women to try and get in some kind of personal convo with me about it. Do it publicly. Do it with a backbone.

That’s it for now. I’m knackered. I’m in menopause. I have other things to do than this juvenile, stalker nonsense.

Oh and for people wondering, what channel did Sajber stalk around to find? An old one from 2011 that was suspended (by the sex industry lobby) but that somehow Youtube put back up. It contains my responses to the pimps and their allies who were stalking me all over Youtube and offline as well. It contains origami too. It was also a channel where I was recovering from being prostituted. If you would like to see it, ask Sajber to show you. I’m sure she’ll gladly indulge you.


One last thing. If you think I liked having to drop three women from my content circle, you’re dead wrong. It was something that had to be done because I find they are not acting in good faith. Their argument that I somehow personally attacked them weeks ago is NONSENSE.

It’s nonsense.

Making nasty comments, erasing them, that was all another sign to me that this was going nowhere good.

I didn’t like to do it but it had to be done. It’s not something I do lightly. It hurt me too. It made me very upset. Between the nasty comments they erased, the fact that I spoke to these women to their faces for weeks, while they harboured this incredible resentment against me, and the way they responded to me just sort of seals the deal. The way they acted after I asked them to find another space, that my channel wasn’t for this kind of drama just seals the deal really.

The stalking that I found out about today. The ‘research’ done where Sajber pretended to be friendly to me but really disliked me and ‘felt bad’ for me, and who now thinks I’m mentally ill, is just way overboard.

This is not how you treat someone. I have boundaries too you know. I’m a grown woman who doesn’t want this nonsense.

Added: Sept 24, 2018

Here’s another comment from Witchy and she wants me to publish it. She admits that the PM thru reddit above was indeed her.


I will briefly respond here to this new comment:

Out of the 3 women that did this to me, you doing it hurt me the most Witchy. We’re both hurt Witchy. What I don’t understand is why you 1) didn’t come to me weeks ago and 2) left nasty comments then erased them and 3) why you interrupted and piled-on in conversations I had with other women in order to bring up Terri and Leah and to prove some point about how bad they were?

Trust me that I feel very, very hurt. Just as much as you do. I was blindsided by you. I couldn’t figure out why you were doing what you were doing. I really couldn’t. This is why I opened a livestream and we spoke and I asked you questions point blank. After that livestream, I thought things were solved.

You came back less than 12 hours later, interrupting a conversation with LeaSotto and leaving a nasty comment, which you then erased.

If you had some issue with me weeks ago, you should’ve said something to me in a livestream. You spoke to me face to face for weeks with not a peep. Nothing.

I find that unfair and pretty immature, and I find the complaint pretty nonsensical. I just can’t have that on my channel.

But on a more personal note, I do miss you. I really like you Witchy. I think you’re a good person. I think you are very intelligent, and very well spoken person. I do care about you. I’m not raging at you. I told you point blank, to clear off and gimme some space and you did, until you left another nasty comment thru reddit.

I told someone this week that I was mourning the loss of you. I absolutely do miss you but I feel there needs to be some space and rules.

I have to have some rules on my channel/blog. I told you to your face in that livestream that there was to be no more complaints about other women’s content. If you don’t like another woman’s content, don’t watch it. Don’t bring it to my channel. Go to them.

That’s very reasonable and fair.

If you have an issue with me, don’t harbour it for weeks, speak to me face to face and work it out like adults. Don’t blindside, don’t pile-on if another woman has some issue with me, or interrupt other women’s comments to get a dig in, and don’t leave nasty comments and then erase them.

All my channel was for was to make videos about topics important to me and then to provide a space for women to discuss the issues of the day. That’s it. I make radfem/ gender crit content. I make a space. I make arguments. That’s it really. I try to keep it as simple as possible.

I do miss you though. I told you to your face I needed space. I don’t mind if you come back but there’s been quite enough of this.

End of Edit.

Contrapoints is a MAN

So this week Contrapoints dick chasers were all over my comment section and I have a feeling they are responsible for killing my Youtube channel. I left a comment on the Majority Report and when the lefty WOKE dudes starting calling me a TERF, I left a well reasoned argument and a link to the Karen White case in the UK, where a rapist and pedo tranny got put into a women’s prison and then went on to rape 4 women.

This drove Hontra’s fanbois insane and they did indeed come to my channel. These brogressives stick up for their male counterparts to the detriment of females globally. They also think they’re left wing, which is hilarious when they support the legalization of prostitution and pornography, which I did chide them for in last week’s videos.

So they got their dicks up their arses and were hopping mad. I have a sneaking suspicion it was them that killed my channel. I can’t be sure but it’s a safe bet. I got a ton of attention from certain trannies from the Majority Report who even remembered that I had addressed Nick’s lame ass videos on my defunct, and banned mancheeze channel that was suspended in January of this year.

They don’t like when a woman is rational and makes arguments they can’t answer. The only response these fuckwits gave me went something like this

women are responsible for tranny's getting murdered

This brogressive is blaming women for trannies getting murdered, as if by magic, women are the violent sex of the species.


Oh and before we go on, let’s examine that claim. In the last 10 years or so, only EIGHT trannies have been murdered in the UK. How many women and girls do you think were killed in ONE YEAR in the UK? Appx 150. So the idea that trannies have it so much harder and are the primary targets of male violence is absurd.

So the most likely explanation is that brogressives got my channel taken down.

What they did next was pretty stunning.

Over on Lil’s new subreddit, I made a post after I was banned from Youtube where I said ‘I’m going to kill these fucking trannies!’ and underneath it, since I KNEW a bunch of trannies would see that and whine about it,  I purposely explained that everyone knew women aren’t the murderers of these men and that the deplatforming and physical violence is going one-way. Some tranny fuckers reported this to the mods of the subreddit, which just happen to be fucking ME! LOL

I dismissed the silly report and then posted a link to the video showing Maria Maclachlan being beaten by trannies.

Contrapoints’ fans are the most likely culprits of the banning of my Youtube channel. So with that, I’m going to do a response to his most recent whacky video where he claims that womanhood is a fantasy and femininity is what makes someone a woman.

Oh yes, I plan on going out in style. So look forward to that video in the near future, to be posted here. This is mancheeze central for now. Remember to subscribe and comment, a lot. Let me hear who is left from all the fall out.

Don’t worry. I will survive this. Like I always do.