Investigation Open: You Can Help

Now it’s time to reflect on this. Having talked to many women targeted by men’s rights activists I’m not about to stop what I’m doing. As I told a sister on Twitter, I’ve had my spine damaged and so there’s nothing worse that can happen to me. I’m committed to helping my sisters, and in my mind I’m a Big Sister to many women who’ve been through exactly what I’m going through now, and some of them worse off because they have children with these abusers.

While Dan has attemped to doc drop me, admits he’s stalking me, and made that completely frivolous call to the Hamilton police, there’s a larger issue here. For the record, I respect the police, very much. I know their job is hard and I respect what they do.

Two wonderful constables visited me and the file is now active. That’s all I can really say about that as I won’t reveal details.

However, I will tell you that while Dan is obsessively stalking me, he’s also stalking the women I speak to on Twitter. When he sees me talking to my sisters, he starts mentioning them directly. I do not want other women going through this. The entire purpose of my site is to educate women on the violent abusers of the men’s rights movement.

The Larger Issue

If ANY of you are being tweeted at, emailed, or otherwise harassed by Dan or ANY MRA, please screen cap it. If you see them harassing me and think I might not have seen it, save it. Some sisters have already downloaded his video where he once again tries dropping my docs and calling the police on the ‘evil rad fem who hates men.’

There are free programs out there that will make this a snap. I use Firefox as my browser so I have Lightshot installed. If you use another browser like Chrome or Explorer just do a quick search for free screenshot programs that will work in conjunction with your browser.

Make a folder on your computer and store the shots in there. You can email them to me to add to the police investigation

If they’ve harassed you in any way just cap it, save it and send it to me.

I am not going to quit writing. I’m not going to stop helping women get educated about these abusers. I am not censored as they would like. Nothing will censor me. I call it the way I see it. For all their whining about Freeze Peach, they certainly are the first to start blubbering like 2 year olds.

Dan and his friends are rape apologists and assholes. I’ll say it a million times.

Dan is also a fruitloop. The Manosphere is a collection of severely entitled angry men who hate women. It only takes one of them to go on a rampage and murder more women. There is no help for men at AVFM. It’s an echo chamber of abusers, rape apologists, pedophiles, and criminals. This is why not a single help line number is posted at AVFM.

The only thing men get at AVFM is to become more emboldened to commit violence against women.

Now that the MRA’s have stuck their head above the parapet and have made it onto my radar, we now have an open case. I’ll be expecting your screenshots!

Dan Perrins Calls the Police on Me For Being a ‘Radical Feminist Who Hates Men’

Just. LOL

My stalker and harasser Dan Perrins is at it again making us all laugh! He called the cops on me and uploaded it to Youtube!

Dan Perrins, who loves to try and scare women from a misogynist hate site and who love to waste police time, after trying incessantly to drop my personal information online, has decided to call the cops and report me for being a ‘radical feminist who hates men.’ I shit you not. The dispatch thought he knew me personally and when he admitted he didn’t she got a bit confused. He started rattling off the Canadian Criminal code and the dispatch got noticeably frustrated and I could hear her brain saying ‘we’ve got a live one!’ She had to tell him to speak plain English because he was really out of his mind.

So now that Dan’s wasted police time and I’ve screencapped his attempts to doc drop me and all his tweets harassing me on Twitter as well as anyone who DM’s me, I have quite a nice file on his harassment. Dan called in order to do what a lot of abusers do. They try to get out in front of the police when they know they’re the harasser and they’re being abusive. It’s Dan’s twisted way of trying to cover his ass. He thinks if he calls first, his ‘complaint’ is more valid.

When I saw him harassing another woman on Twitter that had been DMing me I mentioned to her that now that he’s harassing others online that speak to me, that I’d have to call the police on him. Even though I blocked the creep a year ago, he finds a way to view my tweets, probably by logging into another account that I’m unaware of that I can’t block.

What Dan doesn’t understand is that I can write whatever I want on my blog. My opinions are my own. I can call him a rape-apologist abuser all day long and since he’s openly talked about murdering his ex and regularly jokes about rape online, there’s nothing he can do. Aren’t those MRA’s so intent on Freeze Peach?


Dan is mentally ill and has a track record with the cops. He thinks this will scare me. It doesn’t.

I’ve already gotten the Hamilton Police phone number and plan on phoning them when I have a spare moment. I don’t consider it too urgent since I’ve got the file and he doesn’t live in my Province but judging by the fact he belongs to a misogynist hate site, along with this remarks about killing his ex, I should just send in the file, just to be on the safe side.

These misogynists just never learn.

I’m going to be away today so if you leave a comment and it takes a while to be approved, you know why.

Enjoy the video!

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‘[Women] would be even hotter if they were too stupid to talk.’~ Paul Elam

Women’s bodies really bother Paul Elam. In his efforts to control them he rails against abortion and would love to get a woman pregnant and tell her to ‘fuck off.’ According to Elam, women’s bodies are supposed to be beaten as evidenced by his ‘Bash a Violent Bitch’ article as well as his ‘fictional’ stories about the joys of being a male batterer.

Now we come to it. Elam is upset that girls are trying to grow up accepting their bodies. Have any of you read ‘Our Bodies, OurSelves?’ I have. It’s old too. It was first published in 1971 and I found it in my grandmother’s corner library. It was the first time I ever saw a naked woman outside of my father’s porn stash. She was defiant in black and white, unashamed. Her pubic hair caught my eye as I didn’t have any and the women in porn didn’t have much either. It was the first time I saw a woman who was comfortable in an image.

The struggle of women to accept their bodies has been going on forever, with the constant pressure to adhere to beauty standards set by men in advertising.

In a new rant Elam posted the other day, he admits his ignorance.

It causes me to wonder, though, just where Social Justice Worriers™, include among many of their ill-conceived and utterly moronic ideas the notion that some mysterious “male beauty standard” is out their poisoning the minds of women, causing destruction to their otherwise intact sense of self-esteem and even driving some to starve themselves to death trying to get skinny enough to feel attractive.

This sort of dismissive hand waving is classic Paul Elam woman-hating. Girls usually start with eating disorders at 12 years old. Twenty million girls and women will have an eating disorder some time in their life in the United States. Many will die.

Elam dismisses the concept of the male gaze while simultaneously posting pictures of stereotypical bombshell women that are considered attractive only because men want to fuck them. As Gail Dines has said many times, young girls are either ‘fuckable or invisible.’ These two categories are how women are constructed by the male dominant culture. Young boys start watching porn at around age 12 while girls start to starve themselves.

This heteronormative beauty standard wreaks havoc on girls as they are socialized into femininity, the role of submissive, the ‘thing’ to be fucked by males.

Elam invests in pseudo-scientific theories to explain what men find attractive along with the insinuation that women are stupid objects to be fucked.

As long as the proportions were even close to correct, and as long as the brain did not come addled with too much stupid, they resulted in perfectly acceptable sexual specimens.

By calling women ‘specimens’ he disproves himself by saying the only way men look at women is through sex. Men don’t see women as human, just as sexual objects to be coveted. In one paragraph he says women shouldn’t be ‘dumb’ but then calls for women to be ‘too stupid to talk.’

He furthers this sexual male gaze by posting pictures of feminists who he then calls ‘fat and ugly.’ You see women are only visible when they’re being coveted sexually by men. This is the male gaze in action. Paul is notorious for saying a concept doesn’t exist and then proving its existence.

That is not a digression from the topic, as we now see popularized use in the Social Justice Worrier lexicon of terms like “fat shaming,” and “fat acceptance.” That is shorthand for learn to love coronary artery disease, diabetes and sexual rejection. Such trends — and the statistics — still stand in contrast to the assumption that we are shaming and manipulating women into becoming human stick figures.

Except it’s not. What Elam is doing is equating two totally opposite concepts. Logic isn’t his strong point. I know of no feminist who thinks body acceptance means we’re pushing for diabetes. The point, dumb silly man, is that the image presented to girls is one that is virtually unobtainable because female bodies just aren’t naturally stick thin. That’s just not how we’re made. The media takes the outlier, the extremely thin woman, and presents it as the norm. I also find it odd that he thinks women go to pieces about sexual rejection. As we’ll see with the comments, it’s men that are doing this.

Elam puts a lot of stock into evolutionary biology. He thinks men are attracted to certain ratios. This isn’t true as we’ve seen there is great diversity in who people are attracted to. However, it’s men who’ve created the stereotypical blonde, in a bikini, draping herself over products to sell them, to other men.

Elam later admits that people are attracted to different things but still pushes the male gaze of how women ‘should look.’ He even talks about Twiggy and gives us a little too much information.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t push people in that kind of direction. Take the once super, super, SUPER model Twiggy as an example.

She was becoming huge (in terms of popularity) about the time I started figuring out what to do with a hard on in the bathroom, but I never rubbed one out thinking about her.


So he admits that men pushed an outlier, Twiggy, who was super thin, but can’t logically follow the conversation.

How many women in your daily life do you see that look like the cover model of GQ? Women are bombarded with the male vision of woman, not the vision of herself.

For for the freaking love of god quit trying to infect the world with the infantile idea that you have a right to turn them on. You don’t.

What’s funny about that is the men in the comment section do precisely that.

Elam snidely mentions his looks and casually admits he’s 60 pounds overweight. Nothing will make Paul Elam a turn-on. He is the asshole of the world and toxic masculinity in action. When we found out he was a deadbeat dad/drug addict, I bet nobody flinched. It was expected he left a wake of destruction and abuse in the lives of women who came across him.

The entire planet has a right to throw up in their mouth a little at the very sight of you.


Here are some of the comments by sexually violent abusive men at AVFM:

The part about Lesbians who look like men, and why I don’t get why a penis less man is attractive to them?

I guess he didn’t get Elam’s bit about feminists demanding ‘the infantile right to turn people on.’

So if they (feminists, white knight tv hosts, etc.) mean what they truly say, then we need to start shaming women for not being sexually attracted to hairy fat men.

Again, we see men trying to force women to be attracted to them, the very thing Elam was accusing women of.  LOL

Because lets face it, most men will fuck anything slower than them, that’s how you spread the genes. They care, but they don’t care that much.

Admitting male sexual violence.

They had tits, hips and ass. Which is what I like, along with millions of other men.

Male admits sexual objectification in one concise sentence.

One more facet of feminists urging women to not be accountable. Free to be fat! Free to be hateful of men! Free to be bigots who care nothing for boys and men. Seems like a trend….~Tom Golden

An overgrown manbaby that looks like a balding turkey has the nerve to say this.

Many women have chosen to be so sensitive to food and eating and weight that innocuous and even helpful comments get misinterpreted. I remember when I was young a girlfriend asking if I’d still find her attractive if she got fat. I admitted I’d probably not be as physically attracted to her, and within days she was putting her finger down her throat. This was a 19 year old who stood 5′-4″ and weighed around 115 lbs., all in the right places. I had to then explain to our circle that I’d said only something honest, innocuous, and certainly uncritical of her current appearance (of which I was routinely appreciative, and told her so).~Jack Strawb

Male Abuser.

if fat girls can still get boyfriends we’ll have even more fat girls and the heads of thin girls will get even more inflated.

Another male abuser.

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Dan ‘Kill the Bitch’ Perrins Media ‘Hunger Strike’ Stunt Comes To a Whiny End

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Our Next Feature

Dan Perrins, the dude who wanted to kill his ex and said so openly at the last Man Bawl in St. Clair Shores, has ended his ‘hunger strike’ stunt for media attention. Those suffragettes were a lot tougher than Dan.

In a letter posted on the Canadian equivalent of A Voice for Men, CAFE, he wrote:

I, Dan Perrins, have ended my hunger strike, as of today, Saturday May 16th at 3:00PM here at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. Many of you have supported me throughout this period while some have questioned my motivation and goals. So let me offer some reflection.

My decision to begin my hunger strike was not taken lightly. It was a decision I came to at the end of my 120 km walk from Dundas, Ontario to Queen’s Park as I considered what I could do next for those in need. It was motivated out of a deep sense of injustice at the lack of social support for men. I know this well as I am a victim of PTSD brought on by abuse and trauma. When I needed help there was nothing for me. I hoped that a shocking act like a hunger strike might firstly jolt people out of their complacency and secondly, earn a commitment from our government to open the province’s first shelter for male victims of abuse.

I end my hunger strike having made a real breakthrough in opening up a frank discussion about men’s health, and yet with much work yet ahead of me. The public has responded with resounding concern for my cause. The disconnect between those loud voices of support and the deafening silence from our elected officials toward an invitation to meet with me, is telling of a real problem that confronts our society.

But I recognize that just as my walk gave way to a hunger strike, with both acts having succeeded in advancing awareness, it is now time to transition to something new and more appropriate for the road ahead. To lay the groundwork my friends at the Canadian Association for Equality have already picked up the ball. In the last two weeks, motivated by my actions, CAFE has met with elected officials from each political party, including the chief-of-staff of a provincial cabinet minister. They have received interest in government partnership for their programs aimed to address violence against men, the social harms of fatherlessness and mentorship for at-risk boys.

I am cautiously optimistic that these are positive signs that doors are starting to open. It suggests there is, after all, some appetite by politicians to discuss men’s issues openly. If that is the case I believe it is time to move on from my hunger strike and work with CAFE and other organizations that care about these issues, to pursue other more traditional channels of awareness and advocacy. I am open to participate where appropriate in meetings with policy makers so I can share my experiences.

I know CAFE was never comfortable with my hunger strike because of the risk it posed to my health, but I want to thank them for respecting my decision and being there to make sure I got through it. Thank you so much to all those who have wished me well during this journey, and please do not let the momentum we have built together be wasted.

It is ironic, given that the whole point of my hunger strike was to improve men’s health and well-being, that the health and well-being of this man had to be compromised. As activists, such a sacrifice is sometimes necessary, but to each of you, please find your own way to make a contribution while taking care of yourself and your loved ones. We are all in this together.

#Istandwithdan Hashtag

The #istandwithdan HT is really funny. Yes, feminists got wind of Dan’s Man Bawl and responded appropriately

Men Do Have Services In Canada

Since Dan is mentally ill and MRA’s are not known for being coherent, nobody really knew what Dan’s demands were. The only ones I could make out was he wanted the government to make a men’s shelter in Ontario as well as some crap about lolsuits against me and Jeff Sharlet of GQ magazine.
Let it be known that Canadians have on-demand health care that is free of charge. Dan has plenty of services at his disposal and I know this as a Canadian immigrant. Dan is mentally ill, he admits this. He sees a psychiatrist once a week, which if he didn’t have health care, he wouldn’t be able to do. Any Canadian, at any time, can go to a GP(General Practitioner) free of charge.

When I first came to Canada I was astounded at how easily I could see a doctor or go to a hospital. I had my endometriosis surgery in Canada by one of the top surgeons in British Columbia. I’ve also had major testing for my spinal disability here in Canada, MRI’s and the whole show, for free. I’ve been seen by the Vancouver Canuck’s (NHL Team) own physiotherapist.

On my first road trip through Canada in 1995, I stopped in Banff, Alberta to admire the beauty of the Rockies. While there I had a sudden health issue that required me to go to hospital. I wasn’t a Canadian citizen nor was I a permanent resident. I was just there on a 6 month visa. The hospital fixed me up and charged me $40 dollars. Nobody from the United States can go to a US hospital for that amount, ever.

Where I stayed in Banff

This endless whining by MRA’s that there are no services for men in Canada is a bald-faced lie. It’s just them railing against services for women, which have been cut drastically by the Tories. MRA’s are just angry that women have something they feel entitled to without doing an ounce of work for it.

Like Earl Silverman before him, Dan is trying to be the martyr. All the hundreds of thousands of dollars these men have spent on Paul Elam’s new condo and they still make demands like toddlers.

In 2013 Dan called a crisis line at a women’s shelter and berated the staff while taking up the line so abused women couldn’t call. He recorded it and put it on Youtube.

The week he did a hangout with Paul Elam railing and promising to stalk me. He thinks he’s going to get me arrested. Yes, he believes this delusion. He rattled off the Canadian Charter and went on about how I’ve violated it, which is hilarious.

Dan Perrins is a staff member of a hate site. The sentiments he expressed towards his ex are all markers of an abusive man. If he thinks he’s going to call the cops on me then I welcome him to try it. Just try it dude. You’ll be laughed at. You know it, and I know it. You’re just trying to scare me.

Dan has come to this site during his pity party and tried dropping my docs. He failed. He thinks he knows my name. He doesn’t. He tried dropping my name on Twitter, once again failing.

I don’t tolerate abusive men. I will report him if he persists. There’s no reason why women should live in fear of men. I am not going to cower and go offline. That will not happen. I have a good relationship with the police and my second father is a highly decorated retired officer, married to my mother. I don’t usually drop such personal information but in this case it’s necessary to tell Dan, flat out, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

I highly recommend Dan stop stalking me. I know he’ll slither on over here and read this. I’m giving him fair warning.

Below is CAFE’s Justin Trottier talking about the end of Dan’s pity party. Of course it wasn’t limited to one video. Here’s the second one CAFE made after Dan’s pity party. CAFE men’s rights group spent thousands on a billboard with false stats and didn’t put a single penny towards a men’s shelter. It’s the same old tactics of making asses of themselves in public, entitled little manchildren, demanding things they won’t work for. Trottier still doesn’t get why Dan wasn’t invited into the Legislative Assembly during his hunger strike. Let’s just say Dan is well known to the Hamilton Police. Well known.

A Personal Side Note

Because I’ve talked about the police I’d like to introduce you to something I personally adore, the K9 Unit of Israel, named OKETZ (sting). I once owned a K9 trained dog named Gia. She was my love. I want another very much. Most people think the cops strictly use German Shepherds but the preferred dog is the Belgian Malinois because they’re lighter and have a better temperament for the stresses of the job. They even parachute out of planes. Many SEAL dogs get titanium canine implants since the dogs use their mouths so much. There’s a great company in Canada that makes dog body armour for about $40,000 a suit.

Titanium implants

The IDF has a special place where the dogs are buried, with honour.

And lastly, here’s the fastest bite recorded in 2014.



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Level 1 Block Bot

I was told I was on level 1 of the Blockbot. Now, I really don’t care all that much but what put me there is a mystery to me. Some of my Twitter friends know why they were put there and the ‘infractions’ will astound you.

The Block Bot is an invention of a man to protect his friends over at Atheism Plus. Atheism Plus blog wasn’t truly my cup o tea but I’ve been to the site a few times and commented. James Billingham, a baldy dude with a serious problem with feminists who don’t agree with him and his friends, runs it. His handle on twitter is Oolon.

He made the Block Bot so that a user could follow it on Twitter and it would mass-block a whole shit load of people.

Atheism Plus blog site pushes itself as a scientific and atheist yet I have a feeling that’s not necessarily true.

I remember when I was banned from two reddit sites and I’m betting it was by these Atheism Plus dudes. I was booted for ‘twanzphobia’ and was called a ‘racist’. No evidence of this was provided of course since you don’t need any of that when your fellow group members just tell you it’s true.

I’m used to this kind of thing. It wasn’t too long ago that a group on Youtube that I didn’t even belong to did the exact same MRA-type move, complete with a ranty video calling me a slut, whore, bitch etc. while the gang high-fived each other for their courageous efforts whilst not arguing a single point I made.

It appears ‘twanzphobia’ is their new religion, the new fantasy land they devote their time and energy to while they call themselves scientists and atheists.

I had a run in with one of the Block Bot/Atheism Plus people, MA Melby, on Twitter. I have no idea who this person is. I’ve seen their tweets a few times and that is all, until now.

My Twit-sister Evokes, who’s also listed on the Blockbot, implied that those who run the Blockbot are comparing radical feminists to Gamergate, in itself quite a leap.

I was quickly told by Blockbotter MA Melby:

What in the fuck? Targets? What targets?

I have never sent a death/rape threat to anyone. I don’t usually mention anyone I don’t know on Twitter unless it’s a friend or someone I have something positive in common with. I’ve never doxxed anyone and believe me, I have dox on lots of MRA’s but you won’t ever see me release it online. I do, occasionally, mention an MRA if I see them in the #yesallwomen tag but most MRA’s I have blocked. I’m really not the type to go mentioning people and would much rather hit the block button than deal with useless conversations on Twitter that won’t go anywhere.

I asked Melby what ‘targets?’

It took MA Melby a while to answer the question:

It wouldn’t be so funny if I knew who ‘us’ was. Until now I had no idea that Atheism Plus was behind any of this and it’s only now that I’ve pieced this all together.

Turns out the Blockbot can’t name a single tweet that I’ve made that targets anyone. Unless they redefine ‘target.’

Then the hilarity ensued:

Is this MRA-speak?

I knew it would get pretty silly but my word, the ‘trans lesbian invasion?’ WTF is that? I must be old or something because I truly don’t know what that is. If someone can find the ‘trans lesbian invasion’ please return it to MA Melby because I don’t have it.

Then Melby told Evokes13 she was on level 2 blocking for comparing the Blockbot to Gamergate when in reality it was a Simpson’s joke that got her blocked

The tweet that’s listed as Evokes’s offense is this one:

My interpretation of the Blockbot is this: it’s a tool to block anyone this beloved group doesn’t like. It’s also male focused, designed to particularly silence women. If you were looking for some analysis you won’t find any. If you’re put on there for a Simpsons joke, case closed.

Evokes tweeted that another user, another woman, was put on the Blockbot for tweeting about ovarian cysts. The response from Blockbot?

Isn’t that cute? The Blockbotter silenced a female for a Simpson’s joke but now demands to know which other female talked about her ovaries?

MA Melby and her friends will block various women for these ‘offenses’ but won’t block one of their own, a trans dude who goes around harassing others and threatening them. Ya know, a real candidate for the bot.

I’m told I’m in great company on Level 1 as there are a lot of very prominent feminists on there and I have no problem making the comparison between the Blockbot and GG. If that is an ‘offense’ to the feeble minds over at Atheism Plus then by all means.

The Blockbot is built for manfeelz. MA Melby is in good company with MRA’s since the word ‘target’ and ‘trans lesbian invasion’ are straw mans. I’ve not targeted ‘them’, whoever ‘them’ is since I’m not a groupie type person and I’ve certainly never claimed to speak for all women. I think it’s worse that you block tons of people for not carrying your exact party line and take the liberty to classify people based on your feelz. That’s much more insidious.

I never really thought much about this Blockbot until I was told I was on it, at the highest level. I don’t really care. I just think it’s funny that these people spend so much time scouring Twitter for Simpson’s jokes and going by rules they make up on the fly, just like MRA’s and Gamergate.

There have been several articles about the fact that the Block Bot isn’t exactly kosher.

Here’s an article about a Twitter user who found out she was on the Block Bot:

But as I mentioned: my blockers were people I had never tried to follow and never so much as tweeted “hi” at, let alone anything disagreeable, abusive, harassing, or unkind.

Yes, the same as in my case. I didn’t know any of these people until I was told I was on this list.

There are 3 levels of ‘offenses.’ What warrants the highest level of blocking?

“[users] that appear to engage in aggressiveness, threats, harassment, dishonesty in an effort to infiltrate social groups, impersonating someone, posting shock images, encouraging self-harm, spouting dehumanizing rhetoric, promoting hate speech, etc.”

Hmm. I’ve never done any such thing unless it’s inhumane to speak up for women and women’s issues. It sorta makes sense that a woman would get put on the list for talking about ovaries if a Simpson’s joke warranted blocking.

Their policy for who gets blocked is also quite circular:

The short answer is anyone that a blocker defines as block list worthy. The general rule is if you are the type that would find yourself banned on a blog on, or from the A+ forum then you will likely end up in the list.

Richard Dawkins was put on it for being a ‘racist, “rape apologist,” and transphobe.’ I’ve no love for him but the fact is, it’s libel.

Like I said, I have no idea why I’m on it and most people usually don’t until they find themselves on it by surprise.

Someone is gonna get a hold of this Blockbot one day and tear it apart in a court of law. In fact, the Block Bot narrowly avoided this according to this article.

There are some pretty big names on there. In the meantime, if you get put on it, consider it a compliment.

In the end I blocked MA Melby, the old fashioned way.



During the writing and finalizing of this post I became aware of a lawsuit against James Billingham, creator of the Block Bot.  A Beginner’s Guide to the Block Bot – Sex & Censorship

Granted, this is coming from a member of KotakuinAction, a Gamergate reddit group, but the fact is the Block Bot is libelous. If you would like to contribute to the funding of the lawsuit, visit the link. In light of the new development, I find the comparison of the Block Bot to Gamergate a twisted kind of poetic justice.

Dan ‘Kill The Bitch’ Perrins of AVFM and CAFE On A Liquid Diet For ‘Ethics in Journalism’ Or Something


Dan Perrins threatened suicide tonight during his video hangout with Paul Elam. Instead of encouraging Dan to call a suicide hotline or his counselor he sees once a week because he’s mentally ill, Elam just kept pushing his misogynist views.

Elam is an exploiter of men, not a men’s rights activist.

AVFM and CAFE are doing a Walk a Mile In His Shoes to highlight male suicide in Canada. Dan Perrins, who is a member of both AVFM and CAFE is walking from Hamilton, Ontario to Toronto to raise money. Dan runs the site where he announces to women who come across the site:

If you’re a feminist, female supremacist or of similar mindset (i.e. misandrist), you should read the contents of this forum prior to asking ‘why are you here?’

Dan is the men’s rights activist who told GQ he ‘should’ve killed the bitch 5 years ago’, speaking of his ex. Dan’s now on a hunger strike, well sort of. He won’t eat solid food but will drink. Boy those suffragettes were a lot tougher than Dan.

Paul Elam uploaded a phone conversation with Dan during his walk and is now uploading video after video after video after video after video exploiting Dan’s solid food strike. After only 24 hours Elam thinks Dan is looking ‘dangerously thin.’ I suppose all the drugs Elam’s done have affected his vision.

Paul Elam wants Canada to become an MRA haven but exposes his utter ignorance of our political system. He thinks Canada has a Prime Minister in each Province. D’OH! Then he says ‘I hope the Premier of Toronto is paying attention!’ DOOOOOOO’H! When Dan corrects Elam and gives him Kathy Wynne’s name, Paul says ‘Miss WynnT, I hope you’re paying attention!’ D’OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!

‘I hope Dan doesn’t have to die.’ smiles Elam, rubbing those greedy hands together. He’s gonna milk this for all it’s worth.

What is Dan demanding? Your guess is as good as mine since he uploaded a 7 page document Dean Esmay wrote that anyone can edit. It’s full of grammatical errors and reads like a 12 year old writing his parents on how shitty his life is. Esmay also forgot to include male suicide in his manifesto and had to be reminded that this was the issue that started this whole thing.

This has made the MRA’s quite confused because nobody really knows what Dan’s demands are. He made a comment on AVFM but with all the videos and documents nobody knows what’s going on.

Dans comment about his demands

Men’s rightsers must always have a female target and Dan’s target Premier Kathleen Wynne of Ontario. They’ve been tweeting her and saying things like this:

Premier Wynn – is that an intentional choice? Of all the politicians in Canada you went with the liberal lesbian woman.

Dan also demanded Canada arrest American journalist Jeff Sharlet of GQ for writing about them at their last Man Bawl and remove any information about the fact he doxxed [2]the red-haired woman they call Chanty Binx. No, I won’t repeat her name on here.

Dan Perrins dubbed her the “Little Red Frothing Fornication Mouth,” snarking about her “sheer tits in your face gumption.”

In an interview he said Chanty loved being ‘turned on orally’ and that she ‘played the victim’ but thinks Canada has jurisdiction over Jeff Sharlet.

They’re even bringing back Earl Silverman’s ghost. Dean Esmay, that bastion of hatred, thought feminists were gonna ‘dance on Earl’s grave.’ Meanwhile, it’s MRA’s that are dancing on it in a lame attempt for media attention and money. They are really hamming it up.

CAFE is putting in their two cents with a video about Kathleen Wynne’s program to stop sexual assault. Justin Trottier emailed StatsCan and then Wynne. This is more of the same zero-sum game men’s rightsers engage in. They tell her she’s illogical for focusing on female victims of sexual assault. Ask any woman if she’s been sexually assaulted. She’ll say yes, many times over.

If you want to help out Ontario’s anti-sexual assault campaign you can tweet #whowillyouhelp.

In the real world men, women, everybody commits sexual violence against members of the opposite sex.~CAFE

We women know about the real world and how men sexually assault us daily, whether public or private. The worlds most dangerous place for a woman is in her own home. CAFE doesn’t admit the gendered nature of sexual assault.

Male suicide in Canada is going down. One of the reasons that men in middle age are more likely to commit suicide has to do with toxic masculinity. You won’t hear CAFE or AVFM talk about this because men’s rights groups tend to enforce rigid masculinity from the 50’s.

Suicide Prevention Canada states:

There is a growing recognition that the social construction of masculinity is a major factor that tends to impede positive physical and mental health outcomes for men (Courtenay, 2000).

“Hegemonic masculinity” refers to the current form of masculinity to which most men aspire and/or against which they measure themselves in relation to femininity and other masculinities which are marginalized and subordinated. Marginalized masculinity refers to gender relations experienced by men in lower socio-economic strata.

Hegemonic/traditional masculinity is characterized by attributes such as: striving for power and dominance, aggressiveness, valor, independency, efficiency, rationality, competitiveness, success, activity, control, emotional restrictiveness, and stoicism (Möller-Leimkühler, 2003; Synnott, 2010).

Men are reluctant to express emotions and they may conceal or deny distress and emotional pain, thereby not seeking the help they need.

Paul Elam is notorious for shaming men’s sense of masculinity when he calls men ‘manginas’, ‘pussy beggars’, and so on. He chides any sociologist who mentions the problems of toxic masculinity, patriarchy and gender roles. Paul Elam and CAFE are men’s worst nightmares because they are trying to hang onto an old 1950’s identity that doesn’t fit our new social landscape.

Along with the many articles AVFM is pumping out about Dan, Elam said yesterday that he’ll make a video every single day Dan is on his solid food strike. Be prepared for a money grab. It’s coming.

If you’re feeling suicidal, call a crisis line. They do work well. Dial 411 if you’re in serious trouble and they’ll auto connect you in Canada. Oh and suicide hotlines are for everyone in Canada.

It’s Only Damseling When

It’s official, the MRA’s are doing a lolsuit and want $40 thousand.

When you lose $9 grand on a stunt to infiltrate the Calgary Expo you gotta recoup those costs. Karen Straughn uploaded a statement to get the guys to dig into their pockets yet again.

The endless videos of Alison Tieman crying into the camera and now this plea for $40 grand is what men’s righters call ‘damseling.’ There is no official definition of the word but there’s a lot of examples of it and one could say that Gamergate depends on their theory of damseling to go after Anita Sarkeesian.

Gamergate, which is basically a group of MRA’s, accused Anita Sarkeesian of damseling when she successfully crowdfunded $160 thousand after only asking for $6 thousand. The reason she got so much attention was due to the Manosphere/Gamergaters taking to the internet and endlessly threatening her. If you go to Youtube and search her name you’ll get thousands of videos by disgruntled MRA’s screaming obscenities at her, one of which is the charge of damseling. This boost of internet attention informed people about Anita’s fundraiser. While the rape and death threats flooded in, people were reaching into their pockets and supporting her project.

Paul Elam has written a lot about damseling and Anita Sarkeesian. He says of her extremely successful Kickstarter project:

Personally, I am jealous. I have had half the major media in a couple of countries disingenuously and maliciously demonize me. Even after forcing some retractions I bet I got more threats than Sarkeesian.

My reward? Jack shit.

Maybe it was because I didn’t swoon hard enough or treat the threats like they were tickets to Disneyworld.

Or maybe it was just that I don’t have a vagina and the sociopathic acumen to be profitably distressed and empowered at the same time.

I think I am correct in assuming there is some cha-ching going down in her PayPal account right about now. And there will be some more gash-cash for other members of the sisterhood who pen their outrage over this worse-than-death-almost-as-bad-as-rape event, demanding that someone, preferably the state, take over the Internet and make it safer for lying, feminist con artists.

It’s only damseling if Anita gets funding but when three AVFM women want it, well, that’s different.

After being kicked out of the Expo the Badgers made hours upon hours of videos including two videos of Tieman crying into the camera because she was dumb enough to misrepresent herself at the Expo. If this was truly about her comic, bringing half the staff of AVFM, flying the Gamergate logo, and harassing feminist panelists wasn’t exactly a bright idea.

Even the Badgers themselves have written about how horrible damseling is:

Damseling and Gynonormativity. These roughly correspond to femininity seen as childlike, in a dependent position; and femininity seen as the moral standard, in a dominant position. This sounds like a contradiction, but in fact it is just a description. The switch from dominant Moral Guardian to trembling Damsel can be instantaneous because at bottom there is not much distance between them. The dominant matron battle-ax can very easily stand over a man and lecture him about defending and protecting poor, helpless women.

John Hambling, former AVFM staff, thinks the hypocrisy is showing. In a video he tossed the Badgers hyper-masculine slogan right back at them: ‘Honey Badgers Don’t Give a Shit.’

Honey Badgers aren’t supposed to damsel.

Hambling was met with cold, blank stares from dudes in their dark basements, knowing they’re being hypocrites but delving into their weekly paper route money anyway to provide $40K ‘gash cash’ for the damsels in distress.

Hamblings video got several responses. An MRA that infilitrated with the Badgers reassured the guys that the ladies aren’t really damseling because they were banished from the village, not locked in a tower:Allisons hubby on her damseling and banishmentIf you’re locked in a tower by all means, ask for ‘gash cash.’

Allisons hubby on her damseling and banishment2Can’t argue with that superior logic.

Woolybumblebee, another former student of AVFM publicity, knows the Badgers ‘infiltration’ of the Expo was a stunt to get more cash. She even made a second video, foretelling the inevitable ‘fundraiser’.

Paul Elam and the ladies will milk this for years as Woolly pointed out that Human Rights complaints take a long time.

MRA’s are out in full force telling anyone skeptical of Tieman’s tears that this is ‘true victimization’ and the tears were real.

In fact, the Badgers have been so victimized the dudes think they’re identical to Gandhi and Rosa Parks.

human rights violation just like gandhimra comparing to rosa parksAlison is Rosa ParksLOLZ

A game blog abused me.

Meanwhile, the Badgers are knee deep in their quest for true justice, invoking the Canadian Charter and proclaiming they’ve been abused. Yes, they actually use that term.

The Honey Badger Brigade is now seeking legal advice to hold the Calgary Expo staff accountable for their acts of abuse and discrimination against us.

this eviction was based in discrimination, an act that has defamed and abused us.

it is our belief that the actions taken by the Calgary Expo staff were of a political nature and contravene the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in particular freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and freedom of association.

They’ve learned well. It wasn’t too long ago their brethren Dean Esmay from AVFM claimed a gaming site was abusing him.

On the ‘Feed the Badger’ fundraiser page, they’ve already reached $23 thousand. That should keep Karen in $10 packs of cigarettes for a few years.

Only idiots will donate to this second stunt. The Charter wasn’t breached at all. Any first year law student can tell you that. Businesses have every right to remove someone from their event based on the rules and regulations they’ve authored. It was a choice to go to the Expo and act like assholes.

Here’s the video request for $40K


From the video:

Why is a woman rejecting victimhood so threatening? Because you need a damsel to have a villain. Having a villain justifies every act of war, lynching, genocide, marginalization, bigotry, and hatred throughout history.

The time is ripe for money. Even Sage Gerard, AVFM’s Collegiate Activism Director, is asking for Patreon money. In a video just uploaded he wants money to shave his head and currently will make almost $200 per video.

Gerard calls himself a human rights activist. LOL

Even breathing costs money according to these people.

Make no mistake. This isn’t about Tieman’s shitty webcomic that her own friend Sage Gerard said had ‘no story.’  It’s about making a public scene over and over and over again for views and more importantly, cold hard cash.


Meghan Murphy Petition Reaches 2000 Signatures

I’ve updated the petition, which now has 2,062 signatures. I’ll reprint it here.

We’ve Reached 2000

May 7, 2015 — Between reaching 1500 and 2000 signatures on this petition Rabble has given a response. I don’t know how Meghan or the rest of you feel about it so I can only say how I feel.

The response, in my view, gave quarter to a mob that I liken to Gamergate. They suggested the accusations were serious when any cursory glance at either the petition they created to fire Murphy, the comments on the petition, or the hashtag on Twitter, suggest otherwise.

In today’s online climate it’s easy for a mob to gather and target a woman. As a person who’s familiar with men’s rights activists, I’ve seen this time and time again. In fact, A Voice for Men, the largest MRA website, wrote a piece condemning Murphy and suggesting they use this situation as a way to divide women. This is what happens when you sit on the fence and refuse to fully support a woman.

Rabble wrote that Murphy’s position on prostitution was controversial. It’s not controversial to be against capitalist practices that commodify women’s bodies. They also suggested that Murphy’s analysis of prostitution was Canada-based when in fact it’s a global feminist analysis.

It was also implied that the accusations against Murphy had to be taken seriously and that Rabble needed to find a way to connect with its writers who write off-site. This is dangerous. To me it implies that Rabble wants a way to vet what writers do on their own sites.

Rabble should clearly come out in favour of Murphy’s free speech rights and not pander to the small mob. It’s bad enough women are socialized into the male gaze, now we can’t even write without having a voice on our shoulder whereby we self-censor.

This sets a dangerous precedent.

How many more women and men must sign this petition? How many women must be ‘reigned in’ and controlled because of a mob?

I want Rabble to support Murphy outright and say as much.

Petition · We Need Meghan Murphy ·

Rabble Responds To The Mob Trying To Fire Murphy And It’s Disappointing

Rabble, that bastion of LGBT inclusiveness has just called Murphy’s position on prostitution ‘particularly controversial’ and have basically refused to openly stand up for her.  The first words out of their mouth are to the precious transmob, not ‘we won’t silence a woman who has a different opinion.’ Manfeelz are more important than women’s lives, as usual.

They’re trying to cater to this mob with their half assed response. In other words, they’re giving this mob a hearing and not the derision they deserve.

I used donotlink because I’m not giving these fuckers page hits.

If you want to read Meghan’s work without having it filtered through manfeelz you can find her at Feminist Current. Oh, and there’s Rabble saying they have to develop new ways of tsk tsking women who write off-site things that offend. So now Murphy has to censor herself on her own site so she can maintain employment at Rabble. So they’re gonna extend their reach to her fucking site.

We are currently reviewing the complaints, and in light of the past weeks’ events. is also considering a number of issues: how responds to our writers, collaborators, and contributors outside the environment, and how to make our policies related to trans rights and our editorial policies in general, more visible on the site.

Women’s rights? What’s that?


I’m disgusted. I have nothing more to say than to tell Rabble to fuck right off.