This is What CAFE Deems Domestic Violence Against Men

This is brilliant. CAFE, in it’s quest to find the proof of the outrageous claims that men are 50% of the victims of domestic violence, has found a male who was severely beaten and who’s willing to tell his story to the Canadian public.

CAFE is the men’s rights group that has infected Canada with it’s completely dishonest rhetoric. They’ve been kicked to the curb several times by honest Canadians and I expect it will continue.

Julio, the dude in this video, claims his own child is a liar when she phoned the police on her father for strangling and screaming at her mother in a fight started by him. Julio left the marital home and decided that even though she didn’t want him there that because he was paying some bills he had the right to enter the home without her permission. So he did. It turned sour though and he ended up stranging his ex wife and his daughter phoning the cops.

Julio did what most men do to get out in front of a criminal investigation of his battering. He called the cops on her after strangling her and he went to the police to ‘give a statement’ of how wrong she was and how awesome he was. What a turd.

So when he showed up at the station, he was arrested and put in jail. Saved the cops a trip in my view.

This is the depraved crap that CAFE is pulling. In an effort to locate all these male victims CAFE actually uncovers male perpetrators! The majority of the video is the guy repeating MRA rhetoric about how cops arrest only men in dv cases and the rest of the MRA schpeel about how horrible women are. You can hear the liar Trottier getting a rage boner in the video as he tries to make the ex wife, prosecutor, and all women into evil harpies. It’s kinda funny.


Good job CAFE!

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Intersectional ‘Male Feminist’ CaptainAndy Vs. Aboriginal Women

CaptainAndy from Youtube wants women to live lives of sexual slavery. He is the typical liberal male who will rail against racism but thinks it’s totally ok that Asian, Black, and Aboriginal little girls are groomed, pimped, and trafficked for men’s sexual violence. Women are like objects. He thinks women are like drugs (property). I had to correct him. The remarks in quotes are mine.

captain andy ignorance

NOTALLMENZ! Did you notice how suddenly this ‘male feminist’ claims not all prostituted women are actually women? Of course the solution is to argue something that means absolutely nothing because we KNOW the majority of prostituted and trafficked are WOMEN and children and the majority of buyers are MALE. CaptainAndy doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good argument for enslaving women. He’s such a ‘feminist.’

CaptainAndy thinks if he gives you a couple dollars or a hamburger it’s totally ok to use and abuse you for sex. Doesn’t matter that you’re impoverished, drug addicted, or have mental health issues. It doesn’t matter that women are the majority of the world’s poor and their basic survival needs are what’s putting them in the inferior position. Nope. Once you give women a hamburger so they can eat, you can get sex . Getting paid makes all the harms of being prostituted go away. She loves it. She wants it.

It’s kinda the same argument people make about sweatshops. Hey, take the impoverished and give them a dollar a day while they slave away and die. NO PROBLEM!

You see, CaptainAndy thinks racism is bad but is totally willing to put brown girls ie. aboriginal girls for sale. That’s not slavery to him. It’s empowerment. When an aboriginal teenager comes to the city she is totally choosing to be pimped and sold like chattel because she has basic survival needs. When Asian women are sex trafficked into massage parlours they are fulfilling their natural destiny.

CaptainAndy doesn’t do the basic research necessary to understand any of this. He just shouts at survivors online. He’s really good at shouting at prostituted women and wants to legislate sexual slavery because well, women are like drugs. They’re not human beings that are at the bottom of our socioeconomic and political systems. Basic feminist principles don’t phase CaptainAndy.

He also doesn’t understand how pornography is used to groom underage little girls into prostitution. Let’s educate him on that. LINK 1. LINK 2

The Nordic model is the ONLY model that’s ever decreased organized crime around sex trafficking and pimping. It’s the only model that recognize all women as the beneficiaries of liberation.

In my country, Canada, it’s aboriginal women and asian women that are being targeted by pimps, johns, and traffickers as well as white impoverished women. This isn’t to say that they’re the only women but they stand out as high risk due to being on the lowest rung of the class system. Canada has its own sex trafficking problems as do all other nations who aren’t employing the Nordic Model.

Once we allow men to control the dialogue and speak for our class we will end up with CaptainAndy’s result. He’ll never have to face the issues we face but he feels totally fine with legislating for us and telling us what’s good for all women.

The fact of the matter is liberal ‘fun’ feminism is a disaster. CaptainAndy is a male who will totally get in line fun feminism because it doesn’t challenge him, his entitlement and privilege. I have the cure. This is a speech about how liberal ‘fun’ feminism is a failure for women as a class.

Once you understand the liberal mindset you begin to see how nothing they’re doing is taking away male entitlement. It’s just the same old capitulation but it wears a new outfit: focus on the individual and ‘choice’. Only by understanding that women are a class can we solve the problems that patriarchy forces on us. Unity is the goal.

Imagine if we took things like pedophilia as an individual choice? Some men want to rape children and it’s just their individual way of being so we must accommodate them? We must never make a law against pedophilia because we’re stifling their ‘choice?’

Let’s apply that to prostitution. There is a very tiny subgroup of people who want to sell their bodies for sex. It’s just their way of being, their individual choice. Must we accommodate them? Must we put an entire class of people, women, and throw them aside because a small few want to sell sex?

We can’t let the tiny minority legislate for the majority.

If we say, it’s ok to sell your body for sex we’re legitimizing it and because it’s such a lucrative capitalistic venture it will FORCE more and more women to supply it and that’s how it affects all women.

We always forget about the demand part of the equation. We forget that men are driving this. The more demand, the more organized crime, pimps, and sex trafficking will occur to supply it. This puts all women at risk, especially since it’s a fact that women are the lowest class.

Being a woman is something CaptainAndy and the rest of the male liberals will never have to face in their entire lives so they really shouldn’t be lending their male voices and claiming that their voices are feminist.

You’re not doing feminism if men are comfortable.

Women are still being murdered/beaten by men, still being raped by men and still being discriminated against in all those spheres. If you’re a feminist, the men around you should be challenged because if they’re not, it means your not challenging their entitlement and privilege.

Will CaptainAndy turn around? Will he actually comprehend the research and the facts? Will he continue to shout down survivors of a sex slave industry? Probably not.

It doesn’t mean that I didn’t attempt to school him. I did.

Here’s CaptainAndy’s lovely response to me challenging his mansplaining on Youtube

captain andy comment 2

That’s right women, if you include Asian, Black, Aboriginal, Eastern European women, you have to make sure they’re available for men to stick their dicks into. It’s just really simple. CaptainAndy is a genius. I’m just not intersectional enough for this poor dude. Awww, shiiit.

CaptainAndy, when I challenged him and set him straight, said nothing further. He didn’t apologize or respond with an acknowledgment he was wrong. This lack of response let me know that I wasn’t dealing with a feminist at all but with a man who cannot be wrong in front of a woman. He was challenged. Instead of accepting he was wrong he pulled a typical male tactic. CaptainAndy is NOT a feminist, he did not pass feminism 101.

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First update: Gender-critical comments on WHO’s proposed faulty new definitions of transgenderism in ICD-11

House Mouse Queen:

Readers, this has to be one of the most important posts about gender I’ve come across. The WHO is changing its policies with the trans-phenomena and many women wrote to the WHO to rightly denounce the concept of gender with the concept of intact, healthy bodies in mind. Here are some of the gender critical responses. Enjoy.

Originally posted on PLEASE DON'T BE SILENT:

As you know, the World Health Organization has hooked up with a bunch of obsessed tranny activists/narcissists and their ethically-challenged gaggle of “scientist” admirers in order to re-define transgenderism. The goal of this re-definition is to de-pathologize transgenderism (i.e. removing the idea that there could possibly be something mentally a bit “off” with crazed transgenderist cravings for drastic unnecessary surgeries in their otherwise healthy bodies) but also to ensure that tranny surgeries to create these fuck-holes to nowhere and other abominations are fully covered by medical insurance. The new catch-all term is “gender incongruence,” It is placed under “Sexual health” for some reason, not “Mental health.” Even “gender incongruence of childhood” is disturbingly filed under “Sexual health.” You can see where that will lead.

Since I posted my appeal to gender-critical folks last week, to please comment on WHO’s proposed new definitions of transgenderism, many brilliant women have posted excellent…

View original 4,354 more words

Lowest of the Low: MRA Makes India’s Rape Victim About Men

We all look for idiotic people to do idiotic things on the internet. This one was just, well, it took my breath away. How low do you think an MRA will stoop? If you said the answer is limitless then you’re right.

Recently, a BBC documentary called India’s Daughter was released. It told the story of a young woman who was raped by dozens of men and then the men stuck a crowbar into her uterus and pulled out her intestines through her vagina. Her name was Jyoti. She died in hospital.

The rapists did what most men do: blame her for their actions.

When an MRA/MGTOW dude got to watch it he did the typical lowlife move of making a long video about it titling it deceptively ‘A MGTOW’s Condolences to Indian Female Rape Victim’. ‘Whataboutthemenz?’ was really why he made it. It was the focus of his poor manfeelz.

In the description of the video he wrote:

My utmost condolences does go out for Jyoti Singh and her family, but to only see the abuse of one gender and through it only judge the nature of gender-related mistreatments is wrong and fallacious. What Jyoti went through is beyond tragic, but would she have gotten the same level of sympathy and compassion felt towards her if she was a man? The likelihood is less.

Within 2 minutes he’s pondering that women would feel less if the victim was a male. Well I hate to inform him but this doesn’t happen to men in any serious way. Has a SINGLE man ever had his intestines ripped out of his dick after he’s been raped by dozens of women? Uh, no.

He whines that the world has no sympathy for men. He then whines that India is horrible for men because of dowry. I’d much rather pay some money rather than being gang raped and had my insides ripped out. Those poor menz in India. We must be able to compare gang rape to paying dowry money because it’s totally comparable. Let’s not talk about all the women who die due to dowry through bride burning and acid attacks. Naw, we gotta talk about men. The misandry in India is so bad that he spends 20 minutes whining about it.

He chides BBC for giving attention to women because the poor menz in India don’t get attention for their mansuffering over having to pay dowry. He wants BBC to make a documentary about this called ‘India’s Son.’

I know I could make a great BBC documentary about India’s son. It would be honest. It would talk about India’s patriarchal society where every woman in public is afraid of men who touch, grope, and then gang rape them. How about when men in India tell everyone that women must be pure and like flowers so that men will ‘protect’ them. Or maybe about how marital rape isn’t outlawed in India? The menz in India have it so damned bad.

CBC Radio Interview Exposes CAFE’s Justin Trottier’s Dishonesty

Justin Trottier from the Men’s rights group CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality) was interviewed on CBC’s radio show ‘The Current’. He was asked very direct questions about his documented association with the hate site A Voice for Men and about his group’s mission. In typical fashion, Trottier continued to lie about the group’s affiliations and intentions.

CBC host Anna Maria Tremonti asked Trottier about Dan Perrins, who is AVFM’s Canadian Activism director and who is also on CAFE’s Board of Directors. Trottier stumbled on this question because lord knows he doesn’t want that affiliation public even though most people, including myself, know that close relationship has been ongoing. If you have some time on your hands look up Dan Perrins’ criminal record. The results won’t be a shock. Not only is Perrins a stalker but he has a long history with Hamilton Police.

Dan Perrins. Look at his criminal record if you've got time.

Dan Perrins. Look at his criminal record if you’ve got time.

Trottier dismissed AVFM’s Perrins as an ‘extremist’ even though he sits on Trottier’s Board. This sort of response is typical of men’s rights groups. Perrins isn’t supposed to take issue with that because the more important goal is to harm women and feminists and CAFE will cut off its own nose if it results in Canadian women being harmed or a small shot at legitimacy in the public eye.

I’ve followed AVFM and CAFE for a long time and right from the beginning of CAFE’s existence they were linked with the woman hating site AVFM.

It was only a week ago that Paul Elam, the owner of AVFM, had Justin Trottier on his Youtube program to discuss the new billboard which falsely claims that men are half the victims of domestic violence.

When asked about whether or not CAFE was a men’s rights group Trottier lied again and told the host CAFE was a men’s health organization who ‘won’t say anything about feminism.’ That’s not honest either. Just the other day CAFE tweeted about the new documentary The Hunting Ground in which feminist activists expose rape on US campuses. They linked to a Slate article which castigated feminists for the 1 in 5 statistic.

If you’re a men’s health organization who ‘won’t talk about feminism’ then why are you tweeting about women’s issues CAFE?

If you look at CAFE’s Twitter @equalityCanada you’ll see that Justin and his friends have no problem lying. Here’s some tweets I found just today that are most certainly not about men’s health but about calling women ‘cunts’. Justin is careful to use his personal account to remind his MRA colleagues to stop harassing women.  

In relation to CAFE’s lack of connections to AVFM Trottier is featuring AVFM’s Media Director Janet Bloomfield* (her alias) in a speaking engagement at the end of March of this year. It just so happens Janet writes about how pedophiles should be defended and has been banned from Twitter several times for harassing women. Here’s a capture from Twitter showing the title of her piece.

Here’s CAFE’s tweet announcing Janet* as their upcoming special guest

If this weren’t enough to show the dishonesty of CAFE then certainly the fact they lied to the Canadian government to get charity status qualifies? What about when CAFE tried organizing an art concert under false pretenses? What about when CAFE was kicked out of Toronto Pride for misrepresenting themselves?

Also, if you don’t want to be called a men’s rights org then why are you retweeting other MRA’s who refer to you that way?

You know it’s a funny thing when CAFE retweets that women are being dishonest about domestic violence statistics but their misrepresentation of Statscan is completely above board.  

Justin Trottier and his organization CAFE is founded by Men’s rights members and is a men’s rights group no matter how Trottier prefers to spin it. It’s not about men’s health. It’s about campaigning to take resources away from women, to be obnoxious to get media attention.

I would suggest the media ignore these groups but we simply can’t. My other suggestion is to always have a feminist guest knowledgable about these backlash groups to counter them if you are going to give them a public spot.

Men’s rights groups are oozing into Canadian universities to spread their propaganda in the guise of ‘Men’s Issues Awareness’ groups. When these groups are allowed the campus becomes unsafe for women and other minorities. Queen’s University student Danielle D’entremont was attacked by a man after opposing one of these groups. The response by MRA’s was to continue to attack women on campus. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Giving CAFE charity status after Trottier lied on the application was a bad move. It was a dishonest ploy to gain legitimacy.

I certainly hope the Canadian public becomes educated about this misogynist backlash movement. As soon as women have a bit of a gain, these anti-woman groups flourish. This time, they’re using the guise of ‘equality’ to gain mainstream acceptance and to further their anti-woman agenda.

*Janet is not an American. She’s a Canadian and while AVFM likes to tout that it’s staff uses their real names Janet doesn’t. Janet is really a Canadian from Ontario. If you are being harassed by her you can contact me and I’ll give you the information for legal action.

MRA’s Report Me to Twitter for ‘Abuse’ (Hurting Their Manfeelz)

What is abuse in the mind of an MRA? This plays directly into CAFE’s false campaign billboard which states 50% of all domestic violence victims are male. The problem of course is that the stats don’t show that. I guess if you take into consideration what most MRA’s consider abuse you might get 50%. I won’t belabor the point because any rational person understands it’s women who are the majority of victims of male violence, especially severe violence and sexual violence.

What’s interesting about male reports of domestic violence is how many of them aren’t domestic abuse and this post should be an indicator of what constitutes abuse in the minds of these dudes. A woman reminding a man to take out the trash more than once is something they consider abuse. I once went to a forum where men were talking about ‘domestic violence’ and what was there just made me laugh. ‘She nagged me and that’s psychological abuse.’ “She told me to get off the computer and help her.’

CAFE, the Canadian outpost of AVFM, put up a billboard in Toronto that was so obnoxious it was immediately challenged by many mainstream media outlets. They tried started a hashtag called #letstalkmen for men to come forward with their stories of domestic violence. What followed was pure MRA gold.

An MRA I’ve had blocked for months called @lostsailorny is accusing me of ‘abuse’ because I retweeted some tweets about male violence against women.

I never tweeted at this guy, never mentioned him but apparently when a woman tweets the reality of male violence on the hashtag #letstalkmen it’s ‘abusive.’ He also said I was silencing. LOL

This shows how MRA’s twist things and play the victim while their buddies at CAFE outright lie about domestic violence. In fact, CAFE members did a Youtube hangout whereby they couldn’t quite figure out that there are degrees of violence. Simple concepts like that elude them.

It doesn’t stop there though. This poor ‘abused’ male continued

Yes, he’s been blocked for a while because he was harassing me directly on Twitter. If you block an MRA he gets so ‘abused’ that he wants to report you to Twitter:

Yep. The ‘abused’ male is going to bawl to Twitter because I retweeted some tweets and he’s gonna get his whiny pissbaby pals to report me too. One of his pals, who I also blocked months ago, lent a shoulder to cry on and then cried to Twitter too.


Doncha know ladies it’s ‘ABUSE’ to tweet about male violence against women? I wonder how many times these two wankers have called the cops because a woman wouldn’t talk to them in public? It just shows what these men consider violence and how they defeat their own silly cause by running to Twitter support. It just sorta puts into perspective how disingenuous and whiny they are about nothing and how they manufacture grievances.

Elam Trolls The Manosphere: The Friction

boys fighting

UPDATE: WordPress has congratulated me for my 302nd post on this blog. I have no idea why 302 is important. However, to celebrate this there will be a Spring fundraiser very shortly.

The rift in the Manosphere continues with a response video featuring Paul Elam interviewing Factory aka Dan Moore. For all who didn’t notice in the GQ article it was Factory that threatened to disown his daughter if she reported her rape to the police. He didn’t believe her.

Elam sat down with Dan Moore to discuss the ‘friction’ in the Manosphere ie. Why does everyone hate Paul? This ‘friction’ is making Paul weary. Dialing for dollars isn’t so simple when an entire chunk of the infinitesimally small Manosphere hates your guts.

This subtle video is a spit in the face to the MGTOW faction of the Manosphere who’ve been angry at MRA’s for being ‘Traditionalists’ or your run of the mill right wingers. The dispute is over ideology and Paul wants to fix it because: $.

This is what men’s rights look like

MGTOW’s are just as woman hating as any MRA but their solution to the hate is different. If you asked a MGTOW what’s wrong with MRA’s he’d say that MRA’s want the 1950’s again where men are head of the house slaving away for their gold digging whore wives. If you ask an MRA what’s wrong with MGTOW’s he’d say that they are useless because they are more direct with their woman hating. In fact, Elam calls MGTOW’s the ‘real misogynists.’ He fails to mention his old channel on Youtube was TheHappyMisogynist.

In the video Elam crows to MGTOW’s telling them AVFM is actually doing something besides yapping online. It’s a response to the endless accusations by MGTOW’s that AVFM is just a money dump with zero prospects of doing anything for men.

Factory sends his own message to MGTOW’s. He thinks MGTOW’s practice of not marrying is going to ‘have an effect.’ Paul follows up by saying that MGTOW has ‘had an impact.’ It’s kinda like looking for the footprint of an ant.

Every once in a while Paul tries to kowtow to these different groups but ultimately ends up pissing them off. Many men have rightly surmised that Elam is impossible to get along with.

Elam says he hates the separatists of MGTOW because they think ‘every woman is a bitch and a ho.’ Coming from Elam, this is an epic lack of self awareness. I guess the only ‘good women’ are the female MRA’s that record nude videos singing rape chants under the direction of John Hembling.

Factory pipes up about ‘female nature’ whereby every woman has the same biological rules of behaviour. Your guess is as good as mine what those biotroofs are.

Elam gets in a shot at John Hambling in the video too at 17:09. He says John is making a career ‘attacking AVFM’ which he quickly dismisses as a male problem of wanting to be top dog in the hierarchy. Who’s gonna sit on the shit pyramid today?

In the middle of the video Factory has to leave the room because he’s got food poisoning. This allows Paul another shot at MGTOW. He claims MGTOW’s can’t evade their ‘need to impress women’ and implies that men will never stop being oppressed because of men’s sexual desire for women (Farrell). If you know the Manosphere like I do, you know that was a big ‘fuck you’ to the rest of the Manosphere.

Interspersed with Elam’s soliloquy is advertising for the theme of the Houston MRA Conference: ‘Gynocentrism.’ He defines this as the human tendency to care for women and in order for it to end both women and men need to dismount from their horses. Your guess is as good as mine as to what in the hell that means. It kinda sounds like a bad Western flick.

Maybe he was thinking of this?


Elam goes on to deride motherhood by claiming that ‘200 years ago motherhood was the easiest job.’ Tell that to a mother who tries to give diarrhea medication to a young Elam with the shits.

Karen Straugn Quitting AVFM Over Nude Photos of John Hambling’s Girlfriend?

Karen Stringbeanhead, JohntheOther and Diana Davison are having a fight. It’s a fight based on the rift between MRA”s and MGTOW’s. Karen accused John of sending nude pics of his girlfriend and fellow FeMRA Diana Davison in order to persuade her to dump Elam. John responded with this video

It’s funny how the wimminz always get blamed for the manfights within the MRM. It also shows that women in the MRM aren’t shy about spreading their nudes around to all the menz behind the scenes on Skype.

Get out the popcorn. I bet that rape chant nude video directed by Hambling was one for the books.

My source tells me Karen is now threatening to leave AVFM and go out on her own. Oh and Karen thinks her time is worth an automatic $500. CLICK TO ENLARGE EACH IMAGE

karen drinking it up karen drinking it up1 karen drinking it up3

It’s Women’s Job To Tame Male Anger Says Mansplainer Doctor Dude

Here’s the justification that somedude on Youtube gave for accepting anger. He compares women crying to violence as if they’re the same thing. Sorry dude but violence and acting out in anger at another isn’t the same as crying.

Take a listen to this bullshit, who claims in his title that he’s some kind of doctor.

This is just another cultural pacifier for women to accept men acting out at them. If more men would actually cry instead of use violence just think of how many women wouldn’t be taking trips to ER rooms to have their faces put back together.

This guy is justifying violence and making it women’s responsibility to accept male violence and tame it.


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