Playboy’s Dumb Response to Meghan Murphy (Men Telling Women What Feminism Is)

Meghan Murphy, owner of the wonderful blog Feminist Current, is being targeted by dudes and fauxfems over a post she did on Laverne Cox’s nude photo shoot. Murphy’s been subject to endless harassment and threats for stating the obvious radical feminist analysis of Cox’s photo. This analysis has been around for years and hasn’t changed.

And men don’t like it.

Noah Berlatsky Wonder Woman Bondage and feminism

Is it any wonder this dude doesn’t know a thing about feminism?

Playboy just ran an article by Noah Berlatsky calling Murphy a terrible feminist and implying she’s a cold evil meanie racist for her standard and appropriate analysis regarding sexual objectification and radical acceptance.

I normally wouldn’t respond to such tripe from a porn mag but in my view it’s kinda cathartic to laugh at men who show up decades late to the party and start expounding on feminism.

Get your collective yawns ready.

Dudebro immediately conflates black women with trans implying Murphy is a racist for understanding that males aren’t females and Cox is NOT female. I know, I know. This allegation has been leveled at me too for agreeing with Murphy.

More than that, trans women and black women, too, are often told that they’re not real women.

This is how dishonestly this ‘critique’ mansplaining begins.

Feminist Meghan Murphy reacted to the photo just as Cox suggests that people often react to black and trans women — with disgust, prejudice and horror. In a short but impressively cruel post, Murphy sneers at Cox for attempting to achieve a “‘perfect’ body as defined by a patriarchal/porn culture, through plastic surgery, and then presenting it as a sexualized object for public consumption.”

Once again we see conflation and a lot of dishonest adjectives. Meghan used pronouns like ‘she’ but I won’t. Cox isn’t a black female and will never experience being female. That’s reserved for the biological sex class: female.

Cox will never have to worry about birth control, abortion, and all those other biological issues black females, all females face that define our sex and have a direct link to our oppression.

Does Berlatsky think black females who are sex trafficked into porn and prostitution are there because they’re empowered? Do black women have agency while they’re making the least on the male dollar? Yeah, probably.

I wonder how much Playboy pays its African models compared to its white models? Or how about the fact that white women are warned not to do scenes with black men? Porn is racist. Radical feminism isn’t.

Didn’t see that one coming did you dude?

Mansplaining on:

Murphy suggests that trans women are “spending thousands and thousands of dollars sculpting their bodies in order to look like some cartoonish version of ‘woman,’ as defined by the porn industry and pop culture.”

They are and your racist, sexist, misogynist, patriarchal magazine is a big part of the problem.

I know you might not have thought about this but the women you put in your magazine are hardly real and as a result we have FEMALES dieting to death, having surgery on their perfectly healthy labias, and spending fortunes on plastic surgery.

Is that acceptance?

Cox isn’t a role model for females. He has spent thousands of dollars to appropriate a gendered stereotype of femininity complete with the semi nude celeb photo. Selling more of the same objectified images might be Playboy’s idea of liberation but it ain’t radical and it’s a hard reality for girls who buy into this perfection on the page.

If you think the myriad of eating disorders of females is acceptance then you’re an idiot.

Cox, for Murphy, is a cartoon: a plastic-surgery-constructed thing, unreal and, in its parody of beauty, ugly. The loathing and contempt are palpable. With black feminist activist Sojourner Truth, Cox, in her nakedness, asks, “Ain’t I a woman?” And Murphy with cold glee, replies, “No.”

Playboy has the nerve to talk about beauty when it sexually objectifies women by selling fake images for males to consume? That’s rich. Remember the terms ‘loathing and contempt. They’ll come in handy later.

And no, Cox ain’t a woman.

That coldness isn’t new. Ideally, you’d hope, feminism would be about fighting for the rights of all women and trying to free all people from oppressive gender stereotypes.

You’re confused dude. You talk about freeing people from ‘oppressive gender stereotypes’ while simultaneously you’re praising Cox for several painful surgeries and hormones to achieve a gender stereotype?


White women have historically been perpetrators of violence against black women’s bodies, and the same entitlement and identity-centeredness in feminism has enabled them to proclaim themselves as the arbiters of womanhood.”

The above statement in his shitty article seems to be plopped in there in true neoliberal fashion to get people thinking ‘racism.’

The person who made that statement also said this on Twitter:

The gender binary is currently being enforced by trans’activists’ not by radical feminists. It’s not radical feminists taking 5 year old boys who like dolls, labeling them trans’women’, carting them into gender clinics, implanting puberty blockers in their arms 6 months at a time, preparing them to surgically alter their bodies before their bodies are even mature, and then lying to them by calling them women.

This same person went on to harass Murphy on Twitter by pairing up and re-tweeting ‘Sophia’ Banks who is laughingly and falsely accusing Murphy of wanting to sue Playboy. Funny thing is ‘Sophia’ was doing the same damn thing while falsely accusing Cathy Brennan of destroying him. In fact, there’s good evidence that ‘Sophia’ made a clone account of Cathy Brennan and used it to garner attention and sympathy on Twitter.

‘Sophia’ also goes after lesbians on Twitter and tweeted that he wants to take down a women’s rape relief shelter.

Recently, ‘Sophia’ was banned from Twitter for harassment.

Porn culture isn’t inclusive, it’s racist and sexist. Next you’ll be standing up for the torture of animals, labeling it inclusive because it’s just a ‘choice’ to abuse animals. Neoliberal rhetoric is ridiculous.

I’m sure there are plenty of black women and black lesbians in the world who don’t quite like their womanhood being appropriated, mocked and sold as a sexually objectified body. This has real consequences for females.

Just as black women have been defined as outside femininity, so have trans women.

What is femininity Mr. Playboy writer? Can you enlighten us radical feminists about what exactly that is?

The Michigan Womyn’s Festival has spent four decades refusing to admit trans women; the organizers appear to have decided to close it down after this year rather than move towards trans inclusion.

That’s a lie dude. Michfest wasn’t closed b/c of twanz.

Trans feminist and author Julia Serano explained that trans-exclusionary radical feminists “subscribe to a single-issue view of sexism, where men are the oppressors and women are the oppressed, end of story … This framing also leads them to depict trans women as entitled men who are ‘infiltrating’ women’s spaces and ‘parodying’ women’s oppression, or as ‘gender-confused’ or androgynous people who transition to female in some hapless attempt to ‘assimilate’ into the gender binary.”

Reducing the analysis so you don’t actually have to think about it is another mansplainy neoliberal tactic.


Trans-women, whose refusal to conform to gender norms subjects them to hatred, contempt, vilification and, not infrequently, murderous violence, are seen as somehow creating or supporting gender norms. In the name of gender radicalism Murphy vilifies a woman because her gender expression is not the same as Murphy’s.

How can you be so dull? Trans is all about conforming and appropriating femininity and masculinity. Those two gender boxes are patriarchally constructed where femininity is seen as the weak submissive and masculine the strong dominant.

Females have no choice as to which box they’ll be forced into. We are put in the subservient ‘woman’s role’ based on our sex from the moment of birth. This is why radical feminists want to eradicate gender, eradicate femininity and masculinity. It’s oppressive for everyone, but particularly so for the female population.

Part of what defines Cox’s experience of gender is, as she says, that black women and trans women are not seen as beautiful. They can be, and often are, hyper-sexualized — and in seeing Cox as overly sexual, and only sexual, Murphy participates in that stereotype. But while they can be sexual things, trans women and black women are not allowed to be glamorous or lovable.

Isn’t it just like a man to employ the restrictive feminine gender adjectives ‘beautiful, glamourous, and lovable?’

P. Marie, though says that for her, “When it comes to sexualized images of us, for me it’s all about agency! Did we consent? Are we respected? Is this our choice? Is this a collection of body parts or erased humanity?”

Ugh. There’s those silly neoliberal buzzword again. Agency and choice are meaningless when you live in a sex and gender based class system under patriarchy silly man. Soon you’ll be telling me an impoverished aboriginal girl got into prostitution because she ‘chose’ to express her ‘agency.’

Murphy sees no humanity in Cox’s picture; only a trans, black woman who, by the very fact of being trans, can have no agency.

What the fuck does that even mean?

But if you look at the picture, what’s most striking about the image is its distinctness and individuality. Murphy claims that the image is too perfect; in fact, though, the picture is remarkable, as a fashion photo, for it’s willingness to let its subject own and celebrate, her “imperfections.”

There is ZERO analysis in radical feminism that strips people of their humanity but there’s plenty of it in your crappy piece and the crappy mag you write for.

Playboy, when not sexually objectifying women,  loves women’s humanity so much they created a ‘Hate Fuck Rating List’ of GOP women complete with misogynist commentary. Playboy tried erasing this piece but not before lots of people saw it and captured it.

Playboy hate fuck rating Playboy hate fuck rating2

I can think of nothing more ‘loathing and contemptible’ than to celebrate ‘hate fucking’ (raping) women aka biological females. Playboy understands biological sex so well I’m willing to bet they’ll put a MtT complete with ‘lady penis’ in their centrefolds for 6 months straight. Let me know how that works out.

Cox is not fashion-model-thin. She’s not fashion-model-petite or willowy, either. She has very large hands, which are not hidden, boldly displayed. In the photo, Cox lies on a blanket; her body taut rather than relaxed, her head in one big, strong hand, eyes closed, a slight smile on her face — like she’s a little embarrassed and amused at being embarrassed. She’s voluptuous and awkward and sweet all at once. In her simultaneous enjoyment of and discomfort before the camera, she seems, in the frankly staged pose, startlingly natural — and beautiful.

The counterpoint here is startling. The fragile flowering white woman vs. the savage black ‘woman’ that pornography is so infatuated with. Ding! Ding! Ding! I found the racism!

He even had to make special mention of how uncomfortable Cox looks and without being conscious of it admits that the image is awkward and staged. This pained look is what men get off on because they can do anything without having to consider the persons humanity. When you break women down into parts for male consumption that’s sexual objectification. You just made Murphy’s point for her you silly wanker.

It doesn’t matter that Cox is male in the sense of what the image represents as long as it appears stereotypically ‘feminine.’ Cox is a fake copy of the sexually objectified sex class known as female. To achieve the copy, to fit into the binary, took painful surgeries and hormones, not acceptance. Whether an actual female or a visual copy the images are interchangeable and that’s Murphy’s whole point. These images strip away any sense of humanity into categories for male consumption. The ‘redhead’, ‘voluptuous’, ‘teen’, ‘big tits’ and so on.

Not only did Berlatsky himself exude the racism, coldness, cruelty, inhumanity and misogyny he was accusing Murphy of, through his own words he found out the hard way just how right Murphy was and how stupid he is.

Here’s another article responding to Berlatsky’s juvenile mantrum:

Noah Berlatsky is going to objectify women straight to freedom » Feminist Current



More Nastiness From The Silly Youtube Group


So this idiot from that silly Youtube group took his mantrum out on me today because I wouldn’t let his friends stalk and bother me on Twitter with their shit earlier this morning. Apparently after I blocked his friends they continued yapping about me for some time after. Then this.

Then Mr. MRA brought in racism. Are you purposely trying to look stupid? I’m not going to play liberal oppression olympics.

I don’t know what’s inside this creeps ass today but he’s been blocked. Cock blocked.

Twanzrights! How could I forget I’ve said nothing about rights.

Are you idiots on some sort of co-op plan at the local 4H club? Is that where all this straw is coming from?

Oh but the analysis! This dude wants me to explain radfem analysis to him! I almost forgot! He wants me to do his homework for him!

I’ve got an idea. All the time you idiots spend harassing me on Twitter and Youtube like your silly friend LaughingWitch, who really made an ass out of herself, would be better spent Googling and doing research. You’re apparently still butthurt, and maybe you look just a little foolish with your last meltdown that was so MRAish it could go on AVFM.

Here, since your little man brain is hurting I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with the differences between sex and gender. Nobody said anything about rights you douche.

Males can never be females. Men are not women, no matter how many times you try and click your heels together.

Women deserve women-only space.

One more thing. I hope you’re not as much of a dumb rock as your pal LaughingWitch is.I put this post under the category ‘Manosphere.’ You’re in good company.

It’s not my fault you’re a whiny jackass who is so uneducated about this shit that you have to lash out at women all day on Twitter.


Trans’activists’ React To Michfest End

Lisa Vogel the creatrix of Michfest has announced the end of the festival. Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

The upcoming 40th anniversary will be the last.

She never stated the reasons but just said it was time. I suppose it’s gotten quite tiring over the last decade or so trying to keep the space female only. Getting away from males is quite tiring. All those hoops you have to jump through, endless threats of violence, pickets at the gate to get in, males exposing their dicks to little girls. You know, standard male behaviour.

The land has been a retreat for many women, a week where women don’t have to feel the weight of patriarchy on their necks and backs. It’s a healing place I am told, since I have never been. In all honestly, while parts of me wanted to attend there were other parts that told me not to.

For a long time I’ve heard talk of the ‘intention’ of the festival to be female only but it’s been invaded by males over the years. Some of these males set up booths before the entrance and just generally penetrate the safe space women so desperately need.

To me, this is patriarchy saying ‘don’t take up space ladies.’

One event, one week and males won’t let it alone. The ‘intention’ isn’t good enough for me.

I didn’t want to go and feel unsafe, as if I had nothing backing me up. That’s what worried me. I’m probably not alone in this feeling.

Each year a few months before festival time the political wrangling would start and men would get angry that females would gather for a week. One lousy week, to be with our sisters in the struggle, free.

I don’t want to ask nicely. Women have been doing this for far too long and it doesn’t matter if we ask nicely anyway. Men will want to destroy it.

I felt a deep pain in my gut after reading Vogel’s farewell. It’s like a push pull feeling but overwhelmingly sadness at something completely lost forever.

Women are unable to mourn this passing. Men ie. transactivists have already pounced on this and their reaction is disgusting. Hell, even Jack Barnes is thinking of crashing Michfest because well, he’s MALE.

So do twanzactivists.

There’s a hashtag on Twitter for women to express their feelings and mourn. It’s been taken up by transactivists and now MRA’s who HATE Lisa Vogel and all other women who need a safe space. It’s disgusting to read the seething hatred within these tweets.

There’s also the comments from transactivists on the Facebook page where Lisa wrote her farewell letter.

This male left a particularly violent comment on an article about the end of Michfest.

And the same male went onto Twitter abusing women

This gay male who would never sleep with a trans’female’ and is an LGBT program director thinks women having safe spaces is funny. I guess that ‘L’ in the LGBT is pretty worthless to the male.

So many transactivists are calling females witches and bitches and saying the festival is ‘boring’

This transactivist thinks it’s all about him

And this guy uses the word ‘womyn’ as a perjorative with more hatred

It’s all about masturbating our dicks and ending that women’s space right transworld?

Yep, taking credit for ending a female safe space is such hard work for you transactivists

Another violent male

You’re not female and you’re only scary when you don’t allow us our spaces and get violent about it

Celebrating the death of women’s space has made this man’s day

Fallon Fox weighed in threatening to ‘break our shit’. Hey, doesn’t that sound like the MRA slogan ‘Fuck Their Shit Up?’

And here’s someone who I don’t know, harassing me, mentioning me for standing up for women’s spaces


And then correctly brought out feminist theory, ah, sort of fucked it up at the end there  

Men are sodomized. It’s an important distinction, in keeping with feminist theory since rape has a very specific meaning for females. So yeah, nice try dude. You should try just a little harder, just a little bit.

And when I told him to shoo, he came back:

That’s funny since he tweeted me first. LOL. That wasn’t enough. Got his male friends to come after me too.

And more twanz coming after me b/c I blocked the first one for harassing me. This MRA-type harassment might go on all damn day. Just like males, they get royally angry when blocked for harassment.

Here’s a death threat to a radical feminist, from the Twanz


There are many good sites where women are keeping track of the twanz reaction to ‘killing’ a female space. I’ll add to this link list as time progresses.

Minnie Menarche has a lot of screen shots of the twanz male violence

Here’s a great article on males sneaking into Michfest over the years

Who Are The Males Who Sneak Into Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival? | GenderTrender

More on males invading the space

Letter From Michfest 2012: “Man On The Land!” | GenderTrender

An excellent and ironic twist by Dirt

The dirt from Dirt: Trans (Male) Violence-Camp Trans and Michfest 2010 (Part 1)

An excellent breakdown of what’s going on inside our heads at this moment

Some thoughts on MichFest | Hypotaxis

Victoria Brownsworth’s piece explains the need for female only space and why Michfest was so important for women

Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival to End after 40 Years

It’s All Canada’s Fault

The fact that the Honey Badgers were messed with in the Great White North is quite meaningful to men’s rightsers. Paul Elam calls Canada a ‘Cuntry’, the worst cuntry for men ever. Erin Pizzey, the fraudster who now owns the fake White Ribbon site agrees. In fact, it might’ve been her that started this.

MRA’s all over the world are calling for Canada’s head on a platter. One of them suggested the Charter of Rights was violated. It’s apparent that Canada must go.

Tonight the Honey Badgers held yet another 2 hour Google hangout where each of them took their turn crying into the camera.

Some of the comments put the blame fairly and squarely where it belongs:

canada full of lying feministsCanada a feminist breeding groung Canada is th next sweden its the battlefrontKaren Straugn is also tired of living in Canada’s police state:

Who knew the maple leaf was a symbol of man oppression?

Zuratama1324  left a comment on Mundanematt’s video describing the real reason for such misandry in Canada:

Canadians are looking as bad as Sanfrancisco twats. This is what forced morality education leads to, you idiots. [Warning: Long Rant] As a foreigner who have lived in Canada for some time, what subtly unsettled me about Canadians were that they were forcibly nice. Being nice is good and all but nothing really felt genuine. They were wonky as if they were programmed to be nice rather than actually acting nice because they wanted to accomodate my presence. Forced morality education; children are taught to be moral by the state’s definition of moral… rather than instilling moral values and teaching children why they should be moral. Let me give you an example. I have communed to a Canadian elementary school and have seen walls after walls plastered with pro-homosexual posters. Things like “Love is love, no matter the gender.” Neat, huh? But strangely, there was nothing else. Every poster was about how great homosexality was. There was not a single poster giving a different message. It seemed like all students were instructed and mandated to put in the same message. If not, there would have been at least one poster being neutral or talking about some other issue. At the time, I was oblivious to sex and didn’t know what a homosexual was. So I asked one of the older students who drew the poster. “What is homosexuality and why is it so good?”But none of them gave me a decisive answer. In fact, some of them didn’t even know what homosexuality was. They just thought that it was “something good”. They repeatedly mumbled the words “love is nice” a few times and went silent. *These Canadian students were not given autonomous moral compasses and values to make moral judgments for themselves. They were just told to be nice, like a robot being programmed to show emotions.* It may look convincing, but behind that face, only cold datas and programs lie inside. This is why these people chase what is perceived to be nice rather than actually being nice. This is why these social justice twats arbitrarily do what makes them fuzzy inside rather than assessing the situation skeptically. They do not have moral values or principles. They just have empty hearts, colored red with cheap non-toxic-Schoolastic markers. And I find this style of education worthless and possibly dangerous.

Actually It’s About Ethics in Calgary

After AVFM ‘Honey Badgers’ got escorted out of Calgary Expo for bad behaviour Karen Straugn put up a video claiming fellow Badger Alison Tieman has spent years making comics and implying that it was the real intention behind their presence at the Expo. I don’t buy it, as this post will make clear.

Straugn described Tieman’s words as ‘2nd wave feminist ideas’. Yeah, right. Even in the 45 second clip they released you can clearly hear Tieman interrupt the panelists screaming some shit about women being perpetual victims. Oops! That’s not a 2nd wave feminist idea nor does it having anything to do with promoting your comic. *shrugs*

AVFM has already jumped in even though Dean Esmay denies the Badger’s ties to the hate site. Paul Elam published this article. He claims there’s an entire audio recording of the feminist panel the Honey Badgers crashed, yet they’ve uploaded no more than 45 seconds of it.

I was given the link to the whole audio here. It’s just what I thought. They took up so much air it derailed the whole panel.

misogyny i'm lovin it victor zen copy

Sage Gerard doing what he does best.

AVFM’s Sage Gerard was present at the Expo too.

Gerard made a video with his fellow MRA Mike Stevenson claiming there was no harassment. But, Gerard says, we were there to promote ‘equalitaaay and freeze peach! The social justice narrative doesn’t want us to have this conversation at all.’

Wait, I thought this was about Alison Tieman’s comics?

I don’t know why these AVFMers think they can march their hate group into a comic festival through disingenuous means and then act surprised when they get booted. I really don’t.

The enraged MRA’s have been reduced to going to an outdoor park in Calgary so some 7 other MRA’s can meet them after their nine thousand dollar ‘blunder.’

Elam’s You Tube channel was active today as well. Less than 24 hours after the group was booted he hosted a Google Hangout on his channel led by Dean Esmay who nervously tried dismissing the Badger’s affiliation with A Voice for Men. Karen Strahgn, Rachel Edwards, Hannah Wallen, Sage Gerard and a few more dudes hemmed and hawed for over an hour, blaming various people and inciting a mob.

Mike Donachie was one of their targets. He tweeted to the Expo that Gamergate had a booth.

Really, @Calgaryexpo? You let those double-G people have a booth? I’m hoping it’s not true.

— Mike Donachie (@Mike_Donachie) April 17, 2015

Dean went after him immediately on Twitter:

So was Sam Maggs, the editor of The Mary Sue who published the first article on the debacle that occurred. Dean Esmay had some words for Maggs,calling him a


Some guy named Ben was targeted too for being afflilated with the Expo. AVFM is accusing him of deleting his LinkedIn profile after an online onslaught.

Gerard asked his fellow AVFMers to express their disappointment at being put out and unable to meet their favourite men’s rights stars. I’m betting it was more likely his behaviour that got them booted as I saw him screaming into a live camera ‘MRA’s are going to take over your world! FUCK YOU!’

Esmay stammered, ‘Calgary Expo HATES YOU!’ to rile up the Gamergate mob, while Wallen encouraged vendors to back out of supporting it. ‘You might be too masculine for them.’ she quipped in between complaining about ‘Cosplay doesn’t not equal consent’ signs.

‘We’re just gonna make your life hell for censoring us!’ ~Dean Esmay screamed shakily.

Straugn got excited about meeting a ‘white Aryan male’ who owns a comic book store and offered to help if AVFM and Gamergate could generate lots of press and that’s exactly what they’re doing today.

After an hour the Honey Badgers had to leave to go to the park to meet their 10 fans. A dude pipes up ‘it’s not sexual harassment if they enjoy it.’ There wasn’t more than 2 words about Alison Tieman’s comics.

In the meantime here are some of the comments from the misogynist hate site AVFM on the matter. Keep in mind that Elam wants you to know there’s no snuggling with the Honey Badgers. His site has absolutely nothing to do with it. LOL

Alison Tieman should contact the police and accuse the security staff of harassment and kidnapping, and accuse those who made the complaints of harassment.

MRA’s have no shame when it comes to making up shit.


Sure they were.

The thing to do here is counter this with “our” own Expo (or closest we can achieve), and undo their lies. We must keep them on the defensive for it is here they will crumble.This is why they have avoided this inevitable conflict for as long as they have been scheming. They know it, we know it.

Isn’t one Man Bawl a year enough?

Does this have any potential for a lawsuit? It seems horribly unfair essentially being cast out for having heretical beliefs about Feminism?

Here’s some MRA/Gamergate tweets for your cup of male tears:

Could this be the ‘White male Aryan’ Straugn was talking about?

Tieman was banned across all Canadian Expos.

She essentially misled the Expo by using her private company name and website for her comics and then showed up with Honey Badger/ A Voice for Men lackeys and merchandise in tow. The Expo staff told her they would’ve never let in A Voice for Men/ Honey Badgers if they’d applied under that name.

She has no legal leg to stand on.

I’ve got a bright idea for Tieman: Don’t bring your obnoxious MRA friends to conferences if your intention is to represent your personal work. Don’t barge into cons and interrupt the panelists while your friends harass others.

In a word, don’t misrepresent and think no one will notice.

Here’s Tieman crying in a brand new video while stating the obligatory MRA talking points. Words like protection, husband, man, victim, damselling and so on.

Final Words:

I felt your pain when you spoke about the boys spitting on you, but to turn around and join a hate group that encourages that same behaviour towards other women is beyond the pale. You still haven’t managed to wrap your head around feminism yet either. You claim we’re all victims as if that’s an indictment of our psychology, or that’s we’re somehow wrong for advocating for victims of male violence. I don’t have a clue why you’re obsessing on the word ‘victim.’

Women are victims of patriarchy and that’s as far as I’ll get with you since you have no comprehension of these social concepts. You can’t even define feminism properly so I don’t expect I could write an ounce of theory and have you understand it. I can’t even point you there.

The truth is, you’re not ready. You’re part of a misogynist hate site and if I’m not mistaken you invented the Honey Badgers, another misogynist group formed right off of AVFM’s stinky testicles.

I haven’t figured out why any of you very few women join up with these men. Of course I have simple explanations such as taking crumbs off the master’s plate but I find that’s not completely accurate. You are a handmaiden of male violence. You stand behind it. You put your name to it.

Until you change your views there’s nothing to talk about. Be honest about what your group did and stop fucking around. You could’ve gone to the Expo by yourself or with a friend to push your comics. Instead you brought your AVFM pals and made a mess. The wider culture doesn’t like this and never will.

You MRA’s talk about winning. You’re not winning. You continue to push your bigotry and hatred and to be blunt: nobody likes you. The sooner you realize this the sooner you can move on and do something positive.

PS. Oh, and gender not real.

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AVFM Honey Badgers Get Canned From Calgary Expo UPDATED

Men’s rights ‘activists’ from AVFM decided to start a booth under false pretenses at the Calgary Expo. The Honey Badgers, including the dimwits Karen Straugn, Allison Tieman, and Hannah Wallen, lied to the Expo and got themselves a booth.

AVFM leaves calgary expo w straugn in tow

Honey Badgers at Calgary Expo

MRA’s are responsible for Gamergate which began on Youtube by sending rape and death threats to Anita Sarkeesian for her video series ‘Tropes Versus Women In Video Games.’

It doesn’t take long to type in her name into Youtube’s search engine and find thousands upon thousands of videos by men who think Anita is taking their precious vidya games away. The videos are endless barrages of ‘cunt, whore, slut and nazi.’ Sound familiar?

The next round of misogyny arrived when Zoe Quinn’s ex-boyfriend and MRA in training Eron Gjoni posted a whiny, angry exposition about their breakup, insinuating Zoe was a whore who slept with other men. I did a couple posts on this in the Autumn of 2014 when it began.
Attack of the 50ft Kotaku! | Mancheeze
Male Gamer Eron Gjoni Is a Patriarchal Asshole: UPDATED Aug 31st | Mancheeze

Gamergate really just is a bunch of MRA’s who don’t have anything better to do than to take their anger out on women. Anita Sarkeesian has to have personal bodyguards travel with her because these guys have sent threats of another Montreal-type massacre to her public speaking engagements.

I’m not going to relay each and every incident but this latest one is truly hilarious.

The Honey Badgers, a few women from A Voice for Men, decided to ‘infiltrate’ the Expo and proudly stated as such. These idiots raised nine thousand dollars to do it. Imagine that 9 grand going to a men’s shelter? Naww!

The Honey Badgers lied to the Expo, I’m sure with some silly story about ‘equality’ or ‘ethics’ and set up their booth. What they were actually gonna do is harass women and feminists. They were shouting at people and causing problems. In short, they were asked to leave and their booth torn down before the public arrived.

AVFM leaves calgary expo

The Badgers get canned.

In the coming days I’m sure AVFM will publish a mantrum about how these women were censored and bullied and it’s all feminists fault. It’s already starting on Twitter with massive amounts of male whining. There’s already a petition asking ‘why oh why did those poor women get booted from the Expo?’ These idiots think booting this group is misogyny because the group was mostly women. I guess they didn’t get the memo that women can be asshole misogynists too?

Finally, here’s a tweet with a live stream video attached of the men’s rights group talking about harassing panels and other participants of the Expo. It starts at about 45 minutes in. Allison Tieman talks about women wearing ‘victimhood’ clothing or some shit and Sage Gerard psychotically yells at the camera something about MRA’s taking over the world.

NOTE: The video was set to private on and off today. It was making the rounds on Twitter as evidence that these morons were indeed there to harass feminists. I think the Badgers realized this and set it to private. It appears to work at intermittent times.

Stay classy.


The Honey Badgers uploaded a 45 second clip where they claim in the description they can’t understand why they were kicked out.  In it you’ll hear Allison Tieman blurt some silly straw man interrupting a panel talk and taking up all the air in the room like an idiot. As time goes on I’m sure we’ll know more about their bad behaviour.


Libfem’s Critical MRA Analysis: Females Who Want Space Are Sluts, Whores, Cunts and Nazis

So it appears one woman has finally had enough of me and my pesky ‘women wanting things’ (spaces) and has decided that not only am I cult leader (projection is a funny thing) but I’ve been LYING to her about the fact that males have been chipping away at women’s spaces for a long time, and of course this year once again taking their stalkerish mantrums to Michfest.

To make it clear I hardly know this woman. I’ve watched but a couple of her videos on Youtube and that’s it. I’ve spoken to her in comment sections a few times and she’s been to this blog and left some comments. Other than that I don’t know her at all except she’s part of some gang on Youtube that has it in for me because I think prostitution is male violence against women and males aren’t females. I honestly don’t care about this group, mainly males, who have gone around le tubes asserting their moral superiority and dogpiling people. Basically, they’re a clusterfuck of competing ideas and are decidedly male focused. ie not feminist.

Apparently this woman (LaughingWitch) has been coming to my blog to read my expositions on MRA’s but now is offended because of, well, I don’t know. I told her to research the very real problem of males wanting entrance into female spaces and she has a problem with search engines. Honestly, I don’t know what her issue is except I’m a horrible woman who thinks women are actually worthy.

It turns out she can’t Google and fails to note all the blogs positioned at the bottom of my blog that track endless transdudes assaults into women’s space, murder, rape and child rape, endless online rape and death threats towards those women who desire safe space, no-platforming, online/offline harassment, silencing, cancelling and ‘re-working’ women focused events, such as the Vagina Monologues.

LaughingWitch is so smaht she can learn in less than a day what took me months to understand. I only understood these critical issues by researching several radical feminist sources as well as some transpeople’s sources. But we’re gonna dismiss all that while she calls me (and you) cunts, sluts, whores and nazis in a video released the other day.

Women, how many times have MRA’s called you cunts, whores, femiNAZI’s and sluts? Just one look-see on my blog will show you how far MRA’s will go in their quest to destroy feminists women.

How dare you dumb bitches want a safe space! Sound familiar?

Do you all heave that sigh when you hear Karen Straughan rewrite the Suffragette struggle? Or when she insists that women weren’t property of their husbands less than 100 odd years ago? What about when she claims patriarchy doesn’t exist? Gender? Anyone?

It is with this sigh that I give you the compliment to men’s rights ‘activism: liberal ‘feminism’, where women wanting space is considered nazi-esque and no reasonable counter-argument is made except to show endless pictures of males who died at the hands of other males while screaming obnoxiously at a woman.

The title of the video is ‘Mancheeze must go.’ Go where? I’m not going anywhere. I wasn’t part of your little clique so I have no idea what in the actual fuck you’re talking about.


Now that you silly womenfolk have had your daily MRA rant that really should be titled ‘what about teh menz you cunt!’ ( a slur we’re all familiar with on Twitter) you can slink back to your nazi bunker where I know, as a Jewish woman, you’ve all been hiding out.

Let’s hear it for liberal fauxminism and men’s rights where men’s rights to your space trump any concerns your cunt laydee brainz had in mind, cuz ya know, males must be allowed in, or else.

I’ll leave you with a blog post I was Tweeted OutLIARS (or menmenmenmenmen) | phonaesthetica

It talks about transmales committing crimes against women and then having the nerve to say women are violent.

Personal Message:

This is to you LaughingWitch:

If I had a dollar for every MRA making the same obnoxious rants that you do I’d be a millionaire. I’d tell you to go shit somewhere else but I’d probably be setting up another woman for your barrage of insults and since I actually care about women’s realities. . .

I’d tell you to go learn something but it’s apparent that you expect to understand this in a day and can’t Google worth shit.

I feel also that I must tell you in clear terms: Don’t ever come back here or try to comment. You’re not welcome. There are enough MRA’s in this world and we don’t need more.

This is the third post about a group of Youtubers intent on destroying women. Here is the first and second.

LibFeminists Attack aka PragmaticUselessness is Not Pro-Feminist

Here’s some of the fallout from my Totally Excellent Radical Feminist proposition that females aren’t males and that we deserve our own spaces.

I used to subscribe to this bi-sexual dude PragmaticUselessness on Youtube. I felt that he did an average job at dismissing MRA’s. It wasn’t long before I found out women’s biological and social realities don’t matter and our spaces should be accessible to men wearing Revlon. He went to Twitter after I schooled him that males aren’t females and called me a twanzphobe.

Let’s bring up a rare genetic syndrome to make ZERO argument that males are females!

Yawn. Let’s use Turner’s syndrome, a rare genetic condition affecting XX (the latter X is partial but no Y) FEMALES to argue that men in dresses are women!

Then he went to his Youtube video and told me

pragmatic MRA2

Gender! He claims he’s a feminist but doesn’t know what gender is. So I gave him a link to this great post  What is a woman? | The Feministahood  outlining in detail that women are not men and have a completely different experience in the world due to our biological realities and the subsequent gendered socialization that takes place upon our bodies.

Instead of reading it he immediately went onto Twitter and started whining with his Turners syndrome ‘argument.’ Eventually he went silent because well, he has no argument and he knows it. So another twanz political coward gets fact-checked and sulks off Twitter.

HouseMouseQueen-1, MRA-0

pragmatic MRA

He rattled off some more inane crap that I just didn’t have the patience to correct. I gave him the link and goofball male was so sure he was right that he never read it.

This ‘group’ on Youtube contains several other people. I’ve known about this group for a while and even considered a couple of them friends. One such member is ExtremelyBoring. She’s had to distance herself from me because the group, which is mainly male, are challenged by radical feminism and insist on labeling me a ‘TERF’ and twanzphobe for my insistence that female biology and socialization is completely different than males.

EB knows I like her as a person. I typically enjoy conversing with her when the group isn’t policing her. This subject brought out more policing on Youtube.

We were talking about intersex people and I made the point that little kids as young as 5 were being hauled off to special Gender Clinics to have hormones implanted in their arms because the child wasn’t doing gender properly for their sex. I mentioned 2 documentaries that I had seen. One of the documentaries was shown to me on Twitter so I don’t have the link but the other one is Louis Theroux’s ‘Transgender Kids’ which came out a couple weeks ago. I wish I could give you a link to the Dailymotion copy but it’s been removed for copyright. If someone has a copy please post it in the comment section.

Theroux talked to several young children who were avoiding puberty with drugs and thought they were the opposite sex. I tried explaining to EB that this medicalization of gender is extremely worrying. A 5 year old male child should be allowed to develop normally, to know his body before it’s stuffed with chemicals and ideas that he’s in the wrong body. The transpolitical narrative assumes that a boy who plays with dolls MUST be a girl and MUST be given corrective chemicals and therapy or else.

Or else what?

Transpolitics puts gender on a pedestal, contrary to radical feminist analysis where we understand that gender has a patriarchal purpose, where feminine is inferior to the masculine, where little girls with vaginas are prescribed a set of behaviours that could only be described as terrorism. Why can’t a boy play with dolls and wear dresses? Why can’t he just be himself? Why does he have to be taken to a special clinic to cure him? Children who aren’t stuffed with implants and who are allowed to do atypical gendered things usually just develop into a gay boy or a lesbian girl.

What’s wrong with that?

1That’s exactly what’s happening. I loved the bit about socially acceptable behaviour because what Transpolitics is all about is strictly enforcing the rule that a male child must be a girl if he displays certain gendered behaviours that are considered ‘feminine.’ Parents are playing that role, forcing these kids into clinics and entertaining the child’s delusions.

When I told her that our biological realities matter as women I was met with this

2Talk about erasing female bodies and our lives. This person considers herself a feminist. My response to her was concise and I refrained from snark because I quite like her but I still can’t grasp why she’s so ignorant. I asked her to think about it because I truly was shocked.

Don’t worry. Superman came in to save her from the big meaning twanzphobe.

3She responded quickly after that. They must’ve been on a Skype hangout whispering evil words about the horrible radfem that actually thinks women deserve their own spaces.

4So it kinda sorta matters but not really that much if you evil radfems would stop asking for women’s spaces. So I made a simple point about pregnancy, ya know, that thing that only happens to women’s bodies and sets us up for a whole host of issues that only we experience.

The response. Wait for it, wait for it.






Case closed.

I’m Tired of Trans Activists Silencing Women

I’m not fond of transpolitics. I’ve seen the damage this ideology is doing to women around the world. In the past I ignored it as a passing fad thinking women would just put their proverbial foot down and that would be that. In a word, I was ignorant of the damage it was doing until a few months ago.

Recently, my regular audience has widened to include women who were silenced by transactivists and their allies on other blogs that purport to be against misogyny. It’s not something I can ignore.

I’ve now taken a pro-active stance on this issue publishing several pieces by transpeople and radical feminists alike who know that gender is deadly to women and that women deserve spaces away from biological males. I also set up this blog FOR WOMEN. By re-publishing some important gender critical pieces and making my stance known I feel I’ve avoided a lot of drama. Plus, I’m really not the sort of person who caves in when I’ve created solid principles.

On Twitter, it’s a different scene.

Yesterday, I found one of PZ Myers tweets disparaging women who simply want their own spaces.

He was embracing the transpolitical rhetoric meant to silence women. TERF stands for ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist.’ It’s a massive straw man. We are however setting boundaries and making safe spaces for women which we EXPECT to be honoured by biological males. PZ Myers has a scientific background and I got into a Twitter fight with another male claiming he was doing masters level biology. You can imagine my shock at finding that someone at that level of biology could possibly fuck up so badly.

PZ Myers saw my tweet that said XX is female. He immediately engaged in an MRA stunt and claimed that Androgen Insensitivity was somehow an argument to my statement that females have XX chromosomes and males are XY.

I made sure to point out we were NOT talking about intersex conditions or endocrinology. PZ shut up after his one lazy shot but it took his male friend Ben Blanchard a bit longer. Other trans activists chimed in but said nothing of any value except disparaging remarks about me personally. I typically block anyone who starts sounding like an MRA.

What resulted was a Storify that I think is emblematic of the transpolitical garbage being tossed about by those who should know better.

After this, Blanchard went totally silent. Maybe he got to thinking ‘What makes a woman?’ Maybe I gave him something to chew on. I considered it a victory.
It appears all you have to do is ‘feel’ like you’re a woman and magically you become one. Sorry dudes but it doesn’t make it so.

What’s New On the Web

Since nobody seems interested in having an open thread I’ll post some really good links I’ve found in the last couple days. This link McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Our Men’s Rights Activism Group Refuses to Share This Meeting Space. is a hilarious play on MRA’s and their silly conferences and speaking engagements they do. I was lolling my arse off.

The next one is much more serious. What is a woman? | The Feministahood This one describes in great detail the very real differences between males and females. It takes down the obnoxious trans politics we’re pretty used to by now. I think all liberal feminists should read this piece since the authoress is so candid and refreshing describing how men are not women no matter how much they might think they are. It was one of those reads you start and can’t stop. I actually wanted more and hope she continues to write about it in further posts.

I also barked at Twitter today telling them that women would volunteer to clean the misogyny off their site. A radfem friend of mine was quick to point out that women are always cleaning up men’s messes for free and that’s something I couldn’t deny. It seems that patriarchy keeps us tired all the time bombarding us with misogyny that it takes armies of women just to tackle one measly website.

Finally, here’s a tweet I couldn’t help but lol at. This is the picture I see in my head whenever I come into contact with an MRA, MGTOW or whatever the hell else these misogynist goombahs call themselves: