The Sarkeesian Effect Blows Up, Again UPDATED

Whaddya do when two men’s rights Gamergate weirdos get together to harass a woman? You put two greedy males together that take Patreon money and spend it on cars and everything but what they’ve said they were gonna spend it on. Heeeey, sorta like what they’re accusing Anita Sarkeesian of doing but have zero evidence for.

These two dudes started a fundraiser for thousands of dollars to make a movie worth $5 dollars called ‘The Sarkeesian Effect.’ The preview is so good it will give you a massive headache from the soundtrack, which is just a couple notes played on a cheap Casio keyboard over and over again.

The one thing it does have in abundance is skulls. Much more skulls.

This movie has a ton of drama, but the key is it’s not in the movie, it’s between the two Gamergate turds that are stealing handling your money. Aurini (skullman) is a white nationalist men’s rights whactivist who cuckolds his bro-partner and pro-prostitution lobbyist Jordan Owen for not getting laid. It’s a bromance of the third kind.

These two can’t tie their own shoes without the other interfering in some way.

Here’s Jordan Owen, claiming his bro is trying to steal $15 K.

And one bro must try to steal your money again by saying he’s never addressed any of Anita’s arguments because there’s so many arguments to destroy and needs another $15 K do it.

He’s also very efficient, at taking your money.

After Jordan Owen exposed his money hungry bro, Aurini came back with a video retort that amounts to ‘my mediator friend says I need money so give me money.’

I’ll add to this MRA drama as it happens.

This video explains the bromance these two have had over the last year. It’s a Gamergate hangout where Jordan lets loose and explains how Aurini is a die hard MRA who was really pushing the Manosphere on him. This is hilarious.

Go to 6 minutes in to start:

Aurini then went on another channel to ‘discuss’ what happened.

Now if you’re wondering who the ‘mediator’ is, I’ve been told it’s some failed backyard porno producer Michael Whiteacre. I’ve had run-ins with Owen and Whiteacre in the past when I vehemently denounced pornography. Here’s a sample of the calibre of argument this creep Whiteacre makes. Whiteacre is just as much sleezeball as Owen and Aurini.

Here’s a comment left today about WHO the mediator really is:CLICK TO ENLARGE

who the mediator is

I Saw Something Really Disturbing

I love animals. I watch a ton of nature shows and I adore The Dog Whisperer. I love animals because they’re completely honest and reflect your inner state. You can’t lie to them. I’ve seen plenty of episodes of the Dog Whisperer where men manhandle dogs and can’t figure out why the dog doesn’t trust them. I’ve seen men lie in front of a camera, lie to their family but they can’t lie to the family dog.

An animal, and especially a dog, will read you emotionally. They don’t care about anything else about you. If you’re an asshole they’ll let you know.

In one episode that I hadn’t seen until today, a family with a 4 y/o son decides to do a trial adoption of a small dog. They already have one large Boxer and their son picked out the small dog at the shelter for a 2 week trial period.

I wondered why the young boy picked out the small dog since the family was used to having a large dog. Then it became obvious to me. The young male waited until his parents were doing something else and went to find the dog in the back yard. He taunted the dog and was violent with the dog, kicking it. I was horrified.

I’ve never seen a small child attack a dog and start following it around to kick it. This was yet another example of male violence that was cemented in a male at four years old. The conflict was resolved by him attacking the dog and the dog was small enough for him to do just that.

It just let me know how young socialization happens and how it must be so hard for parents of male children to monitor what they watch and learn since our culture is full of the wrong messages. At FOUR years old this male has already been taught that overpowering and hurting an animal is a solution.

What was also apparent to me is that he only attacked an animal he could attack, meaning he knew which animal he could dominate physically. The family had a cat but the cat would immediately defend itself and the Boxer was just too big. The boy picked the small dog to dominate.

Truthfully, watching this made me sick.

I have a new female baby wild mouse, Babette. She loves Doritos and snuck up on my desk today to get into my cookies. I managed to catch her in the bag of cookies and transferred her to a see thru bag, rubbed her belly and let her go on my bed.

Squash the Cackling Chickens!

Steve Brule of CAFE and videographer and writer for A Voice for Men has some shit to say about patriarchy. Aside from mangling the definition of patriarchy, then denying it exists, and then confirming it exists, he asks the deep dude philosophlolical question:

‘“Gynocentrism” is far more powerful at explaining human history than the “Patriarchy(tm),” can ever pretend to be. Ironically, some thinkers are even pointing out that it is the very gynocentric nature of society that enabled feminism to flourish in the first place. After all, would an oppressive patriarchal society not merely squash the cackling chickens as they hatch? The squawking feminists not only hatched, but were protected, obeyed and given resources, and for over 40 years feminist demands were treated more like commands to be obeyed than requests to be considered.’ ~Steve Brule AVFM Chickenarchy PhiLOLsopher

Yes, why don’t men just kill female infants, uh I mean cackling chickens? WHY CAN’T US DUDEZ KILL THOSE FEMALES?

Remember: there is no patriarchy, just men who call women cackling chickens with a suggestion of femicide.

To clear your nostrils of the stench I give you Baby Bat Burritos




In Honour of PRIDE, A Voice For Men Attacks Lesbians

So in honour of PRIDE, Dean Esmay’s written a long, misogynist screed against lesbians called ‘Gays Against Feminism’. Like I said in my last post,  A Voice for Men is an outpost for Queer Politics and is only performing the next logical step: complete erasure and hatred of lesbians. You can see that AVFM is overwhelmingly comprised of gay men who worship gender (masculinity) and a vital component of that worship is the hatred of women.

‘Feminists may love dick, gays love masculinity’.~Fatherless AVFM

‘Gay men are what straight men WERE in the glory days of Greece and Rome.’~Narf AVFM

Most of the guys I was talking to basically told me they figured they were gay because the sex was just as pleasurable and “easier to get”.~Jason Wexler AVFM

Dean Esmay thinks gay men were the main actors at Stonewall and that men’s ‘protective instinct’ for women is why Stonewall erupted into a riot. He’s wrong, as he so often is. The lesbian that got hit with a billy club hit the cop back and it was that action that started the riots, not some gay dudes dropping dead to protect a feeble little woman as Dean portrays it.

What an asshat.

Esmay begins with a personal story about him protecting a gay male from another gay male who wanted to kill him. It’s a bit of a homoerotic tale where Esmay romanticizes about ‘cuddling him.’ Esmay places himself as the great protector of gay men and by extension AVFM. Of course Esmay is careful to inject a blatantly false narrative where he claims women are attacking gay men, which is not true.

PBS Frontline examined the homophobic assaults on gay men and all perpetrators were male. I won’t go into detail as to why men attack other men except to say the root cause is gender. Gender is also why lesbians get attacked.

Esmay isn’t content to simply talk about the issues gay men face. He must find a way to bash women:

‘Now absolutely, lesbians would often take horrible harassment and would occasionally be hurt, even killed, and sometimes mutilated like the gay men were. But as a rule, it was gay men–yes, the gay men–who were getting thrown in jail, thrown in mental hospitals, raped by fag bashers (yes, that was and is still a thing), sometimes even castrated, lobotomized, hung, or just plain beat to death. Sometimes, 100% legally. Often by, or at the behest of, women. Not just men.’

Lesbians don’t count because in his mind gay men suffered more. He’s dismissing crimes against lesbians as not that big of a deal. In fact, hate crimes against lesbians are on the rise. The underlying culture of misogyny that Dean perpetuates is the biggest reason why the general public and LGBT orgs place men front and center just like all patriarchal institutions do. Misogyny is also the cause of lesbian and gay hate crimes and also why hate crimes against lesbians aren’t counted by police as such. The worst thing to be as a gay male is ‘like a woman’ and the worst thing to be as a lesbian is the fact you are a woman. [1] [2]One look at South Africa will educate you.

I follow several lesbians on Twitter and came across a tweet this morning where a judge wouldn’t award custody to the ex wife because she had a lesbian relationship he denounced as ‘man hating.’ Click on the image link to read the screenshot.

While gay men hate lesbians because they represent ‘femininity, heterosexual men hate lesbians because they consider a woman in a relationship with another woman as a theft of sexual access that they’re entitled to. This is why lesbians are frequently raped by men. It’s so pervasive that it’s been called ‘corrective rape.’ Gay men rape lesbians too as do MtT. Dean Esmay would be content over at the white nationalist site Stormfront since they’re really obsessed with lesbians too.

Esmay instructs gay men to hate lesbians and all other women. He compares lesbians to Nazis and goes totally off the rails, rewriting Stonewall too. He does a typical men’s rights reversal saying feminists dispose of gay men. If he had a clue he’d realize that it’s men who do the disposing, not women since women are not part of gay men’s lives in any appreciable way except as ‘femininity’ foil to mock and hate in the quest for masculine supremacy.

‘Feminism has always been a movement that treats gay men as disposable. It still is. If you’re a gay man and you refuse to suck feminist dick, there will be consequences. Those consequences can include shunning, harassment, expulsion, job loss, and more. You may even be physically attacked.’~ Dean Esmay AVFM

The above cannot be backed up in any way and Dean doesn’t even attempt to. Notice how he refuses to assign women’s proper genitals to their bodies? This is hatred. He continues on some incoherent rant about racism.

‘And yes, my gay friends, this should be something you remember: feminism is implicitly racist.’

Esmay has a fascination with racism as do other MRA’s. His tweets are loaded with it. He tweets about black men, asian men, hispanic men and says ‘bigot’ an awful lot. You know what they say about someone who is so focused on race. He even includes a tweet by a white gay MRA from AVFM who tells a black woman to ‘shut the fuck up’ on Twitter. Nah, no bigotry there.

If you search lesbian hate on Google you’ll see just how much men hate women who don’t sleep with them. Of course, the typical heterosexual male will ask silly, loaded questions like this one. Here’s another hetero male who actually took the time to write a blog post on how he hates lesbians and uses the excuse that lesbians are all man haters to justify his misogyny. You don’t see heterosexual women pining online how much they want to destroy gay men for not sleeping with them. Julie Bindel exposes a couple men who faked being lesbian to colonize women’s spaces and lives.

Since AVFM is predominately a gay male hangout the comments will inevitably reflect this:

Again, the “LGBT Community” only cares about women and is, deep down at its core, misandric and anti-masculinity. They DETEST masculinity. The men who are members of such group are all women-worshipping feminists or quasi-feminists.

Admittedly some of the MRA homophobes came to Dean’s article:

‘I cannot bear to see men kissing men or women kissing women in public’

‘Even in the best case scenario when they admit that gay men have it worse than lesbians, they still say it’s because men hate women. So since gay men are fucking men (like women) that we are hated for being like women.’

The above paragraph is very interesting because it shows the inherent misogyny of our patriarchal culture. ‘Being like women’ is a cardinal sin to gay men and hetero men because it represents the lowest rung of humanity: female.

One MRA hates the idea of ‘Gay Marriage.’ Who’s the bigot here?

‘It’s a shame the guys just can’t smarten up and tell the cows to go to hell. A state marriage cert will hurt a gay man, just the same as a straight man. Don’t be bloody fools boys, leave this marriage thing alone or you will suffer for it! This money is being used by the feminist lesbians to dominate the narrative for homosexual people throughout the western world and they are running a dual fronted campaign that is exactly the same on both fronts, but with two different names.’

MRA erases lesbians

‘Homosexual men have ALWAYS been the ones who’ve fought and sometimes even given their lives for their right to exist, NOT lesbians/women.’

Bisexual MRA complains women don’t sleep with him:

‘Maybe it’s because bisexual men (like myself) know too well that it’s socially accepable for women to reject bisexual men,’

One guy seems to have figured something out but of course with the wrong conclusion:

‘In my opinion gynocentrism and racism are in a lot of times not inseperable. If you ask a racist why he hates black people so many times he’s answer will be something like: they rape our women etc. Like the Dylan Roof guy.’

Dean Esmay also thinks it’s really some matriarchal lynching mob and not patriarchal ownership of ‘my women’ that kills black men:

‘Forever and ever, “they’re attacking our women!” has been an instant call to action. And if they couldn’t back up the claim that there was an imminent threat? “They treat their women like dirt” has long been a way to direct hate at those other people.’

Another MRA sums up why black men were lynched. Hint: it was really patriarchy

‘Oh yeah, it’s become very common to accuse men of being “entitled to women’s bodies.’

MRA shares the same ideas as Dylann Roof:

‘they rape our women/have no control over animal lusts etc.’

More lesbian hate:

‘Lesbians are always so fucking hostile and fronting how tough they are.’

More hatred of dykes:

‘Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve met a LOT more bull-dykes than pleasant lesbians.’

Even more lesbian hate:

‘Maybe lesbian is Greek for miserable or something.’

Homophobia and gender worshipping:

‘The falsetto voice is the worst part. The limp wrist, the cocked hip, the flagrant weakness, are all tolerable. But that falsetto, coupled with the catty victim attitude, GTFO.’

From a gay male AVFMer:

‘I was gay for twenty years. I visited the bath houses and dark rooms in the meat districts of NYC, LA, Palm Springs. I know what happened there. It was fucking — pure fucking — by men who dared to extend the boundaries of sex:’

‘I am disgusted when I see what feminism has done to gay men.’

‘To one extent, I still think real gay men are a kind of pinnacle. They are the only ones who can enter another body and be entered by another body: to receive the fluid and leave the fluid behind. It is kind of majestic. But then, masculinity is.’

One MRA admits this:

‘but gay male misogyny IS specific to gay men.’

I explained in detail in my last post why AVFM is part of the Queer Movement in selling gender (masculinity) to gay men online. One MRA linked it in the comment section of Dean’s rant. They’re over here reading it, I know they are. My stats have jumped again. The problem with MRA’s, aside from their bigotry, racism, and misogyny, is that they cannot comprehend the theoretical basis behind what they do. The theory has been around for decades and yet MRA’s act like all this is new. We radfems know the theory and can frame what MRA’s do and say. They can’t.

When I read an MRA article I know it’s either a rant about women or a blatant reversal placing white males as the victim. In this case, Dean Esmay places gay men as the victim by pointing at lesbians and saying lesbians don’t matter because we’re women. The underlying socioeconomic and political structures that are the foundation of cultural misogyny are never included in any MRA analysis. Quite simply, they are like one of their favourite idols, Ernest Belford Bax, who was criticized for his misogyny and his inability to theoretically understand the issues, instead opting to go off into abstractions and reversals.

I’ll be doing a post or two on their beloved Bax in the future.

John Stoltenberg talks about gay male misogyny (lecture)

MAN UP! Gay Male Masculinity, Queer Politics, and A Voice for Men

These last few weeks I’ve been reading ‘Unpacking Queer Politics’ by Sheila Jeffreys. Much of the book explains the development of Queer culture ie. the worship of gender polarity through ‘identity’ and the basis for it which she thinks comes directly from gay male practices and their need, post-Stonewall, to attain political power through emulating the symbol of that power: the straight white male.

Many gay men grew up thinking they were ‘faggots’ or ‘sissie boys’, not quite attaining the stereotypical masculine gender imperative because they didn’t embrace the social teachings (gender) of masculinity. In fact, the worst thing they could see in their mirror reflection was a woman. Many of their trusted theorists complained about the ‘feminization’ of gay men. This is exactly the same complaint we hear from A Voice for Men, among others, that are completely in line with gay male development and Queer Theory described in Jeffreys’ book. Coincidence?


After Stonewall, gay men desired power and since the source of that power’s face was represented by a straight, white male it was unconsciously and then consciously recognized that the status of gay men, the image gender of gay men, had to change. In many ways, gay men focused on the characteristics gender of the powerful straight white male. They started with emulating military men, precise and powerful in uniform. They embraced straight white male lessons of sexuality and especially sadomasochism of which the whole system of patriarchy is built.

The gay male art of the 50’s and 60’s by Tom of Finland was a focal point for this change. His art emulated the homoerotic images of the Nazis in their pressed uniforms, ripped muscular structures, with large penises. They were the ultimate symbols of virility, power, and performance in which the ‘true man’ resides. It was an edict to completely reject anything related to ‘feminine’ gender because women, and hence ‘femininity’, didn’t have power. Chiseled features, muscular bodies, and the constant desire for sexual domination became the gendered vision of gayness and manhood.

We can see the same striving for the ultimate masculine over at A Voice for Men. The same image that gay male culture holds dear is precisely what Paul Elam prescribes and sells to his followers.

Sadomasochism was crucial to gay culture because it clearly delineated the weak from the strong and masculinity depends on a weak object (women, children or sissie boys) upon which to enact its will and exist. Capitalists noticed this shift in gay male culture and gay S&M porn was born. Sexual prowess in the form of public sex with as many men as possible was also critical since the more sex you had without any interpersonal ties, the more manly you became.

An AVFM Meeting

We see Elam engaging in the masculine fantasy by playing the dominant over his submissive followers. He abuses them, calls them ‘manginas,’ psychologically shaming them, and they come back for more just like submissives in the gay clubs who are initiated into manhood by being fisted, urinated upon, and debased publicly. This is how men prove their manhood. Just yesterday Elam posted a video of a man in his garage tinkering with a car. He titled the video a ‘Manly Man.’ On Twitter, Elam questions the manhood of other men and writes articles teaching men how to ‘man up.’

In a recent post by Elam he tells men they need to have ‘self respect.’ It’s curious that he’s charging $90/hr for Skype calls yet admits this:

It is particularly fortuitous then, that “self-esteem” is largely a joke. It is nothing more than an elusive butterfly, concocted by self-help hucksters and hacks in order to keep people engaged in their services. If they can keep you chasing the promise of something that does not exist in any measurable way they can keep you paying them to find it.

Elam is a hack. He doesn’t have a degree in any social or medical science. He’s basically just someone who’s done a lot of drugs and alcohol who was hired to listen to other drug addicts and alcoholics. He probably has a couple ‘certificates’ that anyone who pays for a seminar can acquire.

Elam prescribes lessons in ‘man-hood.’

Spine is not bestowed or gifted from others. It is not something you earn by graduating from man school.

The metaphor of a spine is often used in conversations about manhood. Having a ‘spine’ means ‘man up.’ It means don’t show emotions, don’t engage interpersonally or intimately and be completely independent, an island unto one’s self. This is gay male masculinity being packaged and sold a la ‘man school.’  Elam is selling ‘man up’ to men.

‘And it will happen for any man who is willing to turn his back on every situation in life that demeans him. For some it may involve rejecting the abusive treatment of a dysfunctional parent or even a dysfunctional child, and rejecting any notion of guilt that goes with it.’

Masculinity, it seems, is like the walking dead.

‘This website is dedicated to the idea that the truth often has a chilly edge.’

By him teaching his unhealthy form of masculinity to other men, it boosts Elam’s ego and makes him think all his bad decisions in life were correct and his followers are there to prove their own manhood by servicing him.

Gay men new to the site persude other men on Elam’s thinly veiled ‘man up’ article to embrace the masculine teachings:

This, in essence, is what I learned when I came out gay at 20. And why I say, straight men today are like the hiding, anti-gay, self-hating closeted gay men I met often back then.

David Futrelle just uncovered a recording of Dean Esmay explaining that the ‘MRA cause’ is Paul Elam and his ego. No matter how abusive Elam gets, they line up to service him. He constantly bans the ‘sissies’ from his site for the slightest thing and they sneak back under new names. Enduring public abuse is critical for a man to be known by others as a ‘true man.’ In this way he belongs to the tribe. The dual purpose is served.

This brings up the question of male disposability. In gay male culture, like with AVFM, men are seen as interchangeable through public impersonal S &M sex. In sadomasochism, one body is the same as all the others when you’re dominating the smaller, weaker men or those who wish to be initiated. There is no intimacy. The MRA’s cry about disposability and yet they don’t recognize Elam as the disposer. If you don’t enact Elam’s wishes or show that you’re a ‘true man’ you are quickly banished. It’s not women disposing of men, it’s men themselves. As soon as a man has fulfilled his function to Elam or questions him in any way, he throws them away and finds a new one. Haven’t you ever wondered why Elam’s staff changes so much and why he bans people who question him? If you won’t serve Elam by agreeing with his every ego maniacal whim, you are banished, only to come back and know your place.

The various complaints about women serve a purpose for the Manosphere. They’re cover stories for the homoerotic. Though this guise they are able to continue the practice of ‘gay male bonding.’ If you read my last post you can see in the comments the blatant homo eroticism with the direct mention of Prep H and other comments projecting ‘it’s really feminists who are homophobic.’ AVFM, and the Manosphere in general, is a place for gay men to congregate under the cover of hating women. I’m not saying that gay men aren’t misogynists or that their woman-hating isn’t real but it serves the homoerotic cover story purpose to the general public.

Even MGTOW is a cover for the homoerotic gay male. This Manosphere group claims the need to ‘preach’ to other men about ‘evil female nature’ and they claim to swear off women but they only ever talk negatively about women which is part of gay male culture. It becomes a gay male fantasy whereby they’re all together under one cover story while giving themselves permission to have the gay male fantasy in the first place. Here’s a comment from a self proclaimed MGTOW

‘I am actually jealous of the gay guys b/c the amount of expectation of the responsibilities they should assume in their personal life is non existent IMO. No one will ask a single gay man why he isn’t married. Nobody will ask him if he is straight. I have been single way more than being coupled over the last twenty years and more than one professional co-worker has asked me if I am gay over the years. ‘

Elam makes good money doling out dominant abuse just like public sex clubs. Elam is a capitalist and like other capitalists he’s welcoming each new crop of men who have something to aspire to, something to prove, a gender to perfect. Gyms, bathhouses, bars, the fashion industry, all sprang up to sell masculinity to men just like AVFM does. The system Elam rails against is the very one he’s actively perpetuating because Queer theory markets itself as ‘freedom’ and ‘choice.’ To us feminists who haven’t skipped out on the analysis, Queer theory is just another form of bourgeoisie capitalism, selling things like porn, public sex, and the transpolitic under the cover of ‘identity.’ It’s touted as revolutionary and freedom-loving. AVFM thinks it’s transgressive by selling gender through the lens of ‘freedom’ but in reality, it’s just an online outpost for gay men.

I took at look at the men’s rights subreddit and found this post by DavidByron2, who I believe is gay. Apparently the percentage of gay men in their subreddit is pretty high. He also linked to this post by gruffbillygoat about gay men in the MRM.

I think the MRM is appealing especially to those of us who are sick of being treated as some kind of honorary women (especially by third wavers) and having it assumed that we are somehow separate from “men”. We’re not.

The responses by other gay MRA’s were quite telling.

I don’t care what feminists think about me as a gay man. I only care what they’ve done. And what they’ve done is influence the legal system in my country to view gay erotica as misogynist.What they’ve also done is take a united queer movement, and encourage division and fragmentation (not a rainbow) based on things we claim to want equality for. What they’ve done is make it so that I am feared and treated with suspicion, like any of us men, because we’re assumed to be rapists of everyone. What they’ve done is tell us gay and bi men to wait for our equal protection in employment and housing, because women want to be paid the same for different work and that’s more important. And of course what they’ve done is permanently ban a group seeking equality for men from the Toronto Pride parade (sometimes mere division isn’t enough for femnists…)~ rg57

It’s not unusual that Byron’s first words are about his precious porn. Porn is the bastion of gay male politics because it sells masculinity gender to them, it sells an idea of manhood. Muscled men dressed in leather and uniforms proudly display what’s happening in bath houses and cruising spots. The standard sadomasochistic element of the dominant male and the submissive female is the template of gay porn. To say that’s not misogynist and the fundamental rule of patriarchy is, well, ignorant.

Gay theorists thought pornography was the key to their liberation as well as the ‘queering’ of public space for sex. They thought public sex transgressed prudish society. This is how it was sold and since LGBT politics are really about gay men they bought it, and continue to today.

It’s too bad Byron didn’t elaborate on the fragmentation of the Queer movement but it’s clear lesbians, who are tired of defending gender, are demanding their rights not to be treated as submissive objects. Radical women have been pushed out of the LGBT movement and our concerns about males colonizing our spaces has been labeled ‘bigoted’ and ‘transphobic.’ The only way a woman is accepted in the LGBT circle is if she dismisses her own concerns about her oppression as a biological female and does whatever men tell her to do.

Elam’s backlash response to the documentary ‘The Mask You Live In’ is yet another promotion of gender masculinity. The responses from MRA’s suggest a bunch of men wanting dominance. It also shows their worship of gender and the rejection of anything ‘feminine’, just like gay male/Queer politics:

Making boys more like girls is not the answer. If you don’t recognize the masculine, if you treat boys like they’re defective because they don’t regurgitate emotions like girls, you’re devaluing their innate energy force. Hypermasculinity is a reaction to suppression, and oppression.

the biology of male and females, choosers and competitors. The choosers keep trying to put a guilt trip on the competitors while all along they love the power the choosers have. I think some of the violence between competitors could be reduced if prostitution was legal.

I am in France and used to cringe when people would start yelling at each other at dinner parties! But then they’d just laugh and pour each other a glass of wine as if nothing happened.
I learned that, on the contrary, it is a sort of bonding ritual! And I mention it because it does seem to be especially useful to males, as a way of getting out both natural competative instincts, as well as the need for social bonding.

Men do not aspire to be an alpha bully, they aspire to be a champion. And, I’m not gay but some of histories greatest champions were gay. The history of masculinity is the history of civilization!

For men and boys, glory is worth a chance of injury, –even death. Crazy yes, but you have to have something, women can conceive for crying out loud!

Put simply, men and boys can identify emotional arousal in themselves and others as well as do women, but they choose to regulate that emotional arousal not by verbalizing it so much (like women) but by intelligent action.

Thanks Peter. Exactly right. Alexithymia is the code word for “males are bad.” There is so much they miss. Just the idea that testosterone limits a man’s ability to articulate his emotions as he is in the midst of feeling them is a killer of this concept. Men’s brains and hormones are built to get the job done in spite of emotions. Women don’t seem to have the same build. <chuckles>

“Don’t cry.” I tell my son that he is not to cry if he does not get the toy he wants. He is not to cry because he was forced to clean his room or eat broccoli. He can cry if he feels lonely or he gets hurt. But I prefer he not ball over the silliest shit. It is OK to tell boys not to cry — do it wisely,

“Pick yourself up.” Damn right. I tell my son that he should “pick himself up.” If you fall, you get up. If you fail, you try again. WTF is wrong with “pick yourself up.”

“Bros before hoes?” Well what does that mean? Does it mean “be a guy, fuck chicks and leave them?” No… it means: the brotherhood of masculinity should be pursued before fucking chicks for the sake of fucking.

The drive to win, be the best, to compete etc,etc is pretty natural in boys. Participation medals which are all the rage go against what’s natural. All it does is celebrate mediocrity. Even kids reject them. Why is masculinity such a problem? Why are males being socialized to act like females? A pacified population is a controllable population.

Masculinity is culture!

We need to start giving men and boys spaces where their masculinity can be honored and expressed. Bring competition back to the schools as well as recess.

The alternative is to not emasculate our boys by constantly reinforcing the view that they are inherently damaged and somehow in need of fixing. The alternative is to stop telling boys that female traits and behaviours are the de facto ideal and that they are subhuman for not aspiring to these ideals. The alternative is to leave the kids alone.

What I notice about the comments is that these guys actually think males are born liking toy trucks and soldiers and can’t express emotions. They also admit there’s a patriarchy by their insistence that masculinity gender is the only thing that creates society. One of them mentions we should put women’s bodies on sale to assuage the entitlement these men have to sex. Purchasing a woman’s body is about dominating her, owning her but in Queer-politics it’s about capitalism and the ‘freedom’ to sell. It also suggests men cannot live their lives without sexual access to women. You can also see that they think there’s such a thing as a male brain and a female brain as well as complaining about the ‘feminization’ of boys I mentioned earlier.

It’s odd to see Elam and his members rail about male suicide while his own site teaches men and boys to completely shut down. There’s not a single place on AVFM where they advertise suicide hotlines or any other preventative resource. Instead, Elam wants to charge $90/hr a skype call under the guise he’s therapeutically intervening when in reality he’s just selling his personal brand of masculinity, which curiously happens to coincide with gay male masculinity.

Uniformed, military men highly suggestive of the Nazi SS

Elam himself says the ‘problem’ is men not being ‘real men’, not knowing how to ‘handle’ the world. This is why he made a public shift away from addressing women to address men, to make them ‘real men.’

I was astounded at the similarities between gay male culture and AVFM. The constant bellowing of the feminization of men marks them as one in the same. The intense debasement of anything remotely resembling ‘femininity’ or woman marks AVFM as a great site for males to pay their dues, to get initiated.

Have you ever wondered why Elam spends his time mocking men he calls ‘manginas, white knights, beta males?’ It’s not about liberating men although that’s how it’s advertised. It’s about beating on them, using them, and making them ‘take it’ and through that Elam affirms their masculinity. Elam’s ‘activism’ is really about selling a set of behaviours (gender) to men who are looking for initiation into manhood.

And AVFM attracts a lot of gay men, consciously and unconsciously. There are many gay males who may not see the connection between Queer gay culture and men’s rightsers but who frequent AVFM all the same. You cannot distinguish the comments between straight men and gay men. I’ve wondered why there were so many gay males at AVFM and now I know why.

In the comments section of a recent article, as I posted a few days ago, there was no question that what they’re after is homoerotic bonding. The proposed ‘meet-up’ was cancelled and they were really disappointed, making outright references to gay sex and directly mentioning ‘homo eroticism.’

Instead of the Man Bawl conference Elam has an invite-only ‘retreat’ planned. The cover story is that they’re ‘activism’ has them physically exhausted and they need a break. Of course no women are allowed.

where it brainstorms strategies on how to silence strong, independent women, harass equality-loving feminists and punish Godless sluts – and still finds time to express its inherent violence by blowing the heads off as many endangered species of cute-as-a-button wildlife as possible.

Visions of toxic masculinity running amok are the stuff of which feminist wet dreams are made. These retreats will frustrate and torment feminists as they offer tantalizing evidence that AVfM engages in secret men’s business to which they do not have access. Enjoy rubbing their noses in it. Most of all, have a great time and rub out a cuddly critter for me.

This is exactly why you, as a gay MRA, should attend. Since they consider you an honorary woman (if you bark when you’re supposed to bark), it would twist their little heads to see what they believe is their dog off the leash and romping in the woods with the dangerous (straight) creatures. Worse, I think, than the MGTOW, who after all are just playing hard to get ;-). I truly believe that the idea of men, undivided by sexual orientation, gives feminists the willies.

It wouldn’t surprise me to know that 80% of AVFM is gay. They’re forever making sexual innuendos to each other under the chatter of imaginary oppressions. Men are seen as weak if they need each other so Elam has invented a perfect mechanism, a perfect raison d’etre to allow these men to congregate and in their own way, engage in public homo eroticism.

male bonding through homoeroticism

The reason I put a link to gay male porn in my last post, which I am loathe to do, about the disappointment of these men not being able to meet in person is because I recognized, through Jeffreys, the focal point of the Manosphere. Not only are these men supporting Queer culture, which they mistakenly call ‘cultural Marxism’, but they are simply sites for gay male eroticism. This is not to say the misogyny isn’t real, it is, but it’s an excuse to gather since men aren’t supposed to ‘need’ each other and gay male sex is still very much a taboo in the USA, especially since the AIDS epidemic.

Many MRA’s will read this and instantly get angry. They will label me a homophobe or some other nonsense. The anger at me only confirms the taboo. It sometimes comes as a surprise to women that gay men can be some of the worst misogynists. The revulsion that gay men feel about women (feminine) and women’s bodies is quite palpable and extensively covered elsewhere. I’ve seen gay men on YouTube speak about women in the most vile ways imaginable and we’ve seen LGBT orgs completely dismiss the ‘L’. LGBT orgs cater to, and are usually run by men and this has resulted in women being forced out, our issues are mocked or are never addressed.

Jeffreys writes extensively on the breakdown of lesbian feminist politics and centers the problem of male domination and power as the cause. Gay men, through their desire to worship and embody the ultimate masculine gender, drives Queer politics with the malevolent hand of capitalism (porn, SRS, prostitution). It’s not odd that AVFM is part of the backlash against feminism nor is it odd they’re woman haters. They are, quite simply, striving for male power by adopting gay male politics and Queer culture using misogyny as a pretext.

This is true for the entire Manosphere, not just AVFM. CAFE was forever banned from Toronto Pride because people activated against them but Justin Trottier found a smaller group, York Pride, run by a gay man, who dismissed CAFE’s misogyny with a hand wave. The justification went something like this (paraphrasing) ‘CAFE doesn’t need to cater to everybody (women) and so the fact they’re anti-feminist doesn’t mean they’re misogynists’ and ‘but women are in CAFE so it can’t be misogynist!’ And this is the way most LGBT orgs are run under Queer Theory. You don’t have to include women at all, except on paper, to run an LGBT org.

The arguments MRA’s employ, such as women have a ‘female brain’, are precisely the same as LGBT orgs under Queer Theory. The ones driving these orgs are gay or MtT, men who adore gender, power, and capitalism. Queer politics and theory is antithetical to feminism and women’s liberation. This is why many educated radical feminists call them one in the same.



NB I’ve worked on this post for almost a month and I’m quite proud of it. I recommend reading ALL Sheila’s work but ‘Unpacking Queer Politics’ was an eyeopener for me. It’s not a surprise that we’re here in the midst of Queer Politics. It didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s the same male supremacy we’ve been dealing with under Patriarchy. In my view it’s a backlash movement, meant to reposition men in a position of power, by infiltrating lesbian (women’s) spaces to get at feminism and colonizing them through transpolitics and gay male politics.

Warren Farrell Fun Open Thread

Let’s have some fun! Warren Farrell sat down with Steve Brule to babble inane crap in front of a camera. Some of the shit he comes up with is priceless. Let’s make it clear, Farrell doesn’t use peer reviewed research in his writings. It’s a bunch of pseudo-scientific crap that fills blank pages with shit men want to hear, not what’s correct and has a basis in reality.

The thing is, the modern men’s/fathers rights movements rely on his faulty statements about the world so it’s important to show Farrell for what he is.


Grace Mann

I heard her name a few weeks ago but I was so busy with documenting male violence against other women by MRA’s that it went past me. The world is not safe for women and that’s because of men. Men are the common factor when dealing with violent crimes against women. Grace Mann is no exception. Once we accept this universal fact, we can then begin to deal with it.

Grace Mann was strangled by a violent male. I won’t name him. His name is not important. She was a member of her University feminist group, Feminist United. The Uni has an anonymous social media platform called Yik Yak that males use to threaten women with violence anonymously. Grace joins the endless parade of women harassed, threatened, and murdered by a male. I don’t need to quote statistics on the violence by males against women, girls and children.

‘We have been watching the wholesale demonization of men on college campuses for years now. It is open season on men and their civil liberties in academe, even as the culture yawns in response to each life being destroyed in the name of ideology.’~Paul Elam

While Mr. Shouty has a temper tantrum, men are murdering women on college campuses.

The only comment on a Youtube video about Grace’s death was by an MRA:


grace mann MRA commentGrace Mann was sexually threatened and harassed online by males who did it anonymously. They got a thrill by being sexually violent to women on the Mary Washington campus. They even had a software program, Yik Yak, that made it easy for them to target women. These men didn’t have anything better to do than to be violent towards women.

We have men’s rights activists who are glad to go after women, threatening to rape them and punish them. Whenever we expose their violence they claim it’s free speech. Yep. It’s just like men to claim their violence is a matter of urgency, that they must be able to do it.

Most of you know that Dan Perrins is my latest stalker. Like most violent males he called the cops on me because he couldn’t handle a woman tweeting about male violence on Twitter. Every day I’d log in and my sisters tweets would inform me of yet another woman harmed by a male, one after the other. I’d retweet it. You’d think any normal human being would take issue with the violent males, not the women speaking about it. But that’s not the world we live in. Men get even angrier when you point out male violence, and then they call the cops to whine about it.

The good thing in my case, and not Grace’s, is that by making a spectacle of himself Dan is now in the spotlight as well as MRA’s in my area. Not me. I was very fortunate and lucky he has a criminal record. The cops came to my door within a half hour of my call when all I requested was a phone reply. Grace was threatened anonymously. Her school did nothing but dismiss her and wave her away. The women tried hard to get Yik Yak shut down and to inform the admin of the male violence. It was typically dismissed as ‘boys being boys.’ How many more Grace Mann’s will it take?

Men gather online and harm women to control us. Just like in the public sphere where men harass and stalk women day and night, keeping us under threat of rape and other sexual crimes, the online space is used by males for the same purpose. Susan Brownmiller was right.

‘[Rape is] nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear’

The state of fear was expressed several times to the University officials by countless women. It led to a Title IX lawsuit. The president of the University responded, sounding like an MRA. He thinks ‘free speech’ is more important to uphold than to make it impossible for males to threaten women anonymously through a social media program. He also thinks university escorts for women are the answer and a good step rather than inhibit the predatory males. It’s always about changing women’s behaviour and keeping them fearful. The rape and death threats he dismissed as ‘lacking in context’ and went off on a tangent saying some of the threats were lines from pop culture movies and shows, as if that matters. All in all he’s butthurt that Feminist Majority got involved and publicized the inaction of the school towards the misogyny.

Feminist United, the school club Mann was proudly supporting before a male murdered her, responded to the president. The president is claiming he has no knowledge of the complaints, which they’re contesting.

Part of why I’m posting this is because I want people to understand how serious it is that men’s rights activists are producing hate groups on campus. They’re there to harm women and feminists. Now, I don’t know whether the violent males at the Uni considered themselves MRA’s nor do I care. The point is male violence is an epidemic whether it’s offline or online. Men don’t need to openly state they’re MRA’s for them to enact the same woman-hatred that MRA’s openly express. Open expression of misogyny is the only difference between men and MRA’s.

There are more Grace Mann’s out there just waiting to happen because of our culture’s failure to understand the gendered nature of these crimes. Time and again we see the media spin these stories of male violence against women as if they’re one-offs or due to severe mental illness. We will never solve this problem unless we name the agent and see the pattern.

RIP Grace Mann

Another Violent, Entitled White Male Kills Nine People: Early MRA Response UPDATED

Twenty-one year old white male terrorist Dylann Roof shot up a church and killed 9 people. It’s common knowledge that MRA’s are in bed with white nationalists and racists. The hatred and misogyny the Manosphere preaches appeals to them. A Voice for Men is already worried that Dylann will be identified as part of the Manosphere. Dylann was described as adrift and a video game addict who would spend long hours doing nothing. It wouldn’t be the first time the Manosphere defended violent white males. MRA’s were very upset when Alex Kozak shot a woman after she accused him of sexual assault.They defended him.

On cue Dean Esmay posted in r/mensrights that the killer Dylann Storm Roof will somehow become part of the Manosphere. In fact, some of these creepy males are already hailing him. From Chateau Heartiste comments:


Let’s say what needs to be said – Dylan roof is a hero. He will likely be executed-even liberals will be for executing this guy. He was completely correct that apes rape our women. And of course, they kill plenty of our men and women, something never mentioned on the media outlets.

He gave his life for making America a better place. We need more Dylan roofs.

One commenter said 8chan was reporting this (the link is now dead).

Short time reader, first time commenter

/pol/ is saying he got cucked and had a felony drug charge, fwiw

Cuck is cuckolded. Once again the Manosphere finds a way to blame women for male violence.

Paul Joseph Watson, an MRA who regularly makes Youtube videos, immediately made a video trying to reframe the murders as ‘poor white males.’ Goodfella, another AVFM MRA, left a comment on the same video with almost 80 thumbs up:

goodfella on s carolina shooting by violent white maleAbsolutely disgusting eh? You should watch his dumb video. It will horrify you.

Today I woke up to another MRA post on r/mensrights that blamed feminism for targeting black men. Activist116 calls his blend of mansplainy nonsense an ‘epiphany': ‘feminism is racism.’

In the wake of the Charleston shooting, I want to talk about an observation that I’ve made with regard to the fact that the shooter was under the belief that African Americans were sexually assaulting whites en-masse.

We are living in a new age of tough on crime politics when it comes to men being falsely accused of sexual assault. But remember, while many white men on this forum are worried about this happening to them, it has always been black men who have had to prove that they have never raped a woman. It is clear to me that their is an intersection between feminism and racism.

If this is the case FEMINISM IS RACISM.

Feminism has produced a system of procedures in all walks of life that perpetuate and maintain the power, influence and well-being of whites over black men. It originates in the operation of established and respected forces in modern society; and thus receives far less public condemnation than does individual acts of racism. Although it is a subtler force of racism, feminism is far more destructive.

Feminist ideologies maintain the suppression of black men in particular. Who gets arrested for “man-spreading?” the black man. Who will be put in jail for false rape accusations? The black man. Who overwhelmingly goes to jail for not paying child support? The black man.

Sure the guy was an loser, but I don’t think there are many black men on this forum to appreciate the fact that most of the feminist policies that we in the MRA despise overwhelmingly target Black men. Black men are feeling the onslaught of feminism the worst. The majority of men in the forum appear to be white, but really black men are in need of more help than any other group of men.

Yes, the men in MRA-land are predominately, probably 99.9% white males. That should clue in the dude but it doesn’t.

In the next few days I’m sure more MRA’s will come to the defense of yet another violent white male who sat in his room all day addicted to video games and porn and doing nothing with his life, aside from toxic and racist masculinity. Of course these whack jobs will blame it on everything other than the problem: the entitled and misogynist white male.

Last Post:

CAFE Men’s Rights Group hunts for dox of female protestors. Calls to ‘punish’ and rape them.

I Want To Rape Them: CAFE Men’s Rights Group Supporters Looking To ‘Punish’ Women

The Canadian men’s rights group CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality) has just opened up an Ottawa branch to pair up with their Toronto one. I can’t tell you how scary this is for Canadian society and of course, women. During the inaugural meeting a group of young women came to protest it. Men’s rightsters think the protestors were radical feminists which is funny because it’s obvious to anyone with a functioning brain these women aren’t radical. Even a screencapped FB post from the protestors admitting they’re socialists wasn’t enough to clue in CAFE’s supporters. Also, since CAFE is directly related to A Voice for Men and Men’s Rights Edmonton, their affiliated members are all posting the video of the protest and asking men to find out the personal information of these women.

A Voice for Men has also publicized this because AVFM and CAFE were in each others pockets at the formation of CAFE and employ the same people as well as share the same members.

Here’s one video of the protest posted by Victor Maltby:

AVFM commenters recommended using violence against these women, especially the woman who blew a whistle

pussies advocating violence

In the You Tube comment section of Victor Maltby’s video, an MRA on the comment section said we needed another Montreal Massacre. The comment was upvoted.

we need marc lepine massacreHere’s a broader sample of the comment section. These are the men behind and who support CAFE’s men’s rights group:

women screaming is their role beating up protestors bring back gas chambers bulldyke pussy stinks i want to hit that woman 2 I want to hit that woman manginas get handjobs misandrist feminists pity fucks ruin them and beat them sandy cunts beta males woman should be drawn and quartered

CAFE and their affiliates are now searching for the personal information of the young women who protested the meeting. Paul Elam has promoted the video on AVFM and Men’s Rights Edmonton has publicly and directly asked for the personal information of these women in a video titled ‘We Want Names‘ in order to ‘punish’ them since they’re angry the police didn’t arrest them.

You are allowed to demonstrate in Canada but when men’s rights groups are protested, the women are hunted, doc dropped and their personal information passed around to many unstable men who have criminal records. In fact, the main speaker in the video is David Shackleton who said feminism is the same as the ‘the historical rise of Nazism in Germany.’

Here’s David’s full quote from the site:

‘I will argue that the feminine archetype is now dominant in the western world, and that, most dangerously, we are virtually blind to the shadow side of this archetype. As a result, while we are vigilant against masculine forms of evil, feminine evil is taking over our culture, and feminism is the leading and driving ideology of this process. This situation has its roots in our childraising practice in the last fifty years, and is directly analagous to the historical rise of Nazism in Germany.’

Shackleton worked heavily in the father’s rights movement in Canada in the early 90’s pushing for equal parenting. Equal parenting involves men getting immediate custody even if they’re abusers. In fact, that’s where the concept came from, abusive dad’s. It has other names: shared parenting or equal shared parenting. The father’s rights group even made up a syndrome called ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome‘ where they gaslight their own children. These fathers blame the mother and children for not wanting contact with the abusive father. No psychological body uses this diagnosis but some lawyers have been able to argue it in court in order to place the kids back with their abusive dad’s. I’ll dig up more on Shackleton in another post.

Victor Maltby, the MRA who was at CAFE’s Ottawa meeting and who videotaped the protest, asked on Men’s Rights Edmonton’s comment section why MRA’s didn’t want to talk to the constables who didn’t arrest the protestors. The response was typical. It’s less scary to go after women and also, Eric Duckman wants to rape them.

eric duckman wants to rape female protestors

Going after the establishment=wrong. CAFE going after young women to ‘punish’ them through rape= perfect.

They intend to announce the personal information of these young college women on their various back channels and even on Youtube. I told Eric Duckman of Men’s rights Edmonton on Youtube that if he uploads any personal information or puts it in the description that I will flag it. If any MRA announces the dox I will put a link up so you can all report it. If any of you find MRA’s dropping docs on a social media platform please inform me through my email:

I don’t think it will do any good because MRA’s have their back channels where they pass around the personal information of women. However, we must do what’s right.

CAFE is very dangerous. At the beginning of this year my resolution was to expose them because I am a Canadian and I recognize that they’re the Canadian wing of A Voice for Men. From their inception they’ve been dishonest. From lying on their charity application to sneaking into the Pride parade after being told not to march is just the beginning. They’ve welcomed Tanveer Ahmed, a fired White Ribbon ambassador who blames radical feminists for men’s violence. This year they’re trying to march with Pride Toronto but from my sources they’ve been denied. I’d like to thank everyone who has written to Pride to inform them of CAFE’s true intentions. I especially want to thank Feministas of Canada who has probably done most of the leg work to expose CAFE to Pride.

If you would still like to email Pride Toronto to let them know you don’t want CAFE to ever march in Pride, click here.

CAFE Men’s Rights Group Welcomes Former White Ribbon Ambassador Tanveer Ahmed

The Canadian men’s rights group CAFE has welcomed Tanveer Ahmed into their fold, an Australian psychiatrist who thinks radical feminists are responsible for male violence. They sat down with him for an interview and uploaded it to Youtube.

Early this year Ahmed wrote an article for The Australian (I’d link it but it’s behind a pay wall) where he let loose at feminists for making the world horrible for men and telling men to ‘man up’ and embrace toxic masculinity. He also let loose this:

“family violence within newly arrived ethnic groups is often related to the sudden dilution of traditional masculinity, leaving men lost and isolated, particularly as females enjoy greater autonomy and expectations.”~Tanveer Ahmed

Clementine Ford quickly responded to the drivel presented by Ahmed regarding domestic violence, which we radical feminists rightly name male violence against women.

‘Radical feminists didn’t endure the wrath and measurably violent pushback of people opposed to women’s liberation so that their activism could be scoffed at by a man directly benefiting from its passion and fearlessness. Nor did feminists come so far just to end up back in the frustrating position of being ordered to preserve men’s privilege ‘for balance’.’~Clementine Ford

The Conversation’s Petra Bueskens also responded:

Men have become “feminised” and are, as a consequence, “humiliated”. It is this, he argues, that is “increasingly the driver of family-based violence”.

While masquerading as analysis, the piece ultimately reads as an apology for men’s violence. There are two reasons for this. First, Ahmed’s “diagnosis” is not followed with a recognition that men’s (likely very real) problems with declining power are theirs to work through, not to enact on their wives, girlfriends or other women in the form of violence. Second, he criticises, in the most stereotyped and deliberately inflammatory terms, the feminist movement, which gave the very tools and resources to make such a critique of male violence possible.

Plus, Ahmed is a notorious plagiarizer as reported in The Guardian. Ahmed was sacked by The Australian in 2012 but vowed to return to writing which he did in 2015.

“There was definitely a time there where I knew what I was doing was wrong,” Ahmed told the Media Report.

And essentially I did it anyway. And the way that would have happened is that I don’t think…I think I’d lost sight of the magnitude of what I was doing. I think it felt like a fairly minor transgression for me. But I think in terms of my self-audit, I think that’s how it happened.”

He was hired again by The Australian and published his domestic violence piece in Feb. 2015. He didn’t learn his lessons and plagiarized again.

Ketan Joshi’s blog ‘Some Air’ has chronicled the multiple times Ahmed’s plagiarized. In fact, in one article he plagiarized Ronald Dworkin. *WomanoftheWoods corrected this. I quoted this from another site and automatically assumed it was Andrea’s due to the context.

Ahmed wrote:

“The thinking is that the human body has an energy to it that can be guided by external manipulation, much the way that matter and tissues are influenced by chemicals and radiation in conventional medicine.”~Tanveer Ahmed

Dworkin wrote:

“Supposedly, the human body has an energy to it that can be guided by external manipulation, much the way that matter and tissues are influenced by chemicals and radiation in allopathic medicine.”~ Ronald Dworkin

Ahmed’s excuses for plagiarism possibly reflect his ridiculous position on domestic violence. Ketan Joshi has eloquently put it thus:

‘Ahmed’s incoherent justification of plagiarism seems to mirror his twisted explanatory reasoning around domestic violence. He characterizes himself as some sort of innocent automaton – carelessly copying paragraphs from other people’s work, only semi-aware that his actions are wrong.’~Ketan Joshi

Ahmed was an ambassador for White Ribbon, an international education group on domestic violence. They quickly fired Ahmed but offered him a way back in if he completes ‘training.’ They said ‘views of Dr Ahmed do not reflect the views of White Ribbon Australia.‘ While I like the intent behind White Ribbon, I’m very wary after this happened, that they hired a misogynist men’s rights activist without having a process to determine that’s indeed what he was. I also fundamentally have a problem with men making a lot money off the backs of women’s endless pain.

CAFE has scooped up Ahmed and it’s a good fit regarding what we know of CAFE’s leader Justin Trottier and his dishonesty. Lying to get charity status was just one of his dishonest stunts. Marching in the Pride parade after being told not to was another. The most basic of his deceptions is insisting CAFE is interested in equality but we can clearly see what his group is through the people they employ.