Contrapoints is a MAN

So this week Contrapoints dick chasers were all over my comment section and I have a feeling they are responsible for killing my Youtube channel. I left a comment on the Majority Report and when the lefty WOKE dudes starting calling me a TERF, I left a well reasoned argument and a link to the Karen White case in the UK, where a rapist and pedo tranny got put into a women’s prison and then went on to rape 4 women.

This drove Hontra’s fanbois insane and they did indeed come to my channel. These brogressives stick up for their male counterparts to the detriment of females globally. They also think they’re left wing, which is hilarious when they support the legalization of prostitution and pornography, which I did chide them for in last week’s videos.

So they got their dicks up their arses and were hopping mad. I have a sneaking suspicion it was them that killed my channel. I can’t be sure but it’s a safe bet. I got a ton of attention from certain trannies from the Majority Report who even remembered that I had addressed Nick’s lame ass videos on my defunct, and banned mancheeze channel that was suspended in January of this year.

They don’t like when a woman is rational and makes arguments they can’t answer. The only response these fuckwits gave me went something like this

women are responsible for tranny's getting murdered

This brogressive is blaming women for trannies getting murdered, as if by magic, women are the violent sex of the species.


Oh and before we go on, let’s examine that claim. In the last 10 years or so, only EIGHT trannies have been murdered in the UK. How many women and girls do you think were killed in ONE YEAR in the UK? Appx 150. So the idea that trannies have it so much harder and are the primary targets of male violence is absurd.

So the most likely explanation is that brogressives got my channel taken down.

What they did next was pretty stunning.

Over on Lil’s new subreddit, I made a post after I was banned from Youtube where I said ‘I’m going to kill these fucking trannies!’ and underneath it, since I KNEW a bunch of trannies would see that and whine about it,  I purposely explained that everyone knew women aren’t the murderers of these men and that the deplatforming and physical violence is going one-way. Some tranny fuckers reported this to the mods of the subreddit, which just happen to be fucking ME! LOL

I dismissed the silly report and then posted a link to the video showing Maria Maclachlan being beaten by trannies.

Contrapoints’ fans are the most likely culprits of the banning of my Youtube channel. So with that, I’m going to do a response to his most recent whacky video where he claims that womanhood is a fantasy and femininity is what makes someone a woman.

Oh yes, I plan on going out in style. So look forward to that video in the near future, to be posted here. This is mancheeze central for now. Remember to subscribe and comment, a lot. Let me hear who is left from all the fall out.

Don’t worry. I will survive this. Like I always do.


15 thoughts on “Contrapoints is a MAN

  1. The 21st century version of the emperors new clothes. Nobody at CS dares speak the truth about him for fear of being branded transphobic, so they make delusional politically correct statements about it “meaningfully challenging gender bias”. Wtf does that even mean? Sickening.

      • The gall of him. The truth is he didn’t make it onto the top 100 list of males because he wears dresses to work every other day and they secretly despise him for it. So his “gender fluid” alter ego was the only way to get his undeserving mitts on it.

        Anyone who truly gave a flying fuck about “challenging gender bias” in business would understand that someone who’s spent the bulk of their life as an educated, white, middle class male (with all the privilege and advantage that bestows on them) is not deserving of any kind of award whatsoever for WOMEN in business simply because he puts on a pink dress and some badly applied eyeliner three days a week. He challenges nothing. He’s a cross dresser and a thief.

  2. That article. I can’t believe it. Pot meet kettle.

    This transvestite, Willoughby, is a dude who is incorrectly called “the first woman to front an all-woman talk show.” It is probably a typo by the DM, notorious for not proofreading before posting its stories online. It probably meant “transgender.” And this dude, this deviant, has the nerve to call a fellow deviant being on the “woman’s” list an “insult.”

    These delusional dudes are completely irony challenged.

    He is quoted in the article as saying: “‘Transgender has become totally meaningless.”

    It always was a meaningless term to disguise what you men are really all about.

    • Delusional pretty much sums the whole thing up from start to finish.

      I’m not allowed to post any comments at all on the DM regarding TGism. They’re basically in the vein of I might take people like Jenner more seriously if they didn’t transition into the male fantasy version of a woman and continue to exhibit the textbook classic male behaviour of chasing after women 40 years younger than themselves, so I’m guessing that’s probably why.

      I presume there are a few TG cult members working there.

      • Yeah I can’t post there on DM either.

        I remember over 2 years ago making a comment and they censored it. So I never went back.

        When I post news stories I usually try to archive it first so I don’t give them clicks.

  3. No one makes me laugh at absurdities like you do. I thought the Contrapoints video was an utterly nonsensical and vapid explanation of gender. All flash and no substance seems to be his thing now.

  4. Glad to have found you. That’s unfortunate to see your channel get shut down (again), but at least you have this!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  5. Ironically Liza Featherstone wrote this very good article in The Nation, I Think My Friend Is a Jordan Peterson Fan What Should I Do?

    And she says how Jordan is promulgating backward and deeply unoriginal biological determinism with certainty and zeal and lot of Jungian mumbo jumbo and she rightfully called his ideas repellent, she then recommends sources to counter his propaganda she mentions and links to Dr.Cordelia Fine’s great book Delusions Of Gender,but also says another is a wonderful video that she links to,and I watched it,called,Jordan Peterson Contra:Points by the transfemme YouTube star Natalie Wynn who she says does a fabulous job of acknowledging the value of Peterson’s self-help advice while exposing his far right political agenda.


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