When MRA’s Email Me

I got this lovely email from ‘some angry dude’ a few days ago. It’s amazing to me how angry these men are. He purposely titled it as a donation email because he wanted to make sure I read it.

Joe MRA nasty email

Notice it’s all about sexual access to this lowlife scum. It’s not about me being Jewish. It’s about his entitled view that women are supposed to love sex with losers. Sex is all this guy wants. Also notice his reinforcement of femininity aka submission to men. This guy needs to grow up and understand that many women don’t want families and don’t revolve their lives around men’s penises.

What’s hilarious is that I did ‘faze’ him to the point he wrote to me. Apparently this little angry dude gets wound up pretty easily. He will be reported to the police as I do with every nasty communication I get from these silly men who have no lives.






14 thoughts on “When MRA’s Email Me

  1. What’s amazing to me about these guys is that they think anybody cares about them “going their own way.” Who’s asking them to “return to the plantations” as “husbands, sperm donors and wage slaves?” It’s certainly not feminists.

    They’re so angry that many women go *their* own way and don’t want or need men to be “husbands, sperm donors or wage slaves” or anything else for that matter.

    They tell you that you’re obsessed with their movement when it’s just the opposite. Have they never heard of this thing called “projection?” How can they have so little self insight?

    • It’s just about sexual access and the idea this idiot has that women are his property. Every comment by these fools always involves a serious lack of sexual activity. His personality is so bad no woman wants to go near him.

  2. He hasn’t had a date since at least 2009 when he wrote this comment on an MRA site: “Just shut up. Get lost. This is for men. This is not for you. You bastards (females) ruined the family. You temporarily turned men into your slaves. Now millions of men have swallowed the red pill and you females are now impoverished parasites that men are purposefully staying away from. Your shaming language and religious arguments will not work. Enjoy your permanent poverty. You females have earned it and deserve it.”

    Most likely he hasn’t had a date ever. And it burrrrrns.

    And it’s so funny when men assume women want to marry. In fact women are refusing to marry and leaving marriage all over the world the second they get a chance. MGTOWs eat sour grapes.

    • It’s really about the fact he can’t get a date. He covets women. He obsesses over women. He’s the typical entitled manchild who’s just realized that women don’t need him or his bullshit. A sure sign of female liberation is his little MGTOW tantrums. The more angry men get over losing a speck of privilege, the more freedom women have achieved. He’s angry he can’t control a woman, possess a woman. He’s been raised to think women are his property and his little brain is imploding b/c he’s realizing that women won’t accept his ownership.

    • Yup. MRAs and MGTOWs think that all women want to get married. They make these memes about how a woman can’t get a husband if she’s a feminist. They really don’t realize that that’s kind of the point.

    • Men invented marriage. Naturally it benefits them more than us. Then he mentions, “…enjoy your poverty.” Yeah, neckbeard, we’re all familiar with the pay wage gap. You duders keep it around as a pathetic incentive for women to marry while denying wage disparity exists. You pathetic asshole. Patriarchy still can’t strongarm many of us women to marry. The idea of it makes me gag. Most of you guys can’t even hold full-time jobs, much less act like normal humans in real life. Sex? Have any of you had actual sex? Women can pleasure themselves…with outstanding results. We don’t need shitty, women-hating, malcontents hanging around, sucking the lifeforce from us. Whaaaa, women don’t wanna be your slaves. Fuck off already.

    • LOL his post is so ironic because that’s exactly what men are, parasites to women. They leach off our life force, they desire constant access to our bodies. Males are getting more and more useless by the day, and more and more women are waking up to this fact.

  3. He forgot to add “TRUMP2016!” (assuming he lives in the states).

    Anyhow, the email is rife with projection, emotional hysterics and numerous logical fallacies. So, he’s (allegedly) going his own way, but felt the uncontrollable desire to take time out of his uneventful day to send this load of crap? Vintage MGTOW.

    If he even cared to be honest, he would admit that he is the one who is unfuckable, and that MGTOW is nothing more than a poorly conceived false scarcity tactic. They think that loudly proclaiming their (faux) departure will create a stampede of women to come running to their bedside. It’s a very old and obvious marketing plot used by the most desperate of salesmen. Fun fact: It only works if the item (or, in this case, person) is of at least moderate value. MGTOW cretins are worthless, thus the plan backfires, resulting in sour grapes.

    Number of times that I personally have ever sent an email to a MGTOW/MRA/PUA: 0

    Who needs who?

  4. Who’s trying to brainwash MRAs to get married? It sure as hell isn’t feminists, or anyone with a brain. We’d rather MRAs stay single until they fucking die, since, you know, they hate women and would just rape and abuse them.

    Illogical misogynistic MRA rhetoric aside, I don’t really see the point of pissing on someone’s grave. That just seems like a waste of time. But it’s still more activity than most MRAs do in their “activism.”


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