Paul Elam Goes On Australian TV and The Reaction Was ‘Wow.’

Australia had to sit through an 8 minute segment of this raging misogynist yesterday morning.  Of course the foot in mouth eventually happened. Paul claims his approach is ‘evidence based’ but we all know that most of the rapists being exhonerated by the Innocence Project are just mistaken identities, NOT false claims.

Without further ado, heeeeeere’s Elam

I don’t think he’ll be on that program again.


21 thoughts on “Paul Elam Goes On Australian TV and The Reaction Was ‘Wow.’

  1. So, what is his point? The Women’s Movement, which Paul and his minions hate and daily threaten proponents of, have exactly the goals that he described.

    The problem is that men are not working full time – most of the time, once a man is married, he stops working altogether and expects his wife to do everything – be a sex slave, bring home the money, do the home repairs.

    End to “rape hysteria.” Well, that’s easy – men need to stop raping women. Men are the only ones who can end “rape hysteria.”

    “Rape is committed by a small number of criminals…” – I’d really like to see some solid evidence for this assertion.

    He doesn’t like the “Rape Shield Law” – this ought to be a big, red flag. These Aussies must have been desperate for a guest for their show! At least, the hosts don’t seem to be buying his baloney.

  2. The reaction of the host at the end – priceless. Too bad they let Elam get away with so much though.

    Has this Majority Report segment been posted here yet?

    These reactions of utter disgust from journalists do their profession more credit than listening politely and disguising their disgust.

    • I saw this vid earlier this a.m. I did not know that the MRA conference slogan was “Men are good.” Too bad these guys failed to mention the terroristic threat made to radical feminists online. In fact, I thought this was the icing on the proverbial cake in terms of disgusting things said at the conference, but for some reason, it seems to have flown right past every single person who reported on the con.

      • Not even the SPLC article on Day 2 of the con mentioned the threat, which is surprising since one of the things they do is track such threats, or so I thought.

        No one mentioned it – and no one talked about it except her and We Hunted the Mammoth in the comment section – as far as I know.

        i guess threatening a specific group of women live, in front of a camera, is a-okay.

        • I meant the radical feminists should be afraid threat that the made at the end of the conference right after they proudly announced that they doxxed women and would continue to do so.

          I never saw that mentioned in any of the articles about the con.

          • Doxing is off the radar of most conventional media as a true threat. Anything related to the internet is still considered not that serious. I think it is because they have some resources to control it that the average person doesn’t…

            They also seem to have seen this group as pure nutters and were too busy laughing by the end to take it seriously…

          • I suppose. Plus, the threat was made against a very specific group of women, radical feminists, which would probably not include any of the people who reported on the event. So, maybe they didn’t consider it important.

            Of course, the problem with doxxing is that there is the implied threat – that someone is going to come to your home to commit violence. And, of course, doxxing is illegal in most places. Surely, journalists are aware of that.

            It’s just interesting that they can make such a direct threat against a very specific group of people and this is not considered, at all, important by a single person who reported on the event in any official capacity. They almost never fail to mention the unsubstantiated threats AVfM claims was made against them, though.

  3. Stay at home dads are awesome when they are effectively taking care of the children and home just the same as stay at home moms are expect to, but this is something that I see feminists usually encouraging, and many of his own readers criticizing. Why does he not understand this? Also, it’s sad because false rape accusations do happen, but with someone like Elam trying to make everyone think that it’s a bigger problem than rape itself, no one is going to listen to him.

    • As soon as Elam opens his mouth and starts with his faulty stats and babbling about misandreeee and false rape accusations people will shut him off. He’s an idiot, plain and simple. AVFM is actually happy that in India, one of the most patriarchal nations on earth, eliminated parts of VAWA. I don’t know any man who is called a ‘gigolo’ if he stays home with the kids. My brother in law raised my nephew as a stay at home dad. Nobody ever thought of him as a gigolo. That’s such 70’s speak. We call them ‘stay at home Dad’s’ or ‘house husbands.’ Nothing misandering about that. Paul should trying living in the present but I do love when he speaks. We all get to laugh at him.

  4. I honestly don’t know where Elam gets the “gigilo” thing from. I stayed at home with my newborn son for the first the eight months of his life while my significant other finished her last two semesters of post-secondary learning. The only people who ever batted an eye were really old men. The constant comment I heard from women who had babies the same age as my son was that their husbands or boyfriends would do nothing with their children (but that’s not say I didn’t see other dads in the caregiver role). It isn’t women or society at large that is passing along the traditional gender role stereotypes, I find it is almost always certain types of men that – judging from my circle of friends and acquaintances- seem to be diminishing in size all the time. They just refuse to liberate themselves from old ways of thinking. I never thought it was a big deal that i was a stay-at-home dad, it was just the best decision at the time for us.

    • I know what you mean and Elam is of that age group and type. They tend to complain about the confines of their era while generally failing to understand they were the only ones imposing them.

      • He’s a hatemonger for profit. I recently saw a Twilight Zone episode I’d never seen before called “He’s Alive,” which reminded me very much of Elam and the other leaders in this movement and similar movements. They’re all basically the same. It was about a man with “a philosophy and a point of view” that he wanted to put forth and it was all inspired by this shadowy figure that roams around – and, of course, you find out who the shadow is at the end. It’s at YouTube right now. It’s exactly like these guys. Look up: Twilight Zone He’s Alive.

        • Makes sense. MRA tend to use it to justify rape. Ignoring the fact that most men manage not to need an excuse to be allowed to abuse women and children… Real men have self control.

    • nice use of anecdotal evidence. men are chastised all the time as being “deadbeats” when they don’t work.

      • And women are chastised if they refuse to…. shave their legs, get a boob job, wear makeup, smile all the fucking time, wear foot-deforming high heels, cook for men, have sex with every spaz that demands it, wash men’s feet with our hair, work traditionally female jobs, etc, etc.

        Be grateful for your male privilege, Marc. If “deadbeat” is the worst you’ve heard, try CUNT on for size.

  5. There are older men who are more enlightened than many of the younger ones who have taken up the MRA attitudes. Sorry no time to read any more tonight.

    • Agreed. Some. Among the very old… I find there is a 2 generation (or so) cut of men more susceptible to MRA extremism. They appear to have believed all the entitlements were to go to one group. Them. But failed to understand they were believing in a fairytale in the first place. As was mentioned, they are dying out though. Only the mentally ill among the young believe in these entitlements. That gives me some reason for hope…

  6. The problem with “stay at home dads” is that most of them don’t fully embody the role. For instance, a stay at home mom isn’t just expected to take care of the kid. She is also responsible for the housework, cooking the meals, doing the laundry….and, perhaps most importantly, she is expected to LOOK GOOD WHILE DOING ALL OF THIS. The latter is where “stay at home dads” fail the hardest. If this is going to be a *true* role reversal, these guys need to do it All. The. Fucking. Way. No excuses. No exceptions. Fair is fair.


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