CAFE Tells Canadian Women To Spread Their Legs

When men sit down in a public space and take up 3 seats it’s annoying. It’s not polite either. Having no regard for others in public is what men do so well.

CAFE’s Canadian Centre for Men and Families has some advice for women who don’t like it when men are so fucking entitled they can’t sit properly in public.

Spread your legs.

Listen to these two boneheads from CAFE make sexual innuendo talk about women. Wait, I thought they were about equality? Silly me. They’re just another AVFM outpost of misogyny.

I didn’t make it to the end of the video in my first sitting.

You bet I’m going to focus on CAFE now. Canadian women deserve more than two guys rambling about how women should spread their legs in public and asking for donations to their silly org.


13 thoughts on “CAFE Tells Canadian Women To Spread Their Legs

  1. Those guys are repulsive and the way that guy is sitting, aiming his shwingschwang at the camera is really offensive. When men sit in that exaggerated way it seems like sexual aggression. They are clearly dominating space. There’s, also, something really perverse about it. It’s strange that men are allowed to do this.

    I remember growing up and being told how to sit politely. It was reinforced at a school I went to. We were even told not to cross our legs (like the women on Fox News do) because it was crass and made us look like cheap barflies. We were supposed to cross our legs at the ankles (just like Ann Romney – I remember seeing her on a talk show sitting this way, which is the *proper* way for women to sit – not to take up space and to supposedly not invite impure sexual thoughts or acts from males). Also, if you cross your legs in slacks and your calves aren’t parallel to each other, then this means your thighs are too fat. Yes, I learned this at age 15. Even in the strip clubs, we were coached about how to get on and off the stage so as not to be “un-ladylike.”

    Then, these two gross, hairy, dick-danglers brag about taking up space, spreading their legs in this crass, sexually aggressive way.

    I don’t think this is okay or appropriate for anyone to do in public or in polite company.

    These are surely “nice” guys, though, because they are speaking out about the actions of Marc Lepine. That must mean they’re the good ones, huh? NAMALT, right?!

    Oh, more greasy, hairy dudes talking about DV. Lovely. Did you see the latest one down in Mississippi. Strangely enough, the libs don’t seem to want to talk about it, but it’s all over Twitter and conservative blogs. A woman who just left a battered woman’s shelter about two months ago was murdered by one or more men after leaving a very suspicious-looking gas station. It appears that they may have rammed her car, hit her in the head with an object, poured something flammable down her throat and set her on fire. One of the gang members supposedly had something had his social media account about “barbequing b*tches.” I got interested in the story because when I first heard about it, they said she was at a car wash (a very dangerous place for women, in my experience), but it seems this wasn’t the case. She may have been ambushed on the highway by someone she knew.

    I then began to realize that there are a remarkable number of instances of men setting women on fire and burning us alive. (The Burning Times, anyone?) Many of them involve an ex, although some appear to be random.

    Women don’t run around burning men alive, either presently historically. It’s not a thing. But, this is something men do to women. Oh, yeah, but DV is an equal opportunity crime, right? The witches/b*tches started it; the poor downtrodden menz just finish it. And, this is what they do. Hey, why not? It’s only a misdemeanor in my state. As long the man has stuck his thing in her (with consent or not), it’s no big deal.

    Men are really our friends, our benevolent protectors. NAMALT. We should all give them more chances to rape and kill us, right?! Everybody deserves a second chance. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Time heals all wounds. Blah, blah!

      • V.,

        That’d be the one. Although, there’s a lot more going one here, which seems to revolve around corruption in the local L.E. – not unlike what Iive with here, except we don’t have the inter-racial aspect of the story. The gangs here are all very, very white.

        I said I don’t know why the libs aren’t interested in the story, but this isn’t true – it was a tongue in cheek kind of thing, except you can’t see the expression on my face. Since it is too much of a hot potato to describe why the left doesn’t want to touch this story, I’ll describe instead why the right is running with it. They are doing so because it furthers their narrative of “those men over there are bad.” White men are safer, less likely to rape and kill you, especially if you are white. This is what they’re saying at the right wing blogs (alongside the narrative that Jackie is picking on poor white frat boys). The victim in this case what a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman and the probably perps are any number of black gang members (and possibly one from Yemen). But, that isn’t the whole story. The white patriarchy there is part of it, too. It looks like her dad may have been involved in meth production back in 2003, was arrested, then given a job within the sheriff’s department.

        I wish I could tell you the kind of things that go on around here – pretty far from Mississippi, but with the same cartel culture like you’ll find anywhere in this country if you look deep enough or in Mexico (it’s very similar). When I got my first glimpse of the surveillance footage released by the press on this story, I put 2 and 2 together pretty quickly. This could happen here. But, the libs won’t talk about it because #1, they hate southerners, especially poor, white southerners, for some reason and #2, they feel it conflicts with another narrative they are currently running with. Personally, I don’t see a conflict, but if you’re a racist, liberal male, I’m sure it all makes sense.

        The men on the left and the men on the right are still playing the same game with women that Dworkin described when she talked about the liberal infiltration of the women’s movement during the ’60s and early ’70s (how liberal men looked the other way with regard to certain cases of rape and how they used women to protest Viet-nam, to get our heads beat in on the front lines, then threw us under the bus, afterward). The men on the right say, “Come with us, ladies. You’ll be safe. We’ll protect you.” And, if you get down on your knees and accept Jaysus and go along with everything they say, then maybe they won’t beat and rape you too much – certainly less than those dark-skinned men over there will or so they say. (This has not been my personal experience, at all, by the way – it’s an out right lie from the racist men on the right.)

        And, the men on the left will sacrifice women in an instant, throw us under the bus, for some cause (like the black man’s rights, which they frequently did in the late ’60s as Andrea describes it) they deem as more important to themselves. MEN’s suffering is the most important. Men’s rights come first before all else both during and after the lip service they give us about how much they are our allies. It takes precedent over all else. They want women’s energy, women’s service and servitude and love and all that while they subvert it for their own causes – always to do with men (men of another color, men in dresses – it matters not as long as they are men).

        That book looks pretty interesting. It reminds me of the men on the left vs. the men on the right, too. Neither one can understand why women don’t want anything to do with them – oh, and they have some really *nice* names for us when we don’t comply.

      • Re: A couple of bad typos.

        I really garbled a sentence badly in the second paragraph above. I meant to say: “The victim in this case was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman and the probable perps…”

        But, like I said – that’s just on the surface. There’s a lot more going on here and one thing I can guarantee you is this: The people responsible for this woman’s death are ALL MEN in some position of relative power in their community (be that a regular gang or a uniformed gang that wears a badge. There’s no difference from where I’m standing.)

      • V.,

        This is OUR planet. They are the aliens and they need to be, at least, brought under our control.

        Somewhere there are some alternative history theories that go along with this idea… can’t remember where I saw it because it’s been a while. Their bodies are inhabited by a different kind of soul – that’s the main point. The are (demon-like) aliens to this planet and they are using us to gain physical bodies. This needs to stop.

  2. Also, is this the same group that falsified official Canadian tax documents to try to get tax free status? I think it is. Why aren’t these guys wearing stripes and sitting in a room surrounded by iron bars?

  3. Just an ordinary week. I’m really, really tired of the ongoing mayhem of men killing women and the media going hohum. It’s just normal, women tortured to death. Yeah, erasure of women being tortured and killed all day long all over OUGHT TO GET FUCKING NOTICED:

    The list is infinite. I’m just tired of keyboarding; I could go on all night. Most of these cases no one sees. It’s normalized. Women-killing gonna happen, what you gonna do.

  4. Thank you for posting this madness. I live in a large city, and take the subway everyday. Space is very limited on the trains, and its very common to see people sitting shoulder to shoulder. More often than not, I’ve had the displeasure of noticing a man who’s sitting in front of me deliberately sitting there spreading his legs. This sickens me, and always has. He’s essentially saying “I own these seats that are meant to be for other riders to sit down in.” They assume no one will have the guts to ask them to either close their legs, or move over. And usually no one will, in fear of retribution. Men always want to dominate everything and everyone, even in the smallest ways. I saw two men in one year masturbating right in front of me! Now I am NO force to be reckoned with, and made the entire train aware of what this pervert was doing! The girl next to me was quiet and nervous, so I am glad I took it upon myself to embarrass this scumbag. For more women’s horror stories about what they go through in cities, google ihollaback, and read about what my sisters have to deal with on a daily basis. About men, beware, and be aware!


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