Mancheeze New Video: Bathroom Laws

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20 thoughts on “Mancheeze New Video: Bathroom Laws

  1. I am never shopping at Target, again. I think they’ve already folded up their in Canada, so you don’t need to worry.

    I’m seriously wondering how this is going to play out in places where we have a lot of conceal/carry? These hairy dudes could end up with an instant “transition!”

    • You tell em RW. I’ve already looked at women’s weapon stores online and I’m thinking of getting a purse taser. Here, check it out:

      The taser is tiny and delivers 10 million volts

      I’d love to get a full taser but they’re 300 bucks. Too expensive. I already have a fishing knife I carry on my thigh. Now it’s time for a taser. If you’re quick, which I am because I’m petite, you can really do some damage.

      I heard about Target. We must never spend money there again. We should compile a list of businesses that have sold out women’s rights and boycott them. They only understand a hit to their money supply.

      • I recently invested in a hidden camera that I could use if I run into a man in women’s spaces. I’m not as scared of potential violence (although I’m lucky enough to live somewhere with a low violent crime rate) as I am of male voyeurism, leering, inappropriate comments, blatant exhibitionism, and other harassment that supposed MTFs are entitled to subject us to under gender identity laws.

      • HMQ,

        I think that stungun sounds just fine. I’ve got an old one with 1/100th of the voltage and it will do the job – it’s damn scary, too. Lots of people are scared of those things. I carried one, a little bulkier than that one, all over the place for years in places I couldn’t get away with carrying a revolver. Weapons really do deter men – even stun guns. A lot of people have never seen those things in action.

        I used to walk around with one of those in my pocket, with my hand right on it, especially when walking through dangerous areas. I used to sleep with it under my pillow, too.

        I don’t really think you need more voltage than that. Personally, I think they’re just trying to up-sell people and you probably wouldn’t get any more benefit out of the more expensive one. If you hit some dude – and you want to hit flesh – with 10 million volts, he’s going to be out of his mind. It literally stuns ’em. Once you got ’em down, kick the shit out of them. Crack their heads into something hard or sharp. That’s how you do it!

        Just don’t put your fingers in that electrical arc or you’ll get bitten!

        I read Target changed their mind, citing that they had no idea this would be harmful or distressing to women and girls! Ha! I’ll never darken their doors, again, as long as I live!

        • So Target is now saying men can’t go into the women’s room?

          We should compile a list of corporations that are selling out women’s rights, to let women know where NOT to spend money.

          I was wondering if 10,000 volts was enough. You seem to think so.

          Once you get em down you get em in the nuts and that’s it. You’re home free.

          • The link for that pink stungun said 10 million volts. I’m skeptical if its output is really that much. But, even if it’s only a percentage, if you actually touch those prongs to a predator’s skin, it ought to do the job.

            Sometimes, if they see you’re coming at them with something in your hand, they will back down because they don’t know what it is. And, mine is really loud and scary, if you hit the button. People just don’t want to be hit with a voltage of electricity – it’s pretty uncomfortable, if nothing else, But, what it does is short-circuit the brain temporarily. Literally, the perp will be stunned for a second or two after being hit.

            Regarding the companies supporting men in the ladies’ room:

            I tried to look this up,but it is so confusing to me because of the “anti-anti-anti-” language. I can’t keep track and many articles I’ve read, like this one at the Daily Beast, are clearly anti-woman and anti-girl, but the way they worded this article – and this is just one example – is very confusing to me. Here’s the article of which I speak:

            So, what I learned from that jacked up article there is to look for “transgender friendly companies”… here’s a list of those:


            Really, the corporate push behind this misogyny is very large and seems to go back generations when I’ve looked at it. I upset some of your commenters here previously by pointing out that lots and lots of celebrities seem to be trannies. It’s not any kind of conspiracy theory, I assure you. You can do a quick search and see for yourself the endless list, with photographs, of men doing all kinds of things while masquerading as women: Modeling; athletic competition, including the Olympics, boxing, and tennis; acting; journalism, porn, stripping, and so on.

            Did you see this blogpost?:

          • I used the terms “anti-woman” and “anti-girl,” but what I really should have said is “pro-rape.” These companies support, encourage and enable men who rape women and girls.

          • Target didn’t change its mind; it “clarified” that trans “women” are allowed to use the women’s restroom but not men. That trans “women” are men escapes them. That at least one man who “identifies” as a man filmed a video of himself asking a Target employee if he could use the women’s restroom and she enthusiastically replied yes escapes them. Trans apologists are defined by their mendacity.

      • This is the kind of stun gun I have (see link, below), except mine is really old! I bought it in the 1980s, I think. It’s only got 80,000 volts and I had to pay $100 for it.

        Now, you can get them with more voltage for less money:

        Mine looks just like the top one, but the one at this website is 150,000 volts for $69.95. There are videos at YT with dudes reviewing these. One guy is complaining because it’s plastic – he says it’s foreign-made and couldn’t take abuse, but he’s so wrong. (Of course, men like to abuse things – including weapons. Sometimes they buy stuff just to see how fast they can tear it up and put the videos online!) Mine is very solid all these years later. I carried it everywhere for probably 15 years! And, they’ve always been made in Taiwan. What’s great about the plastic is you – it used to be this way, anyway – you can smuggle them into places you couldn’t take a handgun very easily.

      • I thought they changed their position – they issued a statement – because of a women’s Christian pro-life group who organized a boycott. Like we need a boycott for this? I’m all for the boycott, of course, but this is just a matter of self-preservation. I’m not going to go somewhere that is saying outright and totally unequivocally they have no problem with men assaulting women.

        • Get ready for boycotting more and more businesses behind the push to erase women’s spaces.

          Wanna read something in Canadian law?

          There’s a radical feminist org in my locality called Vancouver Rape Relief. A man in a dress wanted to be a rape counsellor at this specific place just to see if he could get in there. VRR said ‘fuck no’

          Of course the man in the dress threatened them when they said ‘no.’

          It became a TWELVE year fucking battle because a small group of women told a man ‘no’, he couldn’t be a rape crisis counsellor there and that it was for WOMEN ONLY.

          He nearly put them out of business over all those years.

          It went to the BC Human Rights Tribunal and finally to the BC Supreme Court.

          Eventually, VRR won the case but the legal documents and the positions of VRR are quite important.

          Here are all the links. Great reading material

          • Thanks for the link. It looks like there’s plenty to read there.

            You’re probably already aware that there’s some MRA dude who has sued women all over the place, I think, in the State of California. He’s the same dude who was suing a night club over their ladies’ night advertisements. But, he’s sued women who tried to organize “women in tech” or some kind of business and all kinds of things like that.

            It’s what Sonia Johnson said – whenever we try to change a law to help women – for instance, to allow women to get a full education or to participate in once forbidden professions – the men just use those laws against us.

            The tranny thing is just another legal step on their part.

            I am lucky, I think, in fact, I think I’m very lucky not to live in a city or town. I just don’t even have the opportunity to frequent a lot of these places. But, of course, the reason I’ve become so isolated is because of male violence, in the first place. So, for me, this is just more of the same. But, if I know about another business like Target, you can bet I won’t go in there. I would never set foot in a Planet Fitness.

            But, eventually I think they’re going to overwhelm us with this and there will be no way to avoid it – for instance, once Walmart succumbs, I’ll have no choice. That’s about all there is here: Walmart. We do have a Target not far from here, which I already hate. So, it’s no big sacrifice not to ever go in there, again.

            Again and again, I try to think of solutions and all I can think of for women to do is – as much as possible – get away from men. Don’t have male children. If you have daughters, keep them out of the public schools, where they are sure to be exposed to all kinds of sexual abuse, both physically and psychologically. And, just try to become as self-sufficient, as possible – for instance, the idea of carrying a weapon and not relying on legal protections, because clearly we have none.

            I think somehow the solution to our liberation is going to have to come from our minds.It certainly isn’t going to come through legal channels of any kind.

          • Yeah, I agree it has to be down to earth solutions for women and girls b/c the legal aspect is male dominated.

            I would never send my daughter to public school. I’d home school her for sure. Public schools are where the gendered shit really is battered into girls. Plus, they have to deal with the males who’ve been watching and enjoying a steady diet of male violence in porn.

  2. Thank you so so much for standing up for women and girls. I recently found radical feminism and reading about these trans “women” just makes me sick. And I am not afraid of these men, I’ve had my concealed weapons permit for 3 years. And I carry everywhere I go. I would love to find your videos on YouTube but I am having trouble finding them. If you could send a link or something I would really appreciate it. Again thank you so much. You are amazing, from a medical standpoint I just can’t stand this “i am a women because I say so”. NO YOU ARE NOT A WOMEN. so thank you so much.

    Stephanie king.

  3. The other day the Charlotte Observer came out with an unbelievable editorial saying women and girls need to just suck it up and take it from men in dresses, using pedophile grooming language of “there’s nothing to fear” in openly advocating for the rape and assault of women and girls. Whoever wrote that editorial ought to be fired and even jailed for inciting violence.


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