My Canuck Sisters, Say Goodbye

Today, PM Justin Trudeau announced Bill C16. 

Men who wear dresses and raise their pinky finger while drinking a Starbucks will be considered a protected class. This means if they want in on women’s spaces, nobody will be able to deny them access.

The interesting thing about the bill is the definition of gender and gender identity. The circularity is dumbfounding. The Justice Department explains:

Gender identity is each person’s internal and individual experience of gender. It is their sense of being a woman, a man, both, neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum. A person’s gender identity may be the same as or different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth. For some persons, their gender identity is different from the gender typically associated with their sex assigned at birth; this is often described as transgender or simply trans. Gender identity is fundamentally different from a person’s sexual orientation.

Gender expression is how a person publicly presents their gender. This can include behaviour and outward appearance such as dress, hair, make-up, body language and voice. A person’s chosen name and pronoun are also common ways of expressing gender.

There are a variety of individual experiences of gender and of gender expression. The terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” include a wide range of gender diversity.

Internal experiences and sensations are not material realities and cannot be legislated. Gender resides in your psychology. It’s interesting they use the term ‘sense.’ We can’t legislate senses because they are highly inaccurate. Also if ‘there are a variety’ of individual experiences of gender, which ones matter?

Moving onto ‘Gender expression’ we see the words ‘behaviour’ and ‘appearance.’ A person’s behaviour and appearance aren’t connected to a person’s sex.  Sex is independent of gender. You cannot change your clothes in order to change your sex. You are born a sex that is clearly defined and immutable.

Gender is independent of sex. Gender is an invented concept of patriarchy. It’s a hierarchy with ‘femininity’ at the bottom and ‘masculinity’ on top. Gender behaviours and appearances are learned, and it means they can be unlearned. A female infant is not born with a predilection to play with dolls or wear pink. She is taught that this is her ROLE. I know I’m preaching to the choir here but this is mainly for people who don’t understand the differences.

Feminism rejects gender because it teaches females behaviours and attitudes that are detrimental to our freedoms as human beings.

Transactivists are enforcing gender stereotypes ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity.’ They’re saying if a boy plays with dolls, flicks his long hair, and claims he’s a girl, he really is a girl.

Let’s make a list of feminine stereotypes based on ‘behaviour’ and ‘appearance.’ Feel free to add your own in the comment section.

  • flicking hair
  • wearing eyeliner
  • wearing a dress or skirt
  • swinging hips
  • playing with dolls
  • long painted fingernails/toenails
  • long hair
  • high heels
  • scared of insects and snakes
  • quiet and sensitive
  • emotional
  • submissive

I could go on and on with ‘feminine’ stereotypes but this is not what makes a woman. A woman is an adult human female. If a male does any of the above and claims to be female, Canada will call him a woman. In fact, because gender identity relies on ‘sense’, all a male has to do is claim he’s a woman and he’ll be allowed into any women’s space he wants. Women’s shelters, prisons, organizations, sports teams, events, etc. are now all open any male who ‘senses’ he’s a woman.

Say goodbye to women-only spaces. Say goodbye to privacy. Say goodbye to women’s sports. Say goodbye to safety. Say goodbye to your class protections.

Men want in.

Say goodbye to sisterhood.



For good reading material, here’s a Canadian Human Rights case whereby a man in a dress demanded a Woman-Only Rape Shelter hire him as a rape crisis counsellor. When he was told ‘no’ he threatened the women that ran the shelter and then proceeded to try and bankrupt the shelter with a 12-year court battle that took time and resources away from women who were raped.

Vancouver Rape Relief won the case but it took 12 long years, loss of precious time and money that Canadian women depended on. Women’s services were already being gutted by the Tories.

Our women-only space must be fought for. We can’t just sit on the sidelines and expect it to be handed to us.

Here’s the list of Canadian Senators you can write to about C-16 and explain your concerns. You can write to the Liberals but it’s unlikely they’ll hear you. The Tories might listen. Remember it was the Tories that got C36 (Nordic Model re: prostitution) into law.







Man in Dress Attacks Woman in Public Bathroom

My latest video on Gregory Schwartz, 40 year old man who played dress up and sexually assaulted a woman in a department store public bathroom in California.

Please note that transactivists are already falsely flagging my videos. If you have a Youtube channel, please download and mirror my videos. Hell, start a Youtube channel and do this to protect women’s voices.


Kevin Logan’s Gynocracy

Kevin Logan and the ‘male feminists’ of Youtube regularly go after Thunderfoot aka Phil Mason and other MRA’s for their anti-feminist views while perpetuating the same attitudes and crap arguments they do.  Kevin Logan can point out flaws in other people’s arguments but resorts to MRA strawman-type arguments in order to shout down women and girls.

In this video, Kevin makes a bale of hay.

Go to 46:10 and listen for a few minutes.

The best part was his set up. He’s a feminist because he’s able to learn dammit! He’s able to LOLgically see the world for what it is, uh, except for, uh, those nasty women and girls who want privacy rights. And those would be TERFS! He despises those privileged bigots who get video recorded and assaulted by males in what’s supposed to be a legally private space.

He also doesn’t get that men claiming to be women are invading women only domestic violence shelters and then assaulting women. Because neoliberals think gender is real, men can come and go, assault women and girls whenever they feel like it. So feminist eh?

If you’re a 15 year old girl at the YMCA, you best just get over the fact a grown adult naked male can shower next to you. If you can’t handle that you’re a TERF and a nasty bigot, Kevin Logan, the male feminist, will let you know just how bigoted you are. Prior to the YMCA changing their policies to allow grown naked men to shower and change with young girls, as long as they call themselves women, they’ve had tons of problems [1] [2] [3] with men spying on little girls while they’re showering and changing. In fact, men have never left women and little girls alone and that’s why we have privacy rights in the first place. Ask any woman how old she was when an adult male targeted her sexually. Ask her. The most common answer will be 10 or 11 years old.

Now why did Kevin mangle his chances at an argument? Well, he has no argument. He said us nasty women and girls think we’re better because we’re born female and that’s why we’re so twanzphobic. This is a classic MRA argument. MRA’s think we live in a gynocracy where women are born with all the privileges and it’s women who actually run the world. Kevin, you dope.

The sad thing is Kristi Winters never corrected him. Not once. If you rewind that video 5 minutes earlier she discusses the fact that there is no evidence for a male or female brain. This is one of the ‘arguments’ men in dresses are using to invade our privacy!

Just the other day a man in a dress, Davina Ayrton, who thinks he’s a woman, was convicted for raping a 15 year old girl. He was sent to a male prison, where he belongs. Cue the liberal outrage machine. They’re gonna screech until he gets put in a women’s prison where he can rape again and put other women at risk.

Let’s break this down for Kevin:

Davina has a penis. Davina is not a woman. Davina is MALE. Davina does not have a female brain. Davina raped a girl with HIS penis. He was convicted and is now in a male prison.

Now Kevin, please tell me how that 15 year old girl who was raped has privilege because she’s female? Please tell me how women and girls are bigots for not wanting a male in their private space? I suppose all those women in prison who don’t want to house with a rapist are just the nastiest bigots ever, amirite Kev?

See Kevin, it’s easy for you to be a ‘feminist’ because you don’t have to address an ounce of male privilege. You actually just get to sit on your ass and smugly denounce women and girls as bigots for knowing that penis is male while they’re being raped by those same men.


His womanly penis is female and teenage girls are bigots for not letting him into their private spaces. Even the crime stats will count this improperly and state a woman raped another woman.

The Great Fishing Expedition 2016

Men are always thinking up new ways to intimidate and harm women. 2016 will be no different. We’ve come to expect this from the men’s rightsers but it also comes from transactivists, who are aligning themselves closer to MRA’s than ever before. The TransAdvocate has started a new 2016 feature called Conversations. Two men, John Stoltenberg and Cristan Williams, editor of the Transadvocate, are attempting to rewrite radical feminism, to make it more palatable for men. *yawn*

I found out about this new development on Twitter, when I came across Lucyfire’s tweet.

Cristan Williams: a man bent on rewriting radical feminism to suit himself

I find even the name of this new feature hilarious because women aren’t part of the conversation and with all the transactivists no platforming radical feminists it busts the hypocrisy meter. Maybe they mean all the conversations they won’t be having while they silence and intimidate women? At least that would be honest.

I read their description of this project:

It is an encounter between ‘old school’ Second Wave feminists of all birth assignments who are not adverse to learning something new,

Learning something new? There is nothing new here. We’re not going to redesign feminist theory to fit your fetishes. This is talking down to women in the most patronizing way possible.

‘Birth assignment’ is another wacko term which shows these men know nothing about radical feminism. People aren’t assigned, they’re born either male or female. Why would a man want a uterus if ‘biology doesn’t matter?’ Yet plenty of transactivists (men) are rallying for uterus transplants.

As an aside on uterus transplants, there is strict criteria that the recipient must be female. In fact, in the 1930’s a transdude died from the procedure. No male will ever have a functioning uterus, ever. These types of experiments show, in themselves, that biology is a THING and that it matters. Radical feminists know it matters, in the sense that our female biology is personal AND political.

Stoltenberg is repudiating radical feminist theory and using a dead woman who can’t speak for herself (but who did), to do it. Stoltenberg is rewriting Andrea’s positions. Taking women’s hard work and using it beat other women over the head is not feminist but it’s just what we’ve come to expect from men.

When I asked Stoltenberg why he agreed to collaborate on this Project, he said, “Andrea Dworkin, my life partner of 31 years, repudiated sex essentialism, meaning she did not believe there are innate characteristics that define us. Instead, she believed, we are a ‘multisexed species.’ Since Andrea’s death in 2005,  I have become increasingly concerned that the radical feminism I first learned from her was being misappropriated in the name of ‘real womanhood’ in ways that not only shun and derogate trans women but also betray the fundamental radical feminist insight that male supremacy is premised on the lethal fiction of ‘real manhood.’”

The only expected and predictable betrayal here is from male supremacists like Williams and Stoltenberg.

Many radical feminists have heard Stoltenberg’s lazy revisions of Dworkin’s work and there are many articles that expose his opportunism and fictions. In fact, Derrick Jensen called him out but good in this response he did on Gender Detective.

In the project proposal, Williams linked an article by the TransAdvocate called ‘Sex Essentialism, Terfs, and Smelly Vaginas.’ I won’t link it because it deserves no attention. The title itself displays the misogyny we’re all familiar with. It actually sounds like one of Elam’s titles. The funny thing is Williams also lives in Houston, just like Elam. What is it about Houston? Is it the water?

When I first came across this new project I got this heavy feeling in my stomach. I had to think about it for a few minutes and then the light bulb moment happened.

These two men have taken this right out of the MRA playbook. Obnoxiousness rules the day. Their hope is to anger women and start a fight. The key will be for women not to play. We don’t have to get angry. We simply have to ignore them and this entire project will fizzle out. No serious radical feminist will get involved with it.

Stoltenberg, in a bid for attention, went back to Jensen’s old article and left a comment announcing this project. In fact, he’s going to all the radfem blogs he’s aware of and leaving a copy/paste comment announcing this new project. It’s the Great Fishing Expedition 2016 with two men bent on harassing women and getting us to acquiesce. Don’t fall for it.

Sure, we can laugh at them while they do their mantrum and fling shit from their diapers but we don’t have to respond and give them what they want.

I’ll be watching from the sidelines as liberal feminists kowtow to these men and pretend they’re radical while doing men’s dirty work for them, which is exactly what’s going to happen.

The ‘Skeptic’ Feminist

Happy New Year!

Here we are, another year passed and new one to begin. I’m feeling better. I actually don’t think my jawbone is infected any more. That one week of IV antibiotics really did the trick. However, my problem is more of a structural one than an infection.

After the 2 teeth were removed, the bone itself was sticking out to the side with only a little bit of gum tissue over it. This is why it’s been so painful and why the side of my face would go numb. It was just extremely irritated.

Now that I’ve been sleeping, the gum tissue is forming over that bone and it’s getting better. The maxillary/oral surgeon I saw a few weeks ago took a panoramic X-ray of my entire mouth and he also thinks it’s more of a physical problem than an infection.

I have to have two more imaging studies at the hospital. On Tuesday I’m having a White Blood Cell scan that will last up to 7 hours. Most of that is waiting time. They have to take blood from me and re-inject it and take photos.

The final scan will be a 3D MRI scan to see the formation of the jaw itself.

This kind of trauma happens rarely but the surgeon has seen it before. It’s just bad luck on my part.

I knew I didn’t have Trigeminal Neuralgia or whatever else these crazy doctors came up with. The body will heal itself if given a good chance and part of the problem is that these doctors, in the beginning, weren’t giving me anything to help me sleep and reduce the pain. Once they finally did that, I started feeling better and the tissue over that bone started to build up and heal.

I have other complications in my stomach from all the antibiotics they had me on. Those should heal up in time as well.

Now for some other stuff.


I have been monitoring Paul Elam as well the as the supposed ‘male feminists’ on Youtube. One of them, The Skeptic Feminist, claims he’s a feminist but shouts ‘TERF and SWERF’ at women like me online. He’s more interested in having a conversation with MRA’s because he thinks he can align with them.

skeptic feminist TERFS and SWERFS

So not only does he parrot MRA’s who think there’s such a thing as toxic femininity but he gladly defines it for us.

His channel description is even more hilarious:

We are The Skeptic Feminist, a group of radical-Feminist--firebrand-Atheists.
"Radical" because we don't cut any form of sexism, religious or otherwise, any slack -- not even the dreaded Islam.
"Firebrand" because we refuse to be silenced, be it at the threats of the religious, the sexist atheists, or theistic feminists.
We're 'radical' only in the sense that we have no issue questioning established feminist beliefs and openly criticizing taboo topics such as Islam. You'll notice that we enjoy subverting the original meanings of phrases. Such as our take on 'first world problems'.

He wouldn’t know radical feminism if it bit him in the ass.

He’s the typical ‘I’m a male feminist and I know everything about feminism’ dude you come across on Youtube. He made a video calling a woman a SWERF because she made a video (which she had to take down) about the sex industry. He said she was slut shaming.

The interesting part is he actually knows what gender is and has promoted the radical feminist position on gender. He understands that gender is a social construct that harms women. However, he contradicts himself by calling women TERFS. You cannot hold both positions. You cannot disavow gender and then worship it, and then call women names because they know what gender is and want their privacy rights.

Here’s more proof he understands gender:

skeptic feminist toxic gender norms

Another thing I find questionable about him is his series of videos trying to get MRA’s to talk to him. In those videos he’s practically begging MRA’s to join up with him. I have to wonder why he’s so hell bent on this task? Is it just to show it can’t be done?


In neoliberal land men don’t have to give up their male privilege so feminism becomes easy to adopt. He doesn’t have to examine that the demand in prostitution (men) and the root inequalities between women and men is what fuels the industry. He doesn’t have to give a shit about girls not wanting to share a locker room with a male. Teenage girls are just a bigots for fearing men in their private spaces amirite? He doesn’t have to do a damn thing and he still gets to shout at women online and call them names. Gee, no wonder there are so many ‘male feminists’ these days.

The Skeptic Feminist thinks he’s completely rational even though he contradicts himself. When he panders to MRA’s he tells them he’s very ‘critical’ of feminists and feminism. Haven’t we heard that before? When he calls women TERFS and SWERFS he’s just ‘cleaning up the feminist movement’ because that’s what a good skeptic does!

‘I’m calling her a CUNT because I’m criticizing her!’

‘I’m calling her a TERF because I’m criticizing her!’

Save your ‘criticism’ dude.



7 Signs You’re Transgendered, Plus HERO

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I just found this channel on Youtube. Her name is PeachyYoghurt and she’s been doing videos dismantling the bullshit that is gender for some time. Her latest video explores how doctors diagnose GID and how flimsy and ridiculous the entire concept is.

Let that sink in.

Now for some more peak trans crap being passed around on Twitter.

Here’s a diagnostic manual that Miranda Yardley found that conflates sex and gender

Here’s some screenshots that will make you lol with digust.

you only have to feel like a woman neurologically we're more female women don't know what its like to be female

05-11-2015 3-09-08 PM

Let’s chew on something else for a while. 4th Wave Now just posted the highlights of a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health regarding the trans medical experimentation on children, which is being perpetuated by transactivists as the only viable solution to a problem that is immaterial and wholly psychological.

One thing you’ll notice is that the doctors and medical practioners who question the Frankenstein tactics of experimenting on kids had to express their medical opinions anonymously. These clinicians clearly know that transactivists will use any means to silence and destroy them if they make their names public.

In summation, there are a lot of medical professionals who are admitting that there is no long term data supporting the various methods used on kids and, more importantly, that the internet and social media has a large influence on children and parents in the sense that this seems like more of a fad.

They admit that GID is comorbid with other psychological disorders that go untreated and there is no medical agreement on what in the hell they’re doing.

There is some good news at the end of this depressing post. Houston held a vote on a ordinance to repeal a law which included ‘gender identity’ as a protected class. Now most people would agree that transppl shouldn’t be discriminated against but these ordinances would allow men to enter female-only protected spaces: bathrooms, locker rooms etc.

‘The ordinance bans discrimination based not just on gender identity and sexual orientation, but also 13 classes already protected under federal law: sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, pregnancy and genetic information, as well as family, marital or military status.’

Now most of us can see that this passage seems like a good thing and we can all agree that discrimination based on these things is wrong but when you include an immaterial thing like ‘gender identity’ the law doesn’t make sense.

The ordinance was struck down by voters who want women and girls to retain their rights as a protected class based on SEX. One hundred and thirty thousand voters showed up and 63% said no, a very wide margin.

The transactivists and their liberal feminist handmaidens are screaming mad about it. I’m sure the liberal media is going to go nuts over this and it won’t be the last we hear about it. If they reworked the language of the ordinance and made it clear that women and girls would retain their rights, it would probably pass.

One last thing. For all you lookie-loos who don’t think transMALES commit sexual offenses when they’re allowed into female only spaces, read this and this.

Neoliberal Feminists And Men Like Paris Lees Don’t Practice Feminism; They Practice Patriarchy

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*head meet desk*

Aside from Penny’s ignorant tweet, it just goes to show you what passes for feminist scholarship today.

When I left a single comment on The Guardian’s story about Greer, it was quickly erased and I was put on suspension from commenting on all Guardian articles, for an indeterminate amount of time. It’s women being censured from telling the truth about their lives and rights. I don’t read the Guardian normally, so this isn’t a big deal to me, but what about all those girls who do want to speak truth to male power?

These two things are related. Rebecca Reilly-Cooper compared the actions of transactivists and their third wave neolib feminists to Chinese re-education camps where everyone, women especially, must be forced into submission until they all have the right thoughts, until they do what men tell them.

Phoenasthetica and Hypotaxis also wrote a killer piece called ‘Convert or Perish.’ in a similar vein.

Where do we go from here? One thing is clear, as I said in my latest video on the subject, feminism and transpolitics are antithetical. Feminists condemn gender as the social hierarchy that oppresses women and girls while transactivists embrace it.

Feminists have already won this debate in terms of accuracy and body of theoretical knowledge but the wider public needs to take notice. And it will. When 15 year old girls are showering at the YMCA while a grown male gets a hard on next to them the public will notice.

The sexual crimes against women and children by transmales/autogynephiles has been established and reported on for a long time. Transactivists (men) have been busy legally breaking down legal protections for women and girls for many years.

When it comes to actually challenging Greer or other feminists men are quick to decline. They know they’ve already lost.

Paris Lees, a man, won’t debate Miranda Yardley or Germaine Greer, demanding money and attention before even considering it.

It’s these same men who reinforce women’s oppression by reducing womanhood to promiscuity and ‘cumming.’

Women’s lives are reduced to makeup and sex by men who want us to call them women. This is autogynephilia. 

You see, it’s ok for transactivists to appropriate women’s lives and bodies but they eventually show their hypocrisy.

Womanhood is a costume to autogynephiles they can take off when they like. Actual womanhood is not a costume. Having a female reproductive system oppresses us as a class. While men like Paris are ‘cumming’, the thought of pregnancy and abortion is never in mind.

WoC don’t have the luxury of calling themselves sluts and slags nor is their safe space about lipstick. This is deeply offensive.

If you think you’re going to take away women’s lives and spaces, you should think again sir. Women have had enough.

Germaine Greer Will Speak at Cardiff

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halloween fundraiser copy

It’s come to me by way of some very special women that Cardiff will ensure Greer’s safety and that she plans to go ahead with her talk. This comes as a surprise since Greer told BBC Two that she didn’t want to be physically assaulted and that it wasn’t worth it.

It’s also come to my attention that the Cardiff Women’s officer Rachel Melhuish may have violated Cardiff’s University policy by starting a petition to no-platform Greer using libelous slurs. I hope this avenue is pursued and a precedent set so that University students cannot do this any more.

If you haven’t signed the petition in support of Greer, please do so here.

You must understand that Greer isn’t the first woman to be no-platformed by transactivists under the ‘liberal feminist’ umbrella. Julie Bindel has been no platformed by NUS for years by transactivists who simply call her a ‘TERF’ and a ‘transphobe.’ These insults are meant to stoke emotional reactions but have no basis in fact.

Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy from Feminist Current was also attacked by transactivists and a pro-prostitution lobby org who started a petition to get her fired from Rabble, a media outlet. I know, because I was the woman that started a counter petition to support her too. It was successful, in that it garmered 3,000 or so signatures and Rabble wrote a statement in support of Murphy.  In my opinion the statement was weak. A Voice for Men, the misogynist hate site published a piece on this event and sided with transactivists and the prostitution lobby, to no ones surprise.

The attempt at no-platforming Greer is just another day for iconic feminist activists around the globe who speak about women and girls. One transactivist, Peyton Quinn, attempted to get my counter petition in support of Greer taken down for hate speech. Payton tweeted their followers to false flag it.

Underlying all of this silencing and misogyny is a fundamental issue. Feminist theory and transactivism are opposed to each other on some serious grounds, namely the concept of gender.

Transactivist Payton Quinn Tells Followers To Flag My Counterpetition in Support of Germaine Greer for Hate Speech


Here is the 1500 Signature Update that’s got Payton and pals hitting the flag button:

Oct 25, 2015 — I’ve thought about what I was going to say when this petition reached 1500 signatures and I hope I am eloquent with my words, but I am really pissed off. I hope I’m able to speak for many women who are too afraid to say what I’m about to say .

This issue is not only about freedom of expression, it’s about women’s lives, women’s bodies, and more importantly, misogyny. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen women be no platformed, threatened into silence by transactivists and their ‘feminist’ allies.

Guess what? We’re sick of it.

I’ve been watching this one issue slowly simmer away, just under the tongues of many women. I’ve watched transactivists cancel the Vagina Monologues because talking about vaginas makes hurt feelings. I’ve seen them sit outside the only women-only Music Festival (Michfest) and demand to be let in. I’ve watched many hard won women’s spaces and cultures be completely ransacked by transactivists, all under the guise of 3rd wave liberal feminism. I’ve seen them force midwives associations to stop using the words ‘pregnant woman.’ I’ve even seen them take offense at bloody cupcakes that are frosted pink to look like vaginas!

Our patience is gone.

Let me tell you something: women are extremely angry. Greer has said what many of us think but are too afraid to say it because of the vicious misogynist attacks that will most definitely occur if we do, and this is a critical clue to what’s going on here.

Just today on Twitter I’ve seen men threaten Greer with ‘kicking her in the cunt’ and insult her over her age and status as a woman. They basically said she should be invisible.

The misogyny is palpable. Greer doesn’t identify as a woman, SHE IS A WOMAN. She doesn’t have a fetish about vaginas, she has one.

Women’s biology, women’s chromosomes are what makes us women. ‘Feelings’ don’t a woman make. The sole reason we have a feminist movement is because women’s biological realities form the basis of our oppression as a class. Any woman, anywhere in the world, can’t just play identity games with their station in life.

It’s a fact that in 2015 women in America still have to fight just to have reproductive control over their own bodies. In rural India you are murdered if you’re born female. FGM, child marriage, sex trafficking, women’s representations in pornography, femicide, birth control, hypersexualization, objectification: if you’re female, YOU’RE FUCKED!

So excuse me if I don’t think men who say they ‘identify’ or ‘feel’ like a woman have anything in common with me. Excuse me if my feminist movement is concerned with the lives of women and girls and not men’s appropriation of them.

To claim that men who ‘feel like a woman’ are women without a shred of critical thought is just downright ignorant, and worse, it’s anti-feminist and misogynist.

Seeing 3rd wave liberal feminists publicly spitting on women, misunderstanding feminist theory, and being completely fascist in their approach to women who don’t buy into this nonsense is quite frankly, disgusting.

The feminist movement is by, for and about WOMEN, biological females. It’s not about men’s feelings. You don’t graduate feminism 101 until you can master that.

There was one tweet today that perfectly encapsulated this issue. Greer told a truth, a fundamental one. Since they can’t admit it, they’ve got to silence her.

~Diana Boston aka Mancheeze


Payton can’t engage in a conversation, that much is clear, but is being touted as a comedian by the mainstream media as one of the geniuses supporting this no platforming attempt. Here’s one of Payton’s tweets which I found hilarious and mostly obnoxious:


Apparently Payton flunked Grade 6 biology and doesn’t even know how human reproduction works. Does Peyton think infants come out of a cabbage patch? This is the level of discourse transactivists and 3rd wave liberal feminists have sunk. Check out some of the comments on the petition to silence Greer and you’ll see what I mean:

25-10-2015 1-22-37 PM 25-10-2015 1-23-58 PM 25-10-2015 1-25-02 PM 25-10-2015 1-26-19 PM 25-10-2015 1-29-35 PM 25-10-2015 1-31-13 PM 25-10-2015 1-31-44 PM 25-10-2015 1-32-11 PM 25-10-2015 1-33-29 PM 25-10-2015 1-34-35 PM 25-10-2015 1-35-06 PM 25-10-2015 1-35-30 PM 25-10-2015 1-36-03 PM 25-10-2015 1-36-22 PM 25-10-2015 1-37-00 PM 25-10-2015 1-37-45 PM 25-10-2015 1-38-02 PM


While Peyton instructs people to silence my petition in support of Greer, they also like to favourite and retweet people showing an incredible level of hatred and misogyny towards Greer.







You can imagine my face when some transactivist accuses Greer of ‘transmisogyny’.  My eyes do this kind of squinty thing as I see the Oxford definition of the word misogyny in my minds eye.

The Guardian is now flogging the idea that not allowing Greer to speak will cause further harm to trans people. The article is a mess.

The rigidity and conventionality of Greer’s stance puzzles me: to define a woman as a person born with certain organs in certain places is uncurious – uncharacteristically so from this famously interrogative mind. The philosophical dimension of gender is far more complicated and interesting than the way a person looks or sounds; to refuse to brook any of that, appealing instead to the gut sense of an unidentifiable bloc of “a great many women”, is authoritarian and narrow. You’d expect it from Suzanne Evans, not Germaine Greer.~Zoe Williams, The Guardian

Over forty years ago feminists like Greer defined gender as a social construct ie: not material. Therefore, anything that comes from it, like gender identity, is fruit from the poisonous tree.

Every child has gender confusion growing up precisely because gender is a socially imposed set of cultural lessons, and it’s females who get the worst of it. Girls are taught to wear pink and be submissive to men. Boys are taught to dominate females and be aggressive.

Like Meghan Murphy pointed out in a tweet, the mass media of today isn’t even talking about feminism, unless you mean neoliberal clap trap that has no basis in material reality. This is what ‘gender studies’ has accomplished: wiping out the core concepts of feminist analysis so that young women don’t even know how to discuss it with Greer, never mind having any firm knowledge about feminist scholarship. It’s a good bet not a single one of these ‘feminists’ and transactivists has read The Female Eunuch, one of the foundational texts of feminist theory and practice.

And let’s face it, Greer’s right. Men don’t magically turn into females. It’s just impossible. I think many people know this but it’s only women who are getting slammed for saying it.

I saw that very question in the comment section of the Guardian article. Why aren’t we talking about women who want to be male? The answer is pretty simple and complicated. First, men who want to wear skirts outnumber the reverse by 3:1. And even that’s a conservative estimate because we truly don’t have good data. The second reason has to do with deep-seated misogyny and anger of the men who see themselves as women.

The general public has to start understanding why men are doing this. Blanchard studied these men for many years and came to the conclusion that most of them are what he termed ‘autogynpephiles.’ Simply put, these men want to become the internal image they have of women. It’s a sexual thing for them and it’s buried in a cloak of extreme narcissism.

It’s for this reason that women like Greer, who say ‘no, he’s not a woman,’ get shouted down. Autogynephiles don’t like it when women don’t accept their delusional image of themselves and so they lash out. Remember Atwood’s saying  ‘men are afraid women will laugh at them; women are afraid men will kill them?’ Many of the comments on the petition to no-platform Greer said things to the effect that men who wear dresses are more of a woman than Greer is. It’s men’s feelings and masturbatory fantasies that fuel this rage against women who question them.

When Greer gave a talk about women’s lives at Cambridge the entire Q and A was taken up by accusations, mostly from men, of ‘transphobia.’ They never addressed her actual talk and were more interested in nailing her for some imaginary offense. Greer responded in her typical snarky, yet meaningful way. We rightly condemn white people for doing ‘blackface’ but for some reason it’s ok for men to do this to women? I think not.

We must consider that ‘trans males’ (I will not call them women) reinforce the worst stereotypes about women. Many of them float around wearing lingerie in selfies while supporting the idea that females are meant to be sexually objectified in porn and prostitution.  One look at Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair and the fact he’s getting a Woman of the Year Award rightly makes women angry. The feminist movement cannot and will not accept this. This is misogyny and woman hatred.

That’s the core of this misogynist rage whether you want to hear it or not. You won’t hear it in the mainstream media and you certainly won’t hear it in ‘gender studies’ programs, which has stopped teaching feminist theory years ago.

Feminists abhor gender and gender identity. We’re not about to embrace social roles that have oppressed women and girls for centuries through practices like Chinese foot-binding and the current fad of labiaplasty.

Men can wear whatever clothes or styles they want but it doesn’t make them women. Makeup, heels, skirts et al. are not womanhood. Women’s lives are forever intertwined with our female biology, not our clothing. Our experiences of the world being the sex that carries fetuses, has periods, and so on is what makes us women. This is not to say it’s our destiny but it’s bloody well meaningful to us and we have an entire movement to address it.

This is why women around the world still have to fight for reproductive rights, menstruation leave, and on-site child care. The feminist movement can’t be ransacked because a man wants to ‘feel like a woman.’ Intersectionality, the term transactivists have hijacked for their cause, doesn’t apply. If I get pregnant in a Southern state I can’t simply ‘identify’ my way out of it. I can’t just put on a blonde wig and forget about it.

It’s time to actually read and comprehend feminist theory and practice and not dismiss the pioneers of our movement with chants of ‘hate speech.’

The petition in support of Greer is at 2500 signatures and has been updated. If you’d like to sign it, go here.