Investigation Open: You Can Help

Now it’s time to reflect on this. Having talked to many women targeted by men’s rights activists I’m not about to stop what I’m doing. As I told a sister on Twitter, I’ve had my spine damaged and so there’s nothing worse that can happen to me. I’m committed to helping my sisters, and in my mind I’m a Big Sister to many women who’ve been through exactly what I’m going through now, and some of them worse off because they have children with these abusers.

While Dan has attemped to doc drop me, admits he’s stalking me, and made that completely frivolous call to the Hamilton police, there’s a larger issue here. For the record, I respect the police, very much. I know their job is hard and I respect what they do.

Two wonderful constables visited me and the file is now active. That’s all I can really say about that as I won’t reveal details.

However, I will tell you that while Dan is obsessively stalking me, he’s also stalking the women I speak to on Twitter. When he sees me talking to my sisters, he starts mentioning them directly. I do not want other women going through this. The entire purpose of my site is to educate women on the violent abusers of the men’s rights movement.

The Larger Issue

If ANY of you are being tweeted at, emailed, or otherwise harassed by Dan or ANY MRA, please screen cap it. If you see them harassing me and think I might not have seen it, save it. Some sisters have already downloaded his video where he once again tries dropping my docs and calling the police on the ‘evil rad fem who hates men.’

There are free programs out there that will make this a snap. I use Firefox as my browser so I have Lightshot installed. If you use another browser like Chrome or Explorer just do a quick search for free screenshot programs that will work in conjunction with your browser.

Make a folder on your computer and store the shots in there. You can email them to me to add to the police investigation

If they’ve harassed you in any way just cap it, save it and send it to me.

I am not going to quit writing. I’m not going to stop helping women get educated about these abusers. I am not censored as they would like. Nothing will censor me. I call it the way I see it. For all their whining about Freeze Peach, they certainly are the first to start blubbering like 2 year olds.

Dan and his friends are rape apologists and assholes. I’ll say it a million times.

Dan is also a fruitloop. The Manosphere is a collection of severely entitled angry men who hate women. It only takes one of them to go on a rampage and murder more women. There is no help for men at AVFM. It’s an echo chamber of abusers, rape apologists, pedophiles, and criminals. This is why not a single help line number is posted at AVFM.

The only thing men get at AVFM is to become more emboldened to commit violence against women.

Now that the MRA’s have stuck their head above the parapet and have made it onto my radar, we now have an open case. I’ll be expecting your screenshots!


24 thoughts on “Investigation Open: You Can Help

  1. I am proud to find so many radfems who refuse to be bullied. I have decided to unblock the odious little rape-apologist and woman-hater Dan Perrins on Twitter. If he wants to be a whiny little coward who makes himself and his followers look like knuckle-dragging buffoons by braying nonsense and threats, I feel like it is only right to give him another venue. Let’s see what happens!

  2. Dan Perrins: since I gather you’re stalking this person and don’t seem to understand the law, you cannot take legal action against someone for publishing unflattering opinions about you, or talking about what sort of society she’d like to see. There has to be demonstrable false claims of action (your actions) or threats. If any claims about your actions can be documented, you don’t have anything to work with. So if you have written that you committed violence against a person, you cannot take action against another person for reporting that you wrote thusly.

    And a person saying it would improve society if all violent men were executed does not constitute a threat. Again, this is an opinion.

    Harassment and stalking refer more specifically to an ongoing pattern of behavior involving initiating contact with you. Since you are clearly a public figure of sorts, you cannot claim harassment or stalking simply because someone is publishing her own material addressing your efforts as a public figure to influence public opinion.

    You’re welcome.

  3. Does it count if a man doesn’t explicitly say he’s an MRA, but talks and acts just like one and harasses (including sexually) women, to the point of revenge porn? I have proof.

  4. MRAs seem at this point to have limited themselves to AVFMers and its satellites (ignoring their ahypocritical attempt some time ago to insert “human” into “MRA”). Some AVFM satellites like Fidelbogen make up their own names for their anti-feminism. Even the mensrights subreddit has many commenters who don’t identify as such. There are many subgroups which identify as MGTOWs, Red Pillers, PUAs, Gamers, 4channners, and other unsavory groups of right-wing men.

    I think it may be time for us to re-name these groups as something besides the Manosphere, or just calling them all MRAs.

    I suggest we call them all Antifeminists. That’s what they all have in common (many of them go much farther and are anti-women.) A lot of them are quite open in saying, I don’t give a shit about men’s rights, I just hate feminists. It’s accurate and it covers whatever subgroup they also identify as. When a dudebro starts harassing a feminist online, he’s definitely an Antifeminist. Dan Perrins is Antifeminist, and also an MRA and AVFM staffer.

    This way when one has to talk to police or other somewhat clueless mainstream entities, they will get it immediately. The harassment of women online is only partially organized – a lot of it is individual mainstream misogynists. Even the word “misogynist” is not well known in the mainstream.

    Of course, if the organized source of the harassment can be identified, the police need to know that.

    • I consider antifeminists to be straight up misogynists, woman haters.

      I don’t think antifeminist is powerful enough a word to describe them and also members of the public would understand more if we said woman haters.

      • Exactly. You can’t hate a group of women without hating women as a class. Hating radical feminists is very much the same as hating prostitutes (or any distinct sub-group of women). Othering is a form of hating. I worry about women who choose to support a man who sees categories of women and places values on these categories. It is amazing how quickly a woman can be ‘othered’ by a man who claims he loves or supports her. All it takes is disagreeing with him or saying ‘no’ to him once.

    • […] unsavory groups of right-wing men

      Actually, a lot of these dudes (especially the AVFM circus) are extreme lefties. The main difference between right-wing and left-wing misogynists is the gender role expectations of men; the former encourages old-school masculinity, while the latter supports men doing whatever makes them feel good. Women’s roles basically remain the same (with the exception of minutia like abortion rights and legalized prostitution, to keep the pervy lib dudes happy). They both smell the same to me. It’s always all about the men.

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  6. Has it ever occurred to you transactivists and MRA’s, et al, that every time you post shit like this, the death wishes, the threats, all of it; that you completely undermine any credibility you have ever convinced anyone you have, as far as being victims? That this kind of behavior simply underlines in red what violent, predatory creeps you are? Liberals! listen to this shit, you’re being conned and it does not reflect well upon you.

    • Yeah, they’re violent males. I got another 4 spam comments from violent MRA’s today which WordPress filters so I don’t have to read them. I just get the count of how many were left.

  7. MRA Angelo Agathangelou Esq. at your service. I am here to render support and women who need to be awakened to the feminist con that wants you to find yourself working in a job you hate forever and single in your old age.

    I wouldn’t dream of strong arming anyone as I have read above but I would like to point out some facts regarding those of us who live in the UK [it is not dissimilar in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia] that might surprise you or if you are crass, these facts might encourage you to buy a mug with ‘male tears imprinted on the side, the choice is up to you.

    2013/14 stats show that 715 people were murdered in the UK, 215 women, 500 men. Those are the facts against the usual feminist propaganda that sites 2 women are murdered by their partners every week. In fact 4 women are murdered every week, but the other two don’t fit the feminist narrative and we are not informed that a portion of the 2 they are talking about are killed by female, lesbian partners. In fact out of gay, lesbian and heterosexual relationships lesbians are the most violent and gay the least.

    Hearing your comments here it will obviously surprise most of you to know that:
    Men are nearly 100% of workplace deaths.
    Men may legally be strapped to a table when they are babies and have 60% of the pleasure sensors ripped from their penis without anesthetic. Illegal to do this to baby girls.
    Men are 4 times more likely to suicide, up from 2:1 40 years ago.
    Men are down to 35% at university and still falling fast, down from 60% 40 years ago.
    Men have no progenitive rights to speak of. [The most important thing in life.]
    men are twice as likely to be charged for the same crime and then do twice the prison time.
    Men are the vast majority being killed in every conflict.

    Men trump women in every event of the victim Olympics and I double dare you to show just one way in which women are treated worse than man by any western government.

    In fact a recent Australian government survey has shown unequivocally that women are more violent than men.

    Men have always been the disposable ones and feminism is doing one thing for men, it is waking them up to this fact of evolutionary biology known as the biological imperative, i.e. that it has always been worse for a tribe to lose its women rather than its men when it comes to the continuance of the tribe and therefore women have been more important than men for the last million years. Surely the renascence required for a thinking species would be to negate that and go for true equality.

    In fact feminism is ultra traditional from an intellectual standpoint.

    Wakey wakey. -xxx- 😉


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