The Sarkeesian Effect Blows Up, Again UPDATED

Whaddya do when two men’s rights Gamergate weirdos get together to harass a woman? You put two greedy males together that take Patreon money and spend it on cars and everything but what they’ve said they were gonna spend it on. Heeeey, sorta like what they’re accusing Anita Sarkeesian of doing but have zero evidence for.

These two dudes started a fundraiser for thousands of dollars to make a movie worth $5 dollars called ‘The Sarkeesian Effect.’ The preview is so good it will give you a massive headache from the soundtrack, which is just a couple notes played on a cheap Casio keyboard over and over again.

The one thing it does have in abundance is skulls. Much more skulls.

This movie has a ton of drama, but the key is it’s not in the movie, it’s between the two Gamergate turds that are stealing handling your money. Aurini (skullman) is a white nationalist men’s rights whactivist who cuckolds his bro-partner and pro-prostitution lobbyist Jordan Owen for not getting laid. It’s a bromance of the third kind.

These two can’t tie their own shoes without the other interfering in some way.

Here’s Jordan Owen, claiming his bro is trying to steal $15 K.

And one bro must try to steal your money again by saying he’s never addressed any of Anita’s arguments because there’s so many arguments to destroy and needs another $15 K do it.

He’s also very efficient, at taking your money.

After Jordan Owen exposed his money hungry bro, Aurini came back with a video retort that amounts to ‘my mediator friend says I need money so give me money.’

I’ll add to this MRA drama as it happens.

This video explains the bromance these two have had over the last year. It’s a Gamergate hangout where Jordan lets loose and explains how Aurini is a die hard MRA who was really pushing the Manosphere on him. This is hilarious.

Go to 6 minutes in to start:

Aurini then went on another channel to ‘discuss’ what happened.

Now if you’re wondering who the ‘mediator’ is, I’ve been told it’s some failed backyard porno producer Michael Whiteacre. I’ve had run-ins with Owen and Whiteacre in the past when I vehemently denounced pornography. Here’s a sample of the calibre of argument this creep Whiteacre makes. Whiteacre is just as much sleezeball as Owen and Aurini.

Here’s a comment left today about WHO the mediator really is:CLICK TO ENLARGE

who the mediator isI think these two bozos have made a mockery of themselves, Gamergate and the men’s rights movement, which everyone who’s been watching this bromance has expected. What’s going to happen is there will be two films, one made by Aurini and one made by Owen. Aurini is a slimeball and he’s probably been making his own film this entire time.

SargonofAkkad, a typical men’s rights/Gamergate opportunist got a chance to watch Aurini’s version of the film which was presented to him as the joint project. He made a video reviewing this 20 minutes of film I’m sure Owen hasn’t seen. When Owen found out Sargon uploaded his review he informed him of Aurini’s scamming and Sargon took his video down. However, it was downloaded and reuploaded by TheWoolyBumblebee, a female MRA who was kicked out of A Voice for Men for stealing money, which she vehemently denies.


20 thoughts on “The Sarkeesian Effect Blows Up, Again UPDATED

  1. The Sarkeesian Effect should be renamed to “Anita Sarkeesian said something that effected me and my delicate male supremacist sentiments, therefore, I’m going to claim that there’s no misogyny while at the same time promoting misogynist beliefs.”

    Typical, violent, clueless bastards.

  2. Imagine actually giving money to people who use “myself” as a direct object, non-reflexively. I just can’t even.

    “He gave money to myself.”

    • I should modify that – giving money to men so they can make some POS thing crucifying some woman, men who act like they are gods of the world and can’t even make it through a sentence without abusing the hell out of grammar.

      Maybe if they weren’t such ignorant deadbeats they could make shit without having to get other creepers to give them the money to do it first.

      Everywhere I look today there is more worthless crap being promulgated by people who are getting paid to do it by somebody.

      • I could list all the ways they could make a video requiring no money at all, but I refuse to give them pointers if they happen to see this comment. Let’s just say, with a little will power they’d be able to find out how, and with even a little more creativity and work ethic, the video would have been done ages ago. I’m surprised MRAs haven’t accused them of being con artists. Surely if a woman took their money and produced nothing in return, they’d accuse her of exactly that. 15k to argue with a feminist? LOLOLOLOL. You know what they say about fools and their money. What a bunch of desperate dipshits.

        • They have accused them of being con artists but I’ve found there’s two camps. One is the manosphere camp who adore Davis and his white nationalist on paper crap and his PUA shit and the Owen camp.

          The Owen camp is a bunch of dudes who feel bad for Owen and see themselves in him: socially inept. They like him b/c he’s the underdog in any conflict.

          However, these guys are so stupid and gullible that the last divorce between Owen and Aurini was smoothed over within a couple days when the two decided to love one another and make cheesy make-up bromance videos to allay the fears of their Gamergate audience.

          These Gamergate dudes are still hopeless and holding out hope that the two will actually release a product that won’t be a total disaster. It’s funny reading how hopeful they are on the comment sections of the respective videos.

          We all know it’s going to be a total disaster but bros must stick together due to their masculine pride because even a couple boneheads that can’t be trusted must fight the feminists.


  3. In all of this I try to remember that Ms. Sarkeesian is a young woman who continues to be the undeserving target of an astonishing outpouring of hatred. It has gone on for so long, and she has maintained her courage for so long, that sometimes I think of her as just a symbol, not a human being who will be injured all over again and get a new wave of hate when these terrible people put out their film. She’s an inspiration to me and I hope she has all the support she needs. Thanks for keeping a spotlight on Jordan Owen’s harassment (I don’t include Aurini because he’s just a clown. But Owen has some intelligence and does have full responsibility for whatever happens).

    • Every time I see a woman get targeted like this – and I can think of a number of examples, including the author of this blog – I am struck by the courage it takes to keep speaking out, considering how socialized we are to shut up when attacked by groups of men, how this is a form of terrorism.

      • I will never stop. They can try intimidating me all damn day long. I despise these misogynists and feel absolutely powerful.

        It’s just one of the things I decided long ago when the MRA’s started coming out from under their rocks in the last 7 years.

        They’re all father’s rights activists that have criminal records for the most part with a younger generation that are socially stunted.

        • Yes Miep it is terrorism in a very pure form. The only other person I know who has been pilloried, threatened, and vilified to this extent is the red-haired activist who I won’t name. I think of her often and wish her strength and conviction. She is right. Shelley Lubben is right. HMQ is right. Anita Sarkeesian is right.

          HMQ, it takes a special kind of courage…thanks.

      • How much they vilify relatively mild feminists like Sarkeesian is a major reason why I became radicalized. What’s the point of playing nice with these cretins if they send you death threats anyway?

  4. @ Miep:

    “Imagine actually giving money to people who use “myself” as a direct object, non-reflexively. I just can’t even.

    “He gave money to myself.””

    LMFAO!! In fact I had to de-lurk just for this. Why do people think that “myself” is interchangeable with “I” OR “me?”

    Here’s one way you’d use “myself” correctly, Señor ding-dong: “I do not like feminism myself, but that’s because I’m a poopy-diaper baby-man who hates women because they won’t sleep with me because I hate them.”


    “Just imagine yourself being on the receiving end of the most unrestrained vitriolic rage you can imagine…” ~Jordan Owen

    Well, Jordan, I don’t think anybody has to imagine much when it comes to being on the receiving end of a gamergater’s vitriolic rage. Certainly not Anita. (Yeah, I’m using that a bit out of context, but it’s just too delicious.)

    Aurini and Owen are both boneheads, but as Brylliant noted, Owen is clearly the more intelligent of the two and as such should wake the fuck up to his own and Anita Sarkeesian’s humanity. (I won’t hold my breath.) It’s almost like you can just see the faint shadow of someone who wasn’t always the way he is now. God is male entitlement poisonous.

    And yes, Anita Sarkeesian is awesome.

  5. Hi, looks like I lost my long comemnt, that’ll teach me.

    Bottom line: Whiteacre is heavily involved in the porn industry.

    Whiteacre took umbrage at an anti-porn critiquer named Shelley Lubben who runs Pink Cross Foundation to support exiting porn “actresses”.

    He decided to make a series of “episodes” to document his theories about Ms. Lubben, especially his psych(o) theories about her motivations. Jordan Owen was interviewed (for no reason I can figure out). Owen became a big pusher of the documentaries.

    So that’s where the idea came from, and Whiteacre has probably been the Big Daddy all the way through. Owen and Aurini are just a couple of uncreative clowns aping a real asshole.

    Here’s Whiteacre at work:×213.jpg

    The Sarkeesian Effect is a product of porn industry figures.

  6. Nothing more unsightly than a pornographer with a law degree his parents paid for, getting sanctimonious about human rights, hahahaha. Lowlife? You’re too kind, HMQ.

  7. Truth? This is feminists having to document the sick obscenities of so many men. I hate it. Hate reading about it. But the cesspool is what pornographers draw women into. We have to go there. I appreciate Sheila Jeffreys and Gail Dines so much for exposing themselves to this disgusting cesspool in order to help women. It can’t be easy.

  8. I’m amazed they put themselves on YouTube.
    Delusional and pathetic man babies, they are. They prove it every day.
    In fact, they offer up proof of their own stupid like clockwork.
    Should we thank them? No one can accuse us of imagining this shit as long as they continue to naval gaze and feature their own unhealthy thought processing.
    Thanks fellas. Keep recording your fucked up thoughts. Everyone is watching.
    And unlike most women, they don’t feel the need to hide and censor themselves online. Since they don’t usually have to worry about hate emails and rape/death threats, they openly post without fear of retaliation — no matter how hateful their posts are. Screen capture is like karma.

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