Man Murders Woman To Defend His ‘Right’ To Street Harass

The details are coming in slowly in the case of 23 year old German woman Tugce Albayrak who was murdered by a man who hit her in a parking lot after she tried stopping the men from street harassing other girls. She is one more woman to add to the billions of women murdered by men and by extension, patriarchy.

So apparently saying hello is now promoting rape culture.~Christopher Cantwell, AVFM

This is why street harassment is violent and the motives of men who do it are violent. It’s not about saying ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’ as MRA’s and other male supremacists have argues. It’s about domination and submission. Women are supposed to submit in the public space to men who want to dominate them and take up their time and attention. If a woman rebukes a street harasser she gets called a bitch, cunt, and in this case she is murdered.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with wishing a beautiful woman a good day.~Christopher Cantwell, AVFM

Tugce was punched once by a man which immediately knocked to the ground. The man put her in a coma and she was put on life support. On her 23rd birthday, her family decided to remove the support.

I am 6’8” tall and 285 pounds. If a woman five feet tall and 110 pounds soaking wet hits me, I am going to hit her back.~Paul Elam

Germany is thinking about awarding her some sort of national medal. Another dead woman by the hands of a man must be honoured and all women must know that for simply trying to stop men from publically harassing women, their punishment will be death and a medal.

Tugce: Man kills her after she tries protecting minor girls from male harassment

Tugce: Man kills her after she tries protecting minor girls from male harassment

She’s yet another soldier who tried freeing other women by simply telling men ‘don’t harass us.’

Women are in a warzone every day. Men brutally beat us, rape us, and harass us in public and private. We are the ones with PTSD by the time we’re 17. We’re the real soldiers here. The public honours us with medals for our sacrifice and within this minute, by the time you finish reading this sentence, somewhere on the planet, another 10 or more women will die at the hands of a man.

I would do my best to return the violence proportionally, to just use enough force to stop the attack, but I can make no guarantees.~Paul Elam

I will only approve of the honour to her if the man who murdered her gets the medal of ‘MRA male supremacist woman beater of Germany’ and is shunned by everyone. While I don’t approve of the death penalty, I do approve of social castigation. In fact, I think it’s best. I want him to live without friends, a job, and whatever other social connections for he robbed a woman of her life all because he wanted to defend his entitlement to harm other women.

Never mind the fact that it probably would have made this woman’s day if some fit guy in a thousand-dollar suit asked her for a date.~Christopher Cantwell, AVFM

Women don’t want to be stopped and talked to by strange men in public. For every one woman that writes on a comment section she might not mind it there are thousands more who don’t. Think of it this way: we have to have special organizations like Hollaback just to tell men we don’t like being harmed in the street.

Really. Think about that. What kind of freedom do women have when we must create organizations to tell men ‘no?’ Our oppression is that great that individual women speaking about not wanting to be street harassed aren’t enough. We must have entire organizations.

Street harassment isn’t innocuous greetings. When Tugce said ‘no’ (oh that tricky word that men don’t seem to understand) to a man, he murders her, with one hit sanctioned by Elam. Beating up people who are much smaller than you is a special kind of privilege that only men have and they use it liberally.

AVFM is a cesspool of ideological hatred against women. Their casual dismissal of street harassment and Elam’s screeds where he gets happy over the thought of hitting a woman 1/3 his size are direct testaments to the way in which women are in constant battle for our right to live without men murdering us.

RIP Tugce


Since publishing this article I’ve been stalked to Twitter and several MRA’s are here trying to brigade with their incessant pleas for victimhood. All comments are now by approval only. Sorry to do this to my readership but this is what men do when confronted with their violence. They either come here to violate more women or they claim to be the poor dears while they’re in their mommy’s basement watching porn, playing video games and writing endless woman-hating screeds in the Manosphere.



43 thoughts on “Man Murders Woman To Defend His ‘Right’ To Street Harass

  1. This is so well written, HMQ. It’s really effective mixing MRA quotes with comments on violence against women in the real world. It shows how MRA hatred of women translates into real life.
    This dude Tony thinks that being murdered makes women “privileged” and he pities the murderer? Wow.

    • Tony’s been cockblocked. He will now have to stand in the corner with his tiny penis and get called names.

      Let’s all call Tony names.

      Tony, you are a moron and a male supremacist. Your dick is up your ass and that’s why you speak the way you do.

      • Sometimes I honestly don’t know how you can write about some of this stuff. I didn’t because I was too pissed off, I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling when you see this type of shit. Also, I get the feeling that I missed something about a troll. Which is too bad because I never get here on time when there’s an MRA in your comments section. I wanted to, er, play with it for a while 😛

          • Ah, well I don’t have a Twitter. Maybe he’ll find his way to my blog when he’s done harassing women. Just kidding, he won’t be.

  2. A medal? There are multiple things wrong with that and I haven’t sorted them all out yet. But, what does this medal do? Remind the rest of us of what happens when we step out of line to protect other women? Remind us of what happens when we stand up for ourselves?

    The medal does seem to acknowledge that we are in a war zone. Whenever a man is present, we are in danger. This acknowledgement is important, but if nobody does anything about it, if they just award a medal and hold a candlelight vigil and no real action is taken to ensure women’s safety from men, then it’s worse than nothing because it gives the appearance of something (but, it’s still nothing. What does a medal matter when you’re dead?)

    Also, this is a particularly scary story for me because I’ve personally experienced so much random male violence. I was nearly murdered by some unidentified men about 8 years ago. Dead is dead. Nearly dead is pretty bad, too. You’re not all right after that. And, it can happen so quickly. We have all these guarantees of rights and freedoms under the law (supposedly), but all it takes is a man or some men to decide to take it all away from you – and it happens in a split second. They seem to come out of nowhere.

    I saw your troll’s comment. 15 years for a man murdering a woman is nothing. He ought to be publicly executed. That would be justice. 15 years is a cruel joke. I have no idea about the laws in Germany. Something tells me they don’t do executions. That’s too bad. If the state would execute a good number of rapists and femicidal maniacs, it would serve as a deterrent. That’s how it how it used to work here in the U.S. decades ago – justice used to be swift and more often deadly in such cases.

    • I miscalculated. I was nearly killed by random male violence 6 years ago – not 8. I subtracted wrong.

      I once tried to escape the male violence here by going to Germany. I found it was no paradise, either. I had a lot of physical confrontations with groups of men just trying to walk down a sidewalk there. I was followed a lot, too. I react very aggressively, especially in an assault situation. When multiple men are involved, which was almost always the case for me in Germany, it could get deadly pretty quickly. Honestly, I can’t believe I’m still alive. I wake up some days amazed that I’m not dead.

      What kind world is this?!

      • WooW, there are, I swear, a few places where women get to take a breath. Hawaii is nonaggressive. It’s feminine. When you get on a plane to return to the mainland, all you see are the dry hard cliffs of the masculine mainland. It’s frightening. No kidding.

        • V.,

          I’d like to believe it. I had a very unpleasant time on the island of Oahu where male violence against women is rampant and considered part of the culture. So, maybe there’s another island there that’s more peaceful. I certainly hope so.

          I’d like to say it’s totally peaceful where I am right now, but I can’t. I wish I could discuss it. But, I can’t. And, let me perfectly clear – the threat is not coming from women. It’s men committing crimes and other men, whose job it supposedly is to do something about it, doing very little – except collecting fines and fees. They seem to be good at that.

          Again, patterns… I say, look for the patterns.

          • The only island that will be peaceful is the one where there are no men.

            Have you seen the period drama Cranford? It’s another great work by producer Sue Burtwistle. She did Pride and Prejudice in 1995 as well.

            There’s Cranford, which is a small English town where it’s mostly women. The women are strong and capable.

            I loved it. It’s on Youtube.

          • Do you know any good books or novels about female separatism? The only one I’ve ever read that was fully about female separatism was The Gate to Women’s Country, but her female separatist world seems joyless and dreary to live in. The Female Man also has female separatism, in a much better developed way I think.

          • I’m not as familiar with female separatist literature.

            I’m sure there’s tons of it though. What I’ve read is mostly anthropological studies on tribes like the Masuo in China and other female-led tribal societies.

            The horror is that the Musuo are falling to patriarchal capitalism. it’s now become a tourist attraction for men who think the women are prostitutes because in Musuo soceity, the women choose who they’ll sleep with and marriage isn’t a concept. A Musuo woman merely picks a man to be with and stays with him until she doesn’t want to be with him anymore.

            So Chinese men are going there trying to sleep with the women.

  3. Christopher Cantwell and A Voice for Men have already parted ways, it seems. Elam just can’t hold it together. I appears that Cantwell was open about his contempt for liberalism, which offended a couple of AVFMers, so Elam told Cantwell to knock it off, which Cantwell, a diehard neotrad, won’t do:

    Looks like in addition to the MGTOW/MRA schism the liberal/libertarian/neotrad schism is beginning to flower. All any of these guys have in common is misogyny.

  4. I think the whole medal thing is a celebration of martyrdom… we believe that women are born to be passive, to receive suffering, to be martyrs for the causes of men. Women are inherently corrupt and are only “good,” “noble,” when they’re dead… they won’t do a thing for you while you’re alive, but when you die, have a medal!

    Like WOTW, it’s also an acknowledgement that women live in a war zone… the streets do not belong to them. Because of male entitlement, they are bound to become “strangers in a strange land”…

    • Reminds me of the dunking stool…if you drowned you were innocent…if you lived you must be killed. It’s one of the most grotesque inventions of the patriarchy any of us will ever hear of.

      If you die, then, you’re forgiven, off the table as it were. If you have the chutzpah to struggle to live, get ‘er!

    • An interesting place to be. After many decades I’m comfortable being a stranger in a strange land. I’ve tried rebellion, assimilation, indifference, direct struggle. I get it now. I’m an alien. OK. Outsiders have the best perspective. I make my life, my home, my circumstance. I lay low, mostly, but leave room for that flamboyant part of myself that makes a scene. I make a scene for other women to read my life and be inspired I hope.

    • That’s right, Tremblay. I don’t allow misogynistic dick-swingers (ie. men) like yourself to view my blog because your presence, even the suspicion of your presence, is toxic to us.

      I don’t know if anyone else here recognizes your passive-aggressive B.S., but I hope they do. If you cared about women, you wouldn’t run around the internet, trying to steer and control women’s conversations, harassing us, and calling us “c#nts.”

        • Tremblay, this is not so much for you as it is for anyone else reading. There is no hope for you, obviously. I just want to point out what a truly shitty guy you are.

          You do what you do because you get something out of harassing women and saying derogatory things to us online and you don’t care that this is the ONLY outlet some of us have. You may not think we are real-life feminists, but we are. We are, also, real life women, many of whom have experienced a lot of harassment from men, yes, in real life and online to the point that there is practically no place on earth left for us. Apart from my own private blog, which I don’t allow men into because of EXACTLY what you’re doing here, this is the last remaining place for me to communicate with like-minded women in all the world. I am essentially a recluse because of the harassment, stalking and violence I’ve experienced from men much like yourself. Maybe this is all just fun and games to you. Maybe you think you are role-playing or just jacking around with some other people online who LIE as much as you do and are playing a game of some kind, too.

          But, this is not the case. You are a truly nasty individual because youjust can’t leave women alone because you hate us so much. Unlike MGTOWS, who at least pretend to leave us alone, you have to be right in the middle of things. You have to tell us that our lives and our experiences don’t really matter – because to you and other men, they don’t. We know that. If you were not the pile of human dung you are, you would understand that and back off.

          Or, do you think women like me really need more men like you heaping shit on us?

          You are a sick individual, Tremblay.

  5. Just watched the video again and thought about this young woman stepping in to stop the harassment of girls, but in a more symbolic sense, to struggle against the agonizing pain the patriarchy inflicts through its pimps on women.

    Good for her. I hope I would do the same and think I would. It is way past time for women to fight back. We are smaller but we still can kick, we still can inflict damage against assaulters. We must develop a culture of RESISTANCE! Woman thinkers like D.A. Clarke have argued for years that women must fight back. Check out this group which I contribute to:

  6. Regarding fighting back against street oppressors: I often wonder if I could. I take the subway to work every day, and it’s a really stressful experience. The trains are packed at rush hour, and I’m always pressed up against complete strangers. I’m always worried someone will grope me and pretend it was an accident. People’s bags and elbows will often brush against me by accident, and I look around to see who did it. I’m always on guard. Sometimes I feel so stressed I can’t help imaging myself yelling at the men who are standing too close and kicking them in the balls. It’s like fear fantasies. So far no one has assaulted me in Toronto, but I’ve been assaulted in the street twice in other places. One time in broad daylight on a busy street two guys came toward me with a swagger and I knew they were about to do something to me before they did it. One of them shoved me so I stumbled off the sidewalk, and they both laughed. He did it to impress his friend. I can’t figure out how assaulting random people can impress anyone, unless you’re a psychopath. The other time was at night, I was walking away from the gay bar with a female friend and a drunk guy slapped my bottom. In both of these cases, I yelled something at the guy, but I was completely powerless. I couldn’t take on two guys by myself, there were no cops around. What could I do? I still remember that feeling of powerlessness. If I feel this anxious taking the subway, I can’t imagine what people with PTSD do. I wonder how many women there are who have been traumatized who won’t take transit, and I wonder if they get out much. I wonder if I ever did fight back against a man, would the bystanders help me? Or would they just look on in horror and do nothing?

    • To answer your probably rhetorical question: I barely leave the house. I barely step outside my door unless there is a good reason. I have a fear of being seen at all by men.

      My experience with fighting back is that sometimes more men will pile on you. I had one experience in which I knocked out one of three guys who assaulted me and his two idiot friends stood there and did nothing while I pounded his head against the pavement. But, you have to be careful when there are multiple attackers – it could go either way, in my experience. One thing you can count on is that NO ONE will help you.

      • That’s why I never fought back before. It was always more than one guy and I can’t take on more than one. Even taking on one guy would be difficult because they’re larger than me.

        • Crowds are scary. One time I was lost on a rural highway trying to find a location I knew was in the area and probably well known. It was so rural that there were no fast food places or gas stations. I saw a little restaurant of the side of the road with some cars there, indicating human activity. I went inside to ask for directions (this is pre-GPS and cell phone era). It was one of these folksy restaurants with a bar and full of people in the afternoon (not night -time – but, probably 1 or 2 p .m.). I went up to the bar at the place where the servers collect their drinks to ask the guy behind the bar how to get to where I was going. A man grabbed my arm and I resisted. I probably said, “Let go of me,” or something. I don’t remember. Suddenly, a crowd began to surround me and they seemed very angry – AT ME! I ran between their legs to get out of there. I experienced something very similar on another occasion. Men AND women were ready to attack me because I resisted an assault by pulling away and saying, “Stop” in some way.

          There was an alleged rape of a child by a man at a Keith Urban concert fairly recently and people questioned how this could happen. I KNOW exactly how it could happen. Probably the worst place you could be sexually assaulted is in a crowd. At least, if you’re by yourself, you can resist and there aren’t more people to attack you.

    • Several of the AVFM punks have announced they would not help a woman being harassed or attacked. No news there. I am not as big, as strong, or as young as I used to be, but I would Intervene, and I carry some weapons so that I could do so. I’ve thought about it for a long time, and I could not live with the shame of seeing someone being harmed (man or woman) and not intervening . I don’t know if I would really be of help, but i would try. I do not understand the people who watch and do nothing.

  7. Sounds like these scumbag men are taking all of their sexual frustrations out on us! I ride transit daily as well-sometimes a few times a day. I am ALWAYS on guard about who is around me at all times. I hate having to stand, and am one of those New Yorkers who assertively run for a seat! I don’t do it to be rude; I do it to lessen my chance of having to stand, and risk having some manpig brush up against me or something. If this does happen to women, my advice is to publicly humiliate the perverted criminal on the train. Its the only way I can think of to get my rage and anger out, instead of going home and feeling like a victim AGAIN. I used to internalize the bad things I have been put through by the hands of men, and hurt myself. Not any more! I want to take my anger out on the (man) responsible for my pain and suffering. If I hold in this rage, it just gets bigger til I explode on the wrong people. I have been following the story about the German girl who you mentioned above in your article. It bothered and saddened me deeply, become that could have been me! If women were allowed to carry guns or tazers, she would be alive today as the hero that she is for standing up to the evil bastards that were harassing those girls. Unfortunately, we live in a society where its illegal to protect yourself!!


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