Kevin Logan’s Gynocracy

Kevin Logan and the ‘male feminists’ of Youtube regularly go after Thunderfoot aka Phil Mason and other MRA’s for their anti-feminist views while perpetuating the same attitudes and crap arguments they do.  Kevin Logan can point out flaws in other people’s arguments but resorts to MRA strawman-type arguments in order to shout down women and girls.

In this video, Kevin makes a bale of hay.

Go to 46:10 and listen for a few minutes.

The best part was his set up. He’s a feminist because he’s able to learn dammit! He’s able to LOLgically see the world for what it is, uh, except for, uh, those nasty women and girls who want privacy rights. And those would be TERFS! He despises those privileged bigots who get video recorded and assaulted by males in what’s supposed to be a legally private space.

He also doesn’t get that men claiming to be women are invading women only domestic violence shelters and then assaulting women. Because neoliberals think gender is real, men can come and go, assault women and girls whenever they feel like it. So feminist eh?

If you’re a 15 year old girl at the YMCA, you best just get over the fact a grown adult naked male can shower next to you. If you can’t handle that you’re a TERF and a nasty bigot, Kevin Logan, the male feminist, will let you know just how bigoted you are. Prior to the YMCA changing their policies to allow grown naked men to shower and change with young girls, as long as they call themselves women, they’ve had tons of problems [1] [2] [3] with men spying on little girls while they’re showering and changing. In fact, men have never left women and little girls alone and that’s why we have privacy rights in the first place. Ask any woman how old she was when an adult male targeted her sexually. Ask her. The most common answer will be 10 or 11 years old.

Now why did Kevin mangle his chances at an argument? Well, he has no argument. He said us nasty women and girls think we’re better because we’re born female and that’s why we’re so twanzphobic. This is a classic MRA argument. MRA’s think we live in a gynocracy where women are born with all the privileges and it’s women who actually run the world. Kevin, you dope.

The sad thing is Kristi Winters never corrected him. Not once. If you rewind that video 5 minutes earlier she discusses the fact that there is no evidence for a male or female brain. This is one of the ‘arguments’ men in dresses are using to invade our privacy!

Just the other day a man in a dress, Davina Ayrton, who thinks he’s a woman, was convicted for raping a 15 year old girl. He was sent to a male prison, where he belongs. Cue the liberal outrage machine. They’re gonna screech until he gets put in a women’s prison where he can rape again and put other women at risk.

Let’s break this down for Kevin:

Davina has a penis. Davina is not a woman. Davina is MALE. Davina does not have a female brain. Davina raped a girl with HIS penis. He was convicted and is now in a male prison.

Now Kevin, please tell me how that 15 year old girl who was raped has privilege because she’s female? Please tell me how women and girls are bigots for not wanting a male in their private space? I suppose all those women in prison who don’t want to house with a rapist are just the nastiest bigots ever, amirite Kev?

See Kevin, it’s easy for you to be a ‘feminist’ because you don’t have to address an ounce of male privilege. You actually just get to sit on your ass and smugly denounce women and girls as bigots for knowing that penis is male while they’re being raped by those same men.


His womanly penis is female and teenage girls are bigots for not letting him into their private spaces. Even the crime stats will count this improperly and state a woman raped another woman.


27 thoughts on “Kevin Logan’s Gynocracy

    • But, but, gender is totes realz yo! If a man says he has a female brain he can put on a dress and enter women’s and girls private spaces. YOU BIGOT YOU! You wimminz are just demanding little bitches with your domestic violence shelters and your Vagina Monologues! You just think you’re better than men who say they’re women because you have a vagina! It’s ALL TWANZPHOOOBIA!


      That’s my Kevin Logan response. How did I do?

  1. What a complete fucking dick. He thinks we think we’re “better”?? Fucking asshole dick motherfucker asshole. God when will this shit stop? When will women wake the fuck up?

    • naw, he thinks WOMEN/ radical feminists think they’re better and that’s why we oppose men in our private spaces. It’s easier to just dismiss women’s rights by yelling ‘TERFBIGOT!’

      IOW, he’s using an MRA tactic he regularly argues against, when MRA’s do it, to argue against women’s and girls rights.

      He’s just like Thunderfoot and the antifeminists he argues against.

      I love it when male feminists out themselves as to who they really are advocating for, and it ain’t women and girls, unless they’re men who call themselves women or pretend their 6 year old little girls. StefOKnee definitely should be allowed to shower naked next to 15 yo girls doncha know?

    • One more thing, he made a video saying you can’t have a valid opinion on physics unless you have a university degree.

      Gary aka inmendham has a channel called Draft Science where he writes papers and makes arguments about different topics in physics. Kevin made an idiot out of himself by going after Gary, telling him he’s just WRONG and he doesn’t have a degree and therefore can’t talk about science.

      The response by Gary was hilarious

  2. Mr. Logan doesn’t seem to have any understanding of why feminists object to certain transactivist positions. He apparently thinks it’s some sort of blind prejudice. He doesn’t understand that he is being made into a tool for another male supremacist political strategy to insert a wedge into feminism and weaken feminist theory. If he is in any sympathy with feminism generally he owes it to his readers to reconsider the position he has just taken.

    Are the objections below really just based on blind prejudice?

    “We support transgender people in their quest for human rights, safety, equality, and acceptance. However, with regard to more extreme transgender activism:

    a. We argue that its legal strategy negatively impacts the women’s liberation struggle. It opportunistically piggy-backs on civil rights laws which should be limited to protecting certain large immutable classes of people who have a long history of legal and social discrimination, rather than insisting on appropriate legal protection through disability laws based on a medical model. In the alternative, we argue that to correct civil-rights violations against this group, separate legislation is needed that does not piggyback transgender discrimination onto discrimination against women.

    b. We argue that it relies on patriarchal postmodernist theory to dissolve the category of Women, invisibilizing the overall structure built from women’s common biology, common oppression, common history, and common socialization. This negatively impacts women’s ability to act on their own specific oppression, losing even the language that differentiates them as a class.

    c. We argue that it opens the door to male predation of women and girls in private, vulnerable spaces as rates of male violence do not appear to change post-surgery for MTT people.

    d. We argue that it supports inclusion of male-bodied athletes in women’s sports and other competitions, to the detriment of female athletes.

    e. We argue that it skews statistical research comparing male and female behavior, especially biologically-based behavior, obfuscating comparisons between the sexes.

    f. We argue that it places the burden of some of the problems of male-to transgender (MTT) people on women, rather than men where they belong. For example, MTT people are generally unwilling to use male bathrooms because of fear of male violence. This is not women’s problem.

    g. We argue that it supports the disability, infertility, and mutilation of physically healthy people, including women and girls, as a cure for a non-physical disorder.

    h. We argue that it tends to invisibilize the sexual orientation, culture, identity, and civil-rights issues of lesbians.

    i. We argue that it confuses discrimination based on transgenderism with discrimination based on sex. Many issues of sexism do not intersect with transgender issues. Sexism and transgender discrimination are separate political, social, historical, and legal issues in most cases.

    j. We argue that a change of biological sex is not currently medically possible, though adopting genderized roles of women is. To adopt such genderized (subordinative) roles, however, is problematic for feminists who are struggling to end the genderization system. We think transgender theory must work to accommodate both the social reality of transgender people and the political reality of women’s ongoing subordination.”

    • I don’t know if he has spent any time thinking about his antifeminist views. When i say antifeminist, I mean directly going against women’s and girls rights by calling us horrible slurs like TERF and bigot and going on MRA shows calling radical feminists the worst women ever.

      My next post on him will highlight his appearance on the MRA Honey Badger show where he is asked directly what radical feminism is, to define it, and he cannot define it. He just says we’re terrible people, TERFS and bigots.

      Now the problem there is that MRA’s don’t know what radical feminism is either because they take neolib feminism and mistake it for radical. He’s right at home in that sense.

      It’s like the blind leading the blind but if you’re going to call yourself a feminist or an ally, you can’t just namecall women and girls and fail in the analysis.

      It doesn’t seem to bother Kevin that he’s ready to snuggle up to MRA’s but calls women and girls bigots, all the while calling himself ‘feminist.’

      You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say you’re for women and girls and then deride us.

      Notice there is no rational arguments incoming. There won’t be. Kevin has no argument and neither do the rest of the ‘male feminists.’

  3. And now the olympic committee has changed its rules — males no longer have to have “sex change” surgery to compete against females. Soon there will be no women in sports. As intended.

    • Not just that, men with naturally low testosterone don’t even have to take HRT; the testosterone levels for MTFs is higher than the normal range for women. Women with higher than normal levels of testosterone are banned from competing with women. Intersex people are pretty much screwed as well. MTFs also can transition “back” to being men after four years and retain their medals.

    • Here’s how I see that. It’s beyond ludicrous, like so much of what has gone on. But now the attack is on well-connected and funded female athletes. The lawsuits will follow and I look forward to them. The narrative is about to be corrected.

      Radfems werte the early warning system. I say let it get out into the mainstream. Let it go all the way. We’ve struggled against this. Let’s sit back now and watch the firewortks.

  4. One thing that trans ideology and its adoption by so-called liberals, leftists, and “skeptics” has made clear to me is that most people, men and women, still really, really hate women. There’s no other explanation for why they cheerlead men in skirts robbing us of our rights. Trans ideology is also tailor made for men who hate women, have always hated women, to pretend to be “good liberals” while relentlessly attacking women. Kevin Logan is exhibit A.

  5. Reblogged this on wolfwomanofthenorth and commented:
    Another male atheist youtuber who claims to be a feminist using hateful rhetoric against radical feminist women. He has made it known before when arguing with MRAs, the he’s in agreement with them that misandry and matriarchy are feminist threats to men, but that these ‘radical’ feminists shouldn’t reflect badly on the whole movement. Throwing us supposedly ‘bad’ radical feminists to the wolves because we actually challenge their privilege, instead of making feminism comfortable for them. Now he’s using the excuse that women aren’t really standing up for their civil rights out of concern for women and girl’s safety when it comes to trans right to invade our private spaces only on the basis of a self-declared gender identity, but that we really think we’re superior to men with gender dysphoria. Who cares about the many instances of crimes against women perpetrated by men wearing dresses claiming to be trans, male violence is no longer a problem for women apparently, so us bigoted feminists are just paranoid about predatory men taking advantage of our spaces. Supposedly, women actually have power over men even when our rights are under attack by them. Using his status as feminist to compare women he doesn’t agree with to oppressive men. No man who refuses to stand up for women’s basic right to bodily integrity, and acknowledge women’s material reality under patriarchy, while demonizing those who do, is an ally to women. This is why men cannot be feminists, they want to twist it to suit themselves. Women must reclaim our movement.

    • yes, I just got finished reading it.

      I have to watch them all the time b/c they’re always trying to find new ways of hurting women. I’ve been doing this for years and they’ve yet to advocate for men. They’ve only just gone after women.

      • I’m glad to hear you were able to read it in full. I hope you liked the content. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. You do a great job at owning these twerps and exposing them for the misogynists they are.

  6. Absurd! This is exactly why men cannot be feminists – they are men. Even if they declare themselves to be women or female brained or whatever, it’s completely idiotic. For women, feminism and Women’s Liberation is much more than an ideology or a political movement, it goes far, far deeper than that.

    I just did a post about this at my blog. Feminism, especially the radical kind, is something that usually finds us as a result of our experiences as women among men. Men don’t have these experiences because, of course, they are men among men.

    Men’s pretenses, fantasies and robberies of women and womankind are beyond tiresome.

  7. I always have difficulty deciding whom I despise more: liberal or conservative doods. I just got through skimming over numerous angry comments on some article, from the right-wingers, bashing single mothers and basically anybody who is poor and on some type of government assistance. And then, here we have yet another episode of the card-carrying Mr. Lefty Feminism, grandstanding and spouting misogyny by the gallon.

    Tough choice.

  8. I got a headache reading that article. And now the Olympics have stated that men can compete in women’s events. ffs.

    We’ve just had our Australian of the Year awards. One of the nominees was a trans woman Lieutenant Colonel Cate McGregor. Two years ago (while still working at Department of Defence) Cate was ‘counselled’ after Defence confirmed she asked a private blogger in an email if “cattleman was your occupation or your sexual preference?”. Lt Col McGregor criticised a reserve member’s father as a failure in the army and later signed off an email “Catherine McGregor AM – suck on that fuckwit!”.

    Does that sound like something a woman would do? Absolutely NOT!

    She was on a morning show panel last week, during which she put herself forward just as a man would–assertive, boastful and brimming with ego.

    The Australia of the Year award went to Cate’s old boss, David Morrison. The award goes to someone who has contributed in some way to Australia. Cate has done nothing to help anyone. She hasn’t been active in advocating for trans issues; nothing. She/he then went on the record as saying that the choice was ‘weak and conventional’; that the board of the National Australia Day Council ‘did not have the courage to go with an LGBTI person’; and that Morrison had ‘a lot to learn’–all because Morrison had accidentally at one time referred to her by her birthname, Malcolm.

    A woman would simply not do any of the above. Cate is a man.


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