Gender Neutral Bathrooms a Failure, Plus Latest Debacle With Julie Bindel and Manchester University

University of Toronto women are being filmed in ‘gender neutral’ bathrooms, or washrooms as we say in Canucky land. This highlights the fact that women need their civil rights to privacy. This will not get better.

Voyeurism incidents lead to closure of Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Toronto College Campus | GenderTrender

I feel the need to reiterate that I want privacy from males in public washrooms. I can’t stress this enough. Remember when Sage Gerard, a men’s rights whacko, went into the women’s bathrooms on his college campus to put up A Voice for Men propaganda? He got in shit for that but all he truly needed to is say ‘I identify as a woman.’

A Voice for Men puts up the proof that Sage Gerard went into women’s restrooms on Kennesaw State University

How do you feel about that liberal feminists? Do you want men’s rights activists waltzing in on your private spaces? I certainly don’t but that’s where this is going folks. This just shows how silly ‘gender identity’ is.

It reminds me of Lila Perry, a male, who wasn’t content using a unisex washroom. He swaggered around in a skirt with his dick flopping around, visible to all, while claiming 12 year old girls were bigots. So how is it a stretch that an MRA could put on a skirt and get right in on our spaces?

More Turds From the Liberal Feminist Movement

Julie Bindel is getting the shit kicked out of her, again, by Manchester University. The irony was she was going to give a talk called ‘‘From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?’’ ManU no platformed her but is totally content with having a Gamergate/Men’s Rights activist Milo Yianopoulous speak. You heard that correctly. They told a lesbian feminist she was too dangerous and gave a green light to a rabid misogynist who says that transgender is a psychological condition that needs therapy, not surgery. The organizers of the event aren’t happy about the no platforming and wrote a response.

Jess Lishak, Man U’s ‘women officer’ erased her explanation of the whacko decision to ban Julie and welcome Milo but it was captured.  

Guess who’s doing the silencing?  Women of course.  These lovely Liberal feminists.

I tweeted Man U yesterday


This comes on the heels of the Feminism in London crap where Bindel stuck up for transmale Jane Fae by calling women bullies and pulling out of the con. While I like Julie Bindel and have promoted her fundraising on this site, I think there’s some poetic justice in this.

It’s not that I like her being no platformed, I don’t. I just think she should’ve centered women during the FiL debacle and stuck to her guns. I get that she doesn’t like being no-platformed by a bunch of 18 y/o women who are more concerned with porno-manfeelz than liberation but we need some consistency here. What happened at FiL wasn’t ‘no platforming.’ It was women voicing an opinion and to this day nobody has given a single bit of evidence there was ‘bullying.’

If you’re reading this Julie, I hope you shout this latest debacle at ManU from the rooftops. It is one of those moments that deserves to be televised everywhere and shown for the woman hating censorship it is. I’m just incredibly disappointed you turned away from your sisters at FiL and called them bullies. If you used that as an opportunity to show you’re not a TERF then I can’t abide by that. You could’ve handled that much better than you did.  Live and learn I suppose.

Never center men in feminism

Never center men in feminism

Never center men in femin..


aw fuck it.




36 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Bathrooms a Failure, Plus Latest Debacle With Julie Bindel and Manchester University

  1. There are reasons in politics to make sacrifices in order to make strategic gains elsewhere, but this sort of thing is generally predicated on the idea that one is dealing with people who understand how this works, and it also presumes one has enough power to retaliate if the other party doesn’t play by the rules, or that one is a better gamer. In this case it’s like sacrificing a pawn in order to clear the way for a counterattack, and having the other player respond by tipping over the board.

  2. Bindel tried to stand up for the principle of free speech when she withdrew after Mr. Fae had his mantrum and got his publicity. I admire her for that. The problem is that she (and we) are not dealing with people who give a fig about principles of any kind. And now where is Mr. Fae that Bindel could use some help? Not a peep to be heard from him. My hope is that women will start to see that we cannot appease these woman-haters and we should stop wasting energy trying to find “common ground” with them.

    • And Fae voluntarily left, didn’t he? He couldn’t stand up to scrutiny so he freaked out, which is very typical for men and trans women, which seems to be related to why they’re so determined to silence everyone else. Criticism shuts them down completely, which is why they can’t debate us out in the open and why they assume that attacking us will be an effective way to get us to shut up.

      • Fae claims that they withdrew because they were made to feel unwelcome at a free speech conference. Pants on fire alert!

      • I don’t know all the ins and outs here, but this business of trannies being afraid of Julie B. – this is a massive male reversal.

        Dudes with laid-ee feel have no reason to fear physical violence from women; it’s the other way around.

        I’ve seen pics of Julie B., and, unless she can do the distance choke hold like Darth Vader, she doesn’t look like a threat to anyone. This is the theater of the absurd, once again.

        • The argument is that any woman who does not pretend to believe these guys are women puts them at risk of homicide (because women have so much influence over whether men kill GNC men lol) and suicide (because they are completely unstable) to which I am increasingly inclined to respond “well then why aren’t you dead yet?” They keep saying lack of female compliance puts them at dire risk of death, but they never go away.

          • Thank you for that clarification. This sounds like MRA/RedPill stuff, exactly. Women are to blame when men commit suicide because we didn’t do _____ for them.

          • Oh, being an MRA is *much* more effective when the guy frames it as having to suffer the horrors of being *really* a woman. Because as we all know there is just nothing worse than that.

            And then any time they do something horrible they can blame it on lack of societal acceptance, or say that they are a different person now that they have come out as a woman. It’s a most intricate scam.

          • It, also, reminds me of some things from the Malleus Maleficarum and the work of Cotton Mathers. It’s a witch hunt redux: Women have supernatural powers to cause harm to men – in this case, not so much to shrivel their privates in the night, but to cause them to commit suicide by means of mesmerizing utterances from our serpents’ tongues.

            Again, as HMQ says, there should be no men anywhere near feminism.

            For one thing, they live in a world of various fantasies, with no relationship whatsoever to the real world and they seek to impose this on us in a variety of ways – a major way being made-up gender roles.

  3. Up is down.
    War is peace.
    Penis is female.
    MRA’s are feminists, especially if they love pink.
    Sex is a human right.

    Handmaidens unite!

    Genderism: Regressive homophobic misogynist capitalist conservatism cloaked in the mantle of progress.

  4. One would that that, as Bindel was being gracious and magnanimous, libfems would respond in kind. Unfortunately, they don’t work like that: they see an opportunity and they’ll go in for the kill. They are like schoolyard bullies.

  5. UofT? WTF? Why does it have this weird ‘avant garde’ thing? Gender neutral washrooms. Just plain creepy and evil. Your graphic is superb. That should be on t-shirts and they should be covering the UofT campus. You’re 18 and you walk into this crazy crap! It’s in your home! Sorry to be so fragmented.

  6. After the fuss Bindel made to be listed on the program this year, to turn around and withdraw from speaking because her friend Fae withdrew, while she assures everyone she will attend, but not as a speaker, is stunningly irresponsible.

      • I got into the middle of a rather upset FB discussion right while all this was coming down and was intrigued by the reactions of various and sundry parties who will go unnamed, but it was unnerving. “You’re supposed to be the heavy hitters,” I thought, “and even I can see this is terrible strategy.” Shook me up.

        • I don’t really get the full context of what you’re saying but…

          If you mean the context of Julie not standing up for exited women and siding with a guy I get it. FiL

          If you mean not fighting the no platforming instead opting to shit on women to prove she’s not a twanzphobe I get that too. Man U

          We need to start Mancheeze University where women are first and foremost and the big leaguers don’t kow tow to any man.

          I mean, that’s what’s so upsetting about it for me. Hey, she thinks gender is bullshit so STICK WITH IT. Stay tough about it and not back out of a con cuz of manfeelz!

          • Yeah, I saw Fae’s “poor me” letter, and then Criado-Perez’ WordPress post about withdrawing from the FiL conference, and shared that, and then people were saying “hmmm” and discussing this and then C-P’s post about Julie pulling out too came to my attention, and some people in the middle of all this were reacting in the moment and, well, I ain’t got much else to say that I haven’t already.

  7. Milo was banned too, and defended Bindel.

    He made a comment that the bannings answer the question as to whether feminism censors free speech.

    Of course feminism promotes censoring “free speech” in some cases like pornography (in the US, legally “free speech”), rape promotion and so on. But this mess isn’t about free speech. It’s about a uni afraid to attract any controversy. Unis are against free speech, yes, I see that frequently when the Jewish campus groups and the pro-Palestinian groups try to censor each other.

    Academia is in such a funk after post-modernism, third-wave feminism, trans activism, sending their graduates home with loans that will take lifetimes to pay off, paywalls in front of all the work it produces which keeps the info from the public, fear of litigation,and its utter isolation from the social reality around it. The days are long gone when unis were centers of free speech.

    • I remember back in the ’90s there was a lot of scaremongering about how our litigious society (especially in the U.S.) was going to affect the principle of personal choice. For example, there was an episode of Sliders (where the characters could travel between alternate universes) that had one alternate universe where you couldn’t so much as buy a cheeseburger without providing a note from your doctor and signing something like an informed consent form.

      What’s interesting to me is that this hasn’t really come to pass. Only public smoking has been significantly restricted, but what has happened is censorship in places that should be the last bastion of free thought. Maybe colleges need to come up with forms students have to sign when they voluntarily attend a controversial class or event, thus releasing colleges and professors from threat of litigation if anyone is offended.

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