7 Signs You’re Transgendered, Plus HERO

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I just found this channel on Youtube. Her name is PeachyYoghurt and she’s been doing videos dismantling the bullshit that is gender for some time. Her latest video explores how doctors diagnose GID and how flimsy and ridiculous the entire concept is.

Let that sink in.

Now for some more peak trans crap being passed around on Twitter.

Here’s a diagnostic manual that Miranda Yardley found that conflates sex and gender

Here’s some screenshots that will make you lol with digust.

you only have to feel like a woman neurologically we're more female women don't know what its like to be female

05-11-2015 3-09-08 PM

Let’s chew on something else for a while. 4th Wave Now just posted the highlights of a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health regarding the trans medical experimentation on children, which is being perpetuated by transactivists as the only viable solution to a problem that is immaterial and wholly psychological.

One thing you’ll notice is that the doctors and medical practioners who question the Frankenstein tactics of experimenting on kids had to express their medical opinions anonymously. These clinicians clearly know that transactivists will use any means to silence and destroy them if they make their names public.

In summation, there are a lot of medical professionals who are admitting that there is no long term data supporting the various methods used on kids and, more importantly, that the internet and social media has a large influence on children and parents in the sense that this seems like more of a fad.

They admit that GID is comorbid with other psychological disorders that go untreated and there is no medical agreement on what in the hell they’re doing.

There is some good news at the end of this depressing post. Houston held a vote on a ordinance to repeal a law which included ‘gender identity’ as a protected class. Now most people would agree that transppl shouldn’t be discriminated against but these ordinances would allow men to enter female-only protected spaces: bathrooms, locker rooms etc.

‘The ordinance bans discrimination based not just on gender identity and sexual orientation, but also 13 classes already protected under federal law: sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, pregnancy and genetic information, as well as family, marital or military status.’

Now most of us can see that this passage seems like a good thing and we can all agree that discrimination based on these things is wrong but when you include an immaterial thing like ‘gender identity’ the law doesn’t make sense.

The ordinance was struck down by voters who want women and girls to retain their rights as a protected class based on SEX. One hundred and thirty thousand voters showed up and 63% said no, a very wide margin.

The transactivists and their liberal feminist handmaidens are screaming mad about it. I’m sure the liberal media is going to go nuts over this and it won’t be the last we hear about it. If they reworked the language of the ordinance and made it clear that women and girls would retain their rights, it would probably pass.

One last thing. For all you lookie-loos who don’t think transMALES commit sexual offenses when they’re allowed into female only spaces, read this and this.


14 thoughts on “7 Signs You’re Transgendered, Plus HERO

  1. Great post, HMQ. I did donate a few days ago and will continue to. We need these spaces and I thank you for doing this work.

    Oooh I love Peach Yoghurt! All of her videos are awesome.

    It was trans week at the New York Times and I was really caught-up in it. First they ran the story about the school district in Illinois who denied a trans girl his “rights” to use the girl’s locker room (they had made special accommodations for him but of course that wasn’t enough) so now the Feds and fucking ACLU are coming in and threatening to strip their funding if they don’t allow the boy unfettered access to female spaces. That story got over 1000 comments before they shut it down, and even on a publication as liberal and trans ball licking as the Times the comments were overwhelmingly against trans in girls spaces.

    Then after the HERO result came through they ran another story about it, with another 1500 comments. Similar situation, although people were less sympathetic because it shit on gay people at the same time. As many people have noted, if they hadn’t had the gender identity bullshit in there, the measure would have easily passed. Houston elected a lesbian mayor, ffs.

    I was surprised how many radfem opinions made through their moderation. I certainly went to town, but they definitely censored a few of my comments. Then they ran another piece from the editorial board calling everybody “haters” and “bigots.” And now today they have a “debate” going about trans in schools but both opinion pieces are written by trans women. I am totally, completely over The NY Times and after this week I won’t read it ever again.

    Today I had a moment, after reading that Times editorial comparing people who are against trans invading girls locker rooms to people who enforced Jim Crow laws (yes, really), where I teared up and had to stop myself from crying because I was at work. The anti-woman hatred of the trans movement, not to mention the anti-gay component, is overwhelming. It is overwhelmingly heartbreaking and painful to see this level of misogyny and erasure of girls and women. The total disregard for us. I never thought I’d see something this awful. You couldn’t make up anything this horrible if you tried.

    End of rant. It’s very, very upsetting and I CAN’T BELIEVE that people don’t see it.

    • Thanks Cassandra. It’s frustrating, the misogyny of men who pretend they’re women. Most of the general public sees this for what it is though, but the media will only accept complete submission. This won’t happen.

  2. I found the most disgusting instragram account “sissytiffany” with porn sick transgender “memes”. It’s vile, misogynistic, homophobic, degrading, deeply insulting to women, and fetishizes women as sex objects. When people talk about MtF having autogynephilia well this person’s instagram sums it up perfectly. Transwomen/males don’t even view women as human beings and it’s not even about identity, it is a sexual FETISH.

    Interestingly there is not one transwoman pictured, just a series of images of women being bound, gagged, and abused to explain some pervert’s fantasies and delusions about what he thinks being a woman means. How can anyone defend such beliefs or the community from which they came? How could those images be anything but a fetish? It is NOT “transphobic” to criticise this garbage or be against trans politics. This is not even a political ideology, it’s straight up sexism, misogyny, and objectification. But of course no one is allowed to criticize transgender ideas because then you’re a “bigot” who needs to be censored and banned.

  3. If you point out men like “sissytiffany” they’ll come back with “that’s not a true trans.” They have a way to wriggle out of everything. And the minute anybody mentions AP, someone will swoop in to say it’s a disproved theory.

  4. I think that autogynephilia is the ultimate expression of narcissism in men. They desperately want to fuck themselves. It is a very different mental illness from GID, although 80% of people who suffer GID are co-morbid with NPD.

  5. did anyone hear about this?


    It showed up in my news feed. I know its not about the manosphere but a lot of MRAs and males, in general, on facebook are defending it (not surprising)

    It seems like misogyny has gotten more and more overt within the past several years. I wish there was something we could do about it like petition the President to do a press conference on the reality of rape culture 😦

  6. Just now getting around to commenting on this.

    So, according to the bogus “7 Signs”, I’m in gender limbo. LMAO!

    I enjoyed playing with both girls & boys toys when I was a child. I’ve worn my hair both long & short. I always feel female because I actually am female (and I get a monthly memo reminding me of that fact). There was a time when I used to joke that I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, but I decided to stop doing that because it was fucking stupid. I don’t recall participating in any type of role-playing games with other kids, so no answer to that. On the rare occasion that I play a video game, I always choose powerful female warrior types of avatars (IOW, no desire to be a male avi). Clothing style is androgynous (usually women’s track pants or jeans paired with men’s t-shirts). The average male’s body is far from enviable, so I’ll have to say no to that. As for what I think of men who would qualify as the athletic type, I’ll be keeping that to myself. 😉 Hint: It’s not envy.

    I’d be a nightmare for these “gender therapists”. There is no neat & tidy label for what I am, aside from biological female.

    Great video, Peachy. I really respect anybody who has the courage to call out the transgender bullshit for what it is. Dangerous work.

  7. I found your blog when trying to figure out if redstockings.org had commented on the Trans ideology engulfing feminism.

    Happily as more and more women and feminists speak out, in and out of the media, the more the media has to start listening and stop publicizing the newest fad that drives up ratings. (I note most comments sections tend to be negative as well.)

    Bruce Jenner saying the hardest part of being a woman was trying to figure out what to wear REALLY helped a lot of people understand how clueless so many trans are. And pissed off a lot of women who hadn’t been paying sufficient attention.

    Keep up the good work.


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