Kevin Logan Admits Biology Matters But Fuck Women’s Rights

‘Ladies, your biological reality and said oppression that stems from that reality only matters when I’m arguing with an MRA. BIGOT!’ ~Kevin Logan

Before getting underway with this next ‘male feminist’ ass, I want to let you all know I’m appearing LIVE on Mark and Lyanna’s ‘Transition Radio’ on Google Hangouts, Thursday Oct 1st at 8pm Pacific. Here’s the LINK to the show. Click on that at 8pm Pacific on Thursday and see! You can also call in to the show.


Recently, I was called a ‘BIGOT!’ by ‘male feminist’ Youtuber Kevin Logan for knowing Zoey Tur is male. However, it seems Logan should take a bit of his own medicine. While debating an MRA, because talking to MRA’s is better than allying with women, he relied on BIOLOGICAL REALITY to explain why women should have abortion rights.

Kevin relies on sexual dimorphism to argue why it is women are the ones that get pregnant and therefore have the right to control their reproduction through abortion but somehow that entire line of thinking goes right out the window when it comes to transpolitics and admitting that men cannot change their sex.

Kevin Logan BIGOT

This kind of hypocrisy is standard fare on Youtube where men’s rights activists and self appointed ‘male feminists’ have taken up roost. You would think someone who claims to fight for women’s rights would also fight for our rights to privacy and space. But we know all too well that men on the left are far too clever to allow women the right to define their own movement based on their oppression by sex.

This comes at a particular time when Youtube has two warring factions: Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) v. MRA’s. Kevin’s hypocrisy is then picked up by MRA’s and used against feminists like myself.  The whole point of calling women ‘TERFS’ and ‘transphobes’ is to silence them. Men use this ad-hom as an instant slur they can shout so other men can take over where they left off.



Notice how the slur ‘TERF’ is used as a ‘shut up woman’ tactic. That’s the whole point of it.




Again, he makes no argument except throws an emotional tantrum against the facts of biology which he admits later on. He even admits he’s not making an argument, just screaming out ad homs.



You heard it here first ladies. If you want space or privacy rights, you’re now a plantation owner in the deep South during slavery. You horrible wimminz you! You simply can’t have any space to organize for your rights. You can’t have Michfest, the Vagina Monologues, and fer fucks sake NO VAGINA CUPCAKES!

The fact that you are 50% of the population that only 100 or so years ago couldn’t vote, couldn’t own property, couldn’t get an education, forfeited legal personhood upon marriage, and were property of men means that you are the new bigots, the new slave-drivers.

The fact that today you still have to fight for the rights to control your own reproduction, which is an oppression based on SEX, you are just like the white men who beat African slaves into submission. I swear to fucking God you women are oppressive!




Crickets. Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep.



He has no rebuttal. I’m just wrong cuz it’s OBVIOUS.




He didn’t end up calling anyone else to make an argument because well, there is no argument.




I’d link you to his butthurt video but it’s just a repeat of childish ad-homs. I invited him to call in to the live show I’m doing Thursday night Oct 1st on Google Hangouts and he said he would call only if yadda, yadda, yadda. I know he won’t call in because he’s wrong and he knows it. He’s so butthurt he’s now asking me to come on his show so he can try to save some face.

Dude, I’m not afraid of you. If you’re so right you can call in to the live show Oct 1st and make your ‘arguments’ which to this point you’ve not made. You’ve had TWO separate opportunities to show that you have an argument and each time you resorted to petulant whining and name-calling. You can also leave answers to my above questions on this comment section.




19 thoughts on “Kevin Logan Admits Biology Matters But Fuck Women’s Rights

  1. “Arguing that women deserve spaces without men is as stupid as arguing that white people deserve safe spaces without black people.”

    Wow wow wow. Brilliant class analysis there, buddy! Oh, and this one:

    “Gender is what you perceive yourself as being, man, woman, and depending on who you ask, more.”

    BAHAHAHA! So much stupid. Apparently women are oppressed over something WE perceive OURSELVES to be – pretty convenient when coming from the class of people who are responsible for violence against us. Men need to shut up.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that we’re supposed to go along with this complete denial of reality (biology and our history of structural oppression) or be called bigots. It is so fucking absurd. I wonder if itty bitty bagel man would say that black people don’t deserve their own spaces? What a mook.

    We see you, you “liberal” male jagoffs, transjactivists and MRA’s. Gas lighting in order to dominate, as per usual.

    I’ll try to tune in to Transition Radio!

    • There’s this other knob head The Skeptic Feminist who all the libfems are fawning over and he also hates women and thinks we should cower in fear for spaces and rights.

      He does the same thing as the other ignoramus: calls women ‘TERFS’ for wanting privacy away from males. His definition of ‘TERF’ was astoundingly ignorant. I’ll dig it up later. When I gave an argument he said ‘this is the last thing I will say’ after calling me a ‘terf’

      It truly is an insult to women and it’s meant as ‘shut up woman! there’s a man over here that’s more woman than you’ll ever be!’

      I hate these ignoramuses.

  3. I don’t hate men or trans people. I resist male control of women. When even a twelve-year-old boy thinks he can tell grown women what to do, there’s a problem. I do not like male MRAs debating with “male feminists” about how severely women should be tethered. It should be clearly understood that radical feminists do not have male mouthpieces at any time, and anything a guy like Logan says has nothing to do with us. Men are trying to take over our bodies, trying to take over our identities, and then other men are coming in to take over all discussion about that. Not gonna happen while we’re here, and we can handle the flak.

    • I don’t hate men or trans people

      It’s like, no matter how many times you preface your gender critical work with that, which I refused to do in this piece, men and their handmaidens will say you do. Even young men like Minibagel are getting their cues from liberal ‘feminist’ males to yell adhoms like ‘TERF’ at women. It’s a really sad state of affairs.

      The bubble will pop though. With girls having to give up privacy rights you just know something is going to happen to tip this entire thing. Look at dildos for babies. That shit is creepy as fuck. It’s such colonization. A 4 y/o girl with a plastic penis? WITAF?!

      • I pretty much hate men. It’s not like I stomp around looking to pick a fight with any dude I come across, but I have little patience for men as a class, and I’m not inclined at all to reevaluate that. Distrusting and disliking men is a survival tactic for women in our world. I wish more women would embrace it. We’d be better off.

        And my dislike for trans women stems from my dislike of men. Trans women, as a class, behave no differently than men as a class, and so I’m not going to prioritize them in my politics or my day-to-day life any more than I do just plain old men.

    • Both men and transwomen consider the word no, when uttered by a woman, to be an expression of hatred.

      ps, good to see you here, vliet.

  4. I can’t decide whose worse; the “male feminists” or the MRAs. It’s all the same shit, really. Men being men, telling women what to do. They all want to be the rooster of the hen house.

    • Yes. There’s a thread on Gender Critical Feminism Reddit were two dudes suddenly announced, in the middle of an ongoing conversation, that they are men and asked if that would get them kicked out. When some posters informed them that there are women-only spaces but that wasn’t one of them, they were soooo tickled, let me tell you. They were kind of like, “Cool, this is so cool, we’re surrounded by chicks! We can have an opinion on THEIR issues! These chicks are gonna sooooo look up to us!”

  5. Why do liberal doods always look like they just rolled out of bed? No woman would ever get away with appearing in a YouTube video, looking like that. That’s an automatic invitation for harassment and body policing. Men have it so easy, but they are either too stupid to realize this, or just refuse to acknowledge it altogether.


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