AVFM Harassing Emma Howland-Bolton: When In Doubt, Go After a Woman UPDATED

AVFM found a woman to go after who posted on a Facebook page dedicated to protesting and informing others of the upcoming Men’s Rights Conference in Detroit. Emma Howland-Boltman is just one of many people who posted comments on Facebook (but she’s a woman). MRA’s dug up her docs yesterday. Jonathan Taylor took the docs and published her email address on AVFM. He sent her a long windy mansplain about how she’s responsible for death and bomb threats to the Doubletree Hotel.

There is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that ANY threats came from feminists. This is an invention of Paul Elam to get more money and more attention. I’m sure there are people in Detroit who don’t want a bunch of misogynists in their city but this is all part of Elam’s strategy.

Jonathan Taylor has the nerve to demand a response from Emma Howland within a day. This is what woman hating jackasses do. They think they’re entitled to a response. Elliot Rodger was an entitled male too. If I was Emma Howland I wouldn’t send a damn thing to them considering their track record of doc dropping and harassment of women they can get any information on.

What’s critical here is that there was a man on the Facebook page expressing his disdain for the MRA Annual circlejerk too. He didn’t get a mansplaining, harassing, and demanding letter in his email. He might now since I brought it up and it makes MRA’s look like they’re targeting women: which they ARE.

The mansplain in this one was strong. Every nasty little paranoid shit turd that’s come into the MRA hivemind that wishes feminists would show up and bring on the apocalypse is present in Taylor’s email to Emma.

He gives her a HIStory lesson about non-violent resistance while affirming none of this violent rhetoric comes from MRA’s, which we know it DOES.

In an ideal world there would be no need to explain to you why a policy of nonviolence is essential to any human rights endeavor. I belabor this because it is unfortunately not so apparent to our opponents. Violence can be compared to George Washington’s characterization of government: a “dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Violence does not breed peace, but only more violence, and it inevitably harms those who initiate it.

Then he has the nerve to assume she’s discriminating against her male students, assuming she’s an educator.

I think it also reasonable to be concerned in what capacity you – as an educator – enforce double standards toward your own students on the basis of sex, both in methods of instruction and discipline.

Entitlement issues eh? Guess what MRA’s? It’s none of your fucking business where or what she teaches, even if she’s teaching. One MRA has a great idea of tracking whether she opened the email.

I think there are computer programs that can confirm if an emial’s recipient did in fact open that email.

Leave women alone.

Addendum: Jonathan Taylor was banned from the Facebook page and instead of leaving her alone he felt entitled to get her docs, post her email on AVFM along with his ranty letter.

She herself posted a link to my original article on the Facebook group. I managed to get a screenshot of it before I was banned from there.

As usual, I won’t reprint her docs and if anyone knows her please inform her she’s become the latest target of the greatest human rights movement ever for posting some random silly stuff on Facebook.


The comment mods at AVFM are in full swing while the AVFMers dox away and threaten feminists with violence. Echofoxtrot’s comment was erased for doxxing a Detroit School Superintendent. MRA’s are emailing Emma’s workplace (from the dox they gathered) to try and get her fired.



echofoxtrot doxxing detroit superintendent of schools

Echofoxtrot also advised other MRA’s about getting animal spray to ‘defend’ against this nasty feminazi

“the attendees of the conference are, should it be necessary, prepared to exercise their legal and lawful right to self-defense. A retired cop told me about the value of a can of hornet spray as a self-defense weapon: much more potent than pepper spray, shoots a stream for 25 feet, $4 per can, etc. Hopefully cops will be on hand to prevent trouble, but prudent individuals would be advised to carry their own means of self-defense. Perhaps the best means to carry the can would be in a
one-shoulder sling backpack, with the backpack’s pouch in front of the body. I hate to sound so gloom-and-doom, but this feminazi sounds like she’s looking for trouble. “

I saw the comment last night and it hadn’t been removed by the mods. It was removed today and reposted by Peter Tawil as a warning against violent rhetoric. Peter says that AVFM needs to take a ‘Ghandian’ approach.


Anyone who knows the guys over at AVFM knows there’s no such thing as a Ghandian approach. The violent rhetoric and paranoia about feminists protesting their event is ratcheting up in the comment section.





54 thoughts on “AVFM Harassing Emma Howland-Bolton: When In Doubt, Go After a Woman UPDATED

  1. Oh, but they “believe in free speech” – I think that was the word used by one of the most recent MRA trolls here who was trying to defend this assembly of anti-woman terrorists.

    In Hoodoo, there’s a dominating formula called “I Can, But You Can’t.” That seems to be their theme here.

    • So according to you, wanting to shut down and silence MRAs is ok and should be respected because “free speech”? Sounds like fucking for virginity to me.

    • How is that talking about Men’s rights a Misogyny ? How ? Men are 90 % of the homeless population . Men are the majority of the war victims . Women live longer than men do . Men are human beings too . Stop that Misandry already .Stop lying about Rape . Every one is tired of you Feminists lies . You want to be respected by men then do you share . Go to the front lines in the Army and die for you country like men have done for many century’s , go work in the mines or the construction sites . Don’t hide like a coward in the Army barracks and take easy office jobs all the time . I’m a Army nurse . I make more money than most men who are actually risking their life’s in the front lines so … it is sexists and unfair . I know that . You want to become rich than take risk or be creative like men have been doing for thousands of years . Stop hating your fathers and sons . Women need to ‘Women up ‘ !

      • Have fun getting raped by the same men whose wounds you heal. You disgusting parasitic handmaiden whore whose in reality a fucking Paul Elam coward fuckwit. Fuck off!!! No one wants to hear your shit or lies.

      • These same men you defend so they may have rape rights to any woman they please will turn on you and they will not care for all the time you wasted defending them. Fuck off Paul Elam Dean Esmay and Diana Dawson the alter ego of John Hembling in drag. Fuck off you make me sick!

      • These men believe they have a right to rape women. I don’t know if you are a woman – probably you are a dude-MRA using a feminine-sounding moniker. But, these are not human rights. Men do not have a right to rape women. Men do not have a right to have sex with women. Men do not have many other rights they seem to believe they have, including the right to harass women in public places and online.

        When the men refer to these things as rights, then we have an obligation to shut down the speech before more lives are destroyed.

        Hate speech is never free speech.

        I know I’m responding to a troll… I’m just in the mood, I guess.

        • “These men believe they have a right to rape women.

          “If you truly believe that I feel incredibly sorry for you and the sad, twisted world you live in but I suspect that you don’t and are only trying to score debate points.

          • What are debate points? Do you get them on AVFM? Oh wait. does Elam still pay for you turds to go onto news articles and such and leave turd comments?

            Oh and talking about the right to rape women, one of you MRA’s invented a way to rape a woman on a college campus.

          • Yes, it’s a sad, twisted world I live, created by men (read rapists) like you, asshole. Don’t you have some kittens to torture or something, you sick fuck!?

      • You haven’t been reading this blog. I suggest before you make your next comment, that you read at least 15 articles on this blog. If you don’t get it after say, 3 articles, you’re probably a dude disguised as a woman in the hopes you think people here will be nicer to you. The point is, MRA’s are a bunch of misogynist rape apologist scumbags who promote hatred and violence against women.

  2. I think I’m going to need a translator for this troll comment. “Fucking for virginity”: Is this an MRA colloquialism because I’m at a loss for a direct, word-for-word translation.

    The MRAs and their kind have shut down and continue to shut down women’s, free and open speech online and terrorize women out of public spaces both online and IRL. This is the problem with MRAs, which is greatest immediate concern to me.

    So, I am for my own free speech, which is greatly diminished right now because MRAs. I am for the free speech of non-terrorists everywhere.

    But, threats of violence against women are not free speech. Incitements of violence against women are not free speech. When a man like Elliot Rodger says he’s going to go shoot up a sorority house of “blonde sluts” who would not have sex with him, that is not free speech. And, so on….

    • MRAs are silencing you? Can you give me concrete examples and sources from this? Because in one hand I have many examples in mind of MRAs meetings being shut down by feminists activists but or even smear campaigns launched by feminist “journalists” in The Guardian or The Telegraph. But I don’t have examples of MRAs silencing women. I’m not trolling here, just asking you to give me examples and food for thoughts instead of statements.

      Fucking for virginity comes from an anti-war slogan back from the Vietnam war era: “War for peace is like fucking for virginity”… So I just said “Silencing the opponents for freedom of speech is like fucking for virginity”.

        • REALLY? Demonstrate it. Empty assertions with no evidence (hearsay and “he must be an MRA” statements is NOT evidence)

        • Funny how magically Jotun and Kravin’s fingers become broken and can’t seem to use the search on the interweb to go look this info up for themselves.
          Nope. Just like privileged males, they DEMAND a woman go do it for them because, well, they have better things to do…like smash their man hands all over their keyboard to troll ask women to show them the violence and show them the silencing that MRAs do to women! Duuuh.

          • So an unsubstantiated accusation of murder is good enough for you? I pray that you will never sit on a jury. The obligation is that the person making the charge provide the proof whether they be man or woman…

          • Oh hold on here turd. Paul Elam said himself he wouldn’t vote guilty at a rape trial despite overwhelming evidence the perp was guilty. So I guess you don’t have much to crow about do you? do YOU?

  3. Sisterhood?

    Women who don’t appreciate being harassed online, who see the MRM for what it is and dare to talk about how you people have been making our lives online a living hell, are simply individuals. There is no organized effort because we have all experienced it individually.

    I have not seen proof of any threats from women against the hotel. I saw a probably phoney letter posted by Elam. If you have evidence of threats, you should produce it and not rely on the empty lies told by your brotherhood’s leadership.

    You say you MRAs were threatened by women, then let’s see the proof. Where is it?

  4. Didn’t see a single OUNCE of evidence MRA. Now either produce it, or go away. You see, you can’t just say feminists did it, you have to have something that even POINTS in that direction. Alas, you don’t. Now go away.

    • MRA translator: ‘I can’t be bothered to do my own research when I open my anus up wide and let the shit come out. FREEZEPEACHYO!

      That’s why you post on AVFM! I’m going to humiliate you now. ~HMQ

      • If you seek fat, ugly – inside and out and mrm type, look no further than Karen and Alison your personal mrm bitches who fit into the both categories. You’ll find them on avoiceformen…

        I love the fact how mras attack feminist looks when the women on team mrm are downright hideous LOL

        • “I love the fact how mras attack feminist looks when the women on team mrm are downright hideous LOL”

          I was thinking that very same thing as I was watching the Stephan Molyneux video in the latest post.

          I’ve seen vids with MRAs on YT that look like everything from wolf-men and yeti’s to E.T.s and actual penises. A gathering of them must look like the bar scene from Star Wars!

  5. My current concern is that some idiots in our Canadian government granted charity status to CAFE. I’m trying to figure out who in the government I should write to in order to hip them to the true nature of CAFE and it’s connection with AVfM.
    Any ideas, Diane?

  6. Re: The updated portion.

    Inform her of “men’s issues.” Which issues, I wonder? Being expected to pay for the support of their own offspring instead of leaving their children impoverished or a burden upon the state? Being unable to get laid by hot sorority girls? Being befriended by women who do not wish to be penetrated by their dicks? Being expected not to rape girls and women despite their innate biological urges to rape, as per the MRM itself? Being held accountable for their own bad, if not criminal, behavior? Being denied the right to their own personal domestic servant? Being denied the right to a sammich?

    • how about male suicide rates that are more than 5 times greater? How about homelessness being a 90% male issue? Being allowed to have equal standing in custody cases? And what about equal reproductive rights? A woman who has an unwanted pregnancy may end it. Men get to pay allimony if they don’t want the child, but the woman wants it. If you’re for equality you have two options. a) abortion is a decision made by both parents b) Abortion is not permitted and both are obliged to take care of the child (as giving the child to adoption, according to you, would be a burden to the state). If you’re not for a) because of women’s body autonomy, you must be for b) because, after all, you ARE defending the “impoverished children” rights over the parents’ rights, correct? or is it just over the father’s rights? P.S. good to see you are blatantly honest with your misandry. Just try to tone down the strawmen and outright lies. After all, looking bigoted does not further your cause too much.

      • How can men have equal productive rights when they don’t have a womb to gestate the fetus in, Loretta?


        My “cause” is not to live the rest of my life in peace and not be raped or murdered by men – I don’t think MY bigotry has anything to do with that.

        HMQ, your MRA spammers/trolls are back! Is this a cut and paste straight from some web site at dick-wielder headquarters, I wonder.

        • How can men have equal productive rights when they don’t have a womb to gestate the fetus in, Loretta?

          Are you serious? It takes 2 as you know. Don’t support a (possibly) worthy cause with bad argumentation. It will come back to hound you.

        • You know what really gets me is when I hear crap like:

          Doodz: She tricked me! And now I have to pay child support! Wimminz are evil!
          You: How did she trick you?
          Doodz: She told me she was on the pill!
          You: Well, did you wear a condom?
          Doodz: Well, no! Cause she said she was on the pill! Plus, she didn’t ask me to wear one!
          You:…*No words. Only sadness*

          What dood is really saying: Pffftttt. Personal responsibility? *Cha* that’s for chumps! That’s why it’s all placed on her!

          • If a man wants to exercise his reproductive right not to have children he has two very, very simple options. The first one is the best:

            #1. Keep his weapon in his pants.

            #2. A simple and relatively inexpensive surgical procedure – “snip, snip.”

            What a man does with his personal weapon is his personal responsibility and no one else’s.

            Besides have you been seeing the news articles about men sabotaging women’s b/c so they can keep total control over them and have a child to beat and rape, as well for the next about 20 years?!

  7. I read the “Open Letter” — the typical smear job. It’s strange how they don’t understand this kind of harassment of women damages the credibility of their own “cause.” I’m glad mainstream media is picking up on how toxic these guys are. Is it wishful thinking to believe we’re soon reaching a tipping point in terms of how much online harassment of individual women (doxing, e-mail campaigns, etc.) is accepted or ignored by the broader public?

    • It has been stated that the MRA groups are small and hardly have a following. Then I read here that they are toxic. Then is it the case that just a few men are just really good at getting their point across?

  8. Thanks for posting in depth about this particular harrassment matter, Diana. I’ve never seen these misogynists in such desperate straits. They’ve staked everything on this hotel letter. If they don’t post the actual alleged threats, and soon, it’s going to be the end for them politically.

    Based on a letter, without any other info, they are collecting $25,000 which apparently is on a site that turns the money over immediately. The legal consequences of collecting money under false pretences could be pretty major, right?.

    Personally, I think the letter is real…but I think the “death threats” will turn out to be hyperbole by the hotel, which is almost as bad, because AVFM doesn’t appear to have verified the threats or even seen them before relentlessly hounding another vulnerable young woman whose only known offence is to object to the conference in no illegal way. If they are accusing her of a crime and no crime has occurred, she could have a whale of a lawsuit based on the way they are currently destroying her.

    They have sent Judgybitch over to Mammoth with some bizarre distracting strategy that is backfiring as those commenters aren’t going to bite. DF’s current posting is exceptionally scathing.

    On the Anti-MRA subreddit, meanwhile, there’s a member presenting evidence to indicate that the column at AVFM blaming the Elliot Rodger murders on women was written by a mod on PUAHate named Jalon Cain – a regular longtime columnist for AVFM. It’s a damnably strong linkage between AVFM and PUAHate if true, astonishing even. It’s hard to believe AVFM could possibly be so stupid as to use a PUAHate mod for its column on the subject and keep from the readers who this person really was, and to deny any connection with the PUA community..

    On the mr sub there’s a commenter who called the hotel and was told there were no threats. Another commenter called the hotel number, which is posted there, and was told the same thing. I can’t imagine what is going on here at this point, but it may be that when the hotel learns what AVFM is doing to this young woman in the name of their letter, it will cancel the conference. They will have done it to themselves. If they had left her alone, they could still have spun it, but…

  9. The evidence is over there for all to see. Of course, it doesn’t matter what anybody says because you’ll simply continue acting like children either way. No evidence, no debate, no logic, just rabid foaming-at-the-mouth nonsense is all we’ve come to expect. And you rabid creatures sure don’t disappoint.

    The very BEST thing you can do for us in the MRA camp is continue to make posts like the ones here. Shout them far and wide. It’s clear for those of us with a functioning brain that for every hate filled rant from people like “Big Red”, for every misandric post from people like yourselves, we gain more people in our cause for true equality.

    The truth is coming out, and you don’t like it one bit. Your hate and anger in response will be the death of your (man hating) cause. Good riddance.

  10. Judgy Bitch was just now over at We Hunted the Mammoth acting altruistic, suggesting that feminists reach out to Emma Howland-Bolton because “she may not realize how much trouble she is in.” Unbelievable.

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  14. “I hate to sound so gloom-and-doom, but this feminazi sounds like she’s looking for trouble.”

    In other words:
    “I hate to sound so gloom-and-doom, but this feminazi sounds like she’s ASKING FOR IT.”


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