Protecting Yourself Online and Offline From Men’s Rights Activists: The Big Post

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I get this question so damned often I’m going to write a post about it. Ladies, it’s time to clean up your social media accounts and take back control. Here I present 3 sections, or 3 tactics, that men’s rights weirdos use to lure you in. This post is for you, so if you don’t want to waste your time, you can spot them right away.

online misogyny Youtube

MRA’s on Youtube gathering to harass a woman online

The first thing you must learn is how MRA’s talk and their tactics. MRA’s are ‘Chairborne Rangers’, which means they sit in their parents house and scream at women online and sometimes they’ll take it offline too, this is especially truein Canada.

There are two distinct types of MRA: the older bitter divorced male and the young bitter male who is unsuccessful in relating to women.

Occasionally, you’ll get a female handmaiden but they aren’t very common at all. Many MRA’s pretend they’re women online because they think it gives them legitimacy, which is rather ironic. MRA’s are mostly republicans and libertarians but I’m seeing more left wing men embrace their lingo and tactics.

Over here at Mancheeze, we feel totally comfortable saying all men are misogynists to one degree or another. These loser men spend hours on the internet searching for articles on feminism and women in order to find the ones that offend their feelz. They use Google Alerts for precisely this purpose.

They are also serial stalkers and doxxers of women. Please protect your information. If you are being harassed in any way CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t think you’re wasting their time, because you’re not. The best strategy is documenting everything these men do on social media and giving it to the police. You pay taxes, you pay police salaries.

Tactic 1

The primary tactic MRA’s use is the bad faith questioning/statement tactic. It’s usually an innocuous Captain Obvious kind of question that they know you’ll answer in the affirmative. Trust me though, they’re not listening to you. They only use this tactic in order to spew their rhetoric at you. It goes something like this:

‘Did you know or do you agree that men are affected by domestic violence, rape, false rape allegations, corrupt family courts, suicide, etc?’

You will answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions because every once in a while these things do happen. They just don’t happen at the same rate and frequency he thinks they do. Sometimes he’ll launch immediately into his rhetoric, sometimes not. If he does go immediately below to tactic 2 and 3. This allows him to then ask the next bad faith question/statement:

‘What is feminism doing about those things?’ or ‘What has feminism done for you?’

OR he’ll say

‘The Men’s Rights movement is doing something about it.’

Depending on your mileage, you can give him a short answer or a long one but ultimately, you’re wasting your time. We all know feminism is the principal movement that deals with these issues and has been the leading force, but he doesn’t want to hear it.

Tactic 2

Next comes the Men’s Rights LITANY. It’s sorta like Frank Herbert’s ‘fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death’ litany but much much longer and more mansplainy. If he mentions any of these things in this list, he’s an MRA:

  • feminazi
  • Warren Farrell
  • the draft, which doesn’t exist anymore
  • ‘I’m all for equality.’
  • but women CHOOSE prostitution!
  • gynocentrism
  • traditionalism
  • the Titanic lifeboats
  • feminism is a CIA plot
  • child support
  • child custody
  • ‘you’re using shaming language!’
  • radical feminists
  • the 1 in 4 rape stat is wrong and ‘men get raped more!’
  • male suicide
  • male circumcision/ intactivism
  • the wage gap is a lie
  • Big Red or ‘feminists pulled a fire alarm’
  • free speech and cries of censorship
  • the glass cellar
  • Earl Silverman
  • but there’s no domestic violence shelters for men!
  • Erin Pizzey or ‘the woman who started the first shelter for women’
  • boys are behind girls in school
  • there’s little to no men going to college or uni
  • child custody aka father’s rights
  • false rape accusations
  • there is no rape culture!
  • women get less jail time than men for the same crime
  • men’s reproductive rights aka paper abortion aka male pill
  • the draft (which doesn’t exist anymore)
  • women live longer than men
  • men built everything!
  • paternity fraud
  • they paint women as sex predators of boys
  • Anita Sarkeesian, video games, and Gamergate

Basically these men feel they’re the most oppressed on the planet while each and every bit of evidence we’ve gathered and is legitimate shows exactly the opposite. What they want is male supremacy and to step all over women’s gains.

Tactic 3

The next thing he’ll do is give you his standard link list to a whole bunch of cherry picked studies, studies he has misinterpreted, and other assorted crap that he wants you to read. He won’t accept anything but your full agreement. His aim is for you to denounce feminism completely.

  • Fiebert bibliography on domestic violence
  • the CDC study on rape and sexual assault
  • erroneous blog links
  • White Ribbon. ORG ( a fake DV site they made to mimic and internationally recognized White Ribbon.CA site)
  • links to A Voice for Men
  • links to Canadian Association for Equality (an MRA group in Canada)
  • Youtube videos by Karen Straughan, who refuses to thank the Suffragettes for getting the right to vote
  • Psychology Today; any and all brain studies or evo psych crap that says women and men’s brains are critically different when they’re not.
  • domestic violence research by Don Dutton
  • Orwell quotes
  • books by Ernest Belford Bax, a dead misogynist (thank u!)
  • studies that claim false rape claims are everywhere
  • some shit about women abusing little boys
  • Erin Pizzey, a former feminist who lies about her dog being shot by feminists

The only other tactic MRA’s have is to use CAPSLOCK and start calling you a feminazi, whore, and cunt. A lot of their whining is of the TLDR type where they rarely use paragraph breaks and expect you to read his  ‘Asshole MANifesto’

What To Do If MRA Continues to Stalk and Harass You Online

As I said above, your first recourse, and the best one, is to call your local police. Explain to them you are being stalked by a man involved in a hate group. The Manosphere and MRA’s have been designated as ‘misogynist hate sites’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the USA. The SPLC tracks hate groups such as the KKK, and neo nazis. Guess what? They also track the Men’s rights movement.

I’ve had to call my local police, the FBI and CSIS. They are usually quite helpful.

Start a document in a word processor and search google for the screenname of the man harassing you. Chances are he’s been on several MRA websites making comments. Screencap where he harasses others or uses sexual threats. Get links to his videos if he has them. Chances are he’s been doing this for a while. Paste what you find into the document so you can give it to the authorities.

Giving this research this to the local police is imperative. Here is a list of links you can give to the officer when she arrives to show you’re not just some nutter wasting time:

Misogyny: The Sites | Southern Poverty Law Center

Men’s Rights Movement Spreads False Claims about Women

Intelligence Report Article Provokes Fury Among Men’s …

The next thing you can do is report it to the FBI.

FBI — Report Threats and Crime

If you’re Canadian you can contact CSIS; You usually have to snail mail them.

CSIS Contact Page

It’s highly recommended to never use your real name online. I know this poses complications for Facebook users but I still think it’s best to use a pseudonym. MRA’s are on Facebook and they do use it to gather personal information on women. I once saw English speaking MRA’s try to find a Quebec woman based on the French slogan she had on her t shirt. You have to understand these men have nothing better to do with their time than to go after you. This is their entire life. 

For Feminist Protesters

If you’re a feminist protester you will want to wear a mask of some sort to cover your face whether it’s your event or an MRA event. Don’t wear clothing with local markers on it. MRA’s are well known for video taping women at Slutwalks or other events where women gather in order to dox you.

Just last month an MRA came to Canada to give a talk and he sent his MRA followers into the streets to ‘gather intel.’  These men doxxed several women and harassed them and their families for weeks. MRA’s videotape female protesters all the time and then search for their dox.

For Women on Campus

MRA’s common target is women on campus, whether student or staff. The goal of the Manosphere is to get their hate groups on college campuses because they think radical feminists are literally running entire countries from Universities. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a radical feminist or not. That’s what you’ll be called and hey, it’s actually a compliment.

There are MRA students who may or may not be part of a ‘men’s group’ who will start postering your campus with propaganda. He’ll also try to monitor women’s studies classes. You’ll know if you have an MRA in class with you. He’ll engage the strategies and tactics above like clockwork. He might also start frivolous legal complaints with the Uni. If you happen to be the woman he targets, you’ll have to get the University involved quickly and tell them about the SPLC and the fact that men’s groups are misogynist hate groups. They might not listen. In fact, in my view, Universities are the weakest link in the chain. If you have access to a lawyer, get one.

This is where it gets tricky.

He’ll whine about free speech. It must be remembered that he’s not doing this in good faith. He’s there to spread a message of hatred and misogyny. His actions will be erratic. One MRA Sage Gerard snuck into the women’s bathroom on a US campus to put up A Voice for Men propaganda. His behaviour on campus is the issue. Remember that. It’s not about free speech. It’s about his behaviour and the misogyny he spews.

He’ll videotape your classrooms, students, and upload them to Youtube where him and other MRA’s will mock them and trade the personal information of female students. If you confront him he’ll lie and tell you he’s an ‘egalitarian’ who has no ties to A Voice for Men. This is the current situation with the Canadian Association for Equality. They put on a good face while they undermine women at every turn.

These lists above are by no means complete but they will help you get familiar.  In fact, I will add to it if anyone comments below with more information.

Even though I spend a ton of time in the Manosphere, keeping that much memory reserved for them is difficult. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve spent so much time researching them that I can smell them a mile away.

Please consider donating to me. This is my full time activity, well, not all of it. Much of it I don’t talk about since I can’t put that kind of stuff online or else I’d get attacked. Scroll up to the top under my and Boogie’s picture and find the donate button.

For further perusal:

Here’s a real life example of an MRA going to Slutwalk and using bad faith questions in order to mansplain to women his absurd positions and cherry picked ‘data.’

Here’s a video of Dan Perrins, a Canadian MRA from Hamilton, Ontario. Dan loves to approach women in public, get pushy, and then claim they’re harassing him. Dan is also responsible for telling Jeff Sharlet of GQ magazine that he ‘should’ve killed the bitch (his ex).’

Dan has a criminal record and he’s also called the police on me for using the internet, even though he’s been blocked across all my social media platforms for a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan has several police reports on him by women he’s stalked and harassed while doing ‘activism’ for Paul Elam.

Dan likes to call abuse hotlines for women and do the MRA bobbly head routine. Dan is very aggressive and unstable.


The Cocks Are Fighting

There’s trouble in the barnyard.

Paul Elam, the dumbest cock of the MRM, is a notorious abuser. Many times I’ve seen him take a man willing to work for nothing and then grind him to bits emotionally and physically. This isn’t to say the men that come to the MRM are decent people to begin with. They usually have a ton of problems: social ineptness, criminal behaviour, misogynist, mental illness etc. but to call what Elam’s doing ‘men’s rights’ is a fucking travesty.

Atilla Vinczer is Paul’s latest victim. He’s a Canadian MRA with 2 kids. He was a long time member of AVFM and Elam spit him right out yesterday in a post just like he’s done to so many other men.

Vinczer joins a long. long list of men that Elam has fucking brutalized publicly.

Vinczer went public with a long letter and in it he describes his mental health issues (paranoia about feminists seeing the inside of his house), and Paul Elam’s total lack of support both financially and psychologically.

‘I did not sign up for this kind of abuse including already having my home being stalked by dangerous feminists accurately describing the inside of my home on the net.’
HAHAHAHAHA! All kidding aside, that’s some mental illness right there that needs to be addressed.
Vinczer also complained that AVFM published his home address and is ruining his reputation. Not seeing the total irony in that I suppose.

The image in the letter is that of a man who really wanted to please Overlord Elam but just didn’t have the funds to do it. He did have the drive to activism, which apparently Elam doesn’t appreciate. This latest outburst comes on the heels of Elam threatening men he would kick them out of the he-man woman-haters club if they didn’t start acting up. It’s strange because Vinczer actually DID STUFF, unlike most other MRA’s who are Chairborne Rangers.

Elam of course didn’t help him financially at all, just like it took Bottom Bitchbear Esmay fucking years to get Paul to help him get a new front tooth after a shameful appearance on national television where he represented AVFM. And even then it was a fundraiser and Elam didn’t offer to pay for it.

Turns out Elam and a few fellow MRA’s abandoned Vinczer in a hotel. The letter reeks of Elam’s personality problems and Vinczer the recipient of it.

‘However to my further shock, I was informed by third party that Paul,Suzy and Dean had left Toronto. I called the hotel and they told me they had checked out and they used the credit of Paul’s room to cover what was owing on Suzy and Dean’s room. I managed to have hotel staff reach Suzy, but she told me I should not speak with Paul and did not explain exactly why.’ ~Vinczer on being abandoned in TDot
Elam has a lot of nerve as a deadbeat dad and a drug addict, to turn around and call Vinczer a con artist. Pot meet kettle.

What really disturbed me about the letter is that the activism Vinczer seems to be doing is around advocating for men who’ve committed criminal offenses. Yeah, that’s not surprising.

The funny bit is the AVFM Commemorative silver coins Vinczer made that look more like someone took a big loose shit upside down on a coin. Apparently the expensive diarrhea coins didn’t sell very well and he’s stuck with the cost. Probably something to do with Elam’s past troubles with taking diarrhea medication. Vinczer now has several silver poop coins he can’t get rid of.

Is that an upside down asshole? Kinda describes the entire MRM.

Vinczer couldn’t sell a single ticket to his talk at the DV Symposium the MRM puts on every year and things are going pretty badly for the rest of the MRM.

What’s hilarious is that Vinczer can’t quite figure out why a former White Ribbon ambassador, who basically came out as a massive misogynist, can’t get mainstream media attention. Vinczer also admitted nobody came to Ryerson to hear Elam either. It’s like these MRA’s just don’t for the life of them realize that the rest of the world views them as the raging woman hating assholes they are. They certainly won’t pay to hear them speak. We hear enough whining from MRA’s on the net to actually want to pay to hear more of it.

The only one to make out like a bandit here, is Elam, and he doesn’t share.

Which brings me to this question:  Why the fuck does Attilla have to pay for Elam’s first class flight to Canada and his hotel bills? I swear to fuck, can’t Elam cover the cost of his own travel, hotel and food? Naw. He expects a poor guy raising 2 kids to fucking pay for it even though Vinczer’s given many years of service to Elam for NOTHING. Elam even made him repay a $300 loan when he was in dire straits.

Not only that but Elam was going to charge Vinczer admission to the 2015 conference after all the shit Attila did for him. What a schmuck!

Oh and Elam had to have his own hotel room and couldn’t share it with Esmay to save money, so Esmay ended up having to share his room with Sue McCarley. LOL. That’s a bit odd innit? I wonder if Esmay had her up all night whining about a potential false rape claim?

There’s probably more lolcows coming as Vinczer is threatening lolsuits, which is typical of him, and Elam is already prepared for the inundation of legal costs.

No matter what the outcome of this it’s obvious AVFM is a lost cause. The more men Elam hurts the more it’s all gonna come crashing down and the more we get to laugh at the hilarity of it.

Gender Mainstreaming

This is just an off the cuff segue into the post I’ve written about rape and the obsession MRA’s have with it. They also have an obsession with what jobs women do and have assumptions about what jobs women should do. They imagine equality as forcing women to work manual labour jobs. Let’s put aside that dumbfuckery and talk about their recent idiocy.

It’s well known that MRA’s whine about women not being in the military or in high risk/high labour jobs.  However, when women are side by side with them in the military, they complain about that too. They think women can’t do the job due to their patriarchal sexism and then want women forced into those sectors. They also don’t understand how difficult it is for women to get into those jobs due to sexism. I was reading a paper about women in construction and couldn’t believe how gendered the occupation was. Women are treated by men as gophers and not construction workers who can actually DO the job. Women are sexually harassed and generally just kept out of this high wage occupation. The statistics and personal stories of sexism make women think twice about working in such a field.

It’s men keeping women out of those fields, not women. Gender keeps women out.

‘But the modern wimperers and snivelers have something the men want. Upping the price, the women—quite predictably— abandoned what worked best with respective sacrifices and duties indeed, and went full throttle—bathed in utter selfishness and obliviousness— for the throat of men, society, and all that we knew…even the boys. With their unfounded envy of males who they mistakenly and foolishly thought had glamorous lives, they, historically speaking, quickly became hellbent on becoming more like men.’~MGTOWman

Recently, a dude on AVFM posted about the wild fires in Sweden. Here in British Columbia we are also battling wild fires since we’ve had almost NO rain this summer. The dude on AVFM was blaming the Swedish govt. for training its firefighters and other service personnel in gender mainstreaming instead of buying another helicopter. Gender mainstreaming is crucial new subject when it comes to global disaster planning and reconstruction. It involves training all levels of govt. including NGO’s on the ground, how gender affects the planning and response to disasters and how to tailor them to save lives and minimize suffering.

‘But when we men give them the room to actually BE more like men, do they actually accomplish it? Can they? …Without revamping every single thing…which undermines the concept of being more like men? I mean, if we have to change everything to suit them, how is THAT them being more like men?’~MGTOWman

Just this week, prior to reading the AVFM post, I watched a 4 hour documentary on Hurricane Katrina, how the local up and through the federal govt. handled the disaster. It really illuminated to me why GM is vitally important in saving lives. While focusing on gender it also focuses on class and race. All these variables are critical to understanding how people plan and deal with disasters.

‘We perhaps, with this caving in, with this foolish pandering to misfit women, are possibly making the most serious and consequential mistake our species has ever made.’~MGTOWman

One of the scenes stuck out for me. The Superdome, which is a self contained indoor structure, housed thousands of people during hurricane Katrina. Soon, services within the Superdome broke down. No electricity, no fresh running water, no plumbing and on top of all that the entire city of New Orleans was under several feet of water, for days on end. People had no home to return to so tens of thousands were stuck there while waste piled up and disease spread.

Women who either had to stay in their homes in the flood zone or who evacuated to the Superdome had special needs that weren’t taken care of due to the lack of GM. Women were having children without medical care, unable to access sanitary services while menstruating, were without life saving medications. Many women have special factors operating in their lives that didn’t allow them to evacuate and in the end, they lost their lives. Also, women in the service fields who handle disasters are treated as weak and their input on how to solve problems is usually scoffed at by men. If you’re going to save lives you have to develop approaches that take into account the differences of people. A one size fits all male perspective isn’t good enough. It never has been.

The dudes on AVFM are blaming women, like the Islamic nutcakes did after the Pakistan earthquake, for the forest fires in Sweden. They don’t understand why the Swedish govt. spent money on this kind of disaster preparation. The ignoramuses over at AVFM can balk and be stupid all they like but I suggest if any of them want to actually get a clue they should look up the science behind GM. it certainly doesn’t surprise me that their simplistic little minds see GM as a gender studies course that’s ineffective. The patriarchal lens through which they see and process the world means we have to listen to them moaning and crying.

‘I experienced the same effect. My body hurt soooo much, (still does sometimes) from having to pull my own load AND that of several women as well. A support battalion, staying in the not-so-rear rear, with women for the first time deployed in mass numbers to a “war zone”, my unit was about 50-50. What a mistake I made to join a unit like that. I’d have been better off maybe up front with the grunts. At least my dignity wouldn’t have suffered… as I had to, in my unit, swallow without a single complaint, the fact that most all of those women provably WERE NOT pulling their weight.’~MGTOWman

Having this kind of GM approach, to understand that men and women have different needs, some biological and mostly due strictly to socialization, can help manage disasters so that lives aren’t lost and critical services are in place to prevent looting, disease and famine.

The idiots over at AVFM think that female firefighters are holding back the ‘solution’ to the wild fires because money was spent on GM education. They’re bitter because Sweden needed to borrow helicopters from Norway. Thank goodness the idiots over there don’t have power to make these kinds of upper level decisions and there’s plenty of smarter people that can.

If you want to educate yourselves about GM there are some great papers. The one I’m reading comes from the same research hospital I used to work at. The UN has great resources for this as well. Here’s a Word doc from the UN on the subject. Many books have been published on this topic too. I found one online that has information about the Pakistan earthquake where men blamed women’s sexuality (like Warren Farrell does) as the reason for why the quake occurred. It includes hurricane Katrina too. Let the boobs over at AVFM blame women for the wildfires while we women do actual work and gain critical knowledge to save lives.

‘But the female feelings TRUMP EVERYTHING everywhere for everybody…no matter if the things they want actually work, comply with nature, are irrational, will cost a mega-fortune, or have a single shred of commonsense!’~MGTOWman

Maybe this is why Michelle Obama thinks women are smarter?

‘The burning of these forests is unique since it gives a clear story of how the gender bigots have failed the culture and the people.’~Tom Golden

Aaaand the gender bigot is?

‘Time for an all-out men’s strike, country-wide! Take names of those who don’t go on strike. The pussy-whipping must end.’~Steve Brule

MRA’s are already doing that and the world is still turning.

‘Equality my ass! This social engineering catastrophe, feminism, must end before we get burned. Well, I suppose in Sweden they are getting burned, the men that is. While the women collect all the benefits. Ja?’ ~AttillaVinczer aka Napoleon

What a dope he is. Oh and that comment has 32 thumbs up. LOL

‘A total global catastrophe would have loud mouthed feminists realize just how critically important men are, not just women. Men created all the marvels of technology, to make life better for man. Women seem to have exploited men in a despicable underhanded manner. Instead of being thankful and respectful with men.’~Napoleon

Doncha love how ignorant they are? I hope Napoleon sticks one of those horrid looking coins up his ass so he’ll stop speaking.

‘Nobody tells me how I do my business in the bathroom. And I never put the seat down unless I need to. Adjust your own damned seat as you need it and don’t expect me to position it to your liking as if I was your slave.’~Napoleon

Of course it devolved into a man bawl about putting the toilet seat down because spreading germs is EQUALITY! WHAAAAAA! MOAN! CRY! WHINE! Bacterium should listen when a man is speaking!


AVFM’s Disposable Boys

There’s a video being taken down from the internet like wildfire of a pubescent boy on a bus being given what looks like a lap dance by an older female. There is no information on the video about the context or identities of the two and it really is quite graphic. I’m not linking it here because protecting minor kids is what real human rights movements do. AVFM shows no concern for the privacy of the young boy and actually downloaded the video off a site before it was taken down and now host the video on their server.

The reason they’re doing this to the boy is to somehow tell the world that women sometimes sexually abuse boys. It must be really wonderful, claiming you’re a human rights movement and then violating the rights of the young boy by using his images for your campaign of hatred of women. AVFM commenters are now in a circlejerk over the video.

Videos of minor children shouldn’t be uploaded to the internet, especially this video, because we really don’t have any context to what’s taking place. If we believe AVFM that it’s some sort of sexual assault then you would think they’d protect the identity of the boy. Not so. AVFM’s only goal here is bash feminists over the head and use a young boy as a disposable object to help them do it.


It’s not the first or will be the last time AVFM doxxes minor children. Gary Triestman doc dropped his daughter on Youtube with the help of Paul Elam in a bizarre story about CPS, his ex-wife and some obsession he had with his daughter’s weight (video here). I actually know more about that case than I’ve let on. It’s not pretty folks. Then you have Atilla ‘Napoleon’ Vinzcer doxxing his sons in videos because he was angry at the police and the school his kids attended. If anyone has more examples just leave a note in the comments.

They dox without a thought in the world to what this will do to the kids. They do it because they’re angry men who will use ANYTHING, even their own kids, to lash back at a system they think is some gynocentric bastion where men are constantly being ‘screwed over.’

It’s incredibly hypocritical for the MRM to dispose of these kids in such a way because their guru Warren Farrell centers his entire BS theory around the disposability of males. Why protect children when you can use them to bash women in the name of human rights?


Attila Vinczer’s Crazy Lolsuits

I’ve been watching something on the sidelines for some time. MRA named Attila Vinczer is a real piece of work. He has an adolescent kid who got in trouble at school for smacking another kid in the head with a bathroom stall door. Vinczer is, as usual, making endless lolsuits towards anyone he can. He’s lolsuit happy.

He thinks the reason why his kid got in trouble was because of the ‘machine’ which was

created by feminists to make males deemed as violent people


Attila’s legal team


He made a video some time ago picturing him harassing school officials and trying to ‘serve’ them papers of lolsuits. He did this when the all the kids were being released from school and the officials were busy making sure the kids were getting home safe. He really was an ass, going up to various women and harassing them while they’re busy with the kids.

We all know an entitled male has no respect for anything but himself. He could’ve waited to allow these ladies to do their job of getting the kids on the buses and making sure they’re ok. Nope. Napoleon went charging in there to let those ladies know all about his lolsuits.

By naming a bunch of school authorities and claiming falsehoods about them in his video, it was taken down by Youtube via a privacy complaint. Now he’s moaning about it with Dean Esmay on a new video.

His son apparently whacked another kid with a door but Attila says his son did nothing wrong but was willing to allow his son to apologize and take community service for his violent outburst against another boy. His son has a record of something somewhere even though all charges were dismissed in court.

He’s not happy with the fact the charges were dropped because

What does matter a lot, is down the road, when a girlfriend, his wife or anything at high-school that may lead to an investigation, Steven is deemed to have a history of being potentially predisposed to violent tendencies.

Huh? He’s worried about his son becoming a domestic abuser? Gee, that wouldn’t be the first thing to come to my mind if my son got in trouble when he was 12.

Attilla then stuck his nose into the parents of the kid who was apparently hit by the door. He annoyed them telling them they had to take their kid to the doctors or they already had or something. IOW, he was a pain in the ass.

Attila doesn’t make any sense in his video. If his son did nothing wrong then why agree to take community service and apologize to the injured boy? He says he wanted his son to take community service so he wouldn’t ever break the criminal code again.

When an officer showed up at his house, Attila locked the door, scared his kids, and called the cops ON THE COPS.

When they got to court, he was ordering the court officials around. He’s also saying his son’s defense lawyer harmed his kid. Everyone else harms his son. We all know a parent like this. The court threw away the case.

So what did Napoleon do after the case was dismissed? Went and harassed the ladies at the school! He’s suing for 2.2 million dollars!

He also told Esmay he’s thinking about suing the police officer involved too.



I Got Mail Part Two: You’re Welcome Adele

I was pleasantly surprised and happy that I got a thank you email from Philosophy Professor Adele Mercier for speaking up on her behalf and allowing others to do the same by writing Queen’s University. I’m quite tired of A Voice for Men attacking various women and harming them. AVFM is a hate site, and I think it’s the largest hate site for the ‘Men’s Rights Movement.’

Every article on AVFM is filled with misogynist rage, false interpretations of statistics, and other false claims. The infestation of MRA’s from AVFM on the Queen’s Journal was predictable and got them into more trouble than they were in before they left a single comment. As I said earlier in another post ‘they dig themselves a deeper hole than the one they came out of.’

Adele gave AVFM an ultimatum. They had 24 hours to remove all references of her as a rape apologist, pedophile, child abuser and so on. She might just have a case because under Canadian law, from the little I’ve read about certain defamation cases, that by writing Adele’s superiors and co-workers using defamatory terms is grounds to for a lawsuit. I don’t know what’s going to happen here but I wish the best for her.

The defamation continued when MRA’s went to the Queen’s campus and put up posters of Adele’s face with the words ‘rape apologist’ underneath. Once MRA’s focus on a female they go after her with every ounce of energy they can muster. It’s NOT about helping boys and men. It’s about slandering and harassing women.


Found on MRA blog of Francis Roy.

Speaking of harassing, MRA’s on reddit went after a female college student by posting all her personal information so other MRA’s could harass her. Againstmensrights reddit quickly pointed this out.  The admins on Reddit should eliminate the Mens Rights Reddit for their actions but instead the admins just told them they couldn’t link to Twitter accounts. Whenever a new rule preventing them from going after a woman is made they endlessly moan and whine. Of course that’s the entitlement that these men think they have to perpetually go after women they don’t like.

AVFM’s Peter Wright added a new addendum to their mission statement:

We support and endorse only non-violent reactions to feminist governance and in fact are trying to prevent future acts of violence that feminist governance has already inspired;

In other words, they know they’re inspiring violence and whatever violence has occurred is because feminists asked for it. When you are a hate site you can’t say you are trying to prevent future acts of violence when your motto is ‘Fuck Their Shit Up.’ I’m sure we’ll see more attacks of various women in the future.







THIS JUST IN: Napoleon Threatening Me With a Lolsuit

I can’t keep my sides from busting out from this latest fassaxery. Attila Vinczer, MRA who is suing the Canadian govt. and a whole bunch of other people for millions of dollars has now threatened me with a lolsuit! Aren’t I lucky?

The butthurt threats are due to a video I saw of him cutting off a trucker with his kids in the car and instead of thinking of the safety of himself and especially his kids, he’s videotaping the entire event from what looks like the fast lane on the Queensway and taunting the trucker.

What a guy!

I pointed this out to him. He got all sore about it, threatened me that I had 5 minutes to edit my comment and then started talking all big-like about how he was going to sue me over a Youtube comment!

Napoleon being, well, Napoleon

Napoleon being, well, Napoleon

You’re a dumbass. I hope YOU understand the law. I can call you an asshole and a moron all I want. I can comment socially about ANYTHING you put on a social networking site, especially when you’re stupid enough to put videos of yourself being an idiot on Youtube.

Oh and if anyone doubts the assfax of this dude, he uploaded a video of a woman he caught in public picking her nose.

So if you’re reading this Napoleon you really only have ONE option. You can block me on Youtube, which I really don’t care if you do or don’t. It matters not. I can still comment here about the crap you upload to the internet. You can run off and spend money all you want to try and get my personal information.  Point is, you’re a little butthurt silly man who can’t drive and who cares more about your ego than your kids in the damn car.

Now piss off.  🙂

Another MRA Lolsuit for $10 Million Dollars

The little Napoleon Man, Attila Vinczer, angry misogynist and friend of people who murder little girls is now suing a whole bunch of police and school officials for $10 million Canadian dollars.

I’m ashamed this man lives in Canada.

Apparently his son got in trouble for ‘something.’ Attila edits out in his video what these charges are, in true MRA fashion. He also gets angry at the female police officer who actually answers his questions. He’s a misogynist, no question.

He thinks his son doesn’t understand he’s done wrong. Your son is a citizen of Canada and if he does wrong he gets charged. It’s really simple Attila. You just want people to argue with. Your son was charged with assault. It’s called keep your hands to yourself. The charges were dropped and now you’re going to sue everyone! I can’t wait to watch this one go down.

You’re an idiot Attila. I hope you spend vast amounts of money on this crazy impotent lawsuit. You state in the video you ‘admire’ what the cops do. No you don’t. You teach your kids that cops are bad. Expect your sons to commit more crime with the shit you’re putting in their heads. I suppose putting 12 year olds on Youtube is ok right? Your kids only fear the cops because YOU have taught them to.

Children, usually boys, as young as five are labelled as sexual predators for innocently kissing a girl on the cheek. Schools are failing to provide a safe environment for children to learn, play and socialize. Schools have become increasingly inhospitable for boys.

Boys aren’t allowed to touch or kiss girls. What about the little girl’s rights NOT to be touched? Schools have had to take over here because parents like you are doing a terrible job with the most simplest lesson: Keep your hands to yourself.

As an added bonus, here’s Atilla threatening to ban me if I don’t edit a comment I left on one of his crazy videos.

attila vinczerNapoleon complex.

Attila Vinczer’s Prostate Woes

Attila Vinczer is raving mad that he has to pay for a prostate screening (PSA) test in Canada.

The best way is to start with a rectal exam. They're free.

The best way is to start with a rectal exam. They’re free.

‘In Ontario, Canada men must pay for prostate cancer screening. Our health care will NOT cover preventive cancer screening for men, which is curable provided it is caught in time. The healthcare system will cover the cost of treating the cancer, but not to screen for it. Men’s issues are never a priority, not even their health.’

What he fails to say though is that he actually doesn’t have to pay for the test in most circumstances. Most Canadian GP’s (General Practitioner) say that men should have a PSA test in their 40’s to determine a baseline measurement so they can detect any future problems. Also, Attila fails to mention that at any time your doctor can get you a free test simply by judging you to have a risk. All this complaining about paying $30 for a test is a bit ridiculous. MRA’s are complaining because they think this is some sort of conspiracy to get men to die faster.

There is a finer point to prostate testing. In many cases men are needlessly put through biopsies that can cause infection, sepsis, fever and hemorrhage. In other words, the risks of further testing becomes greater than having the test itself.

Instead of complaining about men dying as part of some uncaring program of the Gynocratic Provinces of Canada♀, you’d think Atilla would link services to help men go to the doctor since the Men’s Health Network found that 2/3rds of men wouldn’t go to the doctor even if they had chest pain. A Canadian poll found that

‘87% of Canadian men aged 35+ fear prostate cancer, less than half anticipate being tested in the next 12 months.’

To me, that’s shocking.

As a feminist, in the spirit of actually doing something to help men I give you resources for Canada and some simple tips that are free.

  1. Go to your doctor. You’re not less of a man for saving your own life.
  2. Have the rectal exam. Not only is it free but it’s the better way to check for prostate abnormalities before subjecting yourself to biopsies.

More information on prostate cancer: