Jim Norton Is a Horrible Human Being


Jim Norton: Momma’s Little Monster

Male supremacy is so often on display that we get numb to it sometimes. It’s that metaphor about a goldfish not knowing what water is because it’s surrounded by it for its entire life. Misogyny is all around us, all the time. Many of us have to ‘turn off’ to take a break from it, like I’ve done this summer, only to have one male supremacist asshole  knock me back into consciousness. For me, that’s Jim Norton.

Jim wrote a long mansplain in TIME called ‘In Defense of Johns’ about how he’s a nice guy who pays prostituted women and girls to do whatever he likes. Jim is so proud of this fact, he thinks he deserves a parade down 5th Ave in New York.

The interesting thing about the very beginning of his piece is that he imagines his parents hiding while he’s on a parade float getting confetti thrown his way. You see, Jim knows somewhere in his empty head that prostitution isn’t good for women and girls. He just doesn’t give a shit.

‘I envisioned myself being carted down New York City’s Fifth Avenue on the back of a flatbed truck, waving to cheering fans as confetti rained down on me and my disappointed parents hid behind a mailbox.’

Jim repeats every debunked claim made by liberals on the left: that prostitution should be legal because it’s ‘safer’, that it can be regulated, that ‘more security’ works. We know that these claims are bullshit. One serious look at any country that has ‘regulated’ prostitution instantly lays these claims to shame.

He trots out the ‘less rapes’ argument too. Inherent in that very argument is an admission that men are monsters, that they’re brainless predatory animals who will rape if they don’t get to buy women and girls off the street to abuse and torment.

‘By keeping prostitution illegal because we find it morally objectionable, we allow (or, more accurately, you allow) sex workers to constantly be put into dangerous situations. Studies have shown that rapes and STDs dropped drastically from 2003 to 2009 in Rhode Island after the state accidentally legalized it.’

Let’s talk about shame for a minute. Jim says he’s not ashamed that he can’t have an equal sexual encounter with a woman who can freely consent. Jim thinks that when he gives a prostituted female some money that she’s freely consenting. Jim thinks you ‘buy’ consent. Most sweatshop owners agree with him.  Once you give a woman a $20, her systematic oppression, her lifelong struggles with poverty, drug addiction and childhood trauma magically disappear. Awww, Jim’s such a ‘Nice Guy.’

Jim is particularly mad at the Nordic Model, the only model designed to help women and girls escape their horrific lives being prostituted. Johns get arrested and fined when they attempt to pay a woman or girl for rape.

‘Law-enforcement stings designed to shame men who pay for sex are nothing more than the state blowing its own morality horn.’

What do you mean he can’t buy a sex slave? I bet Jimmy is a Libertarian. Poor diddums.

I’m also sick to death of lefty men dismissing the harms in prostitution by claiming there’s no moral argument. There IS a moral argument. It’s the argument about female human beings having rights not to be sexually preyed upon and damaged en masse because they happen to be in the lowest class. It’s like saying poor people are supposed to be given slave wages and their bodies and minds broken because large corporations need to have cheap labour. Lefty men just brush it off as ‘Psssh! Morality!’

‘If these men are anything like me, they might simply feel more comfortable with prostitutes.’

Trust me Jim, you’re not alone. Plenty of men are male supremacists just. like. you. The reason men like you are more comfortable is because you don’t have to interact with an equal. You see Jim, women and girls who aren’t in the prostituted underclass won’t tolerate the abuse. That’s why so many Johns are married or have girlfriends. These men can only abuse and degrade a destitute woman.

Many middle class white women take to social media pronouncing how choicy, choice, choice it is to be anally raped day in and day out for $10 bucks a time. We here at Mancheeze call that Liberal Feminism aka Men’s Rights Activism. It’s the brainless assholes like you that promote it.

‘I never pick them up to be abusive. I always feel extraordinarily loving and close to them. When I first began soliciting sex for money, it never occurred to me that some of them are possibly forced into prostitution or have abusive pimps. I must have known it deep down on an intellectual level but hadn’t witnessed anything to confirm it.’

I’ve never seen an albatross up close and personal Jim, but I know they exist.

‘The only experience I’ve had where an element of violence was present was driving on 48th Street in New York and talking to a girl through my passenger window. (A big part of my addiction is the ritualistic aspect, and for some reason I only liked to pick up prostitutes who talked to me through the passenger window.) As we were speaking, a van full of girls stopped, and a guy I assume was her pimp bounced her across the hood of my car and threw her in the van.’

Jim likes ritualized submission from women. That’s why he loves them coming up to his car window. Jim feels dominant and manly when impoverished, drug addicted and psychologically traumatized women chase after his car. It makes him feel wanted. His mother must be proud she raised a son like him. If I had known my son was going to turn out the way Jim did I would’ve proudly aborted.

After Jim admits he’s seen the abuse, he carries on shamelessly promoting the enslavement and degradation of women and girls. Jim, like most men, simply doesn’t care they’re contributing to half the human race being robbed of human dignity. All Jim cares about is himself and his feelz.

You’re a shit heel Jim. I’m not done with you either.



Here’s his crappy article:


In Defense of Johns

Christopher Lovenguth Jim Norton

I’m not ashamed to pay for sex—and other men shouldn’t be either

As a man who has spent an embarrassing amount of money on prostitutes and various other sexual encounters, I was excited when I heard about a “National Day of Johns,” because I thought I was being honored.

I envisioned myself being carted down New York City’s Fifth Avenue on the back of a flatbed truck, waving to cheering fans as confetti rained down on me and my disappointed parents hid behind a mailbox. A silly (yet understandable) mistake on my part, as the National Day of Johns was a celebration of the arrests of hundreds of men in a series of sex stings in 15 states. The fact that I’ve never been arrested in one of these stings should convince even the most ardent of atheists that miracles are indeed possible.

I suppose you could say I am the consummate john. I’m loyal, I’m dedicated, and I will always come back — even as it seems as though efforts to shame johns are on a national upswing throughout the country.

I cannot even fathom a guess as to how much money — let alone time — I’ve spent on paid sex in the past 25 years. Although I can tell you that when Charlie Sheen confessed he’d spent $50,000 in one year, I nodded my head and saw it as an achievable goal. Because I’ve never actually tallied the dollar amount of my sex addiction, my therapist tells me I should — her logic being that a concrete cost would make it more definitive and its consequences more tangible.

But really, perhaps the most shameful thing I can admit is this: I’m not really ashamed. And neither should any of these other (unmarried) johns who have been arrested.

If these men are anything like me, they might simply feel more comfortable with prostitutes. I never pick them up to be abusive. I always feel extraordinarily loving and close to them. When I first began soliciting sex for money, it never occurred to me that some of them are possibly forced into prostitution or have abusive pimps. I must have known it deep down on an intellectual level but hadn’t witnessed anything to confirm it.

Until I did.

The only experience I’ve had where an element of violence was present was driving on 48th Street in New York and talking to a girl through my passenger window. (A big part of my addiction is the ritualistic aspect, and for some reason I only liked to pick up prostitutes who talked to me through the passenger window.) As we were speaking, a van full of girls stopped, and a guy I assume was her pimp bounced her across the hood of my car and threw her in the van.

This is why I’m a firm believer that prostitution should be legalized and pimps should be thrown down an elevator shaft.

Law-enforcement stings designed to shame men who pay for sex are nothing more than the state blowing its own morality horn. Being a comedian who is single allows me a luxury most johns don’t have, which is the freedom to discuss the topic openly. And not from a case-study point of view but from the honest point of view of someone who has spent the equivalent of a Harvard Law School education on purchasing sex.

By keeping prostitution illegal because we find it morally objectionable, we allow (or, more accurately, you allow) sex workers to constantly be put into dangerous situations. Studies have shown that rapes and STDs dropped drastically from 2003 to 2009 in Rhode Island after the state accidentally legalized it. The American Journal of Epidemiology showed that the homicide rate for prostitutes is 50 times that for those in the next most dangerous job for a woman, working in a liquor store. You don’t need a master’s in sociology to understand it would be much safer for sex workers if they were permitted to work in places that provided adequate security. Legalizing prostitution would also alleviate the fear a sex worker may have about reporting a john’s abusive behavior because of the risk of arrest.

The illegal aspect of prostitution has never deterred me, nor would legalizing it cause me to engage in it more.

The decision people make to have sex for a living would undoubtedly confuse and repulse a large part of the population. But in a free society, people must be allowed to make choices for themselves that are incomprehensible to others. By keeping prostitution illegal and demonizing all of its parties, we (you) are empowering pimps and human traffickers and anyone else who wants to victimize sex workers because they feel helpless under the law.

Give sex workers rights. Give johns a break.


Merci France


France has adopted the Nordic Model as it concerns prostitution. A few excerpts from Prostitution Resources, a site by French feminist abolitionists:

On April 6th 2016, the French National Assembly recognized prostitution as one of the worst forms of violence against women and voted the criminalization of the purchase of sex.

French National Assembly acknowledges that buying access to a human body via a financial transaction is inherently an act of coercion.

Further, the French National Assembly recognized that prostitution harms all women (in prostitution or not) by undermining their emotional and physical wellbeing, security, health, and fundamental rights as human beings, harming society as a whole.

More specifically, when it comes to sexual violence against women, the French National Assembly recognized the tremendous level of violence in prostitution, including assault, rape, physical and psychological torture.

The French National Assembly also recognized that the existence of prostitution encourages the transnational trafficking of women and children. This has been demonstrated in countries such as Germany, Spain and New Zealand which tried full regularization of prostitution and yet witnessed sex trafficking surge, with underage and disenfranchised women imported by the thousands to meet the ever increasing demand of sex buyers.

Indeed, while admitting the failure of regularization* at an international scale, the Assembly recognized the need to urgently address the demand-side in prostitution. It has been established that sex buyers are responsible for the ever-increasing number of women and children brought into prostitution, as well as the worst form of violence perpetrated against them. Their forums, where they evaluate their preys as goods, details explicitly the hatred, domination and violence they impose on women.

it is impossible, let alone human, to regularize* and streamline pedocriminality, slavery, torture and murder. All countries must take all the steps in their power in order to fight such human rights abuses.


Women and girls are not sexual objects to be bought and sold like cattle. We are human beings deserving full rights and dignity. The Nordic Model recognizes this and puts it into practice.


Now it’s onto Britain, the next country which is considering the Nordic Model and has already started holding hearings.



Saturday Abolitionist Hangout on Prostitution UPDATED

I’m having a Google hangout on Saturday at 1pm Pacific time with a couple people on prostitution. You can check out our past hangout here.

I will focus on Germany and how the govt is regretting their decision to legalize and what they’re trying to do now to control the massive problems. I will also talk about Australia’s proposals to change their laws too.

I’ll put the link here and on Twitter just before the show goes live.

Here’s the LINK  to the show. COme join us!


Also, stay tuned for the form to sign up for the Mancheeze Newsletter.


The show went for about 3 hours. I mainly talked about Germany’s problems since legalizing prostitution in 2002. I used a vast array of sources during the show. There is a list of links that will be available in the description box of the video. I just sent them to Buntzums, my co-host, today so they’ll be up soon.

Here is the show:



The ‘Skeptic’ Feminist

Happy New Year!

Here we are, another year passed and new one to begin. I’m feeling better. I actually don’t think my jawbone is infected any more. That one week of IV antibiotics really did the trick. However, my problem is more of a structural one than an infection.

After the 2 teeth were removed, the bone itself was sticking out to the side with only a little bit of gum tissue over it. This is why it’s been so painful and why the side of my face would go numb. It was just extremely irritated.

Now that I’ve been sleeping, the gum tissue is forming over that bone and it’s getting better. The maxillary/oral surgeon I saw a few weeks ago took a panoramic X-ray of my entire mouth and he also thinks it’s more of a physical problem than an infection.

I have to have two more imaging studies at the hospital. On Tuesday I’m having a White Blood Cell scan that will last up to 7 hours. Most of that is waiting time. They have to take blood from me and re-inject it and take photos.

The final scan will be a 3D MRI scan to see the formation of the jaw itself.

This kind of trauma happens rarely but the surgeon has seen it before. It’s just bad luck on my part.

I knew I didn’t have Trigeminal Neuralgia or whatever else these crazy doctors came up with. The body will heal itself if given a good chance and part of the problem is that these doctors, in the beginning, weren’t giving me anything to help me sleep and reduce the pain. Once they finally did that, I started feeling better and the tissue over that bone started to build up and heal.

I have other complications in my stomach from all the antibiotics they had me on. Those should heal up in time as well.

Now for some other stuff.


I have been monitoring Paul Elam as well the as the supposed ‘male feminists’ on Youtube. One of them, The Skeptic Feminist, claims he’s a feminist but shouts ‘TERF and SWERF’ at women like me online. He’s more interested in having a conversation with MRA’s because he thinks he can align with them.

skeptic feminist TERFS and SWERFS

So not only does he parrot MRA’s who think there’s such a thing as toxic femininity but he gladly defines it for us.

His channel description is even more hilarious:

We are The Skeptic Feminist, a group of radical-Feminist--firebrand-Atheists.
"Radical" because we don't cut any form of sexism, religious or otherwise, any slack -- not even the dreaded Islam.
"Firebrand" because we refuse to be silenced, be it at the threats of the religious, the sexist atheists, or theistic feminists.
We're 'radical' only in the sense that we have no issue questioning established feminist beliefs and openly criticizing taboo topics such as Islam. You'll notice that we enjoy subverting the original meanings of phrases. Such as our take on 'first world problems'.

He wouldn’t know radical feminism if it bit him in the ass.

He’s the typical ‘I’m a male feminist and I know everything about feminism’ dude you come across on Youtube. He made a video calling a woman a SWERF because she made a video (which she had to take down) about the sex industry. He said she was slut shaming.

The interesting part is he actually knows what gender is and has promoted the radical feminist position on gender. He understands that gender is a social construct that harms women. However, he contradicts himself by calling women TERFS. You cannot hold both positions. You cannot disavow gender and then worship it, and then call women names because they know what gender is and want their privacy rights.

Here’s more proof he understands gender:

skeptic feminist toxic gender norms

Another thing I find questionable about him is his series of videos trying to get MRA’s to talk to him. In those videos he’s practically begging MRA’s to join up with him. I have to wonder why he’s so hell bent on this task? Is it just to show it can’t be done?


In neoliberal land men don’t have to give up their male privilege so feminism becomes easy to adopt. He doesn’t have to examine that the demand in prostitution (men) and the root inequalities between women and men is what fuels the industry. He doesn’t have to give a shit about girls not wanting to share a locker room with a male. Teenage girls are just a bigots for fearing men in their private spaces amirite? He doesn’t have to do a damn thing and he still gets to shout at women online and call them names. Gee, no wonder there are so many ‘male feminists’ these days.

The Skeptic Feminist thinks he’s completely rational even though he contradicts himself. When he panders to MRA’s he tells them he’s very ‘critical’ of feminists and feminism. Haven’t we heard that before? When he calls women TERFS and SWERFS he’s just ‘cleaning up the feminist movement’ because that’s what a good skeptic does!

‘I’m calling her a CUNT because I’m criticizing her!’

‘I’m calling her a TERF because I’m criticizing her!’

Save your ‘criticism’ dude.



Terrible Entitlement

I did a Youtube search for ‘men’s rights’ videos made in the last week. I found this MGTOW video and it clearly displays what the men’s rights movement is all about: sexual access and control over women.

This is the locus of the entire reactionary men’s rights movement. Men view women as sexual objects to be used up. You all know men hate women who have sex outside of the feminine gender training that tells girls to be ignorant about their own sex drives and to disassociate with their bodies, to give control of their bodies over to men.

This is why women are treated badly. Our bodies aren’t supposed to belong to us and when a man can’t get access to women sexually, something he feels entitled to, he becomes a ranting misogynist.

I can’t repeat this enough. This is why prostitution is a thing. If you give all the socioeconomic power to one sex and nothing to the other, you have a breeding ground for the abuse that is the sex industry. It’s all about keeping women subordinate through patriarchy. Little girls need to reject gender training and to take back control of their lives and bodies.

In the beginning of the video, this dude is hung up on women’s vaginas. That’s all he wants. He dehumanizes women and tells everyone in very clear language, all he wants is access to women’s bodies. Since his entitlement is such that he thinks women are just out there for his choosing, he’s in a rage because women are starting to throw off gender training and live their lives for themselves.

Every issue that the Manosphere bleats about comes back to this central theme. Every single one.

Think about how MRA’s talk about rape. Men typically use alcohol to rape women. It’s one of their common strategies. In this day and age, the discussion of how men do this is front and center and men are angry that it’s being addressed. The spotlight is shining on them and their propensity to rape through alcohol. This is why MRA’s whine about women who drink around men. In their minds, they’re losing the last tool they have left to rape.

Abortion is another topic in the Manosphere that they don’t talk about much but some of the louder voices do. Paul Elam is clearly against abortion. He and his MRA buddies are pissed they can’t control women’s reproduction as much as they used to. This is why the Republican’s are so hung about trying to pass as much legislation they can to restrict women’s ability to have an abortion.

It’s never been about men’s rights. It’s about men’s desire to control women. MGTOW isn’t about men going their own way. It’s about a toddler having a tantrum thinking a woman will come along and feel bad for his little fits and decide to pity him. ‘I’m going away now! Do you see me going away?’

‘Please give me some sex, please?’

It’s men who think woman are natural going to come along, like mommy, and care for the poor sod who just shat his pants.

It’s why I think the term reactionary fits them to a T. It’s a reaction to women making a step forward in controlling their destiny.

Oh, if only she didn’t have a vagina that I feel entitled to!


Jordan Owen Poor Victim of Emotional Bullying Or a Bully Himself?

Jordan Owen has come out with a new video where he expresses just how much of a con artist and emotionally abusive asshole his movie partner Aurini really is. It’s not like most people don’t know this about Aurini but Owen is playing victim when he’s just as bad. Owen just happens to be a bit more socially clueless than Aurini and that aspect of his personality tends to attract sympathy. What I want to say to Jordan Owen is, serves you right.

Remember those years on Youtube where you and your friends bullied 3 radfems for our stances on prostitution? You’ve neatly erased that history from Youtube as have most of your gang but I remember and I’m sure if asked the other two women they will recall it too. So you can take your sob story about being abused and shove it. This is poetic justice.

It’s not only you but also your mysterious mediator, who we all know is Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass, that also stalks and attacks women online and calls it ‘activism.’ Sound familiar?

Now nobody deserves online abuse but my goodness you’re acting like some innocent party when you’re just as much of an abusive asshole as your bro Aurini.

The fact that you’re making a film attacking a woman isn’t lost on me. I remember how you stalked porn abolitionists Gail Dines and Shelley Lubben with Whiteacre, and probably still do to some degree. My impression of your stalking when I witnessed it was that you were an opportunist, just looking for a woman to attack so you could make a name for yourself. You stalked Dines viciously, just like you did to the three of us. If she was doing any kind of real time event you’d be the first one sending comments to her. Dines even recognized you in a live event for the stalker that you are. Those videos of yours are still up. Hell, you even made a 41 video playlist of your stalking.

Like one of my commenters pointed out, your silly movie on Anita is just something you and your failed porno friends have opportunistically attached yourselves to to get cash. That’s all this is. Some of your donators should look up your mediator Whiteacre and his wife Christina Perriera. And here. And here And here. While I don’t like feMRA WoolyBumblebee, she did a blog post on Whiteacre too. He’s pretty shady.

You even put Paul ‘Bash a Bitch’ Elam in your silly film while you whinge and moan that you don’t want your film to be associated with the men’s rights movement. Are you dense?

You know what’s odd about this? Guess who’s involved with Whiteacre? Paul Elam’s porn lawyer Mark Randazza. Here’s some sort of scandal involving these two. Of course, it’s about stalking a woman.

Let’s face it, the people who’ve come out of the woodwork to make this silly ‘documentary’ are just simply in it to con a bunch of male gamers who think the world is coming to an end because a woman has a different opinion about how games are made. You failed pornofundies saw a way in to a cash cow and are milking it for every cent. I’d like to think these male gamers are smart but they’ve shown us just how much anger blinds them. They’re so butt hurt over Anita they’ve completely lost any and all rationality. Hey, if they want to flush their cash down the toilet, that’s their prerogative.

Oh and this shit about Aurini feeding you red pills and trying to get you to become an MRA? You are an MRA. Plus, I read the chat logs that Aurini released the last time your bromance blew up in March. You were in a rage over Roosh’s misogyny but in your mind it’s ok to buy and sell women’s bodies like cattle and film them being abused. *yawn*

Owen is getting lots of sympathy from Youtubers who call themselves ‘SJW’s’ and it’s totally undeserved but then again the Youtubers who consider themselves pro feminist aren’t feminists at all. Many of the ‘pro feminists’ that are sympathizing with poor Jordan Owen were part of the same group that harassed three radical feminists for *gasp* daring to stand for women’s rights.

I just want people to know that Owen isn’t what he says he is. This whole pity party over his failed bromance with Aurini is totally undeserved. He’s not a victim. He’s a perpetrator. The final thing I want to mention is that Owen dropped another ‘we need money’ line in his latest video where he talks about Whiteacre being on his side in this. Funny how he’s angry at Aurini for his latest cash grab but mark my words, Owen and Whiteacre will ask for more money before this is over. Anyone who trusts these guys is a total fool.

Owen’s ‘victim’ video


A Voice for Men Aligns With Trans and Pro-Exploitation Lobby Against Meghan Murphy

I took some time today to view the petition to fire/no-platform Meghan Murphy. I was interested in what these people who are calling for the burning of the witch had to say. Their petition tantrum has about 900 signatures.

I’m signing because as a sex worker, I am disgusted that Rabble publishes her garbage. I refuse to even read Rabble anymore because of it.

Meghan Murphy publishes intensely transphobic and sex-worker phobic material that has no place in a feminist publication. You have to do better, Rabble.

Sex work is real work!

Everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

less terfs more surf

Meghan Murphy’s effect on culture is detrimental to my well-being.

Meghan Murphy and all the other TERFs need to go… this is not what a real feminist looks like.

Meghan Murphy is an embarrassment; a anti-black, transphobic embarrassment.

I’m signing because I am a feminist who believes in and respects all women, including those that Meghan Murphy would malign.

My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.

Murphy is a transphobe and a sex work hater and that is no feminist.

A racist, transphobe and anti-sex work rad fem should not have a platform on a “progressive” publication. She actually causes damage and in some cases death to trans women with her hate.

Canadian feminism can do far, far better than someone who is capitalizing on hatred of sex-workers and trans*persons.

The name calling is rife in these comments, as I predicted. Neoliberals are notorious for screaming bad words without an ounce of analysis. I find it odd they think she’s alone in her analysis, as if there aren’t any women who agree with her critiques of the global sex industry, sexual objectification, and transpolitics. I suppose it’s wishful thinking on their part. It should’ve been so easy to take Murphy down, just like MRA’s do.

Currently there are over 1500 signatures on the petition I started to support her. What about the women all over the world who signed in support of her? Are they intersectional enough for you? To think there are no aboriginal, black and Asian women that have signed my petition and stand against the sex industry is very naive. It’s almost as if these people who started this ruckus are more concerned with their own navels.

I can name the organizations right here in Vancouver that represent WoC against the sex industry. Do these fascists live under a rock?

It’s not OK to advocate in opposition to the factual basis of the lived experiences of other people.

It’s time for ALL WOMEN to be accepted, respected, and honored. Period.

Feminism includes all women, not just the women you morally approve of. All women count, not just your favourites.

This is precious. What about my lived experience as a former prostituted woman? What about my experience as a Canadian immigrant? It’s as if these people don’t even think about what’s coming out of their mouths.

Let’s look at some of the comments from men.

I’m signing because exclusionary radical feminism, from which Ms. Murphy not only gets her beliefs but also makes her trade, is a corruption of a social movement which is meant to be powerful and uplifting, especially for those who have been most challenged by our unjust society.

So this dude isn’t happy because he doesn’t feel powerful and uplifted in radical feminism. Oh boohoo, welcome to the women’s movement dude. You’re not supposed to be comfortable. Women aren’t living and breathing to uplift you.

Dehumanization and discrimination against women solely due to their gender status, race, and/or individual consensual sexual preferences, have absolutely NO PLACE on the Left or in feminism.

Except when you’re doing it to her, right dude?

Everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Except her, right dude?

These people want their own echo chamber. They’re not willing to respond with research and data. It reminds me of what MRA’s did when they found out they couldn’t put just any old bullshit on Wikipedia. They stomped off in a tantrum and started their own wiki called ‘Wikimannia.’

Let’s also remember what happened when MRA’s in Gamergate got upset with Wikipedia. They attacked a bunch of long standing editors and had them silenced.

This is fascism. Feminism is not about cutting women down who disagree with you. Judging by the hashtag these fascists started on Twitter, they haven’t learned a damn thing. It’s ok to burn the witch if she doesn’t march to your drum beat.

These people could be actually doing something constructive rather than trying to cut a woman down. Since they can’t honestly approach the arguments this is the juvenile tactics they employ. I know all about it. It was done to me for almost 2 years.

In 2009-11 I was bullied by the pro-prostitution lobby, which still happens to me today just on a lesser scale. These people stooped so low as to make up false personas to get the personal information of the handful of feminists who didn’t agree with them. Some of them posted images of me they scoured the net with. They made endless videos. One of them even accused me of making a false rape accusation against a man. They made fun of my body, specifically my vagina. They false flagged my work and took down 2 of my channels. Anything they found of mine online they twisted to suit their needs. I was called every nasty name in the book while they went totally about their bullying. This went on for two years straight.

It drove some of us away. Some of us couldn’t tolerate the constant personal attacks. They used whatever strategy necessary to silence others while holding up the banner of feminism and equality.

I’m a very hearty, determined person but I must say, it got to me. Nobody can be that thick skinned. I was banned from two reddit sites, labeled a transphobe for knowing that males are not females. I was called a racist, a bigot, and all the other labels they could find.

One time I stood up for a woman-only pharmacy here in Vancouver. Women in my community desperately needed it since our reproductive health is a huge issue for us. As soon as the pharmacy opened, it was attacked by transactivists. I wrote a comment to one of these transactivists that politely stated the reasons for women’s health needs. Women who need specialized care due to our biology? TRANSPHOBE!!!!!

Women’s spaces have been few and far between and bitterly gained. The erosion of our voices, spaces and our specific needs are considered ‘transmisogyny’ by those who haven’t lived a day of our experience. This is, in my view, criminal. It’s criminal to dismiss our unique oppression as women.

Lesbians and our allies have had to fight kicking and screaming for a single woman only event, Michfest. Women trying to come together in groups are being no-platformed, gatherings cancelled, our sparse female culture and arts are being destroyed daily. This cannot stand.

The neoliberal insistence upon intersectionality doesn’t apply to women or lesbians. Like good women are supposed to, we are supposed to give up our spaces and voices in order to appease and validate others who have no idea, no conception of our lives. We’re supposed to shrink and get as small as possible in public.

The bottom line is this. Men are not women. If you are born a male you are a male. You are not a female. You do not, and never will experience life as a woman. You can spend money on hormones, surgeries and a huge wardrobe of dresses and makeup but you will never be female. This is a fact. Instead of trying to force a falsehood down our throats like a dick in porn, instead of penetrating our space, make your own. We fought hard for what little we have and you’re not entitled to it.

You’ve shown you don’t respect us at all. You insist we be available to validate you but you constantly erase us. We are different. Intersectionality you say? Oh, it’s only intersectionality for you.

Would you demand to be included in Aboriginal space? African American space?

So why the hell is it ok to demand access to WOMEN ONLY space? Tell me. Why is it ok? Why is it ok to murder female culture?

We will not yield. Women have been yielding since the day we were born. Women aren’t even allowed to be born in some countries.

Your threats of violence only make us more determined. Our voices are growing. Like the men you are you want to kill us off cuz let’s face it, that’s what men have been doing for centuries.

Now, let’s address the fact that A Voice for Men, the largest men’s rights misogynist wank fest, is in bed with y’all.

AVFM published a piece today agreeing that Murphy is a ‘TERF’ witch who should be burned. Male support from all over huh? This is the same AVFM that published a piece today titled ‘Why Is Gynocentrism So Hard to Kill?’ Yes, why are women so hard to kill? A petition and a bunch of accusations should kill any woman.

He encourages his fellow MRA’s to join in bashing her on the hashtag. He’s completely lock step in line with the neoliberal term ‘agency’ even though that argument can be used against MRA’s

I suspect Murphy’s visceral disgust for Cox is that Cox’s agency in becoming an attractive women (surgery, money, diet, exercise, makeup, hair, etc.) is too mannish — in the sense of too active — for Murphy to tolerate:

Of course, Murphy is just jealous of Cox cuz men want to fuck Cox. Great analysis there guys.
Murphy’s views on men and trans folk are wretched but on other issues like censorship she is moderate and reasonable in ways rarely seen in other feminists.
The comment section talks about how easy it would be for MRA’s to enter the fray and divide women up, like men have done forever to achieve the silencing. Some trans showed up too, because ya know, men stick together.

I keep trying to tell other transwomen that they’re just being used by feminism. However many of them won’t listen. They think buying into feminism lock stock and barrel will give them the acceptance from women that they crave.
Feminism for now has their TERFs locked up in the basement but even so one or two escape now and then and manage to briefly get their hatred of transwomen heard.

Praise and thanks are due to the writers and commentators at AVfM who have never taken this view.

* I got banned at ROK the second I revealed that I was a ‘tranny.’

How nice. You get banned in the Manosphere but hey, any old misogynist group who wants to destroy women can count you in.

I’d never thought I’d see the day when AVFM teams up with trans and pro-exploitation of women lobby! I’m so SHOCKED!

Sign my petition here.

Petition · Rabble.ca: We Need Meghan Murphy · Change.org

No-Platforming of Meghan Murphy by Fascists

Counter Petition HERE. PLEASE SIGN!

Today I woke up to find a bunch of neoliberal asshats started a petition to get Meghan Murphy removed from Rabble, where she is an editor. This is just another example of the twanz and pro-exploitation lobby attempting to no-platform and unemploy a radical feminist.

Here’s their ‘argument’ with my responses

Open Letter to the Editors of Rabble.ca,

We are feminists, grassroots community groups and organizations that support intersectional feminism. We are concerned about your ongoing relationship with Meghan Murphy as one of your editors. Murphy has been publishing material that dehumanizes and disrespects women with different experiences and perspectives than hers for many years, in particular Black women, women in the sex industry and trans women. By allowing Murphy to continue as an editor at Rabble.ca you are giving a platform to her hate and we are writing to demand that you end your association with her as editor and columnist.

In other words, you speak for all women ever. Murphy’s readership can’t be as dynamic as we are cuz we’re EVERYONE!.

Let’s see what they define as ‘hate.’

Recently, Murphy published a piece about Laverne Cox’s decision to pose nude for a US women’s magazine. In her piece, Murphy attacks for Cox for attempting to achieve a “‘perfect’ body as defined by a patriarchal/porn culture, through plastic surgery, and then presenting it as a sexualized object for public consumption” and later mocks her and other trans women for  “spending thousands and thousands of dollars sculpting their bodies in order to look like some cartoonish version of ‘woman,’ as defined by the porn industry and pop culture.”   

She didn’t mock anyone. She made a standard, run-of-the-mill 40 year old analysis of posing nude in front of a camera. Knowing that Cox is male isn’t hate. It’s a fact. Porn culture is a well established fact.

Laverne Cox is not a cartoonish version of a woman. She is a woman, a Black trans woman who is changing history by defining her own beauty and loveability in the public sphere.

It’s your opinion he’s a ‘she.’ People are allowed to disagree, especially when biology is like, a fact and people can’t change their sex. ‘Beauty’ and ‘loveablility’? WTF?  You think that’s an argument?

For years, Murphy’s racism and attacks on women who trade/sell sex or are trans have been tolerated or supported and published by Rabble, including this article where she pits Black women against each other, calling another Black trans woman (Janet Mock) “selfish” for using glamour to feel powerful–and again maligning a Black trans woman’s decisions about her body.

Murphy is entitled to disagree with the sex industry. Also, show me proof she’s pitting black women against each other? Once again you’re speaking for all black women. You’re the fucking idiots speaking for all women here, not her. Radical feminists don’t support the beauty industry. Am I a foodphobe if I’m critical of the fast food industry? Morons!


Her anti-black racism extends to men as well as in this tweet where she calls for the death of Chris Brown  https://twitter.com/aurabogado/status/376380825542987776/photo/1

Context people. It’s pretty nervy to suggest she’s a racist when she was talking about domestic violence. Kill all wife/girlfriend batterers is what I say. Also, if she was such a racist she wouldn’t love bell hooks. Next you idiots will go after hooks since she probably disagrees with you too. Feminists disagree, DEAL WITH IT.

She is famously antagonistic toward sex workers and has a long track record of using degrading, dehumanizing language such as “prostituted women”, being ageist and factually incorrect by suggesting older women cannot be active sex workers, mocking and misrepresenting sex work activists and employing racist terminology such as “illegal immigrants”. We were shocked when on the pages of rabble.ca, she blamed Cindy Gladue’s murder on pornography, co-opting the deaths of Indigenous women in the sex trade to denounce our calls for rights and respect.






I’m antagonistic towards an industry that harms women. Sorry dudes but ‘prostituted woman’ is how many survivors of the sex industry describe themselves. Once again, you’re claiming to speak for every single woman. Illegal immigrant is hardly racist. It’s the standard terminology every damn government, including the UN, uses.

Ah, yeah, Cindy Gladue, whose vagina was brought to court in a bag. Meghan is allowed to have an opinion on what caused her death. Deal with it. Co-opting my arse.

This is not a question of free speech, it is a question of offering active support to bigots. For example, Rabble would not employ right wing christian fundamentalists for their opinions as their stance clearly undermines the dignity and humanity of communities they are not a part of. The same is the case for Murphy. She is a white, cis, non sex working person who writes with contempt about communities that she is not a member of. It is unjust of Rabble to financially support her bigotry. Rabble is stronger and more relevant when it publishes the voices of those who are directly impacted by the issues they cover. Doing otherwise has made Rabble unsafe for many members of marginalized populations who write from a place of personal experience.

Oh yes it is. It’s another attempt to no-platform a woman you don’t like and don’t want to hear. I have an option for you. If you don’t like her opinion, don’t read it. The fact you’re attempting to speak for everyone and silence her is fucking fascist. You don’t have to be a member of the fast food industry to critique it. You don’t have to be a member of the Green party to have an opinion on it. You fucking fools.

Rabble is not unsafe. If you don’t like her opinion don’t read it. You haven’t quoted her or given any examples of bigotry and hatred. You’ve used silly words like ‘loveable’ and ‘beauty’ as if those subjective terms mean something definitive.

Other feminists and womanists have taken notice.

Yeah, well I’m a radical feminist and I take notice of this lame attempt to silence a woman because you don’t like her opinions.




We support working with people to transform their politics toward more equity and accountability. Despite endless attempts, Murphy has remained unwilling to evaluate her racism, transmisogyny and whorephobia. We’ve chosen to use an open letter as a medium, only after all other avenues toward accountability have been explored and have failed.

We demand everyone think like us. Fascists.

Whorephobia? WTF is that? Another meaningless neoliberal term along with ‘transmisogyny.’ Totally FUCKING MEANINGLESS. Accountability? You mean like burning the witch in the square you fascist pigs?

We demand a discerning voice of equality and equity that respects and values all women including trans women, women of colour and women in the sex industry. Displays of racism, whorephobia and transmisogyny have no place in a progressive publication like Rabble. It is time for Rabble to take responsibility and cease offering a platform for hate in the form of zealous bigotry from Meghan Murphy and others like her.

Well I demand to hear her opinion. Not everyone is going to agree with you. Deal with it. You’ve not proven a single accusation against her. You’ve not quoted her or made any legitimate case.
-on behalf of


Maggie’s – Toronto Sex Workers Action Project

Black Lives Matter – Toronto

No More Silence

TransPride Toronto

Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform

Southwest Ontario Sex Workers

Stella, L’Amie de Maimie

PACE Society

Sex Professionals of Canada

Winnipeg Working Group for Sex Workers’ Rights

PIECE Edmonton

Butterfly (Migrant and Asian Sex Workers)

Toronto Migrant Sex Worker Project

ASTT(e)Q : Action Santé Travesti(e)s et Transsexuel(le)s du Québec

Shameless Magazine

Fuck you people. You’re not everyone. No more money to any of these fascist assholes.

Intersectional ‘Male Feminist’ CaptainAndy Vs. Aboriginal Women

CaptainAndy from Youtube wants women to live lives of sexual slavery. He is the typical liberal male who will rail against racism but thinks it’s totally ok that Asian, Black, and Aboriginal little girls are groomed, pimped, and trafficked for men’s sexual violence. Women are like objects. He thinks women are like drugs (property). I had to correct him. The remarks in quotes are mine.

captain andy ignorance

NOTALLMENZ! Did you notice how suddenly this ‘male feminist’ claims not all prostituted women are actually women? Of course the solution is to argue something that means absolutely nothing because we KNOW the majority of prostituted and trafficked are WOMEN and children and the majority of buyers are MALE. CaptainAndy doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good argument for enslaving women. He’s such a ‘feminist.’

CaptainAndy thinks if he gives you a couple dollars or a hamburger it’s totally ok to use and abuse you for sex. Doesn’t matter that you’re impoverished, drug addicted, or have mental health issues. It doesn’t matter that women are the majority of the world’s poor and their basic survival needs are what’s putting them in the inferior position. Nope. Once you give women a hamburger so they can eat, you can get sex . Getting paid makes all the harms of being prostituted go away. She loves it. She wants it.

It’s kinda the same argument people make about sweatshops. Hey, take the impoverished and give them a dollar a day while they slave away and die. NO PROBLEM!

You see, CaptainAndy thinks racism is bad but is totally willing to put brown girls ie. aboriginal girls for sale. That’s not slavery to him. It’s empowerment. When an aboriginal teenager comes to the city she is totally choosing to be pimped and sold like chattel because she has basic survival needs. When Asian women are sex trafficked into massage parlours they are fulfilling their natural destiny.

CaptainAndy doesn’t do the basic research necessary to understand any of this. He just shouts at survivors online. He’s really good at shouting at prostituted women and wants to legislate sexual slavery because well, women are like drugs. They’re not human beings that are at the bottom of our socioeconomic and political systems. Basic feminist principles don’t phase CaptainAndy.

He also doesn’t understand how pornography is used to groom underage little girls into prostitution. Let’s educate him on that. LINK 1. LINK 2

The Nordic model is the ONLY model that’s ever decreased organized crime around sex trafficking and pimping. It’s the only model that recognize all women as the beneficiaries of liberation.

In my country, Canada, it’s aboriginal women and asian women that are being targeted by pimps, johns, and traffickers as well as white impoverished women. This isn’t to say that they’re the only women but they stand out as high risk due to being on the lowest rung of the class system. Canada has its own sex trafficking problems as do all other nations who aren’t employing the Nordic Model.

Once we allow men to control the dialogue and speak for our class we will end up with CaptainAndy’s result. He’ll never have to face the issues we face but he feels totally fine with legislating for us and telling us what’s good for all women.

The fact of the matter is liberal ‘fun’ feminism is a disaster. CaptainAndy is a male who will totally get in line fun feminism because it doesn’t challenge him, his entitlement and privilege. I have the cure. This is a speech about how liberal ‘fun’ feminism is a failure for women as a class.

Once you understand the liberal mindset you begin to see how nothing they’re doing is taking away male entitlement. It’s just the same old capitulation but it wears a new outfit: focus on the individual and ‘choice’. Only by understanding that women are a class can we solve the problems that patriarchy forces on us. Unity is the goal.

Imagine if we took things like pedophilia as an individual choice? Some men want to rape children and it’s just their individual way of being so we must accommodate them? We must never make a law against pedophilia because we’re stifling their ‘choice?’

Let’s apply that to prostitution. There is a very tiny subgroup of people who want to sell their bodies for sex. It’s just their way of being, their individual choice. Must we accommodate them? Must we put an entire class of people, women, and throw them aside because a small few want to sell sex?

We can’t let the tiny minority legislate for the majority.

If we say, it’s ok to sell your body for sex we’re legitimizing it and because it’s such a lucrative capitalistic venture it will FORCE more and more women to supply it and that’s how it affects all women.

We always forget about the demand part of the equation. We forget that men are driving this. The more demand, the more organized crime, pimps, and sex trafficking will occur to supply it. This puts all women at risk, especially since it’s a fact that women are the lowest class.

Being a woman is something CaptainAndy and the rest of the male liberals will never have to face in their entire lives so they really shouldn’t be lending their male voices and claiming that their voices are feminist.

You’re not doing feminism if men are comfortable.

Women are still being murdered/beaten by men, still being raped by men and still being discriminated against in all those spheres. If you’re a feminist, the men around you should be challenged because if they’re not, it means your not challenging their entitlement and privilege.

Will CaptainAndy turn around? Will he actually comprehend the research and the facts? Will he continue to shout down survivors of a sex slave industry? Probably not.

It doesn’t mean that I didn’t attempt to school him. I did.

Here’s CaptainAndy’s lovely response to me challenging his mansplaining on Youtube

captain andy comment 2

That’s right women, if you include Asian, Black, Aboriginal, Eastern European women, you have to make sure they’re available for men to stick their dicks into. It’s just really simple. CaptainAndy is a genius. I’m just not intersectional enough for this poor dude. Awww, shiiit.

CaptainAndy, when I challenged him and set him straight, said nothing further. He didn’t apologize or respond with an acknowledgment he was wrong. This lack of response let me know that I wasn’t dealing with a feminist at all but with a man who cannot be wrong in front of a woman. He was challenged. Instead of accepting he was wrong he pulled a typical male tactic. CaptainAndy is NOT a feminist, he did not pass feminism 101.

If you haven’t already donated, I’m still having my donation drive for the Spring. Every time you donate you’re helping me with my spinal disability. So thanks very much if you donate.

I Got a Bone To Pick With You Jordan Owen

I’m an old Youtube user and it’s come to my attention over the last few months that some Youtubers from the past are now considering themselves feminists when just a few years ago they were anti-feminists. Now, not to deny that people change their views and that sometimes they get educated but it seems like they’ve really done a 180. I question their motives. I think much of it is for personal gain and not because they’ve truly had a change of heart.

Enter Jordan Owen, one of many Youtubers who I had several dealings with in the past. Currently he’s the dude working on that silly Sarkeesian Effect video (I won’t call it a movie cuz it just ain’t). He’s having a manfight with another sleazebag Davis Aurini, with whom he was supposed to partner with to the end of production of said video.

In his manfight with Aurini, Owen is railing against Roosh, another sleazy rapist PUA in the Manosphere who brags about forcing women ie. sexually assaulting them and coming up with a plan to stop rape by making rape legal. Owen had a mantrum with Aurini over some period of time about Roosh, who was supposedly a huge supporter of their silly video project. Owen made some videos deriding Roosh and Aurini immediately told him to take at least one of them down saying that Roosh was some key player in the support of their project. Aurini didn’t want Owen to piss off the people who were donating money.

In the chat logs Aurini posted as some revenge ploy against Owen, you can read the mantrum. I uploaded them into a .docx file just in case Aurini takes them down.

Owen’s complaints about Roosh involve his disdain for Roosh sleeping around spreading STD’s. He also thinks Roosh’s stances on women and rape are highly problematic and even called them ‘misogynist.’ What’s hilarious about this is that Owen is trying to paint himself as the good guy when in reality he’s just as big an MRA as the rest of them. He’s certainly not pro feminist.

A few years ago it was Owen blabbering out video after video attacking me and other feminists for opposing the socioeconomic coercion of women and girls into the sex industry. He made videos declaring his love of all things pornographic as well as attacking ANY feminist who disagreed with him that the sex industry was a hip job for 13 year old girls. I suppose he thought of himself as a proud ‘john’ who thinks nothing of the very real fact that minority women and girls are TRAFFICKED into western countries to live a life of servitude and paid rape in various ‘massage parlours’ across USA and Canada. His current video catalogue shows him as a stalker of Gail Dines, prominent anti-exploitation radical feminist.

jordan owen

Being abused in porn and prostitution is something I’ll never have to worry about~ says neckbeard white male

Suddenly Owen wants us all to think he’s got the moral high ground here but I remember. I remember his big blabbery mouth years ago while he endorsed the SLAVERY of women and girls, the PAID RAPE of women and girls through the ‘sex industry.’

The nerve he has to call Roosh a misogynist while he’s screeching at women that porn is somehow empowering is just effing INSANE, and ultimate irony. I left a comment on his unlisted video where he tells Aurini he’s not taking down his criticism videos of Roosh:

 This is rich coming from you when all you did was attack women who don’t agree with you on women being forced by socioeconomic coercion into an industry that is paid rape. You are so fucking disgusting, the both of you. You deserve each other. And don’t cheapen Dworkin’s words. She’s a far better human than you. She actually gives a shit about racial women being racially profiled and forced into prostitution. You don’t. You’re fucking ignorant and have quite a nerve getting on Roosh’s case when you’re no fucking better.

I stand by every word. Hey Jordan, you creepy fuck, let’s not pretend you’re sympathetic to women’s issues. Challenging Dworkin just makes you look like a shithog who will never have to worry about being broke and selling your ass on the street while men stick their dicks into every orifice of your body without consent. You’re no better than Roosh or Aurini. Maybe 3rd wave ‘feminists’ will buy into your bullshit but I won’t. Maybe they’ll have sympathy for you but I won’t.
Take a long walk off a short pier you creep.
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